Medium Queenie Nixon,   England.  UK.

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Queenie Nixon Medium


Queenie Nixon was a remarkable Physical Medium, Her gift started when she was a very small child. She was being brought up by her two aunts who allowed her to sit in their seances as they were both Spiritualists and Mediums themselves. It was soon found out that Queenie had the gift of mediumship as the Spirit World started to use her face to bring some of the sitters loved ones through her. This gift eventually strengthened and the Spirit World started to produce Physical Phenomena when she was in attendance.  soon this teenager started to do outside demonstration with the guidance of both her aunties, One or the other, and many times both, were always in attendance for her safety. Queenie always enjoyed working for the Spirit World and would go to great lengths and travel great distances to show to the world that the human form might shrivel but the person lived on after their death. She travelled far and wide across the continents of the world, going to a lot of the countries of the then Europe, many times to North America, Australia, and Canada.

Queenie was a Medium for most of her lifetime. Amazing people with her Transfiguration demonstrations and the direct voice phenomena, which the Spirit World produce through her. The main person who talked when she was in the Trance State was a guide called Paul many was the time he manifested himself through Queenie in her transfiguration demonstrations. Queenie took on the feature of Paul as he came through and spoke, as did many of the loved ones who came through her, YES the Spirit World changed her face as the loved one spoke at the same time. A lot of her seances and some demonstrations reportedly went on for up to three hours at a time with many loved ones in the Spirit World coming through one after another for the audience and sitters in the Circles, and Independent Direct Voice was heard in the room, sometimes attached to Queenie through Spirit produced Ectoplasm connected to the trumpet, and other times completely away from her in the corner of the room through the build up an etheric amplifier which Spirit used.

Here again it is reported that in the papers she was accused of fraud, BUT as happens on a regular basis to many Mediums, the two reporters, who at different times slandered her, never attended any of Queenie's seances, neither did they ever do her the courtesy of allowing a personal interview.. A lot of Queenie's seances were recorded with infra red cameras and recorded clouds of ectoplasm and people from the Spirit World, who according to the ordinary person in the street were supposed to be dead. Queenie went to the other side of the veil in 1989 after a series of heart attacks at the age of 71. If anyone has any please copy them and send some to me so I can place them on here and lets right the wrong.

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Queenie Nixon During her transfigurations the Spirit displaying themselves often spoke.   It seems that Queenie was in a deep trance state.   All her seances were done in dimmed red light, which was shone directly onto her face, and photographs were often taken.



Queenie Nixon materialising a Spirit Form above herself.


Here is an example of the manipulation of the Medium in Transfiguration, [change of form]. Above another Spirit form is being placed over the Medium Queenie Nixon.  Below is the start to the start of her transfiguration.




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