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Physical Medium Jack Webber in trance linking with the Spirit World. Combined, they are producing ectoplasm out of the Mediums mouth, which is supporting the tambourine. Jack is tied to the chair by his arms and legs, but more significantly the photograph was taken by an investigating Daily Mirror photographer. Where do the sceptics go from here.

WHAT ARE THE Materialize

An extract from the site of the French and Francophone Spiritist:

They were found in 1920 by certificates of Drs Beauprez and Vallet.  The details are developed in a notice of Dr Beauprez. Dans son livre : Le medumnisme et la Sorbonne , Mme Bisson ecrit : In his book: The Medumnisme and the Sorbonne, Ms. Bisson says:

 "One day early on later, doctors and professors of physiology resume these studies.  They recognize the value of my statements which are summarized in this sentence that I never tire of repeating defying anyone to show me my mistake. The body of some emerging Mediums, under certain conditions, a substance that can take different forms or aspects, recalling all or part of the human body "(1)

Dr. Gustave Geley, meanwhile, from 11 January to 11 March 1918, began to control the phenomena of materialization obtained by Mrs. Bisson with the Medium Eva Carrere.

His book: The Ectoplasm and Vision devotes an entire chapter to these new experiences. (2) (2)

 Mrs. Bisson, speaking of Eva Carrere, writes (3):

 "In 1909 I knew Eva.  At meetings of the start she was asleep by one of my assistants. Submitting the Medium to the more rigorous control.

"At that time, we get mostly transfiguration, ie that the subject we covered was what was called later substance and somehow transformed by it. A few weeks later, my j'endormis and I take full leadership of the seances.

At the end of 1909, Professor Von Schrenck-Notzing I was presented. For a few years and each of his trips to France, he attended meetings and contributed to the work whose results were published under his name in Germany, while I publish in France mine.

Dr. Geley who attended my studies for about a year and in which I have willingly consented to go with Eva give a series of seances, kindly remember his debut at home and outline, as reflected c That is I who discovered the substance, realizing basis of the materialisations.

All those who come to my laboratory are now able also to take part in the dissemination of one of the most exciting issues that are posed to humanity."

Madame Bisson ecrit d’autre part : Mrs. Bisson says the other:

 "The term substance has been chosen at an evening seance.  I was looking for a more appropriate term than substance.  One of the assistants that time, Dr. Jean Charles Roux gave the mot de substance, substance word, that word adapting better than any other word, I conserve. retained.

"We must faire une distinction indispensable  essential to distinguish between strictly controlled experiments and experiences where, to quote Pasteur, it would be easy, with a little insight and attention, to show where the mice entered. there are good Mediums, but there are often badly prepared experiments and experimenters not take into account the fact that, without seeking the cause.

 "The substance is the material basis of the phenomenon and appearances it takes, the forms it takes: hands, fingers, faces, heads, with natural terrain or simply on the surface, are the outward signs of a spiritual will independent of the Medium.

 "To study effectively materialize, the experimental scientific training were first observed the process of its formation.


Comment how they appear?

Where were they?

Comment how they disappeared?

(4) "The substance is most often fibrous mass, jagged, often break, Wire could not be compared (if a comparison is required) that epiploon (4)

"Almost always, it leaves the mucosa, but also sees the exit of lumbar region of the neck or the left. That's left the phenomena that most often begin to emerge. Very often, materialisations are preceded by an abundant liquid out of the mouth. This liquid is pale white. Sometimes a cordon of substance emerged thumbs Eva, linking one to another; assistants could follow the trend. Often the substance is separated from the navel, agglomerate around. (As of Vaseline out of a tube pressed) It then ramp on the Medium, will cling to the breasts, forming a breast to the other as a net. If the substance comes from the mouth, which is common, it seems to emanate from the gums or cheeks (not the stomach as some observers have assumed little accustomed to events) and has mass jets or takes various appearances by its strength and quantity.

"At every appearance, it behaves like a living being. Almost always it is connected by a Medium to long black cord, introducing his journey on many hubs. At a meeting, you could see the substance sliding along the legs of Eva and run on the table heading for an experimentalist. This substance comes in three different aspects: black, grey, white, glossy. On an analytical observer, there had been a fourth aspect of brown, reddish. It looks like the flesh alive.

"Contact with the substance gives impressions vary. Sometimes it does get wet, even viscous and hard or light as a spider's web. These various impressions says Bisson, vary the forms appeared.

"As long as the substance is single and has not yet led to a face, it is viscous. If a finger is in the middle finger that is heavy, rough, hard, and if the form is full of substance and wrapped It's like a spider's web. If the form is incomplete but appears en masse, it was the sensation of something dry and thick. It is extremely sensitive to the touch or rather, if it touches the substance or form materialized without warning the Medium, it has a bumpiness violent.

"If the Medium is warned, it gathers its forces to support the contact because the sensation of touch on the forms appeared to be painful. The Medium is in a state of trance that causes widespread hyperesthesia. Similarly, it is apparent that many have not supported materialisations light. Some rarer it is true, however, occurred in full daylight. In fact, the substance ectoplasm from the body of the Medium, the reaction in the light comes from one and another.

"The substance acts like a smart because a Spirit animates. It argues, is declining, protects itself by hiding against the Medium. If a head is formed, it often appears in making graceful movements greeting, which also says when Bisson notes:

"If we admire a materialization, it will come, agitated as to show his contentment.

"Different forms are developing in the middle of the substance of the fingers, hands, faces appear.

Ms. Bisson said this:

"Sometimes a face is shown as a small orange and, in the same meeting, it increases in volume and size suddenly appears.

"We saw a head of human form to observers on the knees closer to the Medium.

"On 6 December 1920 to 20 hours 45 in the presence of P. Eager, secretary general of the Journal Psychic Dr. Jaworski, neurologist, Mr. Warcollier chemical engineer, took place a materialization that Ms. Bisson described as follows:

"We showed a white patch on the shoulder fleeting Eva. A slight noise that could compare to that of a multitude of electric sparks low intensity, hit my ear and out of the curtain that I was close, appears and disappears profile significantly cut. There is a fluid irradiation (5), and we see a large white patch on the abdomen of the Medium. Suddenly a materialization without precise form, first condenses before our eyes on the knees of the Medium, in his hands open. The form shows a sharp relief. The materialization is about twenty-five centimeters of my eye I look with cold-blooded and thoroughness that I control my twenty years of study and practice of psychic phenomena. All is head man. Details : bouche mince, fine moustache, Details: thin mouth, shaded with a thin mustache, nose done, rounded end, eyes wide open and lively, albeit still. None of this fictitious view of masks or plaster statues. Hair appear released back to the new mode. The quiet physiognomy is, but not a statue of immobility. Suddenly, under my eyes, no movement on the part of the Medium, the face of our unknown host suddenly disappears.

Ms. Bisson made this comment:

"Given these facts, no conclusion is other than their absolute authenticity".

presence of a disembodied? Possibly. Fraude, illusion, hallucination ? Fraud, illusion, hallucination? No, a thousand times no!

The phenomena obtained with Eva have been denied by skeptics without experience or by opponents of bias, seeking their denial of a claim loudly inappropriate.

We continue to call these phenomena that reflection, because the Spiritism done more to argue that it makes chooses Patent things by giving the man's conviction for his future, thus his immortality, and he will have one day or another, the official science into account, to understand what God is trying to make us understand.

"The truth Delanne Gabriel said, is that the phenomenon Spiritualist subject to a strict determinism, and if we do not yet know the laws governing these events, they do exist, however. A little patience and manage all this for the greater good of science and of the twenty-first century. "And we add for centuries to come.

In the phenomena of materialization, and incomprehensible is the fact that for humans, there is no less and it is impossible to escape the consequences.

The clearest and most compelling evidence is that the apparent physical nature is associated another ethereal nature that is functionally equivalent, of different molecular structure.

Is that the living we see, and that dissects the anatomy, has a body double on which neither has taken a scalpel or microscope and why is nonetheless provided as another - better than the other perhaps - of all organs necessary for the double effect which is the whole purpose of the organization vital collect and transmit to the conscience impressions from outside and put the same mental activity carried on the surrounding world and change it.

In truth, if something is made in realizing the phenomenon from the Spirit World is not yet as the phenomenon itself a lack of public hearing by a set of facts also converge so diverse, including all its' attach to show us that the human soul exists and it is a being different from the body. Since the research of Rochas and Durville, it was demonstrated that the sensitivity and motor skills are lost twice when it leaves the body. The active, voluntary, sensitive and aware, no longer resides in the body, because it becomes for the exodus of the soul, inert, unresponsive and not maintained by the vegetative life. We call this double 'Perisprit."

With Mediums like Eva Carrere, Eusapia Paladino, Florence Cook and the Brazilian Peixotinho, it came to highlight the great truth that the body material is that the lining of the crude soul, and Fingerprints obtained without casting contact under the more stringent control, give us a physical demonstration that the body fluid can be achieved, solidify into a three-dimensional body, which has all the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the physical body.

These are not assertions free unverifiable assumptions, fanciful assumptions and is made by following the step that the spiritualist were led to findings and no one is entitled to object, unless to see where and how spiritualists are wrong.

All observations and experiences reported unite to demonstrate that it is now a mistake to look only in the nervous system origin and cause of intellectual faculties. It is a transposition of weight to be carried out. The body appears as a simple tool that plays soul to adapt to the physical environment in which it is expected to stay for life, but the real acting principle, the only one who thinks that feel, that command is also fundamentally different the body as the engineer of the engine operates, even though the biological forces react powerfully on the soul, because of the intimate union of matter and mind, conducted by the perisprit.

Singularity of Materialize

In the phenomenon to materialize, the Spirit that materializes, is not alone and far to make the details of the operation which is essentially a transfer of energy. Spirits of advanced knowledge in running this operation would be dangerous to the Medium if it was entrusted only to the will of a disembodied entity or to experimenters embodied.

The Spirit who materializes removed under surveillance spiritual medium, the quantity of etheric to the extent that any new subtraction become a danger to the life of it. As against when the Spirit dematerializes, it is made complete restitution of fluids in the state and in the position where he has taken, or rather these fluids once rendered by the free will of Spirits responsible for monitoring the operation will themselves under the law of attraction, exactly resume their seats early. Comment How this will act on it matter? We do not know exactly, we can only see. A Spirit Instructor who was asked this question, replied: "Do not ask how this happens, the answer would require other skills as yours." And he added: "The will be chairing any, movement in all action is a thought and that thought moves because she feels this innate need for action and change. It must be said that. The man needs to study itself before considering what is separated from him. Unfortunately all men are a little sun-king, in wishing to radiate out before their own area. Everything is in creative thinking from the divine and which all beings are more or less endowed, by their evolution. These things are accessible only by love and a sufficient level of love and necessary. "

Mediums to show are now rare over the last century. We must acknowledge the many packs of our approach to society and the education that we practice and that affects our culture. The race for material enjoyments, to social positions, the job that must be juicy, make a tight shield that filters any emotion, every thought from a religion which allows intimate escape from the world of materialism fanatical concentration. The man now lives in a perpetual conflict social, professional, political, educational will not see real life. Birth, death are reduced, one in joy, the despair and nothingness. This vicious circle is a dead end, because man is subject to live in a camp , behind the barbed wire of the bunkers prospectively industrial concern with the main profit by the commercial emulation. The spiritual part of man is crushed and excessive, relentless shelling. Therefore, the science of the soul that gives access to the path of inspiration, sources of serious Gnothaí seauton (maxim engraved frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi, which means: "Know you, yourself", adopted by Socrates), the concept of the divine universe, ultimately to mediumship, is completely obscured.

However faculties medium however are not divided as you might think, in two races of people. La grande masse sans talent particulier et une The bulk without talent and small minority who possess this power.

For centuries, they were legion who had in various forms, the mediumship. If we refer to Chamat civilizations or sacred books of Hindus with the Vedas, Chinese with Fuxi, Nordiques with Odin, with Egyptian Thoth, the Hebrews with the Tablets of the Law, the Gospel for Christians, that the Koran For Muslims, is a replica of an archetypal kept in heaven from all eternity are all included expectations of man, everything is there, but everything is not received in the same terms, but the objective is to provide all the same look at the world visible and invisible, what the Spiritism said in this great debate. Allan Kardec had the task of codifying badge with a brilliant clarity without undermining the entire contents of his unpublished experiments hypostatic enough to remain in the memory of men beyond the centuries.

The work of Allan Kardec where the Godhead men reveals the existence of an afterlife, has no goals ... to provide them with necessary and sufficient conviction to live in hope and happiness by certainty of immortality, where levels are determined to climb a balance between earthly life by the spiritual goodness and charity, and equipment, for the discernment and logic of reason.

Dr. Osty said: "We live on the surface of a huge intelligence." We will add: and full of love for men, but they take time to see them? The spiritual entities for their part say: "Love contains all the secrets." Where is there, all people of the whole earth could not prevent it.

The materialisations of the famous.

Materialization of MME DE Sartini

(Excerpts from the book spiritualism towards the light - P. 305 and spiritualism, what do we know? --

[P. P. 132 Louis Serra]

From 11 January to 11 March 1918, nine meetings, in an apartment in the Avenue de Suffren in Paris, rented unladen specially prepared, Dr. Gustave Geley undertook to check the accuracy of the phenomena of ectoplasm obtained by Mrs. Bisson, with the Medium Eva Carrere

Paul Le Cour attended Dr Geley and was specifically responsible photographs for this purpose, the room where the meetings took place, was lit red lights powerful enough to distinguish all the details and allowing however, leave open cameras ; At the appropriate time, a flash to take a view of the scene at that moment. Attended these meetings: Ms. Bisson, Mrs Vesma, Mr Le Court, Dr. Geley and some of them, Jules Courtier and the medical inspector general Calmette.

In 1918, is a far cry you say, especially if you were born after the war, however, Hitler arrived at the stage of development where the mind is ripe to consider his immortality, it readily admits that time has nothing to do with the case, the facts are resistant to fashion often slight, to challenge for the sake of change.

A book by Dr. Geley (6) devotes a chapter to these experiences, there is for each robbed an account where you feel scrupulous rigor likely to reject any idea of error of appreciation because the phenomenon is of extraordinary importance at all levels; it relates to the physiology, biology, psychology, magnetism, physics, it leads to conclusions about the philosophical and is finally in its prodigious achievement and unheard by its nature scarcity.

Dr. Geley described at length taken all precautions to minimize opportunities for critical not fail, however, from the eternal contempteur who rarely bother to check.

The chapter on these meetings the Avenue de Suffren presents 23 photographs numbered 22 to 44, showing the different phases of phenomena, ie the production of the substance ectoplasm Eva on the medium and its use in an appearance of a face and a woman's face with regular features and well characterized - always the same.

Depending on the success of the operation, la materia l isation is more or less complete, in the most satisfactory eyes are mobile and expressive, abundant hair and wearing, well-designed features, the head scarf sometimes very fine, a photograph shows a roundel in the hair.

The reports of meetings do not questions that burn the lips; What is this face unknown model in which the substance provided by the Medium? - - Talk to? - - Where is she? - - What is his name? Why she insists to be?

Of parapsychologist, do not answer these questions and they ignore it is for them a kind of dream that is to say a dream or a residue in the mnemonic 'Spirit of the Medium, while others argue that such perceptions are caused by anxiety assistants creating hallucinations leaving traces objectives. Among the former experimenters 'outstanding' some had even tried to deny the phenomenon and only seeing fraud, but it was impossible to support and was named ideoplastie or criptomnesie as from the subconscience of the Medium. Any theory, an explanation may be allowed provided it goes against the Spirit explanation or Spiritualist. You know, the science opposed to a statement of a thesis defending the survival of the being. The term mystic caught in a pejorative sense and launched with disdain stop any defence of this thesis.

The independence of mind of Dr. Gustave Geley can not be doubted, and these observations are extremely provided and blameless, but they are impregnated with caution probably intended to prevent attacks. His book is nevertheless a monument where we can find in comments strictly neutral, confirmation of the legitimacy of the interpretation spiritualist.

Mr Le Court for its part has no particular fondness for Spirits: he (7) it is for some a kind of religion, and his opinion a deadlock (?), But it makes the meetings run on by Dr. Geley, which he attended, details of great interest. Mr Le Court did not order Dr. Geley to spare the sensibilities of scientists to maintain their interest in this new research.

We will move quickly on the dispute between the two authors about the ownership of photographs taken during meetings with the Medium Eva Carrere. The eight photographs reproduced by Paul Le Cour correspond to certain numbered 22 to 44 of the book Geley Dr: the number 1 through 27, the number 2 to number 35, number 3 at number 24, number 4 to number 28, number 5 to number 26, number 8 to number 31.

We are grateful to Mr. Paul Le Cour Paul Le Court when it considers its duty to publish the results of research to answer questions that naturally arise each and for which, on behalf of prejudice and subtleties allegedly scientists, parapsychologist meet what they like, and Dr. Geley himself observed the silence.

Before considering what were the results of Mr Le Court should make some changes on the production realizing; the importance of these is based on the amount of ectoplasm that it is permissible to take on the very substance of the body of the Medium. Dr. Geley provides extensive comments on the production of the substance and its characteristics following cases: sometimes simple steam becoming luminescent, sometimes immediately solid plastic, from body orifices or even skin, lively movements, retracted at the slightest touch, almost instantly resolved at the lowest risk that could run the Medium; assistants as the Medium are in the apparent inability to intervene in the production of this phenomenon whose process is completely unknown.

"The substance ectoplasm is clearly the product of the histolyse in the Medium - manipulated by the Spirit which incorporates the party and organizes flesh, bone, moods, blood, hair, showing the role of Spirit in the event of organic life. It can be seen as unsuccessful efforts modeage of the substance may give primers or reductions of forms and is often only the key is given to show the materialization; sometimes it is comprehensive enough to allow palpate for example the bones of the skull, with abundant hair.

"The bodies have not materialized inert, but biologically living" says Dr. Geley. Any fois the amount of ectoplasm available to the entity is not always sufficient to allow the materialization of internal organs, so that the organs of the larynx can not be incomplete or capable of emitting sounds transmitted by air, especially as the lungs run the same risk can not be materialized. This explains the silence of their minds whether or low voice, distorted or very acute.

In this case, the materialization was silent but very expressive. The information obtained by Mr. Paul Le Court, were using the clipboard, experiences he had undertaken quite independently, at his home.

"Emilie de Sainte Amaranthe, guillotined in 1794" was given by the board without the name recalls anything in the minds of assistants. He added: "you are with me every day." Mr Le Court thought experiments of Dr. Geley which he attended. Paul Le Court with Dr. Geley immediately aware of these communications, here's what he wrote about the reaction of Dr. Geley:

"What was not my surprise when I said that at the end of the meeting of 12 February, when I was busy store cameras, he saw the head and drag down to the knees Eva; then, having approached, he was struck by noting that the neck was sliced net and that the section was red. He had mentioned this fact in his notebook. A few days after he informed me that he had documented and that there was a Emilie de Sainte Amaranthe guillotined in 1794.

"On 7 March, at Vincennes, then long wait is dictated" Emilie de Sainte Amaranthe ... I wait. - Query:

- These events are organized by someone?

- Yes, to combat disbelief ... In hair there is a tricolor cockade next to the comb.

The photograph number 5 of Mr Le Court corresponding to the number 26, Dr. Geley shows very clearly a roundel.

A portrait of the mother of Emilie de Sainte Amaranthe Sucy was found that Emilia itself, designed by Jacob was discovered in the Cabinet of Prints, this design represents the face of Emilie when she is driven to torment . A number of new details on the lives and circumstances of the tragic death of these women were given the opportunity of these communications, many facts were verified.

Paul Le Cour reproduced extracts from several books in which the execution of our heroines is very well documented:

Madame de Saint Amaranth, Jules Bertaut article in 1936, he cites a book by Henri Almere, known to him afterwards and published in 1904 under the title Emilie de Sainte Amaranthe.

The name of Claude de Saint-Martin was cited several times in communications, as organizer of these communications from beyond. Louis Claude de Saint-Martin was born in Amboise in 1743, he was in Paris at runtime Emilia. He signed his works philosopher unknown.


(1) En Allemagne, parallelement, de semblables expériences furent obtenues par le Dr Schrenck-Notzing et sont parues dans la Revue Spirite.

(2) Lire : Le Spiritisme qu'en savons-nous ? P. 133 (Disponible a l’Union Spirite Francaise et Francophone)

(3) Extrait de son livre : Le mediumnisme et la Sorbonne .

(4) Mot grec signifiant : flottant. Repli du peritoine qui flotte librement dans l'abdomen au-devant de l'intestin grele.

(5) On constate une production d’ozone avec une ionisation de l'air.

(6) L’ectoplasme et la clairvoyance .

(7) Manifestations posthumes .

(8) De son vrai nom : Annie Morgan.

(9) Petite piece ou se trouvait le Medium Florence Cook.

One of the earliest books on the subject of communication amongst deceased persons was Dialogues with the Dead by George, First Baron Lyttleton, published in England in 1760. Among the notable Spirits quoted in this volume are Peter the Great, Pericles, a "North-American Savage," William Penn, and Christina Queen of Sweden. The popularity of seances grew dramatically with the founding of the religion of Spiritualism in the mid-nineteenth century. Perhaps the best-known series of seances conducted at that time were those of Mary Todd Lincoln who, grieving the loss of her son, organized Spiritualist seances in the White House, which were attended by her husband, President Abraham Lincoln, and other prominent members of society. Contemporary seances continue to be a part of the religious services of Spiritualist, Spiritist, and Espiritismo churches today, where a greater emphasis is placed on spiritual values versus showmanship.

 Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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