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Studies of OBEs

The first extensive scientific study of OBEs was made by Celia Green (1968). She collected written, first-hand accounts from a total of 400 subjects, recruited by means of appeals in the mainstream media, and followed up by questionnaires. Her purpose was to provide a taxonomy of the different types of OBE, viewed simply as an anomalous perceptual experience or hallucination, while leaving open the question of whether some of the cases might incorporate information derived by extrasensory perception.

Previous collections of cases had been made by Dr Ernesto Bozzano (Italy) and Dr Robert Crookall (UK). Crookall approached the subject from a spiritualistic position, and collected his cases predominantly from spiritualist newspapers such as the Psychic News, which appears to have biased his results in various ways. For example, the majority of his subjects reported seeing a cord connecting the physical body and its observing counterpart; whereas Green found that less than 4% of her subjects noticed anything of this sort, and some 80% reported feeling they were a "disembodied consciousness", with no external body at all.

In 1999, at the 1st International Forum of Consciousness Research in Barcelona, International Academy of Consciousness research-practitioners Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato presented preliminary findings of an online survey on the out-of-body experience answered by internet users interested in the subject; therefore, not a sample representative of the general population.

1,007 (85%) of the first 1,185 respondents reported having had an OBE. 37% claimed to have had between two and ten OBEs. 5.5% claimed more than 100 such experiences. 45% of those who reported an OBE said they successfully induced at least one OBE by using a specific technique. 62% of participants claiming to have had an OBE also reported having enjoyed nonphysical flight; 40% reported experiencing the phenomenon of self-bilocation (i.e. seeing one's own physical body whilst outside the body); and 38% claimed having experienced self-permeability (passing through physical objects such as walls). The most commonly reported sensations experienced in connection with the OBE were falling, floating, repercussions e.g. myoclonia (the jerking of limbs, jerking awake), sinking, torpidity (numbness), intracranial sounds, tingling, clairvoyance, oscillation and serenity.

Another reported common sensation related to OBE was temporary or projective catalepsy, more commonly known as sleep paralysis. The sleep paralysis and OBE correlation was later corroborated by the Out-of-Body Experience and Arousal study published in Neurology by Kevin Nelson et al. (2007). Also noteworthy, is the Waterloo Unusual Sleep Experiences Questionnaire that further illustrates the correlation.

The University of Manchester has conducted yet another OBE survey. The psychologists at U. of Manchester are investigating the idea that out-of-body experiences, commonly thought of as paranormal phenomena, may in fact have their roots in how people perceive and experience their own bodies.

William Buhlman, an author on the subject, has conducted an informal but informative online survey as well.

Neurology and OBE-like experiences

There are several possible physiological explanations for parts of the OBE. OBE-like experiences have been induced by stimulation of the brain. OBE-like experience has also been induced through stimulation of the posterior part of the right superior temporal gyrus in a patient. Positron-emission tomography was also used in this study to identify brain regions affected by this stimulation. The term OBE-like is used above because the experiences described in these experiments either lacked some of the clarity or details of normal OBEs, or were described by subjects who had never experienced an OBE before. Such subjects were therefore not qualified to make claims about the authenticity of the experimentally-induced OBE.

English psychologist Susan Blackmore [the professional sceptic who gets paid to be one as does James Randi they are paid too well to be the way they are they cannot change because they would loose their income] suggests that an OBE begins when a person loses contact with sensory input from the body while remaining conscious. The person retains the illusion of having a body, but that perception is no longer derived from the senses. The perceived world may resemble the world he or she generally inhabits while awake, but this perception does not come from the senses either. The vivid body and world is made by our brain's ability to create fully convincing realms, even in the absence of sensory information. This process is witnessed by each of us every night in our dreams, though OBEs are claimed to be far more vivid than even a lucid dream.

Irwin pointed out that OBEs appear to occur under conditions of either very high or very low arousal. For example, Green found that three quarters of a group of 176 subjects reporting a single OBE were lying down at the time of the experience, and of these 12% considered they had been asleep when it started. By contrast, a substantial minority of her cases occurred under conditions of maximum arousal, such as a rock-climbing fall, a traffic accident, or childbirth. McCreery has suggested that this paradox may be explained by reference to the fact that sleep can supervene as a reaction to extreme stress or hyper-arousal. He proposes that OBEs under both conditions, relaxation and hyper-arousal, represent a form of "waking dream", or the intrusion of Stage 1 sleep processes into waking consciousness.

Van Lommel studies

The first clinical study of near-death experiences (NDE's) in cardiac arrest patients was by Pim van Lommel, a cardiologist from the Netherlands, and his team (The Lancet, 2001). Of 344 patients who were successfully resuscitated after suffering cardiac arrest, approximately 18% experienced "classic" NDE's, which included out-of-body experiences. The patients remembered details of their conditions during their cardiac arrest despite being clinically dead with flatlined brain stem activity. Van Lommel concluded that his findings supported the theory that consciousness continued despite lack of neuronal activity in the brain. Van Lommel conjectured that continuity of consciousness may be achievable if the brain acted as a receiver for the information generated by memories and consciousness, which existed independently of the brain, just as radio, television and internet information existed independently of the instruments that received it.

Skeptic Michael Shermer's interpretation of Van Lommel's study, that it demonstrated that the mind was not separate from the brain, has been criticized by Deepak Chopra and also by Jay Ingram of the Canadian Discovery Channel. Ingram commented: "[Shermer's] use of this study to bolster his point is bogus. He could have said, 'The authors think there's a mystery, but I choose to interpret their findings differently'. But he didn't. I find that very disappointing."

Olaf Blanke studies

Research by Olaf Blanke in Switzerland found that it is possible to reliably elicit experiences somewhat similar to the OBE by stimulating regions of the brain called the right temporal-parietal junction (TPJ; a region where the temporal lobe and parietal lobe of the brain come together). Blanke and his collaborators in Switzerland have explored the neural basis of OBEs by showing that they are reliably associated with lesions in the right TPJ region and that they can be reliably elicited with electrical stimulation of this region in a patient with epilepsy. These elicited experiences may include perceptions of transformations of the patient's arms and legs (complex somatosensory responses) and whole-body displacements (vestibular responses).

In neurologically normal subjects, Blanke and colleagues then showed that the conscious experience of the self and body being in the same location depends on multisensory integration in the TPJ. Using event-related potentials, Blanke and colleagues showed the selective activation of the TPJ 330---400 ms after stimulus onset when healthy volunteers imagined themselves in the position and visual perspective that generally are reported by people experiencing spontaneous OBEs. Transcranial magnetic stimulation in the same subjects impaired mental transformation of the participant's own body. No such effects were found with stimulation of another site or for imagined spatial transformations of external objects, suggesting the selective implication of the TPJ in mental imagery of one's own body. In a follow up study, Arzy et al. showed that the location and timing of brain activation depended on whether mental imagery is performed with mentally embodied or disembodied self location. When subjects performed mental imagery with an embodied location, there was increased activation of a region called the "extrastriate body area" (EBA), but when subjects performed mental imagery with a disembodied location, as reported in OBEs, there was increased activation in the region of the TPJ. This leads Arzy et al. to argue that "these data show that distributed brain activity at the EBA and TPJ as well as their timing are crucial for the coding of the self as embodied and as spatially situated within the human body."

Blanke and colleagues thus propose that the right temporal-parietal junction is important for the sense of spatial location of the self, and that when these normal processes go awry, an OBE arises.

In August 2007 Blanke's lab published research in Science demonstrating that conflicting visual-somatosensory input in virtual reality could disrupt the spatial unity between the self and the body. During multisensory conflict, participants felt as if a virtual body seen in front of them was their own body and mislocalized themselves toward the virtual body, to a position outside their bodily borders. This indicates that spatial unity and bodily self-consciousness can be studied experimentally and is based on multisensory and cognitive processing of bodily information.

Michael Persinger studies

Michael Persinger has undertaken similar research to Olaf Blanke using magnetic stimulation applied to the right temporal lobe of the brain, which is known to be involved in visuo-spatial functions, multi-sensory integration and the construction of the sense of the body in space. Persinger's research also found evidence for objective neural differences between periods of remote viewing in two individuals thought to have psychic abilities. Persinger undertook his research on Sean Harribance and Ingo Swann, a renowned remote viewer who has taken part in numerous studies. Examination of Harribance showed enhanced EEG activity within the alpha band (8–12 Hz) over Harribance's right parieto-occipital region, consistent with neuropsychological evidence of early brain trauma in these regions. In a second study, Ingo Swann was asked to draw images of pictures hidden in envelopes in another room. Individuals with no knowledge of the nature of the study rated Swann's comments and drawings as congruent with the remotely viewed stimulus at better than chance levels. Additionally, on trials in which Swann was correct, the duration of 7 Hz (alpha band) paroxysmal discharges over the right occipital lobe was longer. Subsequent anatomical MRI examination showed anomalous subcortical white matter signals focused in the perieto-occipital interface of the right hemisphere that were not expected for his age or history.

Ehrsson study

In August 2007 Henrik Ehrsson, then at the Institute of Neurology at University College of London (now at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden) published research in Science demonstrating the first experimental method that, according to the scientist's claims in the publication, induced an out-of-body experience in healthy participants. The experiment was conducted in the following way:

The study participant sits in a chair wearing a pair of head-mounted video displays. These have two small screens over each eye, which show a live film recorded by two video cameras placed beside each other two metres behind the participant's head. The image from the left video camera is presented on the left-eye display and the image from the right camera on the right-eye display. The participant sees these as one "stereoscopic" (3D) image, so they see their own back displayed from the perspective of someone sitting behind them.

The researcher then stands just beside the participant (in their view) and uses two plastic rods to simultaneously touch the participant's actual chest out-of-view and the chest of the illusory body, moving this second rod towards where the illusory chest would be located, just below the camera's view.

The participants confirmed that they had experienced sitting behind their physical body and looking at it from that location.

The experiment fits a three-point definition of the out-of-body experience (OBE). The OBE as reported in spontaneous cases can be phenomenologically more complex as commented in Slate and elsewhere.

Dr. Sam Parnia – University of Southampton study

In the fall of 2008, 25 UK and US hospitals began participation in a 3 year study, coordinated by Dr. Sam Parnia and Southampton University. Following on the work of Van Lommel in the Netherlands, the study aims to examine near-death experiences in 1,500 cardiac arrest survivors and so determine whether people without a heartbeat or brain activity can have documentable out-of-body experiences.

OBE training and research facilities

The Monroe Institute's Nancy Penn Center is the oldest and most established facility specializing in out-of-body experience induction. The Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness in Brazil is another large OBE training facility. The International Academy of Consciousness in southern Portugal features the Projectarium a spherical structure dedicated exclusively for practice and research on out-of-body experience.

Olaf Blanke's Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience has become a well-known laboratory for OBE research.

Astral projection

Main article: Astral projection

Astral projection is a paranormal interpretation of out-of-body experiences that assumes the existence of one or more non-physical planes of existence and an associated body beyond the physical. Commonly such planes are called astral, etheric, or spiritual. Astral projection is often experienced as the spirit or astral body leaving the physical body to travel in the spirit world or astral plane.

Evidence for objective reality of projection on to the etheric plane (a near-copy of the physical plane) is sometimes suggested when people, such as patients during surgery, describe OBEs in which they see or hear events or objects outside their sensory range (for instance, Pam Reynolds reported experiencing an OBE during brain surgery and described a surgical instrument she had not seen previously, as well as conversation that occurred while she was under anethesia).

Susan Blackmore has disputed whether anything leaves the body during an OBE. If OoBEs are held to the stringent criterion of a laboratory demonstration of some spatial dislocation of mind from brain, experiments have turned up no significant evidence of OoBEs.




From the book Dawn of the Awakened Mind
John S. King, M.D.
Founder and President of the Canadian Society of Psychical Research


I have also learned among other matters of psychical interest to myself, and possibly to others, that by strong concentration of mind, and exercise of will power, I can withdraw myself from my physical body, at a given fixed time, and thereupon present, in my astral body, at a place I desire to reach, and be recognized there; though apparently debarred, or at least am unable to exercise connected and detailed memory of what I saw and heard during my presence in my astral body; and this psychic demonstration has been verified verbally, in writing, and in a printed book, after its accomplishment.

Before making an astral flight in recent years, I have received assurances from my guides, whom I have frequently tested, and in whom I have confidence, that my body would be protected, and my flight aided, as well as my re-entry of my physical body on return.

I so stated on the public platform in St. George's Hall, Toronto, on Sunday evening, 28th November, 1915; and there promised I would demonstrate it to be a fact sometime in Toronto. Three evenings later I did so, before a private Circle for trumpet voices (everyone present knowing me). It was my first effort for that particular phase. On the afternoon preceding the evening seance, I sent a brief intimation to the place for the Circle, simply stating, I hope to be at the seance tonight; but don't wait for me. You will hear from me later.

Full particulars have been published by Herbert G. Paull, in a booklet, The Voice of the Spirit. Chapter V or the fifth seance will verify my statement, and my demonstration through a trumpet, and that I was reported by the spirit control of the medium as present in my astral body. However, my astral was escorted to and from the place by Spirit Guides who had me in my home in time to reply to the spokesman over the 'phone, who cross-examined me, and gave my replies to others present with him. My arrival at the seance was a sudden surprise, and my demonstration produced the conviction of proven.

As promised over the 'phone, I prepared a written explanation of my experiences of the evening, a copy of which was called for the next day, and appears along with the records of particulars, at the seance in question, which is numbered V in the booklet. I include here all that I had then to say, viz.:

Sitting in the occult Circle of seven, comprised of the Toronto Bureau Committee, listening to discarnate Spirits' voices, at a recent seance with Hugh Gordon Burroughs, trumpet psychic, I was spoken to and questioned by his control.

Dr. King, why are you so quiet tonight?  I replied, 'I am thinking'.

This was true, for I was cogitating the trial of another new experiment, which if successful, could be confirmed by my colleague sitters, and thus prepare further evidence of value to prove what I had previously asserted several times regarding astral flights.

Two features I had listed as proven already, viz.: my flight to New York State, where my Spirit-picture appeared on a photograph along with a mortal one of my brother's wife.

Again another psychic phase I had succeeded in, by making an astral flight and appearing along with other personalities at a materializing séance held by the Intellectual Circle in Kansas City, on the night of January 25th, 1910. On that occasion my astral body was visible, and my voice was audible to judge Dill, and the other sitters. I there told them I was Dr. John S. King of Toronto, and I would make another visit and would then have sufficient strength, I thought, to sign my name for them. What I here affirm has been verified in writing, and can be corroborated by judge Dill and others among the then sitters.

I introduce another similar instance to the above here, as a matter of convenience and preservation of a more recent experience, viz.: On May 14th, 1916, I appeared at a seance held at J. B. Jonson's, Toledo, and noticed present a Toronto gentleman friend, James Poole, a well-known business man to whom, owing to conditions being unfavorable (a thunder storm had been prevailing) I could not speak, but as I had promised him before he left home that I would meet him there in my astral body, by walking from the cabinet during the seance as others do. I did so and tapped him on his thumb with a small stick I carried, just to remind him that I had kept my promise to him.

Hypatia and des Asia, two of my guides, and my wife May were there also and materialized. I was present in my astral body. The sitters signed a written declaration affirming my presence and demonstration. This ends the new demonstration added, which did not appear in the written record promise over the 'phone, and handed out the following day, and occurred nearly four and a half months later. I now resume the statement as handed out the day after my first experience of speaking through the trumpet: My thinking, alluded to in the beginning, resulted in my decision to absent myself from a seance, and then surprise my colleague sitters by coming in my astral body and trying to talk with them through the trumpet if conditions permitted.

My preparations consisted in turning out all my front lights at 8 pm., then retired to my bedroom and lay on my bed, when I remembered that the instructions of my Spirit Guide that our Spirit party would reach the seance room somewhere near nine o'clock. I lay awake thinking, but could not then sleep, and when the time was nearly 9 o'clock, I got up and closed my bed-room door to shut off the light from the adjoining hall, and hurrying back, spoke aloud: This is just about the time for my Spirit friends to call for me. Then with my head on the pillow, I closed my eyes, still having many proofs of my personality in mind to use. I quickly became asleep. I soon awakened suddenly, and felt satisfied I had just returned, turned on the light, and found the time 9.35 p m., and so went forward to my office, and with my telephone near at hand, felt sure it would ring. Presently it rang. 'Hello!' and I recognized the voice I had expected. 'What are you doing, doctor?' 'I have been asleep and have only been seated here a few minutes,' I answered.

Mr. Paull then told me I had been at the seance room in my astral body, and that the sitters were greatly surprised. He jocularly charged me with having been playing a sharp trick on them. He wanted me to tell him my experience. I mentioned briefly a few incidents, which appeared to be correct from his acknowledgement (and concluded to go into the matter more fully next day). As it was getting late, he said he would call and see me in the morning; and I promised to write for him a description of my experiences, but told him I was not permitted to tell him everything I knew.

When he called the next day, it seemed to me as if a curtain had been drawn in front of my memory; and I could not comply with my promise made to him to give my experience of the experiment.

Did you ever have a most wonderful experience in a dream, and fully realized at the time that it was only a dream, but worth telling at the breakfast table next morning; but when you tried to relate the incidents they had most of them vanished from your memory? This is the situation in which I find myself, with a very few exceptional incidents.

The modus operandi of my 'astral flights' as described in my book by my guides will be interesting reading. Whether or not I succeeded in this my first effort to speak as a carnate Spirit through the trumpet, I leave the decision to those of my colleagues present in the séance room on Wednesday night, 1st December, 1915, as they were purposely kept in ignorance of my intention so as not to disturb conditions.

Notwithstanding, I am informed that so very anxious were they to verify something said, that the light was turned on (to see the time), conditions were affected, and I was unfortunately prevented from presenting further proofs, and thus not completing what I have earnestly, and honestly, contemplated accomplishing; but I am hoping that I shall next time be more successful. Thus endeth the statement handed out, and known in the booklet as my explanation.

After the phone conversation was concluded all repaired to the seats they had vacated, lights were turned off and the seance resumed. As to what most immediately followed, I quote from the booklet's record:

SPIRIT MURPHY (the control of the medium) : 'There, ladies and gentlemen, I did all I could to help that manifestation.'

SPIRIT BLACK HAWK (an Indian who can also control the Medium) : 'Say, everybody, wasn't that a good idea of the doctor's---ain't he funny.'

SPIRIT HYPATIA: 'I give you greeting, friends, tonight. I am pleased to be here, my dear ones, especially to please my friend the doctor, and help in his interesting experiment. We have done this for a purpose, and I must say I am pleased and gratified at the result. It will have two distinct influences, as it represents before the world the distinction between the physical and the Spirit side of life; and proves demonstrably that there is an astral body, which can and does leave at times the physical temple---I leave, and I greet you all, dear, ones, with a message of help and love---goodnight.

Having thus demonstrated an important psychic fact in my home city, as well as in four different places in the United States, I concluded that even though I had done so and that my guides were agreeable to my doing it, they were compelled to prevent me from seeing, hearing and remembering too much, in case that I might not wish to return to my body; and they would encounter difficulty in inducing me to do so.

As the psychic fact had been well established in the presence of sufficient credible witnesses, and my object attained, I shall abandon further efforts in the future; but am fully convinced that after I have passed to spirit realms, and spent a short season there, as a free spirit, I shall be permitted by the Infinite Spirit---and aided by his ministering spirits, who act as my guides---to return and demonstrate through some of the good mediums of earth---as scores of my relatives, friends and strangers have done, to convince me. And if so be that I may, the reader can rest assured that I shall, beyond every doubt, do so; and still try to prove to the skeptic and disbelievers in the spiritualistic creed that they are still in error, as I again prove by my presence, when they recognize me in a transient body speaking, or hear my voice through a trumpet, or hear me as a spirit writing independently on a slate; or through some person's hand automatically these words : 1, Dr. John S. King, have kept my promise as made in Dawn of the Awakened Mind, for I have proven, and do now prove, Continuity, Return and Communion, all true.





Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.


This book is now being called by others the Mediums Bible.

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