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To the Editor.


SIR, -Such of your readers as have not yet lead the pleasure of a sitting with Mrs. Hollis Billing, and an interview with “Ski,” can have little idea of the gratification which awaits them. Mrs. Billing is a lady of such innate refinement that one is quite prepared for the absence of all coarseness in her manifestations; and, in truth, expectations are fully justified by results when one is admitted to conversation with “James Nolan” and “Ski.”

Both voices are full, resonant, and melodious, with a somewhat feminine softness; but by every word, and more especially by the wonderful tests they give, these spirits prove unmistakably their independent individuality.


There is no need at these séances to think of test conditions. Although the visitor may be an utter stranger to the medium he will find that no veils hang between him and the piercing eye of the Spirit. “Ski” will tell him of his past, present, and future, displaying a rare delicacy and wonderful discrimination in speaking upon private matters or touching upon sore points. When necessary-that is, if it be desired that the medium should not hear what is being said-her ears are pervaded by a buzzing noise which renders her deaf for the time being to all other sounds. It would be impossible for any being in the flesh to know the biographical facts revealed to strangers by “Ski,” impossible to tell them oft-times what they have been doing in the course of the day, and even what they have been thinking about, which has frequently happened in my experience, and in that of many of my friends. It is “Ski's” place also to induct the spirit friends of visitors into the modus operandi of speaking for themselves; and extraordinary tests, or proofs of identity, are this frequently given in uncommon names, sentences in foreign languages, and incidents of a private and domestic nature.

I have dwelt thus at length upon the characteristics of " Ski " because he is Mrs. Billing's principal " working spirit." It is but seldom that the refined, melodious, and rather plaintive voice of "James Nolan " is heard, who appears to confine himself to teachings in esoteric spiritism. It would not be easy to give an idea of the high spiritual tone of “James Nolan.” He certainly stands at the head of all the spirits I have ever heard speak in the materialised voice for eloquence, spirituality, and information upon all subjects; knowledge of a high character, such things as a spirit might be supposed to know, but ranging far above and beyond what the ordinary sitter seeks.

The members of a private circle, sitting once a week with Mrs. Billing, would fully bear me out in all I say relative to the high qualifications, mental and spiritual, of “James Nolan.” We have the privilege of his unequalled teachings in the direct voice uninterruptedly for a period of nearly an hour at a stretch, and go away with our minds filled with subject for thought, refreshed and strengthened.

The possession of such controls as “James Nolan” and “Ski” would imply upon the part of the medium a nature of great purity and harmony, and a well-balanced and able intellect, even if it does not display its powers in this life in any other way. I have extreme pleasure, and take a certain pride in stating all these facts concerning a sister-medium, one who is an honour and grace to our profession, not only from her own superior and highly estimable characteristics as a lady, but also from her almost unsurpassed powers of a high, pure, and perfect mediumship.


90, Great Russell-Street, Nov. 20th, 1870.

Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.

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