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  Doctor R H Moore Medium

C. V. Miller, the San Francisco materialization Medium, as a rule did not pass into trance and took the phantoms that issued from the cabinet by the hand and introduced them to his sitters. His amazing seances were duplicated by R. H. Moore, of San Diego, California. According to N. Meade Layne, in Psychic Research (June 1931), Moore was a well-known gentleman past 70 years of age, who did not go into trance and accompanied the forms that issued from behind a curtain within a few steps into the Circle. The forms were never fully materialized; as a rule they were invisible below the bust, although the ectoplasmic drapery sometimes trailed nearly to the floor. Layne writes, "At a recent seance one of the forms, while conversing with the person at my side, advanced to within about 18 inches of my face. Dr Moore then, after telling us what he was about to do, struck the head of the form lightly with his open hand to show the degree of materialization. The movement and the sound were plainly perceived. He then passed his arm through the form at the solar plexus" (Psychic Research, July 1930).


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