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 William W Aber Medium 

From the book "Beyond the Vail"

Writings made by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber

Thomas Paine,

That most astounding of all vocalizers at these seances, standing in view of the circle, and speaking in his own inimitably eloquent manner of voice and pleasing style, said:

"Friends, it has often been said that it is possible for spirits to materialize in broad daylight.

"I would say to you that it is possible for spirits to materialize to the degree of common visibility in broad or full white light only on very rare occasions.

"Something of the law governing the development and retention of the sensitive on the plate used in the process of photography governs in the process of materialization. So far it has been found almost impossible to fix and hold the sensitive film on the plate in clear white light. Experiment has demonstrated that white light which is pure, full, broad light destroys such fiber immediately upon the exposure of the film to such light. Experiment also has shown that this photo process may be successfully accomplished in red or ruby light, and very recent experiments have shown that green light also may be used successfully in photography.

"By experiment, you know and any scientist may know that white light instantly destroys the visibility of a materialization, and that a visible materialization may be produced in a soft mellow light of yellow, or ruby, or any soft light; but only on very rare occasions in full white light.

"A spirit in ethereal form is subject to clairvoyant vision. Ethereal vibrations are subject to detection by clairaudient.

"The person who has his or her eyesight quickened so as to be sensitive to ethereal vibrations is clairvoyant and able to see the ethereal form that radiates such vibrations, which is an etherealization proper.

"And if a person's spiritual hearing be so quickened as to sense voice waves of spirits, clothed upon only with spirit ether, such a one is clairaudiant. Often clairvoyance is so realistic to the clairvoyant as to be mistaken for materialization, and clairaudience for vocalization.

But clairvoyance and clairaudience are not affected by broad light, for this light does not destroy or in any way affect the ethereal form. Hence clairvoyance and clairaudience are as practical in broad light as in any degree of darkness, and need no cabinet.

"I am glad it is possible that spirits can and do stand in visible form and be recognized by mortals, and while in such condition of visibility to write and talk to people of earth of future life for man, and of the various conditions that people find themselves in when in spirit life accordingly as the individual is prepared. I love to stand here in this way and tell you, in this direct method, of life, endless life. To show to you that your physical life is only one stage of endless life, composed of an infinitude of different stages; and to tell you of the glories that may be found along the line of those stages and of the innumerable hosts of living, loving friends who, awaiting your coming, will hail to you a glad welcome when you reach your different ethereal stages and assist in your passage through them, and from one to the other as you ascend the eternal spheres.

"It has been also both spoken and written by certain self-styled scientific research people that a visible materialization under any conditions is simply a scientific absurdity and an absolute impossibility, and contrary to every known natural law.

"Here, friends, I wish to say as loudly as I can, so as to be heard all round your earth, that what is called spirit materialization is in exact accord with every known law of spirit and of physics.

"Every physical form in all of Nature's wide domain is a materialized form, builded either by some external spirit power or by a spirit life innate to the form. Therefore every one of those anti-materialization carpers is himself a temporary spirit materialization. Do those self-laudated scientists not know that one law, the law of spirit ability to manifest itself through matter to other spirit in matter, is the law that governs, rules, controls all spirit communion of all phases and ages? The same law that materializes gardens of roses, and the fauna and flora of your whole world, and of all other material worlds for that matter, materializes man. Do away with this one law and this whole material universe would at once cease to be.

"Do away with that law, and your telegraphs, telephones, graphophones, and every means of communion among mortals, you must know would be done away with also. Oh, fools, fools and bigots! But I shall try to not be harsh, but you have learned some of the laws of materialization, and you apply that knowledge to the generation of improved domestic animals and general agricultural materializations. You learn some of the law of vision, and you make a material assistance to your powers of vision, so as to make that visible which otherwise is invisible to you.

"So a spirit materialization is simply an application by spirit of its acquired knowledge of so much of the general law of materialization as appertains to conscious perception of material forms. And who dare say that a spirit cannot learn, at some stage of endless unfoldment, of the law of materialization, and make practical application of that knowledge sufficient to construct a temporary visible body for a spirit to use as an instrument of communion with persons in the physical life? If your reason here be allowed to assert itself, you must discern that to deny materialization to the degree of personal recognition is to deny the whole evolutionary theory itself. Anyway, friends, these are some of the opinions of Thomas Paine uttered to you by means of materialization, as you may bear me witness."



From the book "Rending the Vail"

Writings made by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber

Psychic Writings of Thomas Paine

This spirit claims to be the Thomas Paine who stood as a "true blue," with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the whole army of patriots, for American independence, and whose burning words under the caption, "These are times that try men's souls," inspired the army out of mutiny and on to victory.

For no other crime than efforting to free the world from the hypnotic soul-bondage to sacerdotalism, the priesthood consigned him to endless hell; but when Dr. Briggs opened the doors to let John Calvin's children out, it seems that Thomas Paine slipped out also, and is back here again, battling the "festering priesthood." And he hopes, by these efforts, to lead men and women out of soul-bondage into the bright sunlight of spiritual freedom and independence of thought. and desires that the reader shall duly consider all the evidences herein of the identity of this personality and genuineness of these alleged spiritual phenomena, and thus commence to prearrange for the great transition.

Writing No. 1
The Christian World Not Spiritual, But Material---Its Ideas of the Life Eternal Erroneous

Friends, there is not an orthodox religious newspaper in the world that will publish the facts concerning Spiritualism.

Yet, in the face of facts like these, certain Christians have told you that you must believe the Bible or be damned eternally.

The Christians are still worshiping a savage God, whom they suppose to be the parent of a merciful and benevolent son, who died to save the world; but the lingering superstitions of the savage mind still haunt their imaginations, and they regard every manifestation from the spirit world to be of Satan; but the conceit of their half-deluded minds is a striking comment upon the efficacy of their system to save themselves from the imaginary wrath of an angry God.

They are never at peace long enough to have a generation born free of the taint of blood and strife: and their religious tenets all reflect the mental bias of the people that have never conceived of any greater powers of peace and benevolence of men than that instilled by this angry Divine Creator.

This abhorrent doctrine is still taught in your temples of learning and ghastly symbols stand before your altars.

Think such people should be conceited enough to claim the final destiny of the human race to be at the disposal of their (angry) God is not surprising, for they have attempted to conquer and possess the whole earth as their personal possessions, and such minds are ever ambitious to be rulers in the world eternal.

The Christian world is not spiritual, but material; and its ideas of the life eternal are nearly all erroneous.

Writing No. 2
Spiritualism the Only Religion Not Invented---The Study of Theology the Study of Nothing

Friends, the only religion that has not been invented and that has in it every evidence of divine originality is Simon-pure Spiritualism.

It must have been the first and will probably be the last.

To give this belief the full opportunity of force, it is necessary that it acts alone in the capacity of Spiritualism.

The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authority; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing and it admits of no conclusion.

Not anything can be studied as a science, without your being in possession of the principles upon which it is founded; and, as this is not the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing.

Writing No. 3
If Preaching Must Be Done, Let It Be From Texts Known To Be True

Friends, if you consider the nature of our condition here, you must see that there is no occasion for such a thing as revealed religion.

What is it you want to know? Does not the creation, the universe you behold, preach to you the existence of an Almighty Power that governs and regulates the whole? Is not the evidence that your creation holds out to your senses infinitely stronger than anything you can read in that book that any impostor can make and call the Word of God?

As for morality, a knowledge of it exists in every man's conscience.

The existence of an Almighty Power is sufficiently demonstrated to you, though you may not conceive, as it is impossible you should, the nature and manner of your existence. You cannot conceive how you came here yourselves, and yet you know for a fact that you are here.

If man must preach, let him preach something that is edifying and from texts that are known to be true.

Writing No. 4
Demonstration---Not Theories, Myths, Superstitions, and Manmade Creeds

What myths and what superstitions have sprung from the religious world. How it has cursed the race! Its pathway is written in blood, and it forges manacles for those who dare to question. Banish this God, and you will have liberty. Do away with the fables about an immortal soul, and the world will no longer be slaves to the fear of death.

You have had enough of theories and myths and superstitions. What you want is demonstration.

Friends, if mankind during all these ages had not been so amazingly narrow in their mental grasp, hiding, as it were, the universe by holding a single book too near their eyes; if they had dared to cultivate their reason and their spirit perceptions, they could have gleaned the rich things there are now being revealed here tonight—they would have omitted that which was false and immoral.

Writing No. 5
One Doctrine Alleged as Being Taught by Jesus is Literally True: The Doctrine of Future Life

Friends, examine your Bible and see the mass of confused and contradictory nonsense deluding as to the teachings of the one you call Jesus.

See the ridiculous light in which his character is represented, with qualities neither befitting a man or God, both of which he is represented to be; and his coming to the world in a most ridiculous and unnatural manner---assuming to have a mission which he never performed, to have power that he never exercised in defense of himself, or his friends; and also assuming to be sent to people who would not receive him, and preaching his mission to those to whom he was not sent.

And again, he proposes to be a man of peace, and that all mankind, by him, shall be blessed; yet he says that he was not sent to restore peace, but the sword.

If you will examine all of the writings of the New Testament, you will find them to be a compilation of his contradictory statements, predictions, absurdities, and mythical nonsense, too disgusting for good intelligent persons to read and give credence.

There is one exception I will make as regarding my statements, and that is the doctrine of future life for man. That is actually true, as I have found it since coming here into spirit life.

For eighteen hundred years the minds of men have been overspread with a gloomy, destructive superstition that has been entailed upon then.

The Christian dogmas have enveloped the people with the grossest and darkest of ignorance, and it has prevented them from making any advances---moral or intellectual.

And nearly all those who have endeavored to enlighten and liberate their fellow-men have been crushed out of the physical existence.

Bloody wars have deluged your earth in nearly even country, as the result of the damnable doctrines that have been preached to mankind in the name of Jesus Christ.

Writing No. 6
Why Does an Omnipotent God Permit Man Murders?

I wish to remind you of many things which I think should be done, not to augment my interests, but the happiness of the universal family of mankind.

In the first place, I earnestly desire to inform you that you are perfectly aware of an alleged Omnipotent Power with the disposition and habit of exercising the same at will.

You gaze upon the greatness of the earth, upon it: mighty waters, upon the glorious sun, upon the bright stars with which Nature has written on the skies; you look upon the wide spread family, and call yourself one of them!

But from that combination of books which the professed followers call Holy Word of God you learn that he is residing in heaven, and yet he is a jealous, avenging, and revengeful God! And from those pages you learn, also, that he is a perfect being, infinite in power, in goodness, in justice, in mercy, and in truth; and that he is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Pardon me, friends, if I make this too strong. If he is infinite in goodness and the other named attributes, why does he permit man murders, rapine and licentiousness?

If he is disposed to render justice, why does he permit the strong to oppress the weak and helpless? And thus to mar the form of humanity with prostitution and slavery? I ask you, good people, can you accept such an ideal as the God? To believe in the literal signification of this passage this description for many ages has been as one of selfish terror, and millions of human beings have been rendered miserable in the belief that they were destined to eternally inhabit that frightful pit; and not only has the Roman Church inculcated the doctrine of eternal punishment in the flames of hell for everyone who denies its requirements, but the majority of the Protestant sects have taught the same degrading doctrine, and it is thus particularly set forth in the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Faith no longer performs the miracles of the past. In the sunlight of the nineteenth century prayers were important, but they did not restore the dead to life.

The Only Infallible Bible.

The creation and its spirit and the human spirit is the Bible and the only infallible book. It rises into the knowledge of love, justice, and philosophy. There is not a single thing on your earth or world but invites you to read a divine revelation.

If you study a silken worm, you will get swept in the cycles of life. You commence with that silken worm and you study the laws of evolutionary growth; and, before you are aware of it, you are contemplating the everlasting genius of Nature.

Some one says: 'I do not see but your religion is simply science.' Certainly; science, philosophy, and spirituality. It points to every scientific exploration, every scientific discovery, everything in the world, as a divine law.


From the book "Rending the Vail"

Dictated by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber

Vocalizations of Thomas Paine

The reader should revert to the portrait at paragraph 2308, and review paragraphs 1128 and 1129, and in his mind see that form stand before him, and hear the utterance by that form in finished oratory of the wonderful statements as he reads them, in order to fully realize himself as pondering over the utterances of one from beyond the tomb.

But the reader may ask: How were these orations committed to paper?

If the reader would ask any person who attended these seances, he would be told that the secretary took notes, more or less full, of the orations as being made, and was then able to reproduce the words of the spirit on paper and read them to the next meeting of the circle, and that such report the circle generally found to be exactly as the spirit had uttered, so far as the circle could determine.

In this way, the wonderful words were preserved, and are finally before the reader in printed form, very nearly as the spirit in full-form, visible materialization uttered them, from time to time in these séances as set set forth in this book.

Oration No. 1 The So-called Church a Hindrance to Progress

When I was on earth, it was a great part of my work to do battle on the festering priesthood.

Since in the higher life, I have seen that the so-called Church is one of the greatest hindrances to progress and a barrier to post-mortem felicity.

I am determined to and will do all I can to tear down and remove from the highway of unfoldment such blockades to human evolution.

Oration No. 2 This Spirit Finds No Such Person as the Theological Orthodox God

I want to say again, that I find that most of my efforts in the mortal to uproot superstition were right, and I am now determined to do all I can to down those nefarious institutions whose ultimate effect is degradation and blasting of future fruition of so many thousands---yea, millions of earth's innocent, trusting, priest-ridden people.

There is no evidence on earth or in spirit life that there ever did exist a man such as they say is God.

Oration No. 3
I Am He Who Stood as a 'True Blue' for My Country and for Your Country

Good-evening, friends. I expect you to know who I am before I go.

I am he who stood as a 'true blue' for my country and for your country, putting all my energies into the work of building an asylum of liberty for the soul-environed of all lands, of all people yet to be.

I did do battle as a true soldier for the cause of human progress.

Brave soldiers are needed now to plant the standard farther up the hill and to prevent its trailing.

I come to tell you of our thankfulness to you for your regards to us.

Go on, and you will find your great reward.

Oration No. 4
An Exhortation for Disciples of This Truth to Stand Firmly Together in the Cause

I suppose you think I am still with you and so I am but farther on in the scale of being.

When I was in my studio on earth, I was engaged in a warfare for human liberty---liberty whereby the children of men, unawed by any kind of sacerdotalism, might be permitted to steer their own barks, whithersoever they might desire, out upon the great ocean of possibilities, with banners to the topmost inscribed: As to my own individuality, I, too, shall become "Lord of Lords and King of Kings."

But now I am in something better than my earthly studio. Standing in the light of higher schools than those of earth, I am here to say that this mythology that hangs like a dark cloud over the souls of men, shutting out the sweet sunshine of the spirit world, must come down, must be dissolved away.

Stand firm, my friends; be not swept away by the wild, rolling, muddy torrents that the coming down of those clouds must produce, and you will have your reward.

Question: You must have been somewhat inspired to write your 'Common Sense'?

Spirit: My hand was guided to write that book. And I am Thomas Paine, that alleged infidel who cared not for the venomously barbed slanderousness of a mercenary priestcraft. Several noble souls of immortal glory helped me in my earthly studio, and now I propose to write something back to you.

The reader should review the séance record of this wonderful materialization, paragraphs 246-249.

Oration No. 5
Thomas Paine Passed to Higher Life in Peace, Notwithstanding His Calumniators

I wish to say to you, I am going on toward the prize of an all radiantly glorious unfoldment.

When I was on earth, I was persecuted. Little children were taught to mock me upon the streets. There was no hell dark, dismal, sulphurous enough in which to punish me for my alleged heresies. Slanderous tongues made their slimy trail in the very air concerning me.

But you can say to them that Thomas Paine passed to the higher life in peace, assured of the fact that no God of vengeance or an endless hell awaited him; and that, some time, somewhere, beyond all hells, in the sweet sunshine of loving beneficence, his most bitter enemies of earth and Thomas Paine would be loving brothers, although the people, some of them, thought me so strangely wicked, indeed, that to their minds no mode of mortal punishment had ever been invented but what was too good for me.

But oh, the rapturous joy and ineffable delight that met me among the beautiful hills that rise on the evergreen shore! I was met and hailed by my dear friends and comrades gone before, as a brave soul that dared to live his honest convictions and abide the consequences.

The happiness I have enjoyed in this delightful abode since coming here is worth more than all the millions of dollars---dollars, did I say? No, no; not dollars! The language of mortals is too poor to express the thrilling joys of an awakened soul in this beautiful 'summer land of song.'

Now, friends, you can make yourselves as happy as I have been, if you suffer no fetters to make you slaves. I am now a free man, and shall continue on this joyous highway, drinking the richest essences of heavenly delight, ages and ages.

We cannot resist the temptation to here state that there is an eloquence attending the vocalization of this spirit, Thomas Paine, that probably was seldom, if ever, surpassed by mortal man.

Oration No. 6
No Personal God Outside of and Above Nature

'Is there a God !' in sarcastic exclamation; then a direct question: "Is there a God?"

Yes, there is. I am a god, you are a god, everything is God---that is, Good.

But as to the general understanding of the existence of a personal God, outside of and above Nature, there is no such thing or being.

In that sense, then, there is no God.

My friends, the trouble with your world is this God idea.

Your wars are all emanations of this God idea. Your governments are all run upon the common God idea.

While, in founding your government, we very nearly eliminated the God idea, yet the idea of centralization was left in it; and, for the most part it is administered under the God idea now.

Not until the last vestige of the God idea, with its concomitant the priesthood, is educated out of your governments and the people's minds, will there be no more crying for bread in a land of plenty, answered only by giving a stone.

Tyranny and oppression will cease only when the people learn that there is no supreme tyrant but ignorance.

There is no God, my friends, who takes delight in making little babes for the glory of seeing them languish in an endless hell, just because their forefathers disobeyed the voice of this God.

Listen to that God saying to these little innocents as their pitiful cries go out on eternity: 'Ah, you little wretches cry and whine on forever! Good enough for you. Your grand father would not obey my voice; therefore you must wail on to all eternity.'

No, there is no God as taught by the common theologian. Every nation and people that lift the sword in defence of a God thereby admit just what I tell you now: That such God is not omnipotent; and if not omnipotent, he is no God as that word is used to signify.

The God of theology, of modern Christendom, is so unable to take care of himself that the vast machinery of your governments is continually being evoked in his behalf.

If some little child, like this boy here, tries to hear and learn of the realities of eternal life for himself, government must be evoked to shut off the avenues by which he may learn it.

But time nor eternity will rob this young lad of the great facts he learns here.

While his comrades will, some time, have to unlearn all the notions of a false God promulgated beneath tall steeples at the expense of millions and millions of dollars and of millions more of worse than wasted lives, as the great book of Nature will some day reveal to man the theological ignorance of the world; and while, to one by one, the fact be revealed, in the life beyond—this boy will have a soul rich in eternal truth, and in pity will lend a helping hand to the spiritual paupers of theological schools as such paupers land upon this side of life. Yea, this boy, whom they think their God will send to hell, will gladly meet them from upper glory with bread of life for their own hungry souls.

Now, friends, let no one mistake or misrepresent me as touching the God idea, therefore let me here repeat what has heretofore been uttered and written in this arena and in your presence, to-wit: That our conception of God, as the governor of all nature, is universal law, within and not outside of nature. This law eternally inherent in nature, and by which all things are evolved and formed. This is our conception of God, who needs no salaried sacerdotal protection.

Oration No. 7
The Highest and Best Religion---Hell and Heaven, the Tree as against the Theological----The True and Only Savior----What and Where the Spirit World

In answer to G. H. Walser's question 17, "What is the highest religion?" spirit Paine said:

The highest, best, and most purifying and ennobling religion is Spiritualism---pure and simple.

It is the best on earth and the only one you find in higher life.

When your spirit eyes are opened on this inexpressibly delightful home amid the sweetest songs of myriads of happy celestials, you will soon be a Spiritualist---and you will stay one during all the ages, and only be ashamed that you acted so foolishly in not accepting the glorious gospel of this eternal truth while on earth.

But Spiritualism is baffling the world of thought on your side today as never before, and one by one the chains of ignorance, superstition, prejudice, and cowardice are being broken asunder, and soon you wilI begin to learn that it is a primary school for the higher life; and when that lesson is once learned by a people, government will begin to be modified in the mutual interest of all the children in that primary school.

You are therefore serving the highest good you possibly can when using in wisdom your energies to assist the angel world to dispel dark clouds and mists from blinding the vision of mortals to that religion that must endure.

Spirit: Now, Mr. Secretary, read your next question.

Question 18: Is there a hell and a, heaven, as alleged by common theologians to he taught by the Bible?

Spirit: If you mean a personal hell, I say, most emphatically, there is. You make it yourselves. It has already been said, or rather written, here by the good brother Reed:

The hell is in your own soul.

The most of the hell you see in your fellow-being is smoke ascending from the hell within yourself.

The less hell you have in yourself, the less of it you see in your neighbor.

There is no escape from your personal hells but by restitution to offended law, and that restitution must be personal. Another cannot restore for you. Restitution is your only savior.

God, or Good, may blot out from the book of remembrance of God; but no God or son of God, except yourself, can blot out from the book of your own remembrance.

When your eyes be opened on this side of life, you will see the book of your remembrance open to yourself and to the whole spirit world.

By you, your misdirections will he read in sorrow and anguish; but by good angels, in pity and great compassion.

If you mean a local hell of literal fire and brimstone set by some fanciful theologic God or established by any God, I say to you there is no such hell of eternal burning.

No being, except a totally depraved one, could make such a hell, in which to eternally punish one of his own children for doing just what, as a God, he must have known, even before he made the child, it would do.

All the hell there ever was or ever will be must be disciplinary only, and cannot be unending in duration to any child of man.

Spirit: Read the next question.

Question 19: "Where is the spirit world?

The spirit, in answer, rising to an emphatic posture and with outstretched hands, exclaimed in most emphatic tones:

Everywhere. There is no space where the spirit world is not.

(Question 20.) "The degrees are infinite, but for convenience we may generalize into six degrees of the primary condition beyond the earth condition.

Your natural home in spirit life on first entry there is in such of these degrees as you may be fitted by your earthly evolution.

(Question 21.) If your earth life has but poorly developed you, your first home in spirit life will be in lowest degree or first sphere.

From this your evolution goes on; and, one by one, you ascend, as climbing a ladder, to the highest sphere.

Very few persons are ever prepared in earth life for the sixth sphere or degree of unfoldment.

Beyond all this, another condition, the celestial, higher, or ethereal sphere---the heavenly paradise into which, from the highest attainments of the sixth sphere, the etherealized spirit passes on to higher, grander, more glorious beatitudes.

Question: The greatest spiritual sin?

Spirit: Yourself.

Question: Is the spirit subject to disease and decay?

Spirit: Just this much: they feel a more or less sympathetic attachment to their friends, and, when in their sphere, or rather aura, suffer in sympathy as they.

Oration No. 8
One Josie, a Medium, was Manufactured into the Theological Jesus

And still they tell you there is a hell as generally preached from the pulpit.

I want to say to you that the only hell to you is made by yourself. When you are lonely and despondent, you are so, sometimes, because you have driven the good angels away. Be assured that you have hosts of loving friends on the spirit side of life who would at all times be glad to help you in hours of darkness.

Sorrowing mothers have, bending over them, the supposed lost ones, doing all they can for the stricken mother, whose theology keeps the gates to the inner life closed, so the dear child that otherwise could and would give comfort to the mourning parent, is prevented by reason of false teaching; and the spirit, while near the mother, feels also aggrieved and sorrowful; but, when away in the ethereal, this sorrow and sadness is not experienced by the spirit, for the law of sympathy, that in the one case takes on the mother's conditions, in the other takes on the serene joy and gladness of the upper and indescribably beautiful surroundings and sweet music of the glorified ones there.

I am doing all I can to remove from earth the barriers set up, by the priesthood, to the sweet 'communion of the saints.'

I have been called, and am even now called, a traitor, which greatly grieves me when I sense the earthly sphere.

Those who made and make such charges against Thomas Paine will one day feel their ingratitude.

I did the best I could with the light I had, when on earth. I made mistakes---even animals make mistakes. The grass, the flowers, the trees sometimes live and act erroneously; but yet, they do the best they can.

When life began to manifest in the atomie, as the good brothers Denton, Reed, and Faraday have said, it worked up to protoplasm state, and thence slowly, by degrees, to lowest, thence on to highest types of man.

The manifestations of lowest types of man were, to them, the highest possible attainments of the race; and here their God idea fixed a finality---and they were averse to having any intimations of anything beyond--but, it was a mistake.

The next advance was thought, by itself, to be the 'Ultima Thule'; but it, too, was mistaken.

Today, however, it begins to appear that every thought of an 'Ultima Thule' of theology, of revelation, of the unfoldment of the rational, thinking, conscious ego, is a mistake ---and that there is no 'Ultima Thule.'

So I made mistakes---committed errors. I advanced what I thought right as to education, but I was mistaken about that.

Here we have schools the same as you on earth; and we have to learn the same way that you learn.

We take our lessons step by step as you do. We graduate in one school preparatory to another, and another, and another---we are always on the go.

We have musical schools, medical schools (not to learn how to decently slaughter people).

Our diplomas are not 'for no more beyond,' but preparatory to an infinite beyond.

If you believe in such a man as Jesus as per the record of such a one, you must believe in some other mode of healing than what is called materia medica.

His method is called marvelous because it is beyond the limit set up by your schools; but in a little while your schools will begin to recognize that it was not direct intervention of some God, but only by natural law, with which God had the same but no more to do than he had with 'running lightning down Franklin's kite-strings.'

Mr. Paine, you say that Jesus as taught today is a theological myth. How, then, shall we regard the pictures we receive and the alleged appearances we have of him?

Paine: That is all right. There was a man whose true name was Josie, who had medium powers not near so good as our medium here; but our medium is no more Jesus---that is, 'a saviour'---than any other man or boy. He is no God; he is only Will Aber. No more God for having the gift of mediumship than some other person is God on account of his gift of music.

There is no proof, either on earth or in spirit life, that the Bible personality called Jesus Christ, as preached today, ever existed.

Question: Was that man Josie baptized in the river Jordan?

Paine: I don't know whether he was baptized in the river Jordan or in the St. Lawrence, but he was baptized; and, at the time, out of ridicule, was called Jesus; though his real name was Josie. He had the gifts of a common medium only, and never the alleged properties of a savior.

If you were passing along and were to meet a crowd of roughs who would plunge you into a mud-hole and mockingly call you Ingersoll, and say, 'How are you, Bob?' it would not make you the great Ingersoll; you would still be Mr. Nixon.

Well, that is just the way that Josie got to be a saviour and finally the 'Lord God of the universe.' I do not ask you to believe this. Do as you like about that. I asked for proof of the theological allegations, and was satisfied with nothing else. No such proof was ever given me on earth, and since coming here I have found enough to convince me of what I have told you of the existence of one Josie.

Question: Were you assisted in your work on earth?

Paine: I was inspired. Some good angel stooped to do me honor in giving some direction to my pen and trend of thought.

Oration No. 9
Thomas Paine is Back Here to Tell to the World What He Knows Now

Good-evening, friends. I am glad to meet you here in this way.

0ur glorious work is moving on, and I am truly glad that it is progressing with such rapid strides throughout the world. No discovery in the domain of science ever yet made greater progress among the people in a single half-century as the great scientific fact of a demonstrable future for man has since its enunciation---less than fifty years ago.

Yet strange indeed is it that so great a boon to the race must fight its way everywhere.

Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, brothers, and sisters, everywhere mourning, sorrowing, weeping, waiting, as they look into the desolate grave or behold the empty chair ! Will not hear the good news, will not look as the angels draw the vail aside.

And when the white-robed kindred 'over there' would draw near, would sing again the old home refrain, they are driven away; the gentle caressing of an angel mother is denounced as the scheming of some diabolical fiend.

Oh, friends! When I look upon the floods of tears that might be dried away, when I behold the millions of sorrowing hearts that might be comforted, but for the intervention of a designing priesthood who live fat upon the sorrowings of desolate hearts, my soul sickens and determines me to go on with the warfare of breaking the fetters that bind so many millions of precious souls to a mercenary sacerdotalism founded on the fables of an imaginary God.

This God, through the priesthood as his medium, has in all ages fought with fire and sword, shot and shell, gibbet and guillotine, prison and proscription, slang and slander, the advocates of the advent into your earth among the children of men of anything calculated to lessen the iron grip that the priest has had upon men and women.

They would murder a Bruno for daring to think for himself.

They would lead upon the scaffold an innocent Quaker woman because it was reported that an angry God had said:

'Suffer not a witch to live.'

In the infancy of astronomy its advocates must recant or burn at the stake because this imaginary leader of the priest-hood had been reported as saying something about the four corners of the earth.

The great science of phrenology was tabooed because it was at variance with the supposed teaching of their supposed God; and geology, too, must be scoffed because it teaches that, instead of the six days of creation, millions of ages were consumed.

Thus, step by step, science has shown that the theological ideas of God are false, and that what the theologians have heretofore taught to be the true God have not been and are not God at all, but merely false or ignorant conceptions of the true God.

Oh, if my orthodox friends were here tonight, I would scorch them to the very quick; only desiring, however, to give them exchange their remaining ignorance for eternal truth.

I do not come back here for nothing, nor to advocate theories : but to tell you what I know.

Oration No. 10
No Mutes in Spirit Life---Reincarnation---Christain Science---Colonel Ingersoll

I am glad to again appear before you in this way.

Question: Do mutes obtain speech after transition?

If so, why do they not talk to us in our tongue instead of pantomime?

Spirit: Yes, they talk here the same as the rest of us; but if they come to you in any other than their earthly mode, you do not recognize them; besides, when coming into your aura, they take on their old earthly habits more or less, anyway.

If I should appear to you as I sat in my studio writing my book, you would not recognize me. I must come as near as possible in my everyday life, as understood by you, that you may recognize me.

Now I would thank you for a further subject. Do not be long about it, as I cannot stay. Well, inasmuch as you do not think of a suitable theme, I believe I would prefer 'Reincarnation,'

Let me say to you that reincarnation as Buddha taught is a myth, is not right. But when you pass to the higher or highest spheres, and come back in a temporarily reconstructed body, as you behold me now, that is a reincarnation that is true, and is the only reincarnation of which I have been enabled to learn anything on this side of life.

The idea that you are the individualized entity that once was the soul of the lion, the dog, the cat, and that after awhile you will leave your position in the Higher life and again on earth take up your abode as the soul of the serpent, the toad, or the elephant, is only theory with theorizers, but is not with me.

Why not stay in the lion, in the first place, and not be compelled, after a life of conscious bliss and high intellectuality among the good angels, to go back to prison in some lion?

On earth I meditated much on that subject, and, from all that I could learn in regard thereto, was as much opposed to this myth as to Bible myths.

When anyone tells you that he distinctly remembers having lived in a certain lion, and that his wife was once a lioness, you can set that down as an unwarrantable stretch of the imagination.

No friends, that is not true. You may have some of the traits of the lion, the wildcat, the deadly cobra, in yourself, as I have told you; but you do not again crawl even into your old bodies after once they are completely lain aside, much less back into the lower animals. After your conscious entity is once evolved from the rocks it never goes back to the rocks to begin a reincarnation of itself. Its course is not in a circle, but in a straight line.

Another question now comes to me as among the myths: 'Christian Science.'

They say that is close to Spiritualism. In one sense that may be; that is, in the sense that their alleged cures are by the spirits in their presence.

The so-called Christian Scientists do not cure from their own brains. Their cures are from the spirit side. We come down the shinning highway and lead on this movement. They wish to arrogate to themselves all the glory, for which we care nothing, so the suffering be relieved.

There is no science in it or about it, except that when we find an instrument that we can use for good, we do so.

But some people are afraid of their shadows; and, instead of calling themselves mediums for the use of the angel world, they proclaim a scientific discovery and name it Christian Science. But the Christian Science is just as offensive to the nostrils of the priesthood and Mother Grundy, as would be the simple truth:   Intervention of spirits.

 If I were in all orthodox crowd, I would talk just the same.

I want to say something about that grand, good man on your side of life who is following in my footsteps.

Mr. Ingersoll, as noble as any soul of your earth, is doing more good for the world than all the priesthood of entire Christendom. He is as much of a Spiritualist as I am, but he has his work to do, in his own way and right gallantly he is doing it. He went the other evening to see a medium in Boston. I saw him there. I was so glad to see my good brother engaging and preparing for the good work. He did not see me as he could if he were here. We can often see you when you do not see us.

Oh, what a terrible myth is that orthodox hell! This myth does such sad havoc as to be itself almost a real hell, working as great disasters, almost, as is alleged of the mythological Satanic Majesty.

How hard for the yearning mother to be told that her darling child is in hell torments eternally, just because he failed to understand that mythical plan of salvation!

Why any wife, or mother, or child, should be told in the sad hour of bereavement that the loved one gone over is languishing in eternal hell-fire prepared by an all loving and merciful God for all those who do not accept the mythical way such God has prepared for escape from the visitation of divine wrath, I don't know."

Oration No. 11
Error Dies Hard---Good and Evil of Bible to the World Compared---Materialization

On our side of life, we take great interest in the promulgation of such as we see to be of advantage to you mortals. More interest, in fact, we take than you realize. But we differ as you do. It seems to me that any person of ordinary brains would investigate this beautiful philosophy. But so many are just beating along, caring for nothing but something to eat and wear. So many more are so crowded to the wall for a mere pittance; and, as society is now organized, with a very large portion of your people the whole aim and highest, purpose in life is to beat some one. If men knew we were here, they would do better.

What man or woman, in the face of a knowledge of the fact that his dear departed are hovering around him and know his every act, but what would be likely to stop and think before doing any rash act?

This knowledge of spirit communion is bound to favorably modify human action, passions, and desires.

On earth, when I was working purely to unshackle the souls of the people and break them away from that theology that yet keeps the world in ignorance, doubt, and gloom, I was ridiculed. And you are and will be ridiculed for endeavoring to lift the vail and let in the light.

Whenever persons do so ridicule, it shows you are troubling them.

Error dies hard---hissing serpent-tongued maledictions on the devoted heads of those who would destroy error to make way for truth.

It seems that this phase of light is not new, but you are getting it first-hand.

If you had an instrument to fully note my speeches, I would talk to the world now as never even while in the mortal.

Now that Bible. You read novels, you read fiction, you read fable. Deflect back to your Bible and search out all the good it contains, and you will find how very small space would contain it all. One hundred pages would more than contain all the real good contained in the Bible. Ten thousand pages would not contain all the bad and fully portray its degrading results to the world. The meanness, the vileness, the lasciviousness in that book would sweep anyone over Niagara Falls into a whirlpool and oblivion below, who is not by nature proof against being led astray by such licentious reading.

Little Nellie says she never was born. When she so states, she means that the spirituality always existed, had no beginning---only transmutation.

None of us was ever born in the sense that birth is the beginning of existence.

I thought it my duty to give you all the light I could, but here I am, frail, frail indeed, in connection with this frail body, which is made up of particles we get from the air, the circle, and the medium. These particles held together by a spirit magnetic force which we are enabled to use temporarily under strictly chemical conditions, and these conditions make a channel for conveyance of thought to you that must partake of the nature of the circle, the medium, and present atmospheric and chemical surroundings.

This body of mine here is so easily destroyed that any adverse chemical wave or loss of chemical cohesion destroys it.

It is as strange to me as it is to you that I can stand here and talk at all. I do not understand it. It is a high grade of chemical specialists here in spirit life that do sufficiently understand it to make it possible. By the help of their knowledge, wisdom, and skill, I am enabled to speak to you through my own temporary body, which I can only hold until the vitality of the magnetism used for the purpose is exhausted.

It is an easy matter to use the body of a mortal by the law of obsession, but the most difficult and highest phase of spirit manifestations is that produced by means of a spirit artificial body, commonly called spirit materialization.

Oration No 12 (474 1/2)
Baron von Humboldt---Such Rich Souls Dispense of Their Soul Wealth to the Famishing

The Doctor has not written so scientifically as usual; but perhaps it is as well to have something for the common understanding as any way.

In looking around, I see your country is going down, down toward bankruptcy; and do you know that, without some wise statesmanship, it will soon be there? You are on the verge of a financial crisis; if not by wisdom averted, it will shake your nation as it has never yet been shaken since its founding.

We, as spirits, can modify the calamity, but influences are now at work that will cause the world to tremble on its Titanic foundations.

You speak of smart men, Such you have had to guide your ship of state, but they are gone. Instead of smart men, you now have selfish men, working not for you, but for themselves, for the few rich, to the enslavement of the many.

Your smartest men that are gone come not back except in spirit.

Whenever you lose one of them to earthlife it is better for you, because they can do more good for the world from the spirit side than they could from the mortal side.

Than Baron von Humboldt your earth never produced a grander soul. He gathered from all sources, from all the ages. He has his great garnerings with him here in eternal life, of which he can now and for the coming ages dispense to the needy, to the hungering, and thereby feed the famishing; and the very act of so giving, instead of depleting, increases the treasures of his own garners.

Other great minds who have gathered on earth are continually ascending to spirit life glittering all over with their accumulated jewels, which on earth were not utilized; but now, for the benefit of themselves and the soul-hungry sentient beings of earth and sky---and their stores eternally increasing.

These are they who were not using their entire earth lives trying to make fortunes out of somebody else.

These are they who in reality make your inventions of today, as some time you will know. But they make them for the benefit of man, not for the sole benefit of financial slave-drivers, backed up by hireling legislative, judicial, and administrative departments.

Many of these men to whom are given many of these great inventions at once conclude themselves the 'Great I Am,' and claim them for themselves and capital gobbles them; and, instead of a blessing, the capital slave-driver, protected by his government in so doing, forges these designed blessings into more galling fetters to manacle the poor, toiling producer.

Oh, if I could call around me here a thousand or two thousand of these slave-masters, I would tell them of the wrongs and outrages they are perpetrating upon the race, upon unborn generations. But all these nabobs will have their reward, and that much less than even a 'mess of pottage.'

Oh, friends, how it grieves me and good angels to see and know that the millions of innocent babes are ushered into your world to become toiling slaves to a false social system, all growing out of a false religion!

See those innocents now, so happy on mother's bosom! Little do those sweet babes know why mother alternately weeps and smiles. Little do they know the slings and barbed arrows awaiting them along life's thorny pathway. Little do they know that they have to spend a long life on earth toiling to support a priesthood and financial aristocracy, and die at last and go to an endless hell prepared for the devil and his angels, just because they are too poor to have a first-class funeral ! Herod yet slays the innocents! Little do the non-producing idle ministry know which way the sword of Dives is cutting, or they would not continually, everywhere make themselves both principal and particeps criminis in all this foul wrong to the children of men.

Little do they know that one day they, from the home of Dives, will see the poor Lazarus, whom they consign to hell, afar off in the Paradise (Abraham's bosom), ready on call, with palms to cool the brow and a cup of water for the parching tongue.

I can go through your convents now, your so-called benevolent institutions. I can look with pitying meditation into the hearts of homeless women! What terrible brutal sensuality exercised by man over woman in all these and everywhere! See that poor woman yonder, working day by day at starvation wages to make a meager support for her lone self and sweet little innocent babe! But what of the wretch who brought her so? What will become of him? Society takes him to its bosom. The Church takes him to her folds. He is allowed to go back into the cloister. Society can't go on without him because he is rich. The Church must hush the scandal for his sake, because he liberally patronizes the contribution-box.

But the poor unfortunate woman! The Church, society, all pass her by on the other side. She sees flowers strewn by other fair hands in the path over which that wretch of a man is treading as he too does pass her by with a sneer!

The mists will clear away some time. Bye and bye the angels will see justice done. Restitution must be made. Lonely retribution, as the wrongdoer, in the face of all the angel world, and in their pity too, will be compelled to read from the tablets of his own memory the record of all his earthly doings, will be his doom.

The intervention of no savior will ever be able to blot from the book of one's own remembrance. This is hell from which there is no escape but to pass through it, making restitution as you go; and no plan of salvation other than complete restitution will ever be efficacious in working you out of that hell.

Could men and women know of the false foundation of present socialism on earth, and of the near approach of the gardens of immortality, they would no longer work their lives away for mere clothing, bread, and butter; but would have a condition of things that would enable them to better utilize their time for the requirements of both earth and spirit life.

And to this end the angel world is trying to roll back the dark clouds of ignorance and selfishness that so darken the way for you mortals.

Oration No. 13
Schools Ought to Embrace Something More Than Financial "Grabology"---Some Geography of the Pupils Future Country Should be Taught

Your schools should not be solely for the purpose of learning schemes by which to hoard the almighty dollars. You want schools to make men and women---not to make dollars.

You study compound interest, and algebra, and trigonometry and such things. I knew about them once. What good did all that do me? Very little, I assure you. What is your common-school education for? To prepare you to become useful and ornamental citizens of the earth. And just as you have learned to use your education in a way to cheat the poor producers out of their labor, you have become citizens of another country.

A country that your schools will not allow you to know anything about. Your Citizenship of that country in duration is as a thousand years compared to a single second of your lives on earth.

Not one single true purpose of real existence is allowed to be taught in your schools.

A false modesty even prevents the teaching of true womanhood.

You teach your children from first to last to become liars. On some peculiar morning when a second or third voice is added to the family circle, you call the other little fellows and say: 'Oh, Johnny, look here! What a pretty little sister the doctor brought you last night!' or, worse yet: 'Oh, see here! how good God is to bring us another little brother!'  Why, if you tell anything, don't you tell the children the truth? They find out, sooner or later, that you lied about it.

There is nothing in nature or Nature's laws that is sin, and it is only sin to teach falsehood instead of the truth in regard to any department of nature. So much false teaching, so much false modesty, so much false theology.

I have said before that I have visited your institutions and there learned much as to the wrongful management of affairs.

I say again, your country is in a terrible situation.

And now Theosophy strikes it. A condemnable doctrinal arrogance that would be a curse to any people! Friends, little do you know the strategy on this side of life. Little do you know the ways and means used in working out those stratagems. Knowing the wily snares set to capture your little band and spoil our work here, we thought best to hold the medium in safe hands and not open the doors of the physical manifestations in your dark circle.

I am always waiting at your circles and your medium is always guarded by an efficient band of noble souls.


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