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I place here the findings of ordinary people like you, me, and most of the population.




as stated in their report.

The Dialectical Society Committee   1873

Reports of the Experimental Sub-Committees.

Sub-Committee No 1.

Since their appointment on the 16th of February 1869, your Sub-Committee have held forty meeting for the purpose and test.

All of these meetings were held at the private residences of members of the Committee, purposely to preclude the possibility of pre-arranged mechanism or contrivance.

The furniture of the room in which the experiments were conducted was on every occasion its accustomed furniture.

The tables were in all cases heavy dining tables, requiring a strong effort to move them. The smallest of them was 5ft x 4ft, and the largest 9ft 9in x 4ft 6in and of proportionate weight.

The rooms, tables, and furniture generally were repeatedly subjected to careful examination before, during, and after the experiments, to ascertain that no concealed machinery, instrument, or other contrivance existed by means of which the sounds or movements hereinafter mentioned could be cause.

The experiments were conducted in the light of gas, except on the few occasions specially noted in the minutes.

At thirty-four out of the forty meeting of your Committee some of these phenomena occurred.

A description of one experiment, and the manner of conducting it, will best show the care and caution with which your committee have pursued their investigations.

So long as there was contact, by the hands or feet, or even by the clothes of any person in the room, with the substance moved or sounded, there could be no perfect assurance that the motions and sounds were not produced by the person so in contact. The following experiment was therefore tried:

On an occasion when eleven members of your Sub-committee had been sitting round one of the dining-tables above described for forty minutes, and various motions and sounds had occurred, they, by way of the test, turned the backs of their chairs to the table, at about nine inches from it. They all then knelt upon their chairs, placing their arms upon the backs thereof. In this position, their feet were, orr course, turned away from the table, and by no possibility could be placed under it or touch the floor. the hands of each person were extended over the table at about four inches from the surface. Contact, therefore, with any part of the table could not take place without detection.

In less than a minute the table, untouched, moved four times; at first five inches to one side, then about twelve inches to the opposite side, and then, in like manner, four inches and six inches respectively.

The hands of all present were next placed on the backs of their chairs, and about a foot from the table, which again moved, as before, five times, over spaces varying from four to six inches. Then all the chairs were removed twelve inches from the table, and each person knelt on his chair as before, this time, however, his hands behind his back, his body being thus about eighteen inches from the table. The table again moved four times, in various directions. In the course of this conclusive experiment, and in less than half an hour, the table thus moved, without contact or possibility of contact with any person present, thirteen times, the movements being in different directions, and some of them according to the request of various members of your sub- committee.

The table was then carefully examined, turned upside down and taken to pieces, but nothing was discovered to account for the phenomena. the experiment was conducted throughout in the full light of gas above the table.

Altogether, your Sub-committee have witnesses upwards or fifty similar motions without contact on eight different evenings, in the houses of your sub-committee, the most careful tests being applied on each occasion.

In all the similar experiments the possibility of mechanical or other contrivance was further negatived by the fact that the movements were in various directions, now to one side, then the other; now up the room, now down the room--motions that would have required the co-operation of many hands and feet; and these, from the great size and weight of the tables, could not have been so used without visible exercise of muscular force. Every hand and foot was plainly to be seen, and could not have been moved without instant detection.

Delusion was out of the question. The motions were in various directions, and were witnessed simultaneously by all present. They were matters of measurement, and not of opinions or of fancy.

And they occurred so often, under so many and various conditions, with such safeguards against error or deception, and such invariable results, as to satisfy the members of your Sub-committee by whom the experiments were tried, wholly sceptical as most of them were when they entered upon the investigation, that there is a force capable of moving heavy bodies without material contact, and which force is in some unknown manner dependent upon the presence of human beings.

Your Sub-committee have not, collectively, obtained any evidence as to the nature and source of the force, but simply as to the fact of its existence.

there appears to your committee to be no ground for the popular belief that the presence of sceptics interferes in any manner with the production or action of the force.

In conclusion, your committee expresses their unanimous opinion that the one important physical fact thus proved to exist, that motion may be produced in solid bodies without material contact, by some hitherto unrecognised force operating within an undefined distance from the human organism, and beyond the range of muscular action, should be subjected to further scientific examination, with the view to ascertain its true source, nature, and power.

The notes of the experiments made at each meeting of your Sub-committee are appended to this Report.    Vide p. 373


To the committee appointed by the London Dialectical Society,

to investigate the phenomena alleged to be Spiritual Manifestations.


Gentlemen; We, one of the Sub-committee appointed by you for the purpose of practically acquainting ourselves, if possible, with the above mentioned phenomena, beg leave to report as follows :-

1,--- That we have held numerous meeting at the houses of Messrs A-------- and B-------, members of your sub-committee and of the Dialectical Society.

2,--- That the Said Messrs, A------ and B----- were entire strangers to the manifestations in question and sceptical of the phenomena generally, and that no meetings in connection with the subject had been previously held in either of their houses.

3,--- That, in addition to the members of your Sub-committee, the wives of Messrs. A------ and B----- took part at such meetings, as did also Mr. C-----, a brother-in-law of one of your Sub-committee-men.

4,--- That our meetings were held without the aid or presence of any professed Mediums [so called] and under circumstances that precluded the possibility of trick or deception.

5,--- That, for the purpose of a seance, we always assembled in the evening, and seated ourselves around a dining table, upon which we lightly placed out hands, engaging in conversation.

6,--- That the rooms in which we so assembled were lighted by gas, and usually commenced with full supply of light, which, afterwards occasionally reduced, was sufficient to enable us to read or write without difficulty.

7,--- That the phenomena termed rapping, table rapping and table moving occurred at our first, and at many subsequent meetings.

8,--- That the table moving referred to was in the nature of heaving, oscillation, or tipping; the table often moving in any direction suggested.

9,--- That, during such movements our hands were sometimes removed from the table altogether without abating the phenomena, and that at all times we were careful not to induce any movements by either muscular action or pressure.

10,--- That table moving ceased, or nearly ceased after our first meetings, apparently in favour of the rapping phenomena.

11,--- That the rappings in question did not always proceed form the table, but sometimes from the floor, the walls, and ceiling; frequently coming from parts of the room suggested by those present---BUT not always.

12,--- That the raps had a sound distinctive and distinguishable, appearing to be in rather than on the substance from whence they proceeded; however, they sounded like detonations in the air.

13,--- That when we occasionally, by the way of experiment, made series of raps in rhythmical order upon the table, and asked that the rhythms should be imitated, our requests were complied with by responsive raps exactly imitating the rhythms prescribed.

14,--- That our experience in regard to the phenomena we witnessed appears generally to be corroborative of statements of many witnesses examined by you upon the subject, to the extent that such phenomena have, or appear to have, a basis of intelligence.

15,--- That this intelligence was principally manifested [a] by replies more or less pertinent, and sometimes most unexpected in their character, to our spoken and audible questions, [b] by original communications made to us hereinafter mentioned.

16,--- That such replies and communications were made by means of raps given when the alphabet was pointed to, letter by letter, or spoken by one of the party---it having been previously understood that three raps should be signify yes two doubtful, and one no. This arrangement, however was altered by way of test, but without disturbing the accuracy of the replies.

17,--- That through the processes detailed in the forgoing clause we presumably established occasional communication with a number of spirits or intelligences, announced to be such by themselves, many of whom stated they were connected in various degrees to certain members of our party, for whom they professed a friendly regard.

18,--- That such presumed Spirits displayed distinct individualities, each having a manner peculiar to itself, and rapping delicately, emphatically, or deliberately, as the case might be, expressing, as it were, character, mood, and temper.

19,--- That when we attempted to shorten the process of communication detailed in clause No 16, by anticipating words or phrases which we thought were intended, we frequently found our or anticipations emphatically negatived in favour of more appropriate expressions or of words of a different signification altogether. For illustrations upon this point we refer you to the seance reported in clause No 39.

20,--- That intelligence was further manifested by the occasional dictation to us of special conditions for our then observance, such, for instance, as requesting us to sit in a different order at the table; requiring one or more to sit away from it; asking for an increase or diminution of light, or for the appointment of some particular person to ask questions; directing us to link or unlink hands; to be more quiet in our conversation; to avoid disputation, etc.

21,---That on our compliance with such directions the manifestations were invariably intensified.

22,---That we are convinced of the objective character of the phenomena from finding that persons sceptical as to the existence thereof invariably confirmed our own experiences even when suddenly introduced during the progress of a seance. As a case in point, we instance that when one of our sittings was far advanced and phenomena of table moving and rapping were in full operation, we sent for a neighbour to witness them. He came immediately, the manifestations continued without a break or interruption, and presenting to him the same aspect that they did to ourselves, notwithstanding that he at any rate must have been free from any antecedent influence, mesmeric or otherwise.

23,--- That as a further evidence of the objectivity of the phenomena, we report that manifestations have occurred to us spontaneously upon occasions when we had not assembled for the purpose of a seance, and were not seated around any table. We instance [1st] that one evening, when some of the members of your Sub-committee were assembled at the house of Mr. A-----, not, however, with any intention of then investigating the phenomena, the conversation turned upon a seance lately held by some of the members of your general committee, at which Mrs. Marshall had been present, and when raps had proceeded from the pianoforte. While we were discussing the genuineness of these raps, the strings of Mr. A---s pianoforte suddenly and simultaneously vibrated, although no person was near the instrument. As these sounds were twice or thrice repeated, followed by raps, and were too sonorous to be accounted for by any vibration of the house or room, we immediately examined the instrument internally and externally with great care, but without discovering any cause for the sounds produced; and even after such examination, raps proceeded from the instrument at intervals during the rest of the evening. This was the only occasion when the phenomena other than the rapping or table moving occurred to your Sub-committee, and we think it right to add that no circumstance of any kind had ever before or has since happened in Mr. A----s house.  [2nd] That upon another occasion some time after we had concluded a seance, and while we were taking refreshment, the rappings returned with great vigour, proceeding simultaneously from various parts of the room. On asking the resumed intelligences their names, they informed us in reply that they were Spirits who had been in communication with us during the evening, and that they were in a happy and merry mood, and did not care to leave us. One of our party jocularly drank to their health, and asked them to respond, which they did by volleys of raps, indicative as they informed us of laughter and good fellowship. Each ultimately bade us goodnight by a succession of raps, so to speak, in perspective, being at the commencement loud and rapid, but gradually diminishing in force and increasing intervals until out of hearing. These raps, we should state, were more like detonations in the air than the results of percussion on any hard substance.

24,--- That we instance as further evidence of spontaneity of the phenomena, that frequently emphatic raps occurred by way of assent to, or dissent from, remarks made by your Sub-committee to each other. Thus, at a sitting during which the raps had been unusually sonorous and frequent, one of the party asked to presumed Spirit then in communication to state when he died, but no answer was returned, notwithstanding the question was somewhat persistently repeated. This apparently abrupt termination to the most successful seance we had yet had, caused us much surprise, and we were conversing upon the subject, when it was remarked that as the presumed intelligences claimed to be spiritual, they probably rejected the application of such a term as death to themselves or their state of existence, it being likely that of whatever import death might be to the body, it would, as concerning the Spirit, be continuation of life under a new form. Scarcely had the speaker concluded, when loud raps again sounded from the table, such being given, as we were informed, by way of assent to the remarks just made. Arising out of this, a conversation of great interest took place between ourselves and presumed intelligences. Death, we were informed was, so far as the body was concerned, of comparatively trivial import, but as regarded the Spirit, it was a birth into new experiences of existence; that Spirit life was in every respect human; that friendly intercourse and companionship were as common and as pleasurable in Spirit-life as on earth; That although Spirits took great interest in earthly affairs, they had no wish to return to their former state of existence; that communication with earthly friends was pleasurable, and desired by Spirits, being intended as a proof to the former of continuance of life, not withstanding bodily dissolution; that Spirits claimed no prophetic power. We were further informed that the two ladies in our party were Mediums, and that others in our party were mediumistic, and might in time develop into Mediums; that our seances would improve by being held periodically and frequently; that they could not state the result of the seances with reference to health, or give us any information of invariable application as to conditions; that disputation amongst ourselves at a seance was a disturbing element, but that they liked joking and fun occasionally; that they knew the Dialectical Society, and were interested in its investigation of spiritualism, but that they did not know whether such investigation would have any good result.

25,--- That the independence or objectivity of the intelligence regulating the phenomena appears to be evidenced by the fact that we have frequently received answers and communications unexpected in their character. For instance, we once inquired by way of test where a lady of our acquaintance then was, she being at the time in Bolton. In reply, the word in was rapped out, and then the letter b. This so far was satisfactory, but the next letter was e, we regarded  the answer as a failure. Going on, however, with the alphabet, d was our next letter, and this we were told completed the sentence. It being then past twelve o'clock at night, the appositeness of the reply in bed excited some merriment, which was responded by a series of raps. We then gave names of certain towns, and asked in which one of them was the lady staying. As each town was named, we got a single negative rap, until we gave Bolton, when we immediately received the three raps indicative of yes. It also happened at this seance that while we were sitting at this heavy dining-table with our hands linked [in compliance with a request made to us by one of the presumed Spirits], one of us asked another Spirit, then in communication, whether it had sufficient power to move the table. The alphabet was asked for, and the words spelt out were unlink hands. We had scarcely obeyed this instruction when the table lurched round suddenly, and violently forced some of the party out of their chairs. This Spirit claimed to be that of an acquaintance who had lately lost his life by a railway accident in America, and who, when living, was os a sportive disposition, and fond of feats of strength. He first announced his presence at our seance by a somewhat unparliamentarily term of badinage that he and his companions had been in the habit of using towards each other, and when asked to which of two friends of his then present he applied the term, answered both.   He objected to making original communications, but being urged for one, at last replied by giving the message, Tell my brother J----- I have visited you, it being somewhat singular that the brother in question a few days previously had much ridiculed the phenomena.

26,--- That we, your Sub-committee, did not succeed in ascertaining any specific conditions that would command the production of the phenomena---those that appeared to be necessary on one occasion seeming to be superfluous on an other, while at many consecutive meetings the duo observance by us of all the presumed conditions within our experience failed entirely. Upon this subject, however, we submit the following clauses by way of analysis.

27,--- The phenomena were principally manifested under the conditions or circumstances specified in clauses Nos. 5, 6, and 20 of this Report, we having under such conditions obtained manifestations in various rooms of the houses in which we met and at several tables, three of the latter being dining-room tables of full size; the attendance upon such occasions varying from five to seven members. The manifestations appeared generally to be aided on our part :--

[a] By orderliness in conduct of the seances.

[b] By a quiet, but not particularly passive demeanour and conversation.

[c] By quietude in the house in which we assembled, we failing sometimes to obtain phenomena early in the evening, but obtaining them later, when the servants had retired and domestic noises had ceased.

[d] By a somewhat moderate supply of light.

On the other hand, we have occasionally had powerful manifestations---when seated away from the table---when observing no particular order or ceremony---when engaged in animated conversation---when indulging in laughter and merriment---when ordinary household business was in progress---and, with a full supply of light.

28,--- That sometimes, without any perceivable changes of conditions, the manifestations became faint and rapidly died away, apparently beyond recall, thus closing our seance; while upon other occasions, without any particular regard by us to conditions, the manifestations continued strong and vigorous, we ourselves being obliged at last to break up the sittings, which usually lasted from one hour to two hours and a half

29,--- That, as relating to the subject of conditions, we have noted the following facts :--

[a] That invariably failed to obtain phenomena in the dark.

[b] That our few trails by daylight we invariably failed to obtain manifestations.

[c] That we invariably failed to obtain manifestations without the presence of the two ladies in our party.

[d] That our compliance with conditions dictated to us by the presumed Spirits invariably intensified the manifestations at all times. [see clauses Nos 20 and 21.]

30,--- That we have not discovered any conditions identical with those ordinarily deemed necessary to the production of so-called electro-biologic or mesmeric phenomena--- but often the reverse. Thus we may state :--

[a] That intentness or desire for manifestations [as preparatory process] far more frequently prefaced failure than success, we commonly finding that those seances were the most successful at which the phenomena occurred immediately, or almost immediately, we seated ourselves at the table.

[b] That, as detailed in clause No. 23, the phenomena sometimes occurred to us spontaneously and unsought.

[c] That no influences existed at our seances that impaired our powers of observation or discrimination, inasmuch as remembrance of each person present thereat as to what had taken place invariably accorded with the experience of all the others, and was further corroborated by the notes taken at the time, as well as by independent testimony. [see clause No 22].

31,--- That whatever might be the force or power employed in the manifestations, or what ever the conditions under which those manifestations took place, we frequently noted that there appeared to be a desire to conserve or economise such force or power; for example :--

[a] We rarely obtained second replies to questions already answered, even when we inverted such questions for the purpose.

[b] The phraseology of communications was mostly succinct, redundant words or terms being seldom, if ever, employed.

[c] We seldom had superfluous or meaningless raps, the rapping that took place conveying either original communications or answers to questions.

[d] In order as it were to minimise the power or force referred to, the presumed intelligences sometimes preferred to give concise answers, rather than to make sustained communications. For instance, once we asked, somewhat persistently, for an original communication and received as such the words will answer any question; the same being a compliance with our request, clothed, however, in the form of a reply.

32,--- That from such observation of the phenomena, we have occasionally found it desirable as a condition to success, not to stimulate or overtax the rapping; while at other times no such precautions appeared to be necessary or were taken.

33,--- That from Good Friday, in march, 1869, until the end of the following month of May, the manifestations presented themselves under the conditions assumed to be such throughout this Report at our various meetings, with but few instances of failure.

34,--- That during the following months of June and July, we continued our meetings as before; but notwithstanding that we duly observed all the conditions assumed to be necessary, and that the two ladies of our party were present, manifestations took place upon two occasions only, and then of a subdued and apparently weakened character.

35,--- That failures and successes alike took place, under the same average conditions of health, of weather, and temperature.

36,--- That from August, 1869, to February, 1870, inclusive, your Sub-committee held no meetings and witnessed no phenomena, but that on March 7th, 1870, the raps returned spontaneously, whilst two members of your Sub-committee and their wives were playing at whist, a third lady [a stranger to the phenomena] being present. At the conclusion of the rubber a seance was arranged, when a few questions were answered by the presumed Spirit, But no original communications were made.

37,--- That, as bearing upon the subject of conditions, we ought, perhaps, to state that a domestic event of what is generally termed an interesting nature, took place with respect to one of the ladies of our party in the month of February, 1870, inasmuch as this may possibly afford some clue to the failure of the manifestations during and after the previous month of June.

38,--- As further illustrating the foregoing statements, your Committee think it advisable to give a short history of what took place at certain of their sittings, names, however, being for obvious reasons omitted or altered, and the terms Spirit or intelligence being used for the sake of brevity to signify the power or force through which the various phenomena were produced. our first sitting took place on the evening of Good Friday, in 1869, there being six persons present, three of whom were members of the Committee. After a time, the table at which we had seated ourselves [and which, we had, as preliminary formality, carefully examined] began to move, at first slowly, but afterwards more quickly. During a pause, one of the party exclaimed, What singular things the raps must be ! immediately upon which we heard, as if in response, two or three faint, but perfectly audible sounds, like the ticking of a clock, proceeded from the centre of the table. The question was at once asked, Was Spirit present ? Three raps. Did three raps mean yes ? Several raps, as if in acquiescence. If Spirit meant to communicate with us, should three raps mean yes, two doubtful, and one no... Yes... Would the Spirit tell us its name through the alphabet ?... Yes... The preliminaries being thus settled, one of the party was asked to speak aloud the letters. He did so...A,B,C, up to W , With which latter letter came one of the promised raps. The next letter was A then L, and so one, until the word Walter had been given. Has the Spirit any other name ? was asked. Will it tell us what it is ?... Yes..... The same method which produced the name Walter now gave us the surname of a gentleman present. ? Is the Spirit in any way related to Mr. A----?  we enquired... Yes...Will it state in what degree ?...Yes... More alphabet work, letter by letter, and the result, ...The infant grand... Infant Grandfather ?... somebody suggested. The ludicrousness of the suggestion caused us to laugh, in which the Spirit appeared to join by a number of raps of different degrees of intensity. On again with the alphabet to completion of the sentence. ..Infant Granduncle... Several questions having been answered by this Spirit, we asked it for an original communication. The raps continuing, we expected the letters now taken down would from the message we were to receive, but, instead of such being the case, the words were given ...a new Spirit...and it transpired from what subsequently took place, that a new intelligences was in communication with us. This Spirit also answered a number of questions as to its name, and the time when it was in the flesh, etc., as in fact, did also other Spirits upon subsequent occasions; but as these replies partook more or less of the same character, and did not present anything peculiarly worthy of note, we have thought it better to confine our Report to a short statement of what took place at certain of our sittings where the most marked manifestations occurred, merely observing for your information, that at the sittings in question not less than two of your Committee were present with their wives, and that the whole party never consisted of less than five, or more than seven persons.

39,---At one of our sittings, organised without premeditation, at the close of a musical evening, on the 7th May, 1869, a Spirit came, who in reply to our inquiry stated its name was Henry. As a lady present had lost a relative of that name, she became impressed with the idea that it was his Spirit that had visited us, and so affected her that we found it necessary to bring the sittings to a close. Two days afterwards we held a sitting in the dining-room of a member of the Dialectic Society, the party consisting of five persons. For a considerable time no manifestations took place, and we were about to break up the seance when two or three peculiarly sharp raps from the centre of the table induced us to continue the sitting. Upon this occasion our hostess was sitting in her usual place at the head of the table, having her husband on her right, a lady and gentleman on her left, and a gentleman opposite to her. The latter gentleman, therefore, occupied the position usually filled by the host at the foot of the table. The raps being heard, a question was asked whether the conditions were satisfactory. ..No...Does the Spirit wish either of the party to change places ?...Yes...Perhaps the Spirit will state who should move?...Yes...The gentleman at the foot of the table, who had been appointed director of this seance, now names and pointed at each person present in turn, commencing with his right-hand neighbour. A single rap was given at each name until the host's turn had arrived, when three raps were heard, and ultimately [acting under instructions for the Spirit] the host and the gentleman at the foot of the table changed places, an arrangement which at once placed the former in the position he, as master of the house, ordinarily occupied. The effect this alteration had upon the conditions was at once apparent; the raps which had been remarkably clear and decided before, becoming now louder and vibrative, sounding as if the table, an ordinary dining-table, had been struck with a small hammer. ...Will the Spirit tell us its name....Yes---H E N R Y... When this name was given, we at once assumed that the Spirit which had visited us on the occasion mentioned above had come to us again, and as the lady who had caused the seance to be broken up then was present now, we feared lest this sitting also might be abruptly terminated. This, however, did not turn out to be the case. all parties remained quiescent, and the Spirit was asked to give his surname it had been know by on earth. It did so---...K----... We had had all expected that the Spirit would have announced itself as the relative of the lady referred to, but it did not do so, the name given being that of a step-brother of our hostess who had died abroad fourteen years previously. This Spirit replied in the usual manner to questions put to it by the director [who had never before known or heard of the existence of Henry K---] stating truly the name of the place where and the year in which it had left the flesh, such replies being given sharply and unhesitatingly as if for the purpose of identification. It then, as if satisfied that it had done all thet could be required in that direction, persistently declined to answer any more questions, but intimated that it had communication to make. This communication carefully noted and taken down, letter by letter, was as follows :--...I love dear M---... [Christian name of our hostess] very much, although I NE.....At this point our hostess, remembering, as she informed us, that her brother had been an irregular correspondent, suggested...never wrote..... No....Perhaps the Spirit will proceed, ...said the director. ...Having NE  of the last word, we shall be glad to receive the next letter.... The interrupted sentence was resumed ---glected her when I was ---.... Alive ?.... somebody suggested. ...No...Living ?.... another suggestion. A rap clear and distinct, and strangely suggestive of annoyance at the interruption of its communication. The director repeated the sentence as far as it had gone, and it was at once continued by the raps--- on earth....She ought to have had A L----....a letter suggested the hostess, her mind evidently dwelling on her brothers shortcomings as a correspondent.....No....The next letter rapped was  L....... We already have L.... said the director.....The sentence as I have it is ....I love dear M----very much, although I neglected her when I was on the earth; she ought to have had A L ...... This interruption produced a series of sharp and petulant raps from the Spirit, as if it were calling the speaker to order. The director continued...Then the Spirit Means double L.... and the sentence runs....She ought to have had all.... My property...was next spelt out. It was money. X--- my executor has it. It can be understood that a message of this personal nature thus communicated surprised all present, the hostess in particular, who became agitated, but without losing her presence of mind. While the name [particular one] of the executer was being rapped out in a clear and decisive manner, letter by letter, she evidently strove to recall it to her memory, and in so doing hit upon one or two names somewhat similar to, but not quite the same as the name given by Spirit, and which latter name transpired, upon reference to certain letters in the possession of our hostess, to be the correct one. The following conversation then took place with the Spirit, the host himself putting the questions :---   ....Why have you made this communication to us..... as proof of spiritual existence, and a token of my love for M---......Do you wish any steps to be taken to recover the money ?....No--money does not give happiness.......Are you angry with X---?....Animosity does not exist in Spirit-land.......The Spirit now intimated to us that he was about to depart, and bade us good night in the usual manner, by a series of raps, loud at first, and gradually dying away into the distance.

40,---Your Committee have since ascertained that Henry K---- resided abroad at a place named to us, several years previously to his death, and that shortly after that event happened, Mr X----, his executor, wrote to the trustees of certain funded property in England forming part of the estate of the deceased, requesting them to send him portion thereof to enable him to pay certain liabilities, and authorizing them to pay the balance to our hostess [then Miss ----] who was the residuary legatee, and who received the same, but nothing beyond; the statements of Mr. X--- upon the subject of the liabilities referred to the passing unchallenged and no account whatever having been rendered by him of his executorship. Such being the facts of the case, your Committee inquired whether any doubts had ever arisen in the minds of the lady or her husband as to the trustworthiness of Mr. X----; but they have been informed that so far from having any suspicion upon the subject, the lady was at the time so impressed with the honourable conduct of the gentleman referred to [whom it appears, she never saw, and from whom she has not heard since], that she transmitted to him when the matter was settle a sum of money [above 50] wherewith to purchase on her behalf some acceptable article as a present from her to his wife and family. We are also assured by the host that when he first became acquainted with his wife, and she occasionally spoke of Mr. X---, she always did so with great respect, and that nothing whatsoever had transpired down to the time of the seances to cause her to alter her opinion; that with regard to himself he had been perfectly passive upon the subject throughout, and had long since forgotten the fact that such a person as Mr. X--- had been in existence; that he had never, in any way, troubled himself about or investigated the position of his wife under her brothers will, the deceased having lived and died on the side of the globe, and the whole matter having been entirely closed some considerable time previous to the marriage; and that it was only since the communication in question had been made that he had perused certain letters which were in his wife's possession, and which had not been looked at for many years, and ascertained form them the facts stated in this clause.

41,--- At another seance held in the evening of the 2nd July last, six persons were present, four of whom were members of your committee. During a considerable period no manifestation of any phenomena took place, and it was only after a long interval, and when one of the party had left, that some raps came of a character different to any we had previously heard. We several times asked this Spirit whether it would tell us its name, and received in reply two dull thuds from the table, and it was only after much perseverance that we at last obtained an affirmative answer, followed up by heavy bump-ish raps at the following letters.  ----J E M C L A R K E----- Would Jem Clarke tell us why he has visited us ? We asked. ...No.... Would he make any communication to us ? ....No.....Would he answer any questions ?....Doubtful.....We were discussing the question we should next put, when the lady in whose house we were assemble, exclaimed ...ClarkeClarke !.... why, that is the name of my house-maid, who is about to leave me. Perhaps the Spirit is some relative of hers.....Three thuds from the table. ....Have you come to see her ?.....Yes....She appears to be unhappy, do you know why she is going away ?....No response.....Are you her Guardian Spirit ? ....Yes....Perhaps an ancestor of hers ?.... Three more thuds, given as if with difficulty, and Mr. James Clarke had evidently left us.

42,----Before concluding this our Report, we deem it to be right to state for your information that when we commenced our investigation your committee consisted of three members only, all of whom were totally unacquainted with the phenomena except by rumour, and that a fourth member was subsequently added who had had a previous acquaintance with the subject, but who did not join our party until the last of our successful meetings in May.

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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