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Mrs Pruden Medium

Mr Holmyard, whom I have mentioned in Our American Adventure, is a native of Cincinnati and an indefatigable worker at psychic subjects. In his company and that of Mr. Ault, a prominent citizen of the town, I visited Mrs Pruden, who is certainly one of the great mediums of the world.

Mrs Prudens slate-writing performance was even more remarkable than that which she gave me last year. All the questions which I wrote down were duly answered between the closed slates, and a running fire of raps was kept up all the time.

Finally we asked her to sit at the other side of the room, but the raps continued merrily in full light right under our hands as they lay upon the table.

 What say you to that, Mr Sceptic? "This is not your last visit to America. You will come again two years hence," said the seeress. It was not my intention, and prophecy is the least reliable of psychic gifts.

I have great hopes that Mrs. Pruden may come to London, where her pleasant personality and her remarkable powers, which are less sensitive to hostile influences than those of most Mediums, would make her a very desirable demonstrator of psychic truth.

Written by Arthur Conan Doyle in the Second American Adventure


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