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I feel that some small placement of what are so called Spirit Guides, Spirit Controls, Spirit Helpers, Guardian Angels, and what ever other name you wish to give those in Spirit who come near the human form to help and what they are mainly concerned about doing.

Within peoples of this world we live in, there could be said that their are four main categories in the ways the Spirit World come to us and help remembering that these fields can cross over from one to another and sometimes across the whole field of definitions.

Firstly there those who are not aware of the presence of the Spirit World, or do not want to know about them. To them the Spirit World comes close to the ordinary person in times of need. Many call it their luck in life or being looked after by their Guardian Angel. Many people do not ever heard or seen the entities from the Spirit World but are just aware of someone or something different, being close and being looked after, or un-nerved. Some say I use my inner voice or I have a feeling to do things right, those people are at different times working with their intuition. Those ordinary people are just going along life's pathway and getting drawn along their own path by their guardian Spirit/Angel, and never consciously being drawn to make contact with their own personal Spirit helper.

Secondly those in the Spirit World who work with an aware person, a catalyst [a catalyst is used in physics and chemistry and when finished with it has not changed BUT without that catalyst the happenings/changes could not function] called the Medium, or the ordinary human being in what could be called the field of Philosophical Teachings, inspirational writing, inspirational speaking, etc...

Thirdly those in the Spirit World who work with a catalyst, the Medium, or the ordinary human being in what could be called a mental capacity, that of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience  and Clairsentience, etc..

Fourthly those in the Spirit World who work with the catalyst/Medium or the ordinary human being in what could be called within the physical field, proving the continuation of life after our passing by direct and physical means such as Direct Writing, Direct Voice, Independent Direct Voice, Transfiguration, Materialisation etc. The Spirit World being a close link with that catalyst or Mediumistic person.

Each Spirit Person has a role to fulfill when working with the Medium and each role is needed at different levels and with different training to be able to function correctly. This training is not only with the Spirit Person in the higher vibration level, but also with the person on the earth plane [the mediumistic person or catalyst/medium]. The people on both sides of the vibrations have to work in conjunction with each or to have the correct linkage to make it work, to be in harmony is a better way of putting it.

As the person on the earth plane become more aware of the closeness of the Spirit World the more they have to train and develop alongside the Spirit World. The highest achievers go on to develop high skills because they have put more time aside to develop, the ones who do not do anything about their development and do not put much effort into their linking with the Spirit World stay at a lower level.

People often ask me can anyone link with the Spirit World?

My reply is always the same [but it has changed slightly over the years]. YES every person on this planet on the earth plane was born with the ability to have a close link with the Spirit world. The only trouble, or should I say the main trouble is the indoctrination of the young by the religious or religions they are born into. What do they say within the Roman Catholic churches [or any religious groups] give me a child until they are seven and I will have them for the rest of their lives.

If we let our children play with their imaginary friends and encouraged our young to keep their natural God given gifts of linking with the Spirit World imagine how many really good mediumistic people we could have in the world.

When your child sees the people/Spirits of the other vibration level encourage them, be supportive. Please do not as my parents did, put them down, don't dismiss the FACT that the child IS seeing something that you cannot because you have lost it, or were not sensitive enough to be aware of it. The Spirit aware child is only a little more sensitive than the person who cannot see, or hear, or feel, or sense the Spirit World that are there around them.

Tutors within the workshops, and Spiritual colleges have different names for the range of Spirit People who help with the linking of the Spirit World.

Firstly I must say here that there is not just one person doing any work with the earth bound person, there is a whole group that are working with the earth bound mediumistic person each time they link with the Spirit World, sometimes over the many tens. This can become more within the healing and physical phenomena work that Mediumistic people do.

The general name is Spirit Helpers.

Then there are the Spirit Guides who help with the linking of the higher vibration level [the Spirit World], and also as the name suggests, guide people along when needed, many place them as their personal Guide, their own Angel, The Guardian. Yes, we have do one, what should be placed here is that those people in the Spirit World also have other people on the earth plane they link with and they have to work on their side of the vibration.

The Spirit people who help with the link are sometimes called Door Keepers, Gate Keepers, opening the door to the Spirit World making it more accessible, making sure the both sides of the vibration are kept safe. Here again there is more than one in attendance, all the individuals having their own personal role to play. In Physical seances, the Door keeper's task is to admit the Spirits, place them in order, clothe them in ectoplasm, and introduce them to the audience.

Some writers call the helpers in Spirit who are linked with the Physical Mediums who draw, paint and produce other physical phenomena Spirit Controls.

With the Mediums who take part in Physical Mediumship, there are many many Spirit people on the other side of the vibration help out as and when they sit for a seance. This is also the case with Healing Mediums, all sorts of Spirit people with different skills are helping out in the background.

There is much more in Meditation Oneness.

Katie King more photographs of her materialisation, click here.

Famous Spirit Control, first manifested in a direct voice seance of the Medium George Valiantine in 1922 in the United States. Five years later, on March 25, 1927, the voice of  Cristo d'Angelo was recorded on gramophone in Lord Charles Hope's apartment in London. It was heard a month later by the Italian Marquis Carlo Centurione Scotto in the apartment of H. Dennis Bradley at a Valiantine seance. On request of the Marquis, "Cristo d'Angelo" established himself as his control from May 12, 1927, the day of the first Millesimo seance onward but also manifested several times at the Margery [Pseudonym of famous Medium Mina Stinson Crandon 1888-1941].seances in Boston when Valiantine was present. The Spirit Control figured in some interesting cross-correspondences between Millesimo Castle and Boston records.

Cristo d'Angelo claimed he was a Sicilian shepherd on earth, a native of Sant Anselmo al Monte in the neighborhood of Palermo, and was with General Garibaldi at Calatifimi. He died at age 76 of acute pneumonia. Dr. Carlo Marchese, a physician of Catania, attempted to trace his life. He found a village of the name in the province of Palermo, but obtained no further proof of the real existence of Cristo d'Angelo.

Cristo d Angelo, the control, told La Marquise Luisa that a very near relative of hers was destined to die. On her entreaty to tell who it was, Cristo d Angelo replied, I will bring you his portrait. Soon after the framed photograph of the doomed relative fell at La Marquise Luisa's feet. The last news of the relative had been excellent. Two days later he relapsed, and afterward died as predicted.


Hack, Gwendolyn Kelley. Modern Psychic Mysteries; Millesimo Castle, Italy. London, 1929.

Venetian Voices. London, 1937.


Mrs Thomas Everitt's control, John Watts.

Jack Webber's Spirit Guides where :- Black Cloud (a Mohawk Indian), Reuben (a South American schoolmaster), and Paddy (a young lad). who helped look after him after they had given permission to take the many photographs while he was producing ectoplasm.
Other 'behind the scenes' Spirit Guides of Mr Webber's were: Malodar, a healer; Talgar; Rev John Boaden, a great-uncle to the Medium; and Dr Millar and Professor Dale, whose work was mainly concerned with building up the materialisations. 


David Hyams, who is now a very special friend, David was a Trance Medium, David went into trance, his Guide Grey Eagle spoke through David.


Mrs. Gladys Osborne Leonard, who was a well-known Mental Medium, and Trance Speaking Medium in the thirties, voices coming from her mouth mingled with whispers in her vicinity. Her sittings usually took place in semi-darkness so that the half-lit room could still be seen. Gramophone-records were made of these whispers by the Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas.

One of the greatest Trance Medium with whom the author is acquainted is Mrs. Osborne Leonard. The outstanding merit of her gift is that it is, as a rule, continuous. It is not broken up by long pauses or irrelevant intervals, but it flows on exactly as if the person alleged to be speaking were actually present. The usual procedure is that Mrs. Leonard, a pleasant, gentle, middle-aged, ladylike woman, sinks into slumber, upon which her voice changes entirely, and what comes through purports to be from her little control, Feda. The control talks in rather broken English in a high voice, with many little intimacies and pleasantries which give the impression of a sweet, amiable and intelligent child. She acts as spokesman for the waiting Spirit, but the Spirit occasionally breaks in also, which leads to sudden changes from the first person singular to the third, such as: "I am here, Father. He says he wants to speak. I am so well and so happy. He says he finds it so wonderful to be able to talk to you" and so on.


IN DECEMBER 1910, Gladys Osborne Leonard and two friends began experimenting with the table-tilting method of communicating with Spirits. After numerous failures, they received messages from several people, including Leonard’s mother. These messages were spelt out by the table tilting so many times for each letter of the alphabet. During this first successful sitting, a long name was spelt out, beginning with “F.” As they could not pronounce it, they asked if they could abbreviate it by drawing several letters from it. The communicating entity consented and the three women selected “F-E-D-A” as the name for the entity.

Feda told them that she was Leonard’s great-great grandmother, a Hindu by birth, and that she was raised by a Scottish family. She married William Hamilton, Leonard’s great-great grandfather, at the age of 13 and died soon thereafter, about 1800, while giving birth to a son. Leonard recalled hearing a story about an Indian ancestress from her mother, but did not remember any details. Feda told Leonard that she was going to control her as she had work to do through her because of a great happening (apparently World War I) that would soon take place.

Feda further told Leonard that she had been with her as a Spirit Guide since her birth and that she was fulfilling work required of her to make spiritual progress of her own soul.
Initially, Leonard refused, telling Feda that the idea of being controlled while in the trance state did not appeal to her. While Feda was disappointed, she continued to come regularly in the table sittings conducted by the three young women. During one table sitting, about 18 months after Feda first introduced herself to them, Leonard went into a trance and Feda spoke through her, bringing many messages from friends on the Other Side. As her health was not affected by the trance state, Leonard permitted Feda to control her in future sittings, but it took another 18 months before Feda was proficient in taking over Leonard’s body. Feda then told Leonard to become a professional Medium and promised her that she would look after her. Leonard began by holding Circles in Western London, but after the war broke out Feda asked her to give up her public sittings and begin private sittings for those who had lost loved ones in battle.

Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas, a psychical researcher who had many sittings with Leonard beginning in April 1917, described a typical sitting: Leonard would take a seat several feet from him and after two or three minutes of silence she would go into a trance. Suddenly, in a clear and distinct voice, Feda would take over Leonard’s body and begin using her speech mechanism. There was no similarity between Leonard’s voice and that of Feda, who spoke like a young girl. Moreover, Feda spoke with an accent and had frequent lapses of grammar.

Occasionally, just after Leonard went into the trance state, Thomas would hear whispering of which he could catch fragments, such as,
“Yes, Mr. John, Feda will tell him…Yes, all right…” Feda often referred to herself in the third person, e.g., “Feda says she is having trouble understanding Mr. John.”
Generally, Feda relayed messages from deceased loved ones, but occasionally she turned over control of Leonard to Spirits she had confidence in. One such Spirit was Sir William Barrett. Shortly after his death in 1925, Barrett began communicating with Lady Barrett, his widow, through Feda and Leonard. In one sitting, Feda’s voice gave way to a much deeper one as Sir William slowly spoke in the direct-voice (through a trumpet [cone shaped implement] floating in the air above Leonard), stating, with great emphasis:
“Life (on his side) is far more wonderful than I can ever tell you, beyond anything I ever hoped for; it exceeds all my expectations.”
Thomas noted various difficulties in communication.
Feda is able on occasion to receive the communicator’s thought in a way which produces the effect of a sound,” Thomas recorded. “At such times, she appears to speak messages verbatim, as if repeating what is dictated to her. This dictation method always reaches a high degree of accuracy, and I realize that I am receiving, not merely the (Spirit) communicator’s thoughts, but his diction. When, however, Feda receives only the general import of a message and transmits it in her own words the level of accuracy is much lower.”
However, Thomas observed that Feda, like other Spirit Controls, had difficulty with names, occasionally getting the full name but often just giving the first letter or first syllable. At one sitting, Etta, Thomas’ deceased sister, said she could not get Feda to say her husband’s name, Whitfield. “I can feel it, but cannot say it,” Etta told him. “That is, I cannot get it spoken. I get it on the surface, so to speak, but cannot get it into the Medium’s mind.” Etta added that it was much easier for her to send ideas through Feda than to send words. In trying to communicate the name of a man named “Meadow,” Etta explained that she tried to give the idea of a green field connected with the idea of a man.

As with other controls, some psychical researchers often wondered if Feda was a secondary personality buried away in Leonard’s subconscious. Alfred Russel Wallace, co-originator with Charles Darwin of the natural selection of evolution, was one the researchers who did not find this a satisfactory explanation.
“The conception of such a double personality in each of us, a second-self, which in most cases remains unknown to us all our lives, which is said to have an independent mental life, to have means of acquiring knowledge our normal self does not possess, to exhibit all the characteristics of a distinct individuality with a different character from our own, is surely a conception more ponderously difficult, more truly supernatural than that of a Spirit World, composed of beings who have lived and learned, and suffered on earth, and whose mental nature still subsists after its separation from the earthly body,”
Wallace offered, going on to say that we have to suppose that this second-self, while possessing some knowledge the primary self does not have, either does not know it is part of the whole self or is a persistent liar, as it adopts a distinct name and contends that it once lived a separate life.
Wallace added that he could not conceive how this second-self was developed in us under the law of survival of the fittest, a concept he suggested to Darwin before Darwin went public in 1858 with their parallel theories of evolution.


Glenconner, Pamela, The Earthen Vessel (London: John Lane Co., 1921).
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Thomas, Charles Drayton, Life Beyond Death with Evidence (London: W. Collins Sons & Co., 1928).
Wallace, Alfred Russel, Miracles and Modern Spiritualism (1896, collected papers)
Source: with some slight additions Michael E. Tymn, vice-president of The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research.

Source form survival after death

Like Mrs. Osborne Leonard, Mrs. Annie Brittain has a kindly little child familiar named Belle. In his extensive researches the author has made the acquaintance of many of these little creatures in different parts of the world, finding the same character, the same voice and the same pleasant ways in all. This similarity would in itself show any reasoning being that some general law was at work. Feda, Belle, Iris, Harmony, and many more, prattle in their high falsetto voices, and the world is the better for their presence and ministrations.

There are many others, but no notice would be complete without an allusion to the remarkable higher teaching which comes from Johannes and the other controls of Mrs. Hester Dowden, the daughter of the famous Shakespearean scholar. A reference should be made also to Captain Bartlett, whose wonderful writings and drawings enabled Mr. Bligh Bond to expose ruins of two chapels at Glastonbury which were so buried that only the clairvoyant sense could have defined their exact position. Readers of "The Gate of Remembrance" will understand the full force of this remarkable episode.

spirit.jpg (10376 bytes)

Helen Duncan Physical Medium An old man produced by Helen Duncan through the help of one of her guides Albert Stewart.

Little Stasia was a mischievous entity who played many tricks on the Medium. She said herself that she was not the Spirit of any dead person. The Medium considered her, at first, as her double. This was Dr. Ochorowicz's opinion, too, until he was shaken in this view by having obtained Little Stasia's photograph, as announced by her, in an empty room, with all light excluded, while the Medium in a normal condition was with him in an adjoining room.

Stanisława Tomczyk was a Polish Spiritualist Medium in the early 20th century.

Tomczyk was the subject of experiments in 1908-9 at Wisła, in southern Poland, by the psychologist, Julian Ochorowicz. Reportedly Tomczyk was regularly hypnotized by him for therapeutic purposes and was controlled by an entity, "Little Stasia" ("Stasia" being a diminutive of Tomczyk's given name, "Stanisława"), who said she was not the Spirit of any dead person. Tomczyk could produce movements without contact, stop the movement of a clock in a glass case, and influence a roulette to the extent that the numbers chosen by Tomczyk turned up more often than justified by chance. Dr. Ochorowicz concluded that the physical movements were performed by rigid "rays" projecting from Tomczyk's fingers.

Tomczyk considered the prankish "Little Stasia," at first, to be her double, as did Ochorowicz --- until he obtained Stasia's photograph, as announced by her, in an empty room, with all light excluded, while Tomczyk was with him in an adjoining room.

Queenie Nixon was a Medium for most of her lifetime. Amazing people with her Transfiguration demonstrations and the direct voice phenomena, which the Spirit World produce through her. The main person who talked when she was in the Trance State was a guide called Paul many was the time he manifested himself through Queenie in her transfiguration demonstrations. Queenie took on the feature of Paul as he came through and spoke, as did many of the loved ones who came through her.

Etta Wriedt's Spirit Control was called Blossom but she also had others. One was an entity called "Dr. John Sharp," who claimed that he was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in the eighteenth century, lived most of his life in the United States as an apothecary farmer, and died in Evansville, Indiana. He took great care of the Medium--often at the nervous or psychic expense of the sitters. Moore found the strain on his system so great while sitting with the Medium in Detroit that he did not recover his normal health until more than six weeks later.

The Spirit Control of Etta Wriedt a "John King" claimed responsibility for the physical phenomena in England. Flowers were taken from vases and placed in the hands of sitters in the dark in different parts of the room. Invisible fingers touched the sitters and rapped by the trumpet to urge a hesitating person to answer promptly when spoken to. Luminous discs were seen to move inside the Circle. The sitters were often sprinkled with drops of water, felt wafts of cool air, and saw heavy objects displaced.

In one seance "Greyfeather," the Native American control of the Medium J. B. Jonson of Detroit, who had never manifested before through Wriedt came through and spoke to the sitters.

CHRYSTAL, Mr. Eyster's beautiful Spirit Guide, who always materializes with strength and power.

Non-professional Polish Medium Stanislawa Tomczyk, the subject of the experiments of Julien Ochorowicz in 1908-9, at Wisla, Poland. Tomczyk was regularly hypnotized by Ochorowicz for therapeutic purposes, when she became controlled by an entity called "Little Stasia." She could produce movement of objects without contact (telekinesis), stop the movement of a clock in a glass case, and influence a roulette wheel to the extent that the numbers chosen by the Medium turned up more often than justified by chance.

A materialized form of one of the Physical Medium Eva Carreire's Guide Bien Boas, note the ectoplasm coming from the sitting Medium and the Spirit form appears to be floating having no legs yet formed. The ectoplasm is very thin and wispy at the base of the left hand side of the form. The head, beard, helmet/hat, and necklace are fully formed.

To pretend that Bien Boa was a doll is more absurd still; he walked and moved, his eyes could be seen looking round, and when he tried to speak his lips moved.

He seemed so much alive that, as we could hear his breathing, I took a flask of baryta water to see if his breath would show carbon dioxide. The experiment succeeded. I did not lose sight of the flask from the moment when I put it into the hands of Bien Boa who seemed to float in the air on the left of the curtain at a height greater than Marthe could have been even if standing up. While he blew into the tube the bubbling could be heard.

 A comical incident occurred at this point. When we saw the baryta show white (which incidentally shows that the light was good), we cried "Bravo". Bien Boa then vanished, but reappeared three times, opening and closing the curtain and bowing like an actor who receives applause.



These phenomena are very remarkable, not only from the theoretical point of view with respect to ectoplasms, but because they furnish decisive proof of their objectivity. No legerdemain can produce a living hand that melts in the hand that holds it. I have seen the form of Bien Boa disappear into the floor under my eyes.

Prof. Charles Richet.

Again, as an instance speaking for the fourth dimensional explanation, it is mentioned by Malcolm Bird that Walter, the control of Margery (Mina Crandon), cracked a joke at his expense during the Boston investigation on behalf of the Scientific American and promised to get a mate for Birdie. On November 26, 1923, a live carrier pigeon, showing no resemblance to the pigeons found freely about Boston, appeared in the closed dining room of the house. Walter, when previously asked where he would deposit the living apport, answered, I can't say, I have to take a run and leap, and I can't tell where I shall land.

This, my first materialization seance, was conducted with about twenty sitters in a room illumined by red light. Although gifted clairvoyants in the audience reported that they could see Spirits, their features and their clothing, in the dark, for most people the red light was necessary to make the Spirits, clothed in ectoplasmic bodies and garments, visible to their purely psychical vision. Spirits appeared, stayed briefly, making warm conversation with their loved ones in the flesh and then withdrew into the cabinet--i.e., behind the curtained area within which sat the entranced Medium.
With twenty or more people to serve, Miss Firefly, Warren Smith's internationally famous door-keeper, organized things with a totally competent and sprightly efficiency. The door-keeper's task is to admit the Spirits, place them in order, clothe them in ectoplasm, and introduce them to the audience. She begins the seance, after a prayer has been led by the cabinet attendant, by greeting each person individually, and then leading a song or two, sometimes singing at the top of her lungs an aria from light opera. Miss Firefly also is constantly watching to see that the etheric energy is flowing strongly enough to keep the materializations going. So sometimes she will break into the proceedings to ask for another song. She also coaches each sitter in how to speak up warmly and loudly when their own visitor from Spirit comes, and to be totally silent at all other times. It became clear that a seance is not just the result of a good Medium in good form, but depends on the doorkeeper and her assistants, on the visiting Spirits themselves, and to a noticeable extent on the cooperation and wholehearted support from the sitters.

More of this on page no2 of Ectoplasm

Madame d'Esperance's Circle supplies the following description of ectoplasm:

First a filmy, cloudy patch of something white is observed on the floor in front of the cabinet. It then gradually expands, visibly extending itself as if it were an animated patch of muslin, lying fold upon fold, on the floor, until extending about two and a half by three feet, and having a depth of a few inches-perhaps six or more Presently it begins to rise slowly in or near the centre, as if a human head were underneath it, while the cloudy film on the floor begins to look more like muslin falling into folds about the portion so mysteriously rising. By the time it has attained two or more feet it looks as if a child were under it, and moving its arms about in all directions, as if manipulating something underneath. It continues rising, sometimes sinking somewhat to rise again higher than before, until it attains a height of about five feet, when its form can be seen as if arranging the folds of drapery about its figure. Presently the arms rise considerably above the head and open outwards through a mass of cloud-like Spirit drapery, and Yolande stands before us unveiled, graceful and beautiful, nearly five feet in height, having a turban-like head-dress, from beneath which her long black hair hangs over her shoulders and down her back. The superfluous white, veil-like drapery is wrapped round her for convenience, or thrown down on the carpet, out of the way till required again. All this occupies from ten to fifteen minutes to accomplish.*

* "Shadow Land," by E. d'Esperance (1897), pp. 254-5. "Life and Experience," p. 58.

The flower apports of Yolande, d Esperance s control, were generally very impressive. On her instructions white sand and plenty of water were always held in readiness in the cabinet. On August 4, 1880, in the presence of William Oxley of Manchester, she directed a Mr. Reimers to pour sand into a water carafe, which he did until it was about half full. Then he was instructed to pour in water. Yolande took it, placed it on the floor, covering it lightly with the drapery she took from her shoulders. The Circle was directed to sing. While singing they observed the drapery to be rising from the rim of the carafe. Yolande several times came out of the cabinet to examine the thing growing under the drapery. Finally she raised the drapery altogether and disclosed a perfect plant, its roots firmly grown and packed in the sand. She presented it to Oxley. Through raps, instructions were given not to discuss the matter but sing something and be quiet. They obeyed. More raps came and told them to examine the plant again. To their great surprise they observed a large circular head of bloom, forming a flower fully five inches in diameter, that had opened while the plant stood on the floor at Oxley's feet. The plant was 22 inches in height, with a thick woody stem that filled the neck of the water carafe. It had 29 leaves, each smooth and glossy. It was impossible to remove the plant from the water bottle, the neck being too small to allow the roots to pass; indeed the comparatively slender stem entirely filled the orifice. The plant was a native of India, an Ixora Crocata. It had some years of growth. We could see where other leaves had grown and fallen off, and wound-marks which seemed to have healed and grown over long ago. But there was every evidence to show that the plant had grown in the sand in the bottle as the roots were naturally wound around the inner surface of the glass, all the fibres perfect and unbroken as though they had germinated on the spot and had apparently never been disturbed. The plant was photographed. It lived for three months under the care of Mr. Oxley's gardener and then shrivelled up.

It was a favorite feat of Yolande to put a glass of water into the hand of one of her particular friends and tell him to watch it. She would then hold her slender tapered fingers over the glass and while her eyes were closely scrutinizing the water within it a flower would form itself upon it and fill the glass.

Patterns of ferns were often handed to her. She always matched them with others to please the sitters. Roses were frequently produced in the water pitcher she carried on her shoulder. If a special colour was required it was obtained. D Esperance once asked for a black rose. Yolande dipped her fingers into the pitcher and instantly brought out a dark object, dripping with moisture. It was a rose of distinctly blue-black color the like of which neither d Esperance nor any of those assembled had seen.

On June 28, 1890, an overpowering scent was followed by the appearance in a water carafe, which was previously prepared with sand and water, of a golden lily apport, a foot and a half taller than d Esperance. From root to point it measured seven feet. It bore eleven large blossoms, and the flowers were perfect, five fully blown. After it was photographed by one Professor Boutleroff, Yolande tried to take it back. Her efforts of dematerialization were unsuccessful. Yolande was in despair as--according to a message from Walter, another control--she had gotten the plant on condition of returning it. Walter gave instructions to keep the plant in darkness until she could come again and take it. On July 5 the plant vanished as mysteriously as it came. At 9:23 P.M. it stood in the midst of the company, and at 9:30 P.M. it was gone. Not a vestige remained except the photographs and a couple of flowers, which had fallen off. The scent seemed for a moment to fill the room almost over-poweringly, and then it was gone.

Addressing inquiries to Walter at the time of the lily s appearance, the sitters were told that the plant was in the room before the sitters came in and was ready for being put together at least an hour before they saw it. Alexander N. Aksak of also witnessed this apport. On the night of its disappearance a piece of grey cloth was found on its stem. The stem passed through a hole in the center of the cloth. The cloth could not be removed. When, however, Yolande instructed Aksakof to remove it, it came off, without a rent, and still showing the round hole through which the stem had passed. She said that she got the piece of cloth from the same country as the flower. On examination the piece of cloth was found to be a scrap of mummy cloth, still aromatic with the perfumes used for embalming. It contained 2,584 meshes to the square inch.

Sources with slight additions.

D'Esperance, Elizabeth. Shadow Land or Light from the Outer Side. London: George Redway, n.d.

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Richet, Charles. Thirty Years of Psychical Research: Being a Treatise on Metaphysics. New York: Macmillan, 1923.

Zöllner, J. C. F. Transcendental Physics. London, 1880. Reprint, Boston, Mass.: Colby and Rich, 1881.


In connexion with John Ticknor the author, Arthur Conan Doyle may quote an experiment, which he made and reported in the "Proceedings" of the American Society for Psychical Research, a body which has been held back in the past by non-conductors almost as much as its parent in England. In this instance the author took a careful record of the pulse-beat when Mr. Ticknor was normal, when he was controlled by Colonel Lee, one of his Spirit Guides, and when he was under the influence of Black Hawk, a Red Indian control.

"Our American Adventure," pp. 144-5.

The photograph taken by Mr Jack Edwards of the Spirit Guide of Mrs Ethel Post Parrish, Silver Belle; in this particular seance it was photo No 7. Her complete Materialisation had just been produced by the Spirit World from ectoplasm by using the Medium Mrs. Ethel Post Parrish as a catalyst. Mrs. Parrish who is clearly seen in a very deep trance, is sitting in the cabinet [which is needed to build up the energy for the blending of the Spirit World and the Physical Medium] in the building in the Camp Silver Belle, [the camp or complex was named after the Guide of Mrs. Parrish, Spirit Silver Belle and is still going in the USA]. After Mr Edwards had taken 6 Photographs Silver Belle asked Mr Edwards take another one; which is this one; as she was full materialised then because he was taking a little too long loading the plate into the camera, Silver Belle said, Be quick........Uncle Jack. You can see the reason for it, she is starting to dematerialise at the base of the Ectoplasm near the floor. I have placed the other 6 photographs on another page. They show the stages of full genuine materialisation of Silver Belle, from near start of the formation of the column of ectoplasm to the full formation of the Spirit Form. [Click here to see the sequence of 7 photographs].

Apports, if real, would therefore raise a moral question. Who do they belong to. On being asked an opinion of fruit and flower apports, John Watts, Mrs Thomas Everitt s control, said in a seance on February 28, 1868, recorded in Catherine Berry's Experiences in Spiritualism (1876), I do not approve of bringing them, for they are generally stolen.

Mrs. Mary Hollis (afterwards Mrs. Hollis-Billing) was a remarkable American Medium who visited England in 1874, and again in 1880, when a presentation and address were given her in London by representative Spiritualists. A fine account of her varied mediumship is given by Dr. N. B. Wolfe in his book, "Startling Facts in Modern Spiritualism." Mrs. Hollis was a lady of refinement, and thousands obtained evidence and consolation through her powers. Her two Spirit Guides, "James Nolan" and an Indian named "Ski," talked freely in the Direct Voice. At one of her seances, held at Mrs. Makdougall Gregory's house in Grosvenor Square on January 21, 1880, a clergyman of the Church of England* "had the thread of a conversation taken up by a spirit where it had been broken off seven years before, and he professed himself perfectly satisfied with the genuineness of the voice, which was very peculiar and distinctly audible to those sitting on either side of the clergyman who was addressed."


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