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 Vera Krzhizhanovskaya Medium

But meanwhile at the sessions with its participation began frequently to be elderly, but stately and prominent gentleman in attendance with his own of His Imperial Majesty of office, someone [S]. [V]. [Semenov], known in the capital spiritist, who was being lively interested in all “beyond the limits”, the chairman of St. Petersburg “circle for studies in the region of [psikhizma]”. I.e., using contemporary terminology, circle was occupied by studies of paranormal phenomena. Gentleman in attendance rendered Vera the emphasized attention, he invited to address a meeting of its circle. It cared persistently, but politely and furthermore it was rich, although not young. Soon it made to Vera a proposal. The agreement of interests in the sufficiently closed region of spiritual knowledge and, that to hide, the serious material difficulties in the family Of [kryzhanovskikh] impelled Vera to give agreement.
[vadba] was noisy and rich, for his young wife the gentleman in attendance stinted on nothing. However, demands in young husbands, accustomed to the life economical, were modest. But it valued the generosity of husband. In its face it found the most interesting and highly educated collocutor, in a certain kind even teacher. It is worthwhile to note that they lived together almost forty years and separated them only death.
Soon in Vera was born daughter by the inheritance by it was, unfortunately, transmitted the disease of mother. They surrounded girl by concern and attention. Departures into the light became for Vera [Ivanovny] the case rare, but she did not feel itself torn from the life. In the house of the gentleman in attendance Of [semenova] continued the meetings of his circle, the sessions of magnetism and spiritism were conducted, there were always many guests, among whom were encountered numerous most interesting people: mysticism and secret always drew not only the being bored average men, but also people of creative, talented.
On these meetings and evenings in the center of attention was the young mistress of house, charming, beautiful, who possesses many talents. Special popularity enjoyed her “guess-works”. It took into the hand something of the small personal effect: pin, hours, locket - that, prediction was intended to whom. Then palm compressed, were shut eyes and, falling in the trans-, she told, that sees. Since the sessions drew all new visitors, and stories about its predictions were transferred from the mouths to the mouths, which means, much of that, about which she spoke, it happened. Otherwise from where to undertake this popularity?
In 1886 in Paris leaves the first book of Vera [Kryzhanovskoy]. This is the historical narrative “Episode de la of vie de Of tibere”. [3- in the Russian transfer the book left only in 1906 by the name “episode Tiberius's life”.] [Kryzhanovskaya] long time wrote exclusively in the French, in Russia its novels left only in the transfer.
Despite the fact that in the first novel, especially historical, occult and fantastic motives and episodes are present, it becomes very popular in the wide reading public. Success inspires the author, and novels appear one after another. In 1888 - “pharaoh [Mernefet]”, 1890- m - “the vengeance of Jew”, 1893- m - “sym [pobedishi]”, 1894- m - “tsarina To [khatasu]” and so forth in these novels [Kryzhanovskaya] concerns the secret of [reinkarnatsii], consciousness and soul. Soon from under the brisk feather Of [kryzhanovskoy] appear not only historical, but also fantastic novels. In 1898 leaves “enchanted lock”, 1900 - “two sphinxes” and “urn”.
In 1901 leaves the first, purely fantastic novel of writer “vital elixer”, and by track, in 1902, one more - “magicians” of future [pentalogii] “magicians”, into which will enter written later “anger God” (1909), “death of planet” (1911) and “the legislators” (1916). Thus, by Vera [Kryzhanovskaya] rightfully was occupied in the history of the literature place “first lady of Russian fantasy”. Although, in my view, it is worthy the glory of the first Russian science fiction writer.
The first novels Of [kryzhanovskoy] draw the reader by the sharpness of subject, by secrets and miracles, wonderfully extracted by the components of way of life, by realias of the described time. The fantasy of writer with the ease transferred the reader in the middle ages, ancient Egypt, emperor Rome.
In France the novels fall one outside another, the readers assume them with the constant appreciation, being surprised and being enraptured by diligence of the author. The acknowledgement of the readers is confirmed by the acknowledgement of the French Academy of Sciences. For the novel “iron chancellor of ancient Egypt” (1899) Vera [Ivanovne] To [kryzhanovskoy] appropriated the honorable title “Of officier d Of academie” - “the officer of academy” and awarded the order “palm of academy”.
At the end 1890- X - the beginning 1900- X of years the novels Of [kryzhanovskoy] leave also in the Russian language. The readers in the enthusiasm, criticism as a whole it encounters novels favorably. Criticisms [V]. [P]. [Burenin] still in 1895 in “new time”, in the number dated January 13, highly estimated novel “tsarina To [khatasu]”, among other merits having especially noted that Madame [Kryzhanovskaya] knows the way of life of ancient Egyptians “it can be even better than the renowned historical novelist Ebers”.



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