Medium Paul Pansini, &, Medium Alfred Pansini     Italy

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 Pansini Brothers

 Paul Pansini  Medium, and, Alfred Pansini  Medium

Joseph Lapponi, medical officer to Popes Leo XVII and Pius X, recorded in his Hypnotism and Spiritism (1906) the case of the Pansini brothers, Paul and Alfred, eight and ten years old respectively dematerialising and materialising in a different place. They experienced mysterious transportation in a half hour from Ruvo to Molfetta. Another time, at 12:30 P.M., they dematerialised from Ruvo and at one o'clock found themselves materialised on a boat at sea near Barletta, making towards Trinitapoli. Once they disappeared from the square of Ruvo and found themselves, ten minutes later, before the house of their uncle Jerome Maggiore in Trani. Several other mysterious flights took place to Gios, Biseglie, Mariotta, and Terlizzi. Once they disappeared in Bishop Berardi's presence while he was discussing these phenomena with their mother. The windows and doors were closed. In another volume, Spedizione e Spiriti, the same author told of the flying brothers of Bari who could transfer themselves over a distance of 45 kilometers in 15 minutes.


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