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It always amuses me when I hear people say there are not many TRUE GENUINE Physical Mediums around now. We do not hear of any true genuine Physical Seances happening; yet years ago there were lots. They then add, well there was many Physical Mediums written about.

Stop and think for a minute.

There are hundreds of millions of people on this earth. Now try to name all the TRUE GENUINE Physical Mediums of the past and while you do that; starting at the approximate birth date of the earliest one, think about the hundreds of thousands of millions of people that have passed along the earth plane and gone further to their destinations in the higher life in the world beyond, remember if you only begin to start from the time you are thinking of, look at the reality, the figures, it must be about 100's of millions of ordinary people and about a few dozen, give or take a few, Physical Mediums.

Now think about things again.

If you were a Physical Medium and you read about all that went on in times past would you come out and show your gifts to all around you. Would you take a chance of being ridiculed? Would you take a chance at doing a seance and the chance of being killed by some unscrupulous sceptic who might grab out at the ectoplasm you were producing, or, being given a shock by people who could underhandedly interrupt the seance, so the ectoplasm being produced with the help of Spirit World shoots back into your body at neck breaking speed causing internal burns and bleeding, as happened to Helen Duncan just before she died. Also look at the write up of Alexander F Harris and the testing of Mediums page 7, the way their blood pressure goes through the roof; [A doctor tested some Mediums and I have placed all the information on there]. Wouldn't you keep your gifts hidden from the general population and keep it for the small circle of caring, sincere, understanding people? Well now, tell the truth to yourself.

The percentage of Physical Mediums to the general population still, as far as I can see, remains the same or similar, about point.0000009%, and may be less, of the population as a whole; yes miniscule.

A Physical Medium needs time to develop their gifts by dedicated meditation, many sitting weekly in Circles, some some sitting alone meditating once or twice each day, and for the most of them taking as much as twelve years of constant sitting to achieve any sort of good provable physical phenomena.

 Levitation or Transvection 

Please remember Levitation is not a new phenomena, it has been happening to people from all walks of life throughout the centuries. It is well documented in many religious books, one notable one is the Christian bible. Jesus levitated by walking on the water, this is just one I have picked out because many people know the stories. There are many monks who have been documented in recent times that have levitated also. The Christian church recognized that the phenomena of levitation does happen and have from that day name it transvection”.

Others in the Christian church are documented to have levitated are St Ignatious Loyola. He had the added gift of being lit up like a luminous object at different times and when he levitated. As is documented so did Donald Dunglas Home but he was pilloried by the Christian church.

In the Christian church it is said that the levitation of others occurs when the levitators are in deep religious prayer. The person goes into what we now call a trance like state.

There have been a number of incidences of levitation among both Saints, in the Roman Catholic Church, noteworthy Christians and over 200 Catholic Saints.  See the page on levitation where I have placed just a few.

You can as an amateur enquirer have the experience of physical phenomena if you are willing to try with some like minded friends look at the testing of Mediums and have a go yourself; try the way they did it in the past century, read my book Meditation Oneness and learn. Yes people who tried to see if raps and moving of furniture by the Spirit World was genuine, and not being performed as a hoax show.

 Physical Spirit Formation or Materialisation 

Materialisation is a phenomena that the doubters and sceptics will not admit exists, yet it has happened many times in GENUINE seances. The doubter only want to be convinced by seeing it for themselves. They dismiss many photographs: BUT I must admit I can in some way go along with this school of thought because it is so easy to doctor any photograph to convince the amateur photographer and amateur enquirer.

It remains as fact that the Spirit World can with the help of the human catalyst, namely the Mediumistic person, a Physical Medium, produce a human form that can be seen, heard, and with the permission of the Spirit World,  touched, a pulse felt, and clothing and/or regalia that is draped around this Spirit form also felt.

There are many such incidents.

I have a book (Phenomena of Materialisation by Baron Von Schrenck Notzing) from the early part of the last century in which has all sorts of photographs of alleged Spirit formations with the Medium  Eva C. Probably the Medium did produce Spirits in the physical, but this person, the Baron, in his enthusiasm to let the public know, has for me done the worse damage possible in placing unfolded drawings or the drawn Spirit form to be photographed for his book, they are so false. I was even at a lecture in a place of mediumistic learning and mediumistic teaching that I still hold dear to my heart, Stansted Hall [The Arthur Findlay College]; when a male lecturer [and he is one of the newer of the old school and still there lecturing] was holding up this book to the world as an example of the evidence of the physical production of the Spirits in seances. In my opinion he should have looked a little closer at the photographs themselves, that is if he had ever seen them properly. Perhaps just to have opened the book itself in my opinion would have done enough to convince. I have no doubt what so ever the seances were genuine, but many of the photographs in my opinion are set up for the camera AFTER the real happenings. I now come back to the need for the Spirit World to have infra red cameras in the physical seances as evidence for the outside world

I have been recorded on video camera with a guests hand held infra red video camera at twelve o clock at night [nothing planned], while sitting around the table in low white light with company socialising, talking about the spirituality of the area and drinking, in the main room of the Hafan-y-Coed Spiritual Centre, Abercraf, Swansea in South Wales, when my eyes started watering and I was beginning to yawn frequently [about once every few seconds], a sign that the Spirit World wanted to come to use me. I asked the company whether I should they all agreed so I said you all carry on talking and lets see what happens, and so I gave permission to the Spirit World to use me. I went into an altered state and then they pulled and manipulated the skin on my face outwards away [about 2 inches] from my bone structure into a contortion [transfiguration] I could not have done myself. I did not feel a thing as I was in a trance state. I had no ill effect except the manipulation, the physical phenomena, took it out of my body as a whole, as any physical phenomena does, and the link left me drained for a while, I went to bed straight after and woke up next morning fully refreshed.

I have proved for myself time and again that infra red video cameras can be used in a physical seance without harming the Medium or the phenomena. This was done with Judith Seaman. I have twice recorded seances in Stansted Hall [Arthur Findlay College], BUT the unfortunate placing of the four infra red video cameras in the main hall by me did not get the photographs I wanted, that was the actual producing of the apports or asporting. Another tutor who was sitting besides Judith inadvertently blocked the view of the actual happening because she wanted to see it first hand herself. [We were holding this physical seance in dull red light]. I am now beginning to believe and becoming more convinced that is only the weak strength Physical Mediums or the pretending Physical Mediums [put kindly, delusional Mediums, perhaps fraudulent Mediums] that do not want infra red video cameras in their blacked out or very low red light seance rooms. Work out what that implies for yourself. BUT and a big BUT, it should be done with the permission of the Spirit World. AND AGAIN WORRYINGLY, BUT, this could be a get out clause for the fakes. "The Spirit World does not want me to use the infra red lights" syndrome. This is where the testing of Mediums who want to go to the public is so necessary. If they do not get tested, that could leave them open to all the allegations of fraud.

In the past the Spirit World allowed still, time lapse, infra red cameras in seances to record what was happening. What is wrong with using them now in the modern form, which is infra red video camera. The optimum word here is RED. Most the top Physical Mediums sat in ordinary RED light; why don't the modern day ones do exactly the same and use infra RED light ? Tose Mediums of old sat in gas light by which a book could be read; Why not now?

Could it be that these modern day Physical Mediums are frightened to lose the money that most of them get for their seances. The Mediums of old DID NOT CHARGE for their Physical Seances. [I have been to many Physical Seances when I was taking the courses on the physical weeks in Stansted Hall [Arthur Findlay College] and the students were not charged an entrance fee. Lets hope it comes back sometime in the future, so that many more people can see the wonders of the Spirit World come through the human catalyst we call a Medium. BUT mediums have to eat and some need to charge for their time to survive.

It is exactly the same as the new comers to the Spiritualist movement who have tried to bring us all up to the modern times, tried to bring different things into the seance rooms [using cheap metal chairs instead of wooden ones in churches and seance rooms, read the aids that Spirit and Mediums use sections] without asking the Spirit World about what to do and how to go about it; also saying the Spirit World are now getting things quicker because life is going so fast they have to keep up. DO NOT BELIEVE IT ALL. The Spirit World have NEVER BEEN ASKED AS FAR AS I KNOW. This is new people who have not done their research, or read the books of the last century that the libraries hold in their reference sections, nor have they learnt from the good older teachers at the Spiritual Colleges.

Look at the Mediums of the past if any more information is wanted, starting with Alexander Frederick Harris of Wales. UK.


Infra red photograph in a dark room seance.

Medium Jack Webber is seen here in this photograph tied up in the Carver Chair while in a deep trance state, sitting in a Home Physical Circle. Jack's coat is being taken through his body by the Spirit World to eventually be removed completely from the Medium himself. The Spirit Worlds proof that in a truthful, harmonious seance, where the conditions are correct for the Physical Medium, they can pass matter through matter.


Infra red photograph by Leon Isaacs

What should be taken into consideration this seance is taking place in the dark. Notice there are two trusted people either side of the Medium Jack Webber  holding his hand to make sure he does not move out of the chair to manipulate any of the aids that are in the Circle for the use of the Spirit World, like the two trumpets or table, that can be seen in the photograph.

What is going on here in the INFRA RED photograph :- While the Medium is tied to the chair by his legs and arms, from the lapel to skirt, the previously stitched up coat is passed through the Medium's body, illustrating the process of dematerialisation and the passage of matter through matter.


In this darkened locked room seance, the Medium Franek Kluski goes into trance and the Sprit World brings forward a hairy ape-like Spirit Form that sometimes got frisky and became a bit too boisterous in some of the seances, so much so that some of the seances had to be cut short because of some of its antics with the sitters.


An extract from the Camp Silver Belle booklet "A Treatise on Physical Mediumship" Lena Barnes Jefts

Materialization Extraordinary
by Jay Strong

Ethel Post-Parrish Carried From The Cabinet While In Trance
Five persons touch Medium whilst materialized forms are on the floor.

Before a mixed audience of twenty-five people seated in the materialization room Sunday evening, August 8, 1943, at Camp Silver Belle, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Ethel Post Parrish gave an "involuntary test" séance never to be forgotten by those who witnessed it. It is a great temptation to go "overboard" and adopt Hollywood superlatives in describing the phenomena presented; however this would be most distasteful to Mrs. Post Parrish. Therefore, expect only simple, factual reporting.

She Kept Her Promise

The preliminary addresses by the Rev. Lena Barnes Jefts concluded, the large light in the centre of the room was extinguished and we found ourselves peering at those opposite us; the outline of each individual being plainly discernible by the illumination of the ruby-coloured light hanging in the corner of the room. After a verse and a chorus of one hymn, Silver Belle came from out of the cabinet. In her best terpsichorian manner, she greeted old friends by their first names, introducing herself to newcomers as the Medium's Guide and cabinet worker.

"I am going to work hard tonight and try to get as many of your loved ones through as possible. Just be patient, won't you?" And with her infectious tinkling laugh, Silver Belle returned to the cabinet.

Silver Belle kept her promise---she did work hard. Singularly five spirits came in, greeted their relatives and disappeared. Among them was my own mother who addressed herself to my wife and me. She referred to my wife's health and assured her of a complete recovery from a recent illness and then discussed at length a new venture that I am undertaking.

TWO Figures Emerge!

Silver Belle then called out from within the cabinet, "Mi'lena" which is a pet name she has for Mrs. Jefts. Acknowledging the call, Mrs. Jefts said, "Yes, dear, what is it?" "Mi'lena, I said I was going to work hard tonight", Silver Belle continued, "And I am going to do something with my Medium I have never done before." "What do you mean, dear?" There was a dubious tone in Mrs. Jefts' voice. "My grandfather is here tonight and he is going to materialize for you and I am going to have him take the Medium out of the cabinet so you all can see her in trance, and then I want some people to come into the cabinet to prove it is really empty.

It has been my privilege to know Mrs. Jefts for several years and I have, always regarded her as a cool and poised person, but upon hearing this she did not attempt to conceal the agitation in her voice knowing that one false move might mean harm to her dearest friend. Everyone present was warned not to touch either Chief Baconrind, the Spirit Grandfather of Silver Belle or her Medium. Silver Belle preceded her grandfather and held the curtain on the left open while the two figures emerged!

Julian Ortez,,,A Witness

Chief Baconrind, standing at least six feet three, supported the entranced body of Ethel Post-Parrish. Slowly very slowly---the Chief took the first step outside of the cabinet. The Medium's right arm hung out rigidly from her body and as the two figures proceeded toward the centre of the room, it reminded one of a puppeteer carrying a life-sized marionette whose strings had been broken. The locomotion of the Medium as she was led to the centre of the room appeared to be that of an automaton.  A faint glow from the ruby lamp being used during the seance, cast a strange pallor on Mrs. Parrish's face. The phenomenon was magnificent.

Silver Belle waited for the figures to stop and then called some of the spectators into the cabinet---Five responded, including Mr. and Mrs. Max Klauser, Scarsdale, New York; Dr. Julian Ortez, Wilmington, Delaware; Emily Fritch, Reading, Pennsylvania; and Wynn Ellis of New York City. After these people returned to their chairs, Chief Baconrind guided the inert Medium back to her cabinet. As the curtains closed on these three principals of the scene, there was an audible sigh of relief from the sitters.

Under TEST Conditions

To break the tension, Silver Belle laughed from within the cabinet and asked, "How am I doing?" In rapid succession, the following phenomena occurred: Ella Carter and a Dr. Baker, both in Spirit, materialized for Joseph Graham, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. These two held the floor simultaneously and for several minutes talked to Mr. Graham. Ella Carter moved from the centre of the room to her right and stopped a few feet away from me. I could see that she was a very beautiful spirit. Pointing in our direction, she asked, "Will you two gentlemen go and verify that the Medium is in the cabinet?" Dr. Ortez and I did. Ella Carter reached the cabinet before us and pulled aside one of the curtains to let us enter. Dr. Ortez entered first and then myself. "Put your hand on the Medium's head," the Spirit directed me. As I did, I could feel the moisture of perspiration on her hair caused by the heat in the tiny cabinet.

A Trifle Wobbly

I withdrew from the cabinet and starting back to my chair I was not surprised to find my knees a trifle wobbly. During the entire period of verification, Ella Carter remained at the curtain while Dr. Baker and Joseph Graham remained standing in full view of the rest of the sitters.

It was obvious we were all more than satisfied with the demonstration---that is all but Silver Belle she knew she had her audience on the edge of their chairs and she was determined to keep them there as long as her Medium had the strength to remain in trance without injuring herself.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Klauser of Scarsdale, New York, were greeted by Mr. Klauser's sister, Martha, as she materialized and stepped through the curtains. A moment after the first greeting---and with Martha standing in the room talking to the Klausers, a verbal barrage emanated from the cabinet, much to everyone's amusement. The voice identified itself as "Senta", Mrs. Klauser's daughter. This was indeed an unusual and happy family reunion.

Three Spirits Materialize

The next episode was the youthful son of one of the sitters whistling a tune in the cabinet for his mother while Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Rice stood in the centre of the room talking to the materialized Spirit of Mr. Rice's mother.

In conclusion, Silver Belle brought out three Spirit forms: the mother, father, and grandfather of Mrs. Emily Fritch of Reading, Pennsylvania. These three materialized Spirits walked from the cabinet to the front of the room passing Mrs. Fritch who remained by her chair near the other end of the room. Then they returned to her and the four conversed together for a few minutes. The three Spirits returned to the cabinet; the two men preceding Mrs. Fritch's mother who turned just before entering the cabinet to say a final "Goodbye".

Silver Belle, a moment later called out wearily, "I'm tired---I just can't get another one out." It may be interesting to many to know that for nearly thirty minutes after the seance, Mrs. Post-Parrish felt that she was still partly in trance. I took her pulse almost immediately following the séance and while I did not tell her at the time, it was definitely slow and laboured. This was the only physical reaction that registered.

None of us in that group who witnessed this astounding phenomena dare hope for an early repetition by Ethel Post-Parrish and her co-worker, Silver Belle. Such seances are rare, indeed. See the photographs of one such seance on photographs page 6 click here.


Medium Kathleen Goligher producing ectoplasm, which is levitating a trumpet ready to be used to form an etheric amplifier (some might know it as a voice box, BUT the Spirit World does not like that word as it is NOT a voice box).



From the book People From The Other World  Henry Steele Olcott

  The apparition of a youngish woman holding a baby in her arms followed immediately after Honto's retirement, and caused an exhibition of tender pathos. In the semi-darkness of the room it is, as I have said before, generally but not always the case, that persons cannot recognize the Spirits until attention has been specially drawn to them, when their individuality is settled by the general appearance of their form, weight, and motions, in case no words are spoken by them to their questioning friends. In this case the usual query, Is it for me ? was running along the line, when a woman's voice exclaimed in an agonizing tone, Is that my baby ? Is it my--; is it CHARLIE ? The Spirit woman nodded and smiled and held the baby forward for recognition. There was a sob, a wail, an outburst of maternal tenderness: My darling ! My angel ! -and the poor mother could say no more, for sobs choked her utterance. This scene was followed by another of like character. A German Jewess of nervous temperament sat beside me on the front bench. The curtain was pushed aside, and there in the cabinets door stood her daughter of twelve years, in a white gown, and with her black hair brushed back from her temples. The mother, overcome with joy, poured forth a volley of questions in German, intermingled with ejaculations., which the happy child tried to answer by rapping assent or dissent with her knuckles upon the door-post, and disappeared as her mother was ready to fall into a swoon from excess of emotion themselves,


Two features of this occasion will arrest the attention of scientific minds, viz : the appearance and disappearance of the baby, and the instantaneous formation of Honto and shawl. There could be no mistake about the child--no questions of rag-wrapped legs or fondled pillows. The figure stood too near me and in too good a light to admit of such deceptions being practiced. It was a living, moving child, which, with its right thumb in its mouth, nestled its little head in the neck of its bearer, and passed its chubby left arm about her neck. For the instant it was as palpable and, no doubt, as material a being as any baby now lying in its mother's arms. Made from the imponderable atoms floating in the foul air of that chamber, it was resolved into nothing in an instant of time, leaving no trace of its evanescent existence behind. And the shawl! in what Spirit home, by what hearth, or under what vine-trellised porch (for Mayflower's rhymes teem with allusions to her house and garden, her pets and domestic companions) was its yarn spun, its knots tied, and its strands tinted? Whose busy fingers plied the needles, or whose hand guided the ghostly loom by which its meshes were formed? Mystery of mysteries! What Cedipus can solve the riddle? And how long must we wait for an answer?


The phenomena of the evening concluded with the incident which furnished the subject of the accompanying sketch of The Reunited Family. A German music teacher of Hartford, named Max Lenzberg, and a very worthy gentleman, to whom I am indebted for numerous acts of courtesy for which I desire to make acknowledgment, was at Chittenden with his wife and daughter. At Mr Eddy's request he played on the flute during the seance, and so occupied a chair in advance of the front row of spectators and within a few feet of the cabinet. After Mr. Brown's disappearance, the curtain was again drawn aside, and we saw standing at the threshold, two children. One was a baby of about one year, and the other a child of twelve or thirteen. Behind them, very indistinctly, could be observed the form of an old woman, who held up the curtain with her left hand and supported the baby with her right. Mrs Lenzberg, with a mother's instinct, recognized her departed little ones, and with tender pathos, eagerly asked in German if they were not hers. Immediately there came several loud responsive raps, and the little Lena, as if drawn from her mother's side by an irresistible power, crept forward and peered at the forms that stood just at the edge of the black shadows of the cabinet. There was a moment's silence as she strained her eyes in the gaze, and then she said joyfully: Ja ! Ar seid meine Heine schwestern ! Nicht wahr ? There came again responsive raps, and the Spirit forms danced and waved their arms as if in glee at the reunion.


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VOICES IN THE DARK - Leslie Flint: Autobiography of famous Independent Voice Medium Leslie Flint

THE STORY OF HELEN DUNCAN - Alan Crossley: The Materialisation Mediumship of Helen Duncan

THE MEDIUMSHIP OF JACK WEBBER - Harry Edwards: Story of a remarkable Physical Medium.

THE MEDIUMSHIP OF ARNOLD CLARE - Harry Edwards: Another remarkable Physical Medium.

THERE IS NO DEATH - Forence Marryat: Amazing eye-witness reports of sittings with Florence Cook and many other physical mediums including Arthur Colman.

THE SPIRIT WORLD - Florence Marryat.

THE VOICES - Vice Admiral W Usborne Moore.

GLIMPSES OF THE NEXT STATE - Vice Admiral W Usborne Moore.



THE WISDOM OF THE GODS - H. Dennis Bradley: Sittings with George Valiantine, American Trumpet Direct Voice Medium hosted by Bradley in the UK. Includes a report of the very first physical phenomena seance attended by Winston Churchill in 1926 when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is not named as such in the report but is described in the book as 'A Prominent Politician'.

It is a pity no one wrote about the seances that Queen Victoria attended with Brown. In many of them sitting with a Scottish physical medium William Thomas Stead; it is known that through him in Scotland she met Prince Albert on many occasions. This is tone of the many reason the British establishment tried to discredit all the mediums of the time.

TOWARDS THE STARS - H Dennis Bradley: Earlier Sittings with George Valiantine.

MATERIALISATIONS - Harry Boddington.



BREAKTHROUGH - Konstantin Raudive: A study of his early EVP Experiments.

THE BLUE ROOM - Clive Chapman: Remarkable story of his niece Pearl Judd's Independent Voice mediumship in full light in their circle at Dunedin, New Zealand in the 1920's.

SOLID PROOFS OF SURVIVAL - Einer Nielsen, Danish Materialisation Medium.

GHOSTS IN SOLID FORM - Gambier Bolton.


SHADOWLAND - Elisabeth d'Esperance, Materialisation and apport medium.



LISTEN MY SON - Author unknown: Report of the mediumship of Hunter Selkirk.

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