Medium Sally Harding,  England. UK.

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 Sally Harding Medium   UK

Sally Harding was born in the Longton area of Stoke-on-Trent, Her mother was a Medium who sat in the same Circle as Fanny Higginson. While growing up in Longton, and playing with her friend Gordon Higginson, Sally was introduced to Spiritualism from the very start of her life by being taken to the Spiritualist Church when she was in her mother's arms and in her pram. Many was the times, [she told me] her mother had to nurse her in the church services. As a youngster Sally played with her friend Gordon on the steps of Old Longton Spiritualist Church. She remembers being often told off for making too much noise outside of the church while there was a seance going on inside and both of them being taken by the ear and dragged into the seance and told to sit there on a chair and to be still and quiet for the duration of the seance. Sally said she could even then see the Spirit Phenomena of the Medium like the changing of their appearance, [transfigurations] the manipulations of the face, the change of hair style and colour, and growing of beards on the female Mediums face, the changing of the appearance of the hands,  Hearing Independent Direct Voices, [when the Spirit Voice comes through the Medium but is away from them, {the voice coming through an ectoplasmic, etheric amplifier, independent of the Medium}]. What a wonderful way for children to be educated by truth and not by blind faith as happens in the main of the man made religions.

In later life Sally got married and had children.

Growing up as a member of the Longton church where she was happy there came as a blow from the government that the Longton church would have to be move because of the new by-pass for Stoke -on-Trent. so while the church was closed Sally and her husband moved to Stoke's Burslam Spiritualist Church, where she became President of the church and did a lot of hard work painting and decorating the church with her own monies to bring the church back up to its old standard, this was of course, with the help of her husband who was ill at the time, then some of the committee convened a meeting and ousted her from her position while she was on holiday.

Sally was a very good teacher, Healing Medium, Mental Medium and Physical Medium.

I attended her workshops twice a week at Burslam Spiritualist Church for about a year and a half travelling 50 miles, it was worth it. Sally taught me a lot about the old ways of linking with the Spirit World, [as did a lot of my tutors over the years] all of which I have incorporated in my book Meditation Oneness.

When sadly Sally's husband died, she carried on her spiritual work alone and retreated into her own family. During that time I met up with her again in Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall.  Sally told me about a happening in her house a few weeks previous.

She said when she was in her bedroom upstairs asleep she was woken up by a heavy, loud banging on the bedroom door. She got out of bed to see what is was opened the door there was no one there on the landing. so she closed the door and went back to bed only for the banging to start again. so she got up and opened the door, again no one there so she closed it and stayed by the door the banging started again. This time she placed her hand on the place she thought the noise was coming from and it was at the top of the door, and she actually felt the vibration as though someone was knocking on the door at that spot. Sally said to the Spirit, Ok I have heard you friend, thank you very much for coming I am going back to bed now please go away while I sleep, good night God bless friend. Sally went back to bed and had a good night's sleep. How many people would have had the confidence in the Spirit World to go back to sleep in those unnerving circumstances.

I lost contact with her son after I finished with those Tutorials at Burslam church, he and his good lady use to sit in his mothers tutorials. I would have liked to get a little bit more information about his mother, her life and pathways of development within Spiritualism. If anyone else knows any more about Sally Harding or any other Medium, please let me know.


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