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 Mrs Georgia Medium  


by Vice Admiral W USBORNE MOORE

The first psychic I sat with for phenomena on my arrival in the United States was Mrs Georgia, who lives with her mother in Rochester N.Y. She is a young lady in affluent circumstances, accomplished, retiring in disposition, and, at that time, inclined to believe that the strange gift which she had possessed for four years, of automatic mirror-writing, was due to some power within herself and not to outside influences. She had never written except for her personal friends, and then but rarely. I carried a letter of introduction from a namesake in the city, Mr. A. W. Moore, who made no allusion to my nationality or profession, but wrote of me as Mr. Moore. I did not send in my card, but only the letter of introduction. When Mrs. Georgia came into the room she asked, "Are you related to my friend Mr. Moore?" I replied, "No." She then took up a pencil, and, putting some sheets of paper under her right hand, the latter wrote backwards as follows :

(44) "We can come, but you are wrong in thinking that Mr. Moore is a relative, or that he is any old acquaintance. He is a man of the sea. He is a friend of a man who invented the radiopath (sic), and who is also an expert on sanitation. It is Sir __ He also knows Lady __, He will return to his country, then he will meet them both and tell them of you. They are interested in these matters. The man (Sir __ is a celebrated man in his country. I am Hudson.)

Mrs. Georgia knew nothing of Hudson except that a man of that name had written a book called The Law of Psychic Phenomena, which she had read in a desultory manner five years before. She had heard of Sir __; but did not know he was married.


I knew nothing, personally, of Mr. Hudson, but had read with keen interest two of his books, The Law of Psychic Phenomena and another that I had erroneously recalled as Proofs of immortality ; this book I thought had been his last ; of his two subsequent works I knew nothing. Hudson's views while in earth life were briefly these :

Man is such a wonderful animal and has within him such marvelous potentialities that his ego or individuality is bound to survive the change we call "Death"; the ego is certain to continue its uncompleted experiences in another phase of consciousness. He has within him two distinct consciousnesses ; one with which he carries on his practical daily life ; the other dormant, but infallible as a record, registering every word he has seen or heard, every scene (however trifling) he has passed through, every experience he has ever known. The former is capable of inductive reasoning, the latter only of deductive. The subjective mind may be tapped for the use of the conscious mind, but, as it is not capable of correct processes of reasoning, if allowed to get the upper hand, so to speak, the result is mental disorder.

Communication with the denizens of the next state of consciousness is impossible. When man thinks he is dealing with invisible intelligence's he is simply playing the fool with his subjective mind, or soul, which presents him with reflections of his complete record and lures him on to believe that he is communing with his departed friends.

Hudson was deeply committed to these theses. He took care to skate warily over the physical phenomena of spiritualism. Very rightly, he attached the highest importance to the manifestations of Jesus Christ, and drew largely from the Gospel narratives to support his case. I have seen him alluded to by a loose writer as a "spiritualist." He was nothing of the sort ; and he spoke in derision of those who professed to communicate with people who had passed away. He certainly believed in the facts of alleged spiritistic manifestations, and in immortality ; but his reasons for faith in the latter was entirely different from these upon which spiritualists base their convictions.

I had thought a great deal about Hudson, but not for a year, or I should not have made the mistake I did about the name of one of his books. I confess that, at one time, I was much shaken by the doctrine he put forward. I had read all the arguments for the subjective, or, as Myer's calls it, the "subliminal" mind, and believed in its existence ; it is only another name for the soul. Hudson's theory was plausible and well presented ; but I soon recovered, and through this consideration ; the existence of a subjective mind, or subliminal, or soul, whatever we please to call the register, may possibly account for some of my purely mental experiences ; but how can it account for telekinesis and other physical phenomena? Will it account for the passage of a bell from one room into another which is locked? Will it account for the sudden creation of the simulacrum of a human body, sometimes almost as solid as life ; for the movement of heavy objects ; for the levitation of a human body ; for the dematerialization of flowers, and for other physical manifestations, all of which were, to me, proved facts? No! It came upon me suddenly that it was for a purpose that physical phenomena accompanied the mental during the revival in Rochester sixty years ago ; it was to anticipate this very argument now set forth in such attractive guise by Hudson.

The plain fact is, a sound belief in the existence of discarnate friends cannot be established by mental phenomena alone, because we do not know how far the messages we receive from psychics in trance, or out of trance, are levened by their individuality. Such messages are extremely valuable, but they require to be backed up by exhibitions of force to convince us that a person is present who can exert power independent of the medium and sitter. If I can have a characteristic message to-day from one Medium, and tomorrow I can see the friend who has passed over, materialised, when I am sitting with another medium, conviction comes ; but if I only have the message, it is not so ; the information contained in it may have been got surreptitiously from outside, or possibly from me, though this latter contingency can only happen if the subject is one in my upper consciousness---and very rarely then.

When Mrs. Georgia came to the words "He will return," I asked her to write with her left hand, which she immediately did. I then asked Hudson : "What was the name of your book?"

A.; "Law of Psychic Phenomena. I did say that inanimate things had souls."

Q: I do not remember that."

A: "No ; what I said was this : ‘Take the other hand ; I am not ambidextrous [Here the psychic changed the pencil again to the right hand] ; that my sister-in-law was able to tell the history and life of stone.’ I want to talk to you of better things than titles that you already know ; I want to speak of the tests that I can show."

Q: "Have you altered your opinion about the powers of the subjective mind? How about telekinesis?"

A: No, I have not. It is the centre of the soul-force , and can be used during life as after death ; it can be cultivated, and the mind projected to far-away countries ; it is possible to educate the soul within us---each person can attract. That is what I know. When the inner soul demands an object to approach, it will attract all the soul-force about his aura. Yes ; that moves the object ; not the sub-conscious attracts, but the spirit-force that can move it ; it is the command that moves, the demand that created the forces to action."

Q: "Can you tell us anything else?"

A: "No ; ask me---it gives me strength."

Q: "Tell us Mr. Hudson, about your feelings after death. Can your state be described as a happier one than when you were in the body?"

A: "I did not know I had died ; I seemed to be there just the same. Death is a progression ; like progressive whist-tables, you move up. I am working there, as I did here, only my sphere is more congenial." Q: "What do you mean congenial?"

A: "It is the souls who are in the same element of progression---‘the same kidney,’ as the English say."

Q: "What do you think of my photograph test?" (Here the test related in Chapter IV. Was described to the spirit.)

A: "That is a test only of the sensitive. All creatures are mediums of greater or less degree. There is an impression of the plate on the Medium's mind, and she feels this as you feel that to-morrow will be a fine day."

Q: "Is the spirit whose photograph is required to be selected, there to Help?"

A: "The Spirit-force is always there. Some people…Read what I wrote---[here Mrs. Georgia got up from her chair to fetch more paper]---you annoy me, breaking up my thoughts. I am an old soul, and tired…can see forces ; others can feel it."

Q: "Is the form in the Spirit World the same as it is in the material world?"

A: "It is luminous, not heavy with clothing of fleshly imperfection."

Q: "Am I right in supposing that Spirits are more attracted to us by love than intellectual sympathy?"

A: "The spirits that come are often restless seeking the old life and habitations that they knew in life, even as an old man seeks the scenes of his childhood.

Q: "Is the phenomenon of materialisation true?"

A: "Only the few who are clear enough in vision can see it. It is true, as this room and the world is filled with luminous forms that have rarefied the earth. But it is the expectancy that brings the wonders to pass. Jesus expected to see the man arise. When we expect and desire, we have."

There was more of a private nature. This first sitting with Mrs. Georgia lasted for over three hours. The conditions were excellent. Outside the house it was freezing hard, dry, and a clear sky.

Mrs. Georgia was much interested. No such strange or powerful intelligence had ever guided her hand before. She was not a spiritualist ; I think I may say that this was the first occasion on which she suspected that she was the instrument of an unseen force. She kindly arranged that I should come again, and the Hudson script ran on for many days in December and


February. I found that she could write with either hand, when talking or reading, and in the dark; not a word could be deciphered unless the paper was held up to a mirror or laid upon a piece of white "Bristol board," face downwards, when it could be read through the back if the paper were sufficiently thin. When the power was strong, she wrote with rapidity ; when it was weak, she wrote slowly. At times the pencil was pointed away from her, and at an angle of sixty degrees from the paper; at others it pointed towards her, and inclined at an angle of twenty degrees from the paper. Mirror writing is not difficult to acquire; but I have never heard of anyone who could write with the speed or abstraction of this lady. I do not doubt that, even in this case, the brain first received the message and impelled the hand to write ; but it was done in such a way as to make it highly improbable that she was conscious of a single word until the script was transcribed.

On December 24,1908, with Mrs. Georgia. Q: "If anybody is here, will they please make themselves known by writing their names through Mrs. Georgia?"

A: "You must wait ; talk a bit. Yes, no music but the voice. Try a duet." (Graphophone proceeded with a duet.) "Try a coon song---one that laughs. It will show the gentleman the topical coon shout, which is an institution of the South. Then you may write, as Hudson will come."

"No question is necessary. Did you enjoy the music?"

(45) "I am here. I want to say that I am much stronger in the evening air than in the day time. I want to ask you to come Christmas night at eight o’clock, instead of Christmas afternoon, as my 'light' [Medium] is better at that hour ; that is why I kept you waiting. Spiritual forces are elusive. You told her wrong." (I had told Mrs. Georgia something about what I thought was his last book.) "It was not that ; it is the one you know; you refer to the last book before I passed over. It is the one you have read. It was published in 1903." (I had not read his last work, but thought I had done so.)

You must copy it later before you leave, not now while I am strong." (This refers to a proposal of mine that we should at this time write down the interpretation of the mirror-writing.) "I passed away in Detroit, Michigan, 1903." (Correct) "I was in a government position for some years ; I was also a newspaper man." (Correct) "Do not worry about this conversation." (Mrs. Georgia and I were talking nearly all the time, and I had expressed a doubt as to whether it were wise to do so.) "I come better on the sound of voice. It was a hard life in a Michigan paper. I was Jack-of-all-trades. A lawyer in Ohio?" (Correct)

Q: "Where did you practice in Ohio?"

A: "Cleveland." (Correct) "I practiced law." (I said "I thought he was a doctor.") "No, Sir Oliver Lodge is the man of physics. He is the head and front of the college. Yes, I have been around here for a long time. I come through this girl because she is of a cheerful disposition, and that cheer attracts me. It is that force that attracts. In life we seek the sunshine ; that’s what we seek. I am glad to come to this gentleman ; that is why I come so strong ; it is his vital interest that helps me to come to you. You may copy this now ; give me a chance to rest." (we copied.)

"Go upstairs and lock the door." (Mrs. Georgia obeyed.) On her return I proposed extinguishing the gas, to ascertain if she could write in the dark. The light was put out, and she wrote as follows :

"I like the cheer of the light ; I like to see the face of the beautiful mother and full countenance of the daughter, and the intelligent face of the distinguished guest." (The gas was lighted to read what had been written, and not again extinguished.)

Q: "What was the name of your last book?"

A: "Let me think. Law of Psychic Phenomena, The Divine Pedigree of Man. The subject matter is of the law of life after death."

(I said that I had never heard of The Divine Pedigree of Man.) "No, that was not the last book. I wrote the Pedigree first. I wish to have time to think, as it was published after my illness. I died the year 1903."

Q: "What is your full name?"


A: "Jas, the same as Hyslop."

(I said ; "I think his name was Thomas Jay Hudson.") "No, you are wrong ; my name was not Thomas. Go and look at your front door. Open it, and let the other fellow in. Open it wide and alone."

(Mrs. Georgia went to the front door, opened it wide, and remained a minute or two ; then closed it, and returned to the drawing-room.)

"My name was Thomson Jay Hudson. Don't copy yet. I went out of the back door, and must come in at the front. I went out to get fresh strength.

"James Hyslop is carrying on my work where I left off ; that is why I said Jas. Was my name, as it is in a sense. I am with him ; some day he will hear of me through this girl's hand." (Correct) "I will help him. You may copy now."

(I said : "He has been writing for one and a half hours.")

"That makes no difference ; I can't come very often, so I want to stay."

(Mrs. Georgia said ; "I do think he might have said something more complimentary of me than that I had a 'full countenance.'")

"You need not feel that ; you have charm, and that is enough."

(A discussion took place about knocks in the room, three having just occurred. I said I could not get them to respond intelligently.)

"You can if you wish. You can bend the intelligence that comes to you. You can bend a personal intelligence to your will, by moulding it as you do here by dominating it." (Mrs. Georgia's mother here said : "I wish to know the condition of suicides in the next life.")

"Drop out all such suicide talk."

"I wrote a book on the force of mental healing ; that is my last book." (Correct) "Perhaps you had better tell me the name of the book you mean, as you confuse me." (I said, "It was Proofs of Immortality.")

"Go to the front door ; let me think there."

(Mrs. Georgia went to the front door for a few minutes, and then returned to her seat.) "You don't mean my last work ; you mean a book called "The Scientific Demonstration of a Future Life."

(This is correct, and I regretted having forgotten the proper name ; but as I have said before, I knew scarcely anything of Hudson. I now mentioned that we had sat for nearly two hours.)

"I can easily stay till then---I mean till 10:30."

Q: But this is rather frivolous, making the medium run constantly to the front door. "I get strength of force out of doors ; I like to come. I must take the girl to the air, so I don’t overtire her. She is very young to me, as I am an old man. I was born in 1834. (Correct) Is not that a great difference in our ages? I was fifty-nine years old when I died." (I said : "That must be wrong ; he was sixty-nine.")

"The gentleman is right ; I was born in 1834. Let me say fifty-nine. Is a woman the only one to dodge their age?"

Q: "Did you know I was coming to see Mrs. Georgia?"

A: "I knew that someone would come that would have the interest and vitality to call me. I have hung around this girl's front door for two years. None came strong enough to call out the 'Open Sesame.'"

Q: "Are people living in pairs of male and female in Spirit life?"

A: "Like a school of fish. The congenial flock together. Yes, they do."

Q: "You misunderstand me. I mean, supposing two people are joined here, can they live in close union there?"

A: "By all means, if the soul is twin. Two people may be joined by a mummer in a church, and be as wide apart as the antipodes."

Q: "But many worthy people here imagine that, in a future life, the high ideal should be universal, equal affection all round?"


A: "As long as souls are individual they seek the affinity in a spiritual sense. If men and women loved collectively, not individually, they would make trouble enough on earth, as well as in heaven. I know what you mean ; you dislike the ideal of spiritual universal love---it would rob love of its value……"

(Front door bell rang.) "Have Mrs.__ go to the door." (Mrs. Georgia’s mother went to the front door, and received a telegram.)

(I said, "Perhaps he will tell us more about this state.")

"Yes, I have lots of information, but it must be tomorrow morning ; It is now 10:10, and too late to enter into the exhaustive subject." (The only correct timekeeper in the room was the watch in my pocket. I looked at it, and found that the Spirit had stated the exact time to a minute.) "Stay a bit, so that my girl-Medium will have your strength; then I will say 'Good-night,' and 'sport my oak,' as you English say." (In answer to a remark of the mother, I said the climate of England was not suitable for this sort of phenomena, and Mrs. Georgia’s writing would not be so good there.)

A: "My girl can. I will come in the morning, but I will not be strong; so I am away. Wait until he copies."

December 25,1908. With Mrs. Georgia, who wrote : "I am here, but not strong enough. Have my girl go to the front door and breathe five minutes ; then I can come."

(Mrs. Georgia went to the front door, and returned in about five minutes.)

(46) "I was surprised, in seeing my articles re-read, how faulty the grammar and diction was. I ask as a favor, if you publish them in book form, that you have them edited. Diction and rhetorical display is not what I want---the sense of what I have said must be preserved. I don’t know that I want my girl to sit with an American doubter except to show him the truth. If he sends for her, she may go ; but he is not to scoff at me, or the value of what I know and have proven. You can see that I am serious and loyal to some of my former ideals." (Mrs. Georgia and I sometimes discussed the propriety of her sitting for Dr. Hyslop, who is kindness itself to young mediums, but whose natural tendency of mind does not encourage the controls to do their best.) "The reason you dislike Christmas is the fact that your former festal days were brighter by closer contact with the Beloved. You are told this because I see it in your mind." (This is evidently an allusion to the death of Mrs. Georgia’s father, four years before.) "What I meant by a 'fine table' was this : you have sifted the coarser things of food-stuffs down to a finer diet. Tell my girl how to transmit messages and how to perfect herself in this. She is a bright 'light,' but a mere tyro in the study of the soul ; that is where you must talk and educate her in the method to advance. Be the Columbus of this unexplored sea that lies open before you." (In a former communication that I have omitted, as it would not interest my readers, Hudson gave a friendly, but candid, account of myself. The only sentence that gave me an uneasiness was "You are fond of a fine table." This charge I resented, and Mrs. Georgia and I openly talked of the accusation across the table. The reference to the transmission of messages was due to our having attempted, during the sitting, to telepath a definite message to a psychic lady in Italy by pre-arrangement. It was not taken in, as she forgot the appointment.)

(47) December 25,1908, pm. With Mrs. Georgia.

Q: Supposing two souls on earth strongly united, but on widely different planes as regards spiritual development. Do they not live together when both have passed over to the next state?"

A: "It is now 7:35. "Wait a bit." (I looked at the watch in my pocket and found it showed exactly 7:35) "Talk a bit, and I will tell you."

Q: "Does he want the graphophone?"

A: "No, I want the human voice ; in talking I gather what you desire from me……Now, apropos of matrimony in the celestial sphere, I have this to say. Man who loves singly and with an isolated devotion will gravitate toward her, just the same as he would by a railroad ticket to the house of his affinity. Church nor Churchmen do not make marriage lawful only in the human sight. The marriage that is based upon baser instincts and for ulterior purposes are soiling their


souls ; by this method the lives of human marriages are prostituted. The Divine marriage is the soul knowledge of each other."

Q: "Supposing a man marries two wives, and that both are full attachments. What will be the fate of the second wife?"

A: "The one that is the stronger will cling to the man with a stronger force than the other ; I mean stronger spiritual attachment."

Q: "What is to prevent all three living harmoniously together?"

A: "It would be pleasanter for two than for three. Can you imagine that here?"

Q: "imagine what?"

A: "Freedom from the human love impulse. The lives are progressive ; the instincts we carry there the same as we do in this phase. You go from one phase to another. There are twin souls that have been separated centuries finally reunited. The separation was caused in the first instance by a crime against that love union, one being weaker to yield to the importunities of the beguiling tongue. Infidelities are punished in this manner. There are many unfaithful soulmates, separated, seeking through space and the infinite distance for each other---groping in the dark."

Q: "But supposing one only is guilty?"

A: "The one who is guiltless finds relief in a few centuries of peace and happiness with another who is innocent and unpaired. Now this is the same way in the case of the second wife or husband stage. The spirit of youth that went with the first marriage, often in the second one has simmered down to a calm dish of peaceful content. You can try in the dark if you want" (this in answer to conversation).

(The lights were put out.)

Q: "Why cannot the Spirit see the lines in the dark?"

A: "I can't take the time to figure out the space, and another thing I want to say is that I have tried to prove my identity, and I think I have tested this quite freely. I know it is done to satisfy the Society. You have no idea how far I can go in this ; but I have exhausted the force in explaining this to you now in this way. I will tell you that your friend Sir ___ was knighted in 1897. (Correct) He is a fellow of the Royal Society ; he has written a book. (Correct) I have proved that I know I am telling the truth. I will say good."

(Lit the lights. Found that the writing, as on a previous occasion, was a little wider apart than the writing in full light.)

"It is 8:18. I don't like my girl dressed in black. I hate black. [Mrs. Georgia went upstairs and changed into a red robe.] I love red, it is the Astral color. Give your guest your seal ring, and before he goes ask him for it. Put it on his finger. I want the ring to have his magnetism. Then my girl will have a link ; then I can come to her. You can write her, and she will let you know if I come. Oh! There is a guide here that says Mrs. Georgia must write, as my girl’s work must not be interfered with. They have planned a great work for her. [This is a reference to a play that Mrs. Georgia was writing at that time, and which turned out a success.] No, I mean this : if I can come without you, I will, just to test her out. Mrs. Georgia is to have your address ; then when I come she will write you. Then you send a question ; think of me at a certain time---then I will come to you. I think it funereal [referring to the black dress]. I do think her lovely, if not beautiful, poor child !" (This is in allusion to the joke of Mrs. Georgia and the compliment paid her by Hudson the night before.)

Q: "I hope to be back in February. Could we not have a series of sittings?" A: By all means, if you will have your questions all written down ; show them to me every night I am with you. I am the guide of the Admiral, and I am going away with him. I met him in this house, and I am waiting two years for someone to bring me strong enough. I did not know him before I waited here on her doorstep."

Q: "Why did you not come in before?"

A: "Because this gentleman has the same interest, the same idea of writing ; because no sensitive was strong enough in a mental sense. By this I mean this ; my girl has a keen, yes a keen intelligence that attracts. My rhetoric and grammar are weak, that's all."


Q: (from Mrs. Georgia) : "How is it that you, an author of several books, are weak in this way?"

A: "My dear child, it is this way ; my thoughts fly so rapidly that the setting matters little ; it is the jewel, not the setting, that is valuable. I expect the Admiral to edit it, that’s all. I want my thoughts clear and the diction finer---that I expect from him."

"Now C-------wrote a book on this investigation." (Correct) "He has delved deeply. Do you know that Hodgson can't come back because he was such a sceptic?"

Q: "This is the pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Hudson. In your books you distinctly state that you do not believe in communication between this state and the next."

A: "I was on earth then. Great Heaven's can't a man change his mind as well as a woman?"

Q: "I should have said that you were more of a sceptic than my friend Dr. Hodgson."

A: "Progression occurs in change. I wrote a great many things to fill my books, the same as all people do. Some I believed, some of it was a filler. I quote the Bible in my book." (The Spirit then referred to a previous conversation about Mrs. Georgia being able to write for him in England, when I had said : ""e is talking through his hat."" "" am not talking. Through my knowledge of my girl, I know it is true that she can write in any country. L___is a Fellow of the Royal Society also. I can’t tell you when he was knighted ; he was at the head of one of your colleges ; he held the chair of Physics in some college there---for the life of me I can’t recall the name."

Q: "Birmingham?"

A: "I don't mean the one you said. He was not always there."

(I remarked that the script was getting rather disconnected and frivolous.) "If you call my endeavours to demonstrate my knowledge of the men you know 'frivolous' I don't know how to please you. I have let in a light on the future ; what more do you demand? I can write all night ; my girl is not going to wear out."

Q: "Thanks for all you have done for us. What is the spiritual fate of the suicide?"

A: "That is a fate no one would court---groping in the dark to pick up the dropped stitches that fell from the knitting needles."

Q: "Supposing the life of a man became unbearable---say through incurable disease---and he had nothing to live for, is it not his own to cast away or retain?"

A: "Their fate must be worked out in this phase or the next. Trouble can only be overcome by endurance. You can never escape the law of consequences."

Q: "Do you mean the Theosophic theory of Karma?"

A: "I mean that one soul must work out the evil of each life in its successive phase. I don't mean Theosophy in its general sense."

Q: "Is there such a thing as re-incarnation?"

A: "Not in the Theosophy sense ; yes in another."

Q: "Is each phase of advance in spiritual life what you mean by a re-incarnation?"

A: "Yes, in another world; you may belong to the Latin race, to the Slav, to the various offshoots of Babel. Do you follow me?"

Q: "I do not quite understand. Is the progression a series of births?"

A: "That is a punishment. The Slav is the bottom of the ladder ; the Yellow or Oriental is the very beginning ; the Anglo-Saxon is the better. I will go if you want me to depart."

Q: "How do you mean , our punishment?"

A: "Yes in that lower state to pay for any criminal offence."

Q: "Then, am I to understand, a criminal comes back?"

A: "But not necessarily on this planet ; there are other planets which are inhabited. I am going to leave you now. I will have my girl take the ring [I had been wearing Mrs. Georgia's ring for an hour], and so I will go ; but I will see you perhaps at eleven. You will understand."

(Neither Mrs. Georgia nor I understood what Hudson meant in his latter replies ; but I have thought it well to enter them throughout where there was nothing of a private character. It will be observed that statements became less definite towards the end of the sitting, which seems natural.)


11:15 a.m., December 26,1908, with Mrs. Georgia who wrote:

"I am here ; but you will have to read my writing in your fine voice, so I can gather strength I want you to give me."

(I remarked : "I think our sittings should not last more than two hours, as it is injurious to the psychic, and I feel considerably drawn upon ; the messages, also, become confused after that time.")

"I will speak to you later ; you dictate in the interim, so I may come strong on the vibration. Then I will help you send the message to the minister or reverend gentleman across the sea."

Q: "Mr. W. T. Steed is not a minister, but his father was one. His son passed over to the higher life some months ago. I hope you will soon know him."

A: "I don't know the son. Dictate now, so I come strong enough."

(After dictating to Mrs. Georgia a telepathic message to Mr. W. T. Stead, we sat down to repeat it over and over for half an hour.) Hudson then wrote the following approximation to the message through the hand of Mrs. Georgia :---"I have got into communication with Thomson Jay Hudson, of Detroit, Michigan, the author of several efforts to enlighten the inquiring minds in this phase of life through my girl at Rochester. Some day I will identify myself to the son of William T. Stead ; also to his father, a strong divine of the Baptist persuasion---a man who made an outcry against social evils. He has come to the son often. He is very proud of William T. Stead. I will see them both when my girl comes to England. This is all this a.m., as my poor girl is very weak ; I dare not tax her more.---T. J. H."

(The message we attempted to telepath was as follows:---"Through Mrs. Georgia, a mirror-writing sensitive at Rochester, I have got into communication with Thomson Jay Hudson, the author of The Law of Psychic Phenomena and The scientific Demonstration of a Future Life…." This message was not taken in by Mr. Stead.)

Q: "How can we attract those we desire to come to us from a Spirit life?"

A: "I will tell you Sunday."

Q: Have you not made a mistake about the Baptist minister?"

A: "I was talking about the father of the man you were sending the message to."

Q: (by Mrs Georgia) ; "I do not feel that I am weak."

A: "No; your pressing on, your soul strength and squeezing the life out, was the reason. I mean any demand makes them weaker ; I mean the sensitive."

(48) Sunday, December 27,1908. With Mrs. Georgia.

Q: "How can Spirits be attracted to a sitter?"

A: "You take the picture you have with you, put it in your pocket, if you have one ; then, Mrs. Georgia, go to your case under the weathered-oak table, present the plate-holders to the distinguished envoy ; then take your smaller camera in the room, adjust it, throw the red robe over the camera, and expose it for twelve counts. Develop alone at the hour of twelve at night. In two days later the ambassador is to concentrate on the picture at the agreed hour ; and, if possible, I will transfer the picture in his pocket on to the plate with him. This is a very important test. Then, if I am successful, the Spirit will always be with him."

Q: "That is not quite what I wanted. I doubt if this is Mr. Hudson."

A: "Yes---yes it is ! I am."

Q: "I cannot do that."

A: "You miss a great test if you do not ! C___ was born two years before me ; this will prove what I say, that I am Hudson. (Correct)

(Mrs. Georgia wished to see if the camera-case was where the Spirit said it was located. She went to the weathered-oak table, and did not find it.)

"It is under the table, on the floor, not on the shelf." (I now went to look, and found it, as described by Hudson, on the floor, a little on one side of the edge of the table. Mrs. Georgia had only searched the shelf. She said that she had not used the camera since the fall, and that the plate-holders were loaded. While she was telling me this, she suddenly became intensely cold and hysterical. She was unable to control herself for twenty minutes. Eventually writing was resumed.)


"You must sit for my picture if you wish to…"

(Here the writing breaks into a large and unreadable scrawl. An evilly-disposed Spirit came in and wrote.)

"You are both too stupid; good-bye. I hate you." (The signature was unintelligible. Hudson presently returned.)

Hudson : "I went away when you could not oblige me. I have some right. I want my picture just to test my power. I have waited for two years on this girl’s step to get" (here follows a crude drawing of a picture). "I am angry at you both for not assisting me ; that is why I write Big, so you can see the way the ether blows."

(I suggested that I had not time to wait for the development of the picture, if taken. I was going away the next day.)

A: "You don’t have to. She can mail it…You are wasting time. Get your plate-holder and camera." (I said I would not remain up until twelve o'clock.) "Yes ; don't sit up ! Call your sub-conscious mind, and the picture will appear on the plate ; it is possible to be irritated here." (I did not believe in the success of the experiment, and I said I should be unable to oblige Mr. Hudson.)

Hudson : "You must, or I shall never come again to you---not in February. I don't want it only for my own benefit, as it is my desire to investigate my power. If I come to you, can't you reciprocate? Life here is carried on in the same working plane. I want to see if I can…" (I said : "That seems reasonable.") "Just sit still ; don't come…" (This last remark was in answer to one by me saying I was unable to come back at midnight.) "Just think, if you are awake ; or, before you go to sleep, charge your mind with the Spirit-picture." (Mrs. Georgia declared that it was too dark a day to get a focus for the picture ; her experience had been that interior work required far more light.) "You mind your affair. I will attend to my Business. That's my Business to get the picture."

(To restore harmony we decided to do as Hudson desired. The camera was set up, and his directions followed to the letter. It was a very dull day, but focus was obtained by my holding a lighted candle. Hudson afterwards expressed himself as much satisfied, and we parted amicably, he saying, "It is not a failure." However when the plates were developed, two days later, no Spirit form was visible. It was a remarkable print. With twelve counts---say nine seconds---exposure in a dark room, nothing ought to have appeared at all, whereas two distinct pictures were produced, full of detain.) . . . . I propose to relate in this chapter all I know of Mr. Hudson, regardless of sequence in the dates of my investigations. The reader will find this clearer than if I reverted to some phenomenon in which this Spirit was involved, in the middle of a description of other types of spiritualistic manifestations. I may say here that I have not strictly obeyed Hudson's injunction to "edit" his writing through Mrs. Georgia. I think it is best for the reader to see exactly how the sentences came. All I have done is to punctuate what he said, and to add a word at wide intervals where otherwise a phrase would have been misunderstood.

(49) On a preconcerted date, 10pm., New York time, January 20, I sat at a table in my room at the Auditorium Annex Hotel, Chicago, and read over several times the following message: Mr. Thomson Jay Hudson, Will you tell Mrs. Georgia, "your girl," that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is to project her portrait on Friday morning? My sister's portrait is splendid. W. Usborne Moore, "A man of the Sea."


I sent this to Mr. A. W. Moore, who kept it in his possession. Mrs. Georgia did not see it until I wrote to her about a fortnight later.

Mrs. Georgia did not take in the message on January 20, probably from over-anxiety, which generally causes failure in all psychic experiments ; and on the 23rd she wrote to me at Chicago to say so, and to propose another test for the 27th. I did not receive this letter till the 26th, as I had moved from Chicago to Toledo, and there was some delay in forwarding it from the Toledo post office to the Secor Hotel. There was not time to get an answer to Mrs. Georgia before the hour appointed on the 27th. She, however, did sit, and got the following :

I am satisfied that the Bangs Sisters are genuine. I am highly pleased with my pictures on [sic] my sister and the great Egyptian. I wish you had permitted me to give your father's picture. The Admiral is seated in a hotel that is built like this [sketch], one of the largest modern hotels in the West. He is in a room eight stories up. The day in Chicago is murky, the air full of smoke and haze ; he cannot see the lake very clearly on account of the haze. He is seated on a large chair near the window ; the chair is not a rocker, but built on the half-Turkish and William Morris lines.

The room is about thirteen and a half by fifteen feet. The colorings are light in tone ; the dresser is mahogany, with wide glass. This message is brought by three---Hester Hudson, William Hudson, and Thomson Jay Hudson---who says, "My girl is a great girl, and her play will be a great success. We all help her.

"I want the Admiral to go to Denver. Some friend in Chicago will give him the address of the Medium there. I must go as we are getting weak."

All this was correct except for the following : (a) My floor was the seventh in the Auditorium Annex, but underneath the first floor there was a subterranean passage to the Auditorium, in which was a barbers shop and other offices. By a stretch my room might be called one on the eighth floor. (b) My room was about eleven feet broad, instead of thirteen and a half. (c) Cleopatra's picture had not been precipitated when I concentrated on the message.

The case is one of deferred percipience ; and it seems probable that Hudson knew on the 27th, when he delivered the message, that the picture had been done. It is somewhat curious that, on my way to Toledo, I met a Denver man who was interested in psychic research and could, no doubt have told me the name of the Medium Hudson wanted me to sit with. It is also somewhat singular that Hudson answers a question of Mrs. Georgia, who had written requesting me, if I came across a good Medium, to ask whether her play would be a success.

Mrs. Georgia could not possibly have known what sort of message I was likely to send ; nor could she have known about it after it was sent, before she penciled the mirror writing on the 27th. (50) The next case is not quite so clearly cut. I asked Mrs. Georgia to sit 10am., February 4, and I would get Dr. Hudson to take a message for me. Purposely, I concealed from her what city I should be in. This was the message :

Dr. Thomson Jay Hudson, Will you please tell "your girl," Mrs. Georgia, at Rochester, that I will see her on Monday next ; that I have talked with you here ; and that you think her play will be a success, and be appreciated by the public. Tell her I now understand why you have been able to do so much for us both.

W. Usborne Moore, Vice-Admiral, RN

This was sent from the home of the Medium, Mrs. Wriedt, 414 Baldwin Ave., Michigan. Hudson wrote through the hand of Mrs. Georgia :


The Admiral is in a hotel opposite old City building on the fourth floor in a city on a lake. Day is cold and cloudy, he is rather tired and exhausted ; tell him rushing too much, he should restrain well his forces ; they overwork him. I can’t just get the thought, so I will say there is an attractive dining-room which is a feature of the hotel ; he has had breakfast. His message is telling me he expects to have splendid results from the Hudson sitting. He tells me he is convinced of the immortality of the soul. He is satisfied with the trumpet medium.

He has not found out about the Hudsons ; he must speak of "Hudson," that’s me, in your address ; many people have accepted my hypothesis of the sub-conscious. I want him to say that he has heard from me. He must be very quiet, and not over exert himself. My Girl will sit for him here and in N. Y. For James and Hyslop, in concert. I shall bring F. W. H. Myres and Dr. Hodgson if I can. T. J. H.

Two hours after this Hudson came to me at the home of a trumpet Medium called "Kaiser," in Detroit, and spoke to me in the direct voice in the dark. He said he had done his best to impress "the light," but thought he had only partially succeeded.

Now what I wish to point out is that, although my message is not accurately carried, Hudson had transferred my thoughts. I was just then unwell from too frequent sittings. I was satisfied with the trumpet medium ; I was looking for the Hudsons in Detroit ; it was here Hudson had lived for some years, and here he died. I had not found them. It is curious that this profound thinker, whose works are the only ones worth a rap in denial of spiritism, was not known in his own city. At last I found one man who had been a friend of his. While at Rochester, in February, Hudson told me that he saw me with his friend, and, by way of test, gave me such a very unflattering description of the gentleman, including his weight in pounds avoirdupois (every word of which I believe is true), that I cannot repeat it, as I might lay myself open to an action for libel.

There is one feature in the message worthy of strict attention. The Hotel Hudson describes is not the one I was in at the time----i.e., the "Cadillac"; but it is the one I put up at on my previous visit three weeks before, the "Pontechartrain." I asked Hudson at Rochester why he described the hotel and room I was not in at the time of taking the message. His reply was, in effect : "When I came to you at K.'s (the trumpet medium) I did not wait to go home with you, as another Spirit wanted to come in ; and therefore I did not see the 'Cadillac.'"

I suppose I must go through the formality of mentioning that Mrs. Georgia knew nothing of my movements, and nothing of Detroit. The lecture referred to by Hudson was one I was to give on February 26,1909, at Rochester. In March Mrs. Georgia did sit in my room in New York for Dr. Hyslop and Dr. Funk, in concert. At the time this message was written such a séance seemed most improbable. Mrs. Georgia's play was a success.

Monday February 8,1909. With Mrs. Georgia, at Rochester, who wrote : "I am here, but must hear your voice before I feel strength to come. Tell my girl what you have done. I want once more to come on. [Does he want the graphophone?] No, I want my man of the sea !

"I helped with the play, and I hope it is a success. I have planned with her so her guides would let me in her Circle. Read the plan I sent to your brain to him ; then I will come." (Mrs. Georgia here read to me a neat essay on the salient points to have in mind when writing a play. This, she said, had come into her head a few days before, and she was impressed to write it down there and then. She also described to me the plat of the drama she had written. I objected to the extreme innocence of the heroine, and gave it as my opinion that the public might think such a character a fool.)

Hudson : "If you read the Admiral some dialogue, he will not despair of your play."

Q: "Do not all women know that they are loved, from the age of ten?"


A: "I don't think it. The play will be a success. All women think that they are loved whether they are or not. That's why some women are so contented."

Q: "Have not all women of ordinary intelligence a gift of intuition that is a weapon of defense, enabling them to know the character of a person at first sight?"

A: "Just at first ! If they live as long in their atmosphere, they absorb their aura." (Mrs. Georgia related some of her personal experiences to me.) Hudson : "I am glad you were frank with the man of the sea."

Q: "What time of day is best for our meetings?"

A: "I would rather you come between 5:30 and sit until 8 o'clock. I mean you come here at six and stay until eight o'clock. I want you to know my girl is to be honoured, as the play will make her famous, that I know. I want to tell you she is an old soul, and she will find her great work in this work. I shall write an entire book through her hand. This is T. J. H." (51) On February 11, 1909. With Mrs. Georgia.

(I suggested the use of the graphophone to assist Mr. Hudson to manifest.) "Yes it will help me. I will date the message ; it is the eleventh day of February, nineteen hundred and nine." (Graphophone set going.)

"You wait until the Admiral hears the others ; it helps me. I come on the vibrations. Set the Irish ballad, then I will tell the man of the sea all he wants to know ; I am trying to get Fred. W. Myers to come with me." (The Irish ballad was played.) "That was a favourite of mine. Write my son."

Q: "Is your son at Stanford University, California?"

A: "You must write him, he was there. A letter will reach him there."

Q: "Do you wish me to tell him the reason of my inquiry?"

A: "Tonight? Yes. He does not believe much in this. I made a promise to come back to him, but he did not find me."

Q: "Will he believe that I have communicated with you?"

A: "Not at first. Yes, on the whole, he will believe a man of your probity." (Mrs. Georgia here inadvertently turned over the paper, and wrote on the wrong side.)

Q: "If you can bring Mr. Myers and Dr. Hodgson, it will be good. I did not know Mr. Myers."

A: "Myers promised to return to his special friends, but he was unable to do so. The Admiral will give you the devil for writing on the wrong side of the sheet. You see, you really annoy 'the man of the sea' by your lack of system."

Q: "Have you seen my picture?" (one precipitated in the presence of the Bangs sisters).

A: "No, I was not there ; I met you in my home town. I was there in the room for the first time ; it was then I saw you."

(Mrs. Georgia and I discussed the handwriting, which was not straight across the page. We asked Hudson if he would try and write parallel to the top and bottom of the sheet. The character of the writing changed.)

Hudson : "This cramps my hand to sit in my girl's lap."

Q: "Did you not talk with me in Detroit the last time I was there?"

A: "I could not stay ; you called for me ; that’s why I came and stayed a short time."

Q: "You came twice? "

A: "Yes ; but neither was very satisfactory."

Q: "Why did you describe to Mrs. Georgia the Pontchartrain Hotel?"

A: "I did not follow you to the Cadillsc ; I think the hotel was built on the old hotel site of the 'Plankington.’" (Mr. H. C. Hodges, one of the oldest residents of Detroit, tells me this is not so. He says the "Plankington" is a hotel in Milwaukee, and that the "Pontchartrain" is over the old site of the "Russell" Hotel.)

Q: "You took a message last Thursday from Detroit ; why give the description of my hotel of a month before?"


(52) A: "Because I did not go out of K's house with you ; there was another Spirit came to you after I left. I saw you with my old friend, the man on the Free Press."

Q: "I saw him at the office of the Detroit News."

A: "He was on the Free Press when I knew him."

Q: "Can you describe him?"

A: There followed a very unflattering description of the man, with his Christian name, surname, and weight. I believe this description was true ; the names certainly were, and the weight I should judge to be right.

Q: "What sphere are you in, Mr. Hudson?"

A: "The third."

(After this some confused messages came, which satisfied me that Hudson was in touch with Iola, my guide. The sitting was very interesting to me, as the psychic, Mrs. Georgia, knows nothing of Detroit, the hotels, or the man on the staff of the Detroit News. I did not know the Christian name of this man, and did not find it out for month's afterwards.)

"I will bring Dick Hodgson the next Tuesday, and Mr. Myers tells me he will try and tell what message he sealed to his friend in England that no Medium has ever read. It is in a dark walnut desk, and is in three envelopes. He tells me that he has quite forgotten what he wrote, but that it was a silly jungle that no Medium could ever guess, as it is a little jingle. It has been forgotten, as Myers has been dead almost ten years. The Society has it ; I don't know, but it is a member of the R. S. I can't see who has it ; but you will find out it is a very trivial little jingle. You would expect some esoteric thought, would you not?

"Come Tuesday at 6:30. He is coming also. Myers says he is too old to get here before Tuesday. He would be tired. Hodgson is younger. He wants me to say he has disappointed all his old friends, and he is sorry. I will want you to copy now, then my girl can get a little strength." February 13,1909. With Mrs. Georgia, who wrote :

"I am here; it is the 13th.

"Marriage is built upon a totally false foundation. When the Lord of all said 'In My Image,' he meant the soul, that he, the man child, could develop it to a great extent. The temple, at birth, is given ; you must invite the soul to inhabit."

Q: What do you mean by saying 'Invite'?"

A: "Just this: a child is born with mind and intelligence ; that is purely physical. The soul is a cultivation, a growth of the Spirit. Do you understand your earth terms limit my expressions?"

Q: "Then there is no soul before physical birth?"

A: "The soul is the expression of the highest sense that is bred in the fetus. "That is why the pre-natal has such influence ; the male responsibility ends when the seed is planted, the female carries the responsibility during the entire period. No child attends [Attains?] full understanding until they reach the physical period of the first function. Can you wade through what I mean?"

Q: "I do not understand the word 'attend.'"

A: "Because I wanted to tell the man of the sea that, when children attend [attain?] the first period, then soul growth begins ; they can expand or contract their spiritual development." Q: "What do you call the 'first period'?"

A: " 'Attained,' that's it ; the age of puberty."

Q: "Does not the Spirit in which marriage is entered into effect the Spirit of the child?"

A: "By all means. All children are an accident, more often than design ; the result is found from careful observations. I spelt 'vibrations' wrong last night . [He had spelt it 'vibrations.']
It was my girls fault."

Q: "That does not matter, as the Doctor has asked me to edit his work."

A: "Do that, or I shall die of shame."

Q: "I thought he was dead already."


A: "I am alive in Spirit, but my girl is so rapid with her force I can’t stop to think of the spellin' " (Is this a joking allusion to "the nu spellin' " we heard of from the United States two years before?)

Q: "Would not true love produce a better child spiritually than conventional marriage?"

A: "By all means. A better birth start is made than in an involuntary submission of a loveless union. You know, scientific men have found illegitimate children are better started than legitimate offspring, for two reasons ; they are born in love, bred in love, and the pre-natal influence is all shrewdness to avoid detection. That sharpens the wit of the child, the brain ; and the love makes a perfect physical consummation."

Q: "I do not see why true love should necessarily be illegitimate."

A: "I thought the man of the sea was referring to the 'Love' which is greater than law or order."

Q: "It is true ; I was thinking of the great talents of Alexander Hamilton."

A: "You were thinking of the illegitimate. He is often near you---a bold intrepid Spirit. "Hamilton's mother was a victim of the time. Had she not married the Scot, she might have married Hamilton's father. Divorce in her day in those British possessions was death ; socially she could do no worse."

Q: "Has the Spirit of man ever lived before?"

A: "That is a phase I can't see, as each sphere is a college ; I have only taken the third degree."

Q: "When you entered Spirit life, what sphere did you go to?"

A: "I stepped right into this one. I can only look down on the few less fortunate. The earth development is a ticket to your sphere.

"I have seen Myers, and he wants you to come Monday, instead of Tuesday." "I will do as Mr. Myers wishes ; but Tuesday will suit me better."

A: "He says he thinks the weather will be better, Monday, for him. He is an old, tired soul." (Mrs. Georgia said :"I think Mr. Hudson must have passed over with some stomach trouble. I feel the conditions.")

Q: "What disease did you die of?"

A: "Gastritis is my trouble ; for my girl to take it is bad." (I have not been able to confirm this.)

Q: "I have written to your son through Stanford University, California. Will you see that he gets the letter?"

A: "I will see that you hear from it." (So far, 1911, I have received no answer.)

Q: "What relation to you is Hester Hudson?"

A: "sister in Spirit."

Q: "And William Hudson?"

A: "My father's brother." (As yet unconfirmed.)

Q: "Is Hester Hudson your sister-in-law?"

A: "Yes." (Correct)

Q: "Shall we copy now, Dr. Hudson?"

A: "By all means."

February 15,1909. Very bad atmospheric conditions. With Mrs. Georgia, who wrote, in a different handwriting to the former records :

"I am very weak today. Myers drags on. This is Richard Hodgson. I want you to talk to my girl. We can hear your voice no more."

Q: "Who is writing now?"

A: "I saw him at Piper's sittings. Myers."

Q: "Will you give us something as a test? As I did not know you when you were in earth life, it would be the more valuable "

A: "I will tell you when I am stronger. If you will put your hand upon the pencil, I might gather strength." (Put my hand upon the pencil.) "You are a very strong force. You can write. You will write."


Q: "Do you mean 'mirror-writing'?"

A: "Yes, it will come to you. You must let me rest." (I explained to Mrs. Georgia how I came to believe in the existence of the Spirits of departed friends.)

A: "An agnostic before."

Q: "Mrs. Georgia said, 'Tell us something about Admiral Moore.'"

(53) A: "That he has four children, 3 girls and 1 son." (Correct) He is a magistrate in some small court in the same town (Gosport, Fareham Division of Hampshire). He has lived in the same house a great many years, near 35 years(should be 28 years in the same town and 20 years in the same house). You married 30 years or 31 years ago (31 years correct) in some distant place, not in England but under your flag. (Correct ; Sydney, New South Wales). He knew her 35 years. You will live on that house 35 years (probably)."

Q: "How do you find out these things?"

A. (Handwriting changed to that usually adopted by Hudson): "By the guide that stands near you. She tells me. I am waiting for strength. I must come again."

Q: "Is my guide you spoke of, here now?"

A: "Yes, but she can never come through the hand." (Here I asked a question on a private matter about an event at home. The prognostication given turned out to be correct. It was unexpected.)

Q: "Can you give us any more information Dr. Hudson?"

A: "You don't hear the rain and the hail and the snow? (The atmospheric conditions were of the very worst.) Hodgson and Myers want to try again---Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, if the weather is good. Myers was a very poor prophet !" (Alluding to Mr. Myers forecast of the weather given in the script of the 13th.)

Wednesday, February 17,1909. With Mrs. Georgia, who wrote :

"Dr. Hodgson and Professor Myers can't gather strength enough to come. I am the man who came in with you. You left the Dr. you expected down town."

Q: "I hope if Mr. Myers cannot come Mr. Hudson will give me a message."

(Mr. Hudson did not manifest directly, but helped Iola, my guide, to come in. This was the first time she had made herself known through Mrs. Georgia. She identified herself completely, referred to a seance with another private medium at Toledo that had taken place a fortnight before, and in such a way as to put thought-reading out of the question. I think Hudson was doing the writing for her. It was an interesting conversation, about matters that are of no concern to the reader. Mrs. Georgia, with great kindness and patience, continued writing for an hour and a half about things that could not possibly have been of any interest to her when they were translated.) February 19,1909. Atmospheric conditions most unfavourable. There was a thaw, and it was raining.

With Mrs Georgia who wrote :

Q: "Is Iola here?"

A: "Yes I am here, but you must talk a bit. I like her, and I like to come by her hand."

Q: "Shall we talk, or have the graphophone?"

A: "Talk. Weather so bad." (I said, "We know the conditions are very bad.") "I am the founder of the Psychical Society. I was the first president of that society."

Q: "Are you Professor Sidgwick?"

A: "I died in Rome. No I am Frederick William Henry Myers. I was at Trinity and Cambridge."

Q: "Delighted to hear of you, Mr. Myers. Please give me some test."

A: "I promised that I would come back if it were possible, and left a jingle, but I can't remember it. I wrote a great many verses in my time, as well as my prose work. I wrote the Scientific future life, prose; and St. Paul, poetry."

(I said : "What he means is Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death")


"I wrote seven books in all ; I died in 1901 in Rome. (Correct) I was born in 40-s. (Correct) I can’t stay, but February 6 is the date. Tell L. and C. you saw me."

Q: "Very sorry you are obliged to go. Will you come again? Please send Iola here."

A: "I might if I can remember better; 43 was the year of birth." (Correct)

(All this was in an unusual handwriting. Mrs. Georgia had never heard of Mr. Myers works, either prose or poetry ; neither had she heard of Mr. Myers himself until he was mentioned by Mr. Hudson in her script of February 11,1909. I had never seen Mr. Myers. I had read Human Personality, St. Paul, and several of his papers in S. P. R. transactions, but I knew nothing about his other works. Nor did I know his third Christian name, the dates of his birth and death, nor anything about him personally. I remember reading something about him when a memorial was erected to him at one of our universities, but the facts had entirely escaped my memory. It was not till I reached home that I ascertained that the above facts were all true. I sent the writing to the secretary of the S. P. R., thinking it might fit in with some script in her possession. It was returned with a courteous note saying that Miss. Johnson "had not found anything evidential in it." I believe the word "jingle" is an incorrect term to apply to the message Mr. Myers left behind him. Otherwise I think Mr. Myers communication is about as evidential an incident as has ever been obtained about anybody, so far as it goes.

After the departure of Myers, Iola came in, and a private conversation took place, very interesting to me, but of no particular value to my readers.)

February 22,1909. With Mrs. Georgia, who wrote : "I am here ; the conditions are fine ; the day glorious, and the distinguished man of the sea is in a fine mood."

Q: "Is Iola here too?"

A: "I want to talk a bit ; that is her rapping on the table.

"The reason I have not been here the last two times was better for me to stay away so Myers could come ; he is in a higher sphere than I, and more anxious for you to hear from him. "He want me to urge you to call for him wherever you go that you will receive the rhyme from some other Medium…

"You should call for us when you can, because we will inspire your book in the wonderful atmosphere you have brought around you."

Q: "Is Mr. Myers here?"

A: "He likes the place he is in better than when he was here, and it means a great effort to come back. He wants to come through an Englishman ; you are a very strong psychic control."

Q: "Ask Mr. Myers if he will answer a letter at the Bangs Sisters on Monday, March 1?"

A: "He will try, but their mentality does not attract him as this girl. Animal magnetism may be able to signal (picture of a flag which I assume means "signal") him. England next fall !"

Q: "Do you mean Mrs. Georgia in England?"

A: "You will see Mrs. Georgia in England during the year. You will blaze the trail " You will be able to prove to a very intelligent few the phenomena ! You will do that ; don't go home without exposing a Medium ; if you go to one fake and expose him, you will carry greater weight with your genuine."

Q: "I do not care to convert. If people do not believe that you are Thomson Jay Hudson, nothing will convince them of the truth of these phenomena."

A: "Going up the Jacob's ladder is giving out good thoughts ; I will some day reveal the great hidden truths in the Bible. All this phenomena is in the Bible, but the world then was as blind to it as today."

Q: "Have you seen my address intended for next Wednesday night?"

A: "I will see it when you bring it out tomorrow. You can do nothing without the Admiral."

(I said to Mrs. Georgia ; "You wrote before I came.") "Not with me. You are too selfish to give my letters to the world ; you are too fond of a good dinner !"

Q: "Who do you mean?"


A: "I mean my girl. I want her to wake up ! I want her to realize her spiritual possibilities ; she does this to please you, not to please me or educate the public, nor even herself. I am old enough to be (her?) father, so I have a right to arouse her to the frightful waste of talent !" "Iola wants to come in if you would rather she came in?"

Q: "You have been very good. I should like Iola to come in."

A: "I would be glad to come all the time you are here. I shall carry the message T. J. H." Take another Paper."

(I am sorry that I have had no opportunity of following the advice of Hudson to "Expose a Medium." As will be seen later, my correspondent from the third sphere was anxious that his message should form the principle feature in the account of my experiences in America ; and did not hesitate to imply fraud in other Mediums with the hope of carrying out his object. It was, however, no good. I was unable to oblige him.)

The rest of this sitting was occupied by a conversation with Iola which is of interest only to myself.

A curious incident happened when I returned to my hotel. I was particularly careful to put all my papers reporting this sitting into one drawer in my room. In the evening I found them separated into two lots, one (the latter half) being in the drawer into which I had put the whole ; the former part was discovered in another drawer that I had never used for records of sittings, nor, indeed, for any other letters or papers. The division was accounted for the next day, as will be seen below.

February 23,1909. With Mrs. Georgia. This sitting was entirely taken up with communications from Iola.

Q: "Can you tell me about my papers last night?"

A: "Yes I was there. I read them over to see how nicely I could write."

Q: "Why did you put half of the papers in the wrong drawer?" A: "I want you to know it was I ; I was a bit careless on earth." (I said : "I don’t remember clearly, but I think she was.")

A: "Near relatives should know !"

February 24,1909. With Mrs. Georgia. This sitting was taken up by communications from Iola. The following are extracts :

Q: "Have you seen Hypatia?"

A: "I have not."

Q: "She was at Jonson's cabinet."

A: "I did not recognise her ; she was of no interest to me then. I was so exhausted that time."

Q: "You know I have a picture of Cleopatra?"

A: "Yes I know all about Cleopatra.". . . (55) "He has the offshoot of the oak in his pocket, a gold acorn. Have him take a chain from his outside pocket." (This is a remarkable incident. I took out of the outside pocket of my coat the key of my room in the hotel. Attached to it by a steel chain was a gold-plated acorn. It is hardly necessary to say that Mrs. Georgia knew nothing of what was in my pocket.)

February 25,1909. With Mrs. Georgia.

"I asked Mrs. Georgia to try what she could do in automatic mirror-writing while reading aloud. I brought her one of the books from her library, a play by Victor Hugo, and while reading it to me she wrote. The script was rather wild ; I first asked a question of Dr. Hudson.)


Q: "Dr. Hudson, were you with me last night when I delivered your message?" (an address given at the hotel).

A: "Yes I was. If you want my girl to attract Iola, you must keep the first commandment. Have no other Gods before this ; in this respect the gods are spelled with small letters ; no irreverence. Read, read. (I said : "I think Myers came in here.")

"I mean can't write with noise in brain at all. I mean this : don’t read as Iola can’t use the mentality unconsciously of this sensitive for this reason---she wants no gods before her writing." "That is from Myers."

"Mrs. Georgia discontinued reading Victor Hugo's play)

Q: "I hope you will answer a letter at Chicago on Monday next, 11am.?"

A: "Yes, do ; I will try and come. I want to explain something to you ; it is this : We use this sensitive’s sub-conscious mind to draw our earth material from. You impoverish our resources if you occupy her conscious mind ; she is a reservoir upon which we draw. . Cut off our supply, and we can't give you a very brilliant achievement."

Q: "Can you give me a test for Sir ___?"

A: "I could come, and would exhaust the strength of this perfect condition. That’s why she recalled the first commandment. The other gods was a metaphor, the sub-conscious being our divine principle of working the conscious is physical and human."" (Mrs. Georgia said : ""o not all Mediums have that?"" I replied : Everyone has it."" ""it not developed by education nor experience."" (Here came Iola with a private message.)

Q: "Did Mr. Myers sign?"

A: "Here is my signature, 'F. W. H. Myers.' I never used anything but initials. I want another sheet."

(Iola now came in, and occupied the remainder of the sitting giving some interesting reminiscences of her time on earth.)

In a previous sitting I had inquired how it was that Iola, who was in a high sphere and realm, required the assistance of Hudson, who is in the third sphere and realm, to manifest to me. The reply was ; "She is higher in the spiritual ; he in the intellectual." Hudson also said that he had made a study of the methods of communication with the earth plane, and was better able to come to me. I take it to be a fact that, the longer Spirits have been progressing away from earth conditions, the more difficult it is for them to adopt material means of making themselves known. I am now going to show how I was nearly misled through a communication signed by Iola, but which really emanated from Hudson. It Is a story that does not redound to the credit of Hudson. When the deception was found out, he asked me to keep it to myself. At first I intended doing so, not so much on his account as on that of the Bangs sisters. A superficial critic, on reading the following narrative, may think that it contains evidence against those Mediums. I do not ; and I feel bound to relate it, as it is a first rate evidence of Spirit action, and shows how people not far advanced in the Spirit World have the same human instincts as people here.

I had, during the third week in February, written to the Bangs Sisters to say I was returning to Chicago for more tests, and adding that I should probably sit for a portrait of Hypatia ; at the same time ordering a frame the same size as that already ordered for the picture of Cleopatra. (The frames take four weeks to complete.) I told Iola of my intention. Much to my surprise, she objected strongly to the project, as will be seen below. Pressed for reasons, she (or Hudson, writing for her) declared the picture was already done, and gave some sort of idea what it was like. But it became clear, as the writing went on, that Hudson was apprehensive that the effect of his script would be weakened in England if it were put side by side with accounts of the Bangs's pictures. He therefore used every endeavour to prevent me getting more, and unscrupulously attempted to discredit the Bangs Sisters by challenging them to answer a letter that he would himself dictate to Mrs. Georgia.

February 26,1909. With Mrs. Georgia. (I said to Mrs. Georgia : "I wonder if Iola was with us last night in Plymouth Church?")


A,: "I was at the first part of the lecture. I could not stay. I felt the depressive influence of a crowd."

Q: "Do you understand in future that your name 'Iola' will be substituted for ‘X’ in future narratives?"

A: "Yes, I like it much better ; X is like an algebra sign standing for some unknown quality or quantity. What time does your train leave?" (I said, "5:30pm. for Chicago.") "I want to tell you were not able to get the book by Arnold." (This is correct. In the previous sitting Iola had recommended me to go to the store in town and buy a certain book. It turned out that it was not in stock.)

"I wish you were not going further than Detroit."

Q,: "Why?"

A: "Because I want him to go home to M. G. (initials correct). If you go (i.e., to Chicago) don't get another woman Referring to the picture of Hypatia), that's it ; you have enough, I think, if you make the experiment. Let it go. Don't get that Picture ; you have Cleopatra."

Q: "I want the picture for the purpose of educating the public, not for my own gratification."

(56) A: "You can't hope to educate the British fools that are pigheaded ; such experiences to be of value as an education must be personal. Save your dollars, give Cleopatra to the Society if you will, not to the museum." (This is a curious remark, as it never entered my head to give the picture to either the S. P. R. or the British Museum,- though I had asked the latter to take charge of it for a time.) "Write the Bangs, and wire them your plan for picture is altered, and you will find they will insist upon your taking it. It is already done ! This is Thomson Jay Hudson.

"You wait, try my plan, and see if I am not right. The wire will cost you 40 cents. Try it. I tell you at Iola's request. The woman is painted as a blonde with hanging hair; the robe white Grecian (fairly correct). It is her request that I investigated it. Upon a separate sheet I will write a letter and have Mrs. Georgia read it. Yes She is. You must see that they are lazy ; it shifts on the paper, it saves them strength---what they have. Iola is here while I write you. T. J. H." "I will write a letter for you to have them read which will be duplicated by a carbon. You are to seal it without reading. Mrs. G. will keep the copy here, you will see it shifted, that’s all. "I will write a scientific note for a test that they can never answer ; a test Iola wants to warn you ; she warned G. about the picture ; she don’t like Hypatia’s picture." (Iola now came in.) "I want your test to end with Great Britain. I mean don’t get that picture ; test the letters of the Bangs, but no more pictures……you will see I am right when I know they will force you to take the picture. I don't think I will tell you all just yet until you see Mrs. Georgia again. But you must not take it." (I made some remark to the effect that, having ordered a picture, I must take one.) "Then get one of me."

"They must give you the copy of the full-faced one. Wire them to see how they try to force the long-haired woman upon you. I want you to seal the picture with your signet……"

Q: "Is not the picture I have of you a genuine precipitation?"  A: "It is genuine in some respects, but you must see if I could give you one why not the other---do you think me limited?

"The test must be made so that you can dignify your belief ; yes, it is Iola. I tell you that I have come to you through the picture, but I want you to Have no more. If you wire them, they can't hold you to your half order. I said that because they can't give it. If a spirit can paint one---an artist Spirit, why not a full face? Is the artist limited? I am there, your picture is there, but you will know I am right. Save the money, 6 pounds. If you are made to take any, insist that is the picture you want. Tell May Bangs you can't have any, nor will you accept any unless they can give you that one in a perfect likeness ; that will save the six pounds. You are going to prove, not to be imposed (upon)…I shall keep you from it if I can. Wire them, and have the letter test… I want you to watch out so your test of the letters will be single and alone. If you test the letter alone Crookes will know you made a real business of his request.


 You will destroy this effect of your test If you mix up the picture test ; it will hurt your book’s influence, for people will believe the letter test when they won't the picture…I will rest ten minutes." (After an interval of about ten minutes.)

"I will tell you that I want you to prove to the English-speaking people that your test of these letters is thoroughly mental, not chicanery. I know the picture (Iola's picture) is all right. He don't ; that's why you must have no more. You will and have done enough for the Bangs sisters. Wire them by all means…. Hudson spoke for me, that's why you did not recognize my 'style,' literary 'style.'

"You must have the N. Y. man (Dr. James Hyslop) to find out about Mrs. Georgia, as his excerpts from your book will create a great sale in this country. I am Iola, I want your book to reach the world."

Hudson then dictated to Mrs. Georgia a letter for me to carry to the Bangs Sisters. I did not read the contents until after the reply had been given at Chicago on March 4. In the course of conversation I had told Mrs. Georgia that the principle reason for my return to Chicago was to obtain an additional test of the Bangs Sisters' letters for Sir William Crookes (see Chapter VII.). We had talked over my previous visit to Chicago, and she had seen my picture of Iola to which allusions are made above. We both believed in the genuineness of the Bangs Sisters’ manifestations. The foregoing script was written very clearly and with great rapidity, in her usual mirror-writing. To me the warning was incomprehensible. The Vehement denunciation of the proposed picture of Hypatia was unlike the usual gentle tone of Iola’s communications. I knew that Hudson wished his message to be given prominence in the account of my investigations, and I had a strong feeling that it was not contrary to the wishes of Iola for me to obtain the picture of Hypatia, who, I felt sure, had assisted her in the higher life. I did not send the telegram, but left matters to settle themselves when I arrived the next day at Chicago. On Saturday February 27, I went to the Bangs Sisters. I told them I intended to have a picture, but it would probably not be that of Hypatia. The elder woman said : "Do as you like ; but how about the gold frame you ordered to be made?" I replied : "That is of no consequence ; you can make use of it for some other picture. You are constantly in need of frames for pictures of this size precipitated through your mediumship." To this there was no demur ; no attempt was made to insist upon the execution of that particular picture. In the evening I put a closed letter to my guide between the slates, after May Bangs had seen the exterior of the envelope, and received a reply (for the methods I must refer the reader to Chapter VII.) The principle question I had asked was, "Would she (Iola) give me a full length portrait of herself on the following Monday, March 1?" I give extracts from her reply :

I know just what you want……I can come in likeness on the smaller canvas, but I think you had better select a larger and more panel shape, considerably longer one way than the other ; it will be more artistic and shapely……It may seem strange to you that I should make such a request of you, but I do so because I can see that opportunities will not be favourable again, but I want you to sit for Hypatia's portrait while here. Hypatia has been such a help to me in making all the different grades of progress in Spirit Life, and is deeply interested in your medial progress……You may think it strange that I have changed the programme, but there is a reason for this that I will explain to you fully. Of the two……I would prefer to give Hypatia’s picture, but I know you will let us both come, and you will have no regrets. Ask the Mediums about the panel canvas for my picture. I will impress them with what I mean …… (Signed) Iola.

On the outside of the envelope was the instruction ; "Read your message before leaving, so as to arrange with the Medium." It was settled that we should sit for Iola’s portrait on Monday morning.

On Monday, March 2,1909. I told the Bangs I would have a precipitated picture of Hypatia, as well as that of Iola. They proposed, as a test of their mediumship, that we should try for both on that day. While we were waiting for the panel canvases to come up from the town, May Bangs brought me the two large canvases that were to be used for the picture of Hypatia, to


inspect. They were warped, and I objected to using them ; but, as May Bangs said they had used up all the others, I agreed to try and get these straight; so we nailed them up to a wall and left them there for four hours.

At 11.20 the two panel canvases arrived from William Horsley and Co., 17-19 Clinton Street, wet. We put them in the window, under full light of the sun, and sat over them till they became dry. This occupied twenty-five to thirty minutes. They were then put up in the window ; and at 11.50 we sat for the picture. It was precipitated in ten minutes. and about 12:20 I left the house to get my lunch at the Annex Hotel, two miles distant. For a full description of the execution of this picture and of that of Hypatia I must refer the reader to Chapter VII. It is sufficient to say here that Hypatia was successfully precipitated at 4pm. About 3:30 May Bangs came to me with two straight canvases saying "I have found two canvases not warped. Would you sooner use these than the ones we nailed up?" I said : "No ; we will stick to the warped canvases" ; and we got them down from the wall and used them.

That evening I wrote a letter to Iola ; and, among other things, I asked what was the meaning of this volte face i.e., asking me to sit for a picture of Hypatia after doing all she could at Rochester to prevent me from getting it. Four sheets of blank paper, marked with a private mark, were put in the letter for reply, and the envelope closed with gum. The next morning, Tuesday March 2, I took this letter to May Bangs, and sat with her for reply. Here are extracts from the answering letter :

Regarding the messages at Rochester in regard to Hypatia's portrait, I will simply say I was influenced in my communications by Prof. H___. You understand……and when I was free and independent I communicated direct. I am delighted that you followed my wish. I should indeed have been disappointed had you returned to England without it. It was simply a case of one spirit trying to dominate over another. These experiences you must not give to the world now ; the time will come when all those undeveloped communications will occur……Thos, J. Hudson is entirely responsible for the message given—but let it pass…

I have stated that Hudson wrote a letter through Mrs. Georgia a few hours before I left Rochester, the contents of which I did not know. This letter I took to the Bangs Sisters' house on March 4, and May Bangs and I sat for an answer ; the Medium saw, but did not touch the letter. When I got back to my hotel, I slit it open at the top and read the contents, which were as follows :— LETTER FROM HUDSON IN MIRROR-WRITING. To Hester and Thomson Jay Hudson. Where was I born? How old was I when I died? What was my financial condition? Where is my son? What was his first name? All these things I will try and answer through the Bangs Sisters ; if not, let their guide tell these questions in right style, and sign the name of G. S. H. S. in full. Thomson Jay Hudson (G. C. H. S. are the complete initials of Mrs. Georgia.)

The Answer. My good Friend, Brother, and co-worker,


I greet you today, and am very thankful to come to you through this influence. I find now how very little I knew when in earth form an comparison to that which is to be known. It is little things such as this phenomena that confound the mighty.

I shall truly acknowledge that in my investigations here I was entirely too prejudice (sic) to be candid in certain directions. I live above these principles (sic) now, and shall endeavour to bring such phenomena in the future that shall be absolute in proof of all psychic power and the continuity of life after death.

In my recent communications advising you not to have Hypatia’s portrait I was somewhat persuaded by other intelligence's as the Spirit Iola was persuaded by my advice ; but since I have had the pleasure of coming to you here and witnessing the wonderful power and work, and have learned all the good that has been planned, I am delighted that changes have been made, and you have the portrait.

Yours kindly and ever in interest of light and truth. Thos. Jay. Hudson.

The above is written in the same handwriting as all the replies to letters answered through the mediumship of the Bangs Sisters. If these letters are juggled out of the room, and if the Bangs can read mirror writing, there is nothing in the replies so far to indicate supernormal agency ; but what is written above was not all that I found in Hudson’s letter. Across the second half of the last page there is a postscript, in blue pencil mirror-writing, in a different hand to the body of the letter, and also to the script through Mrs. Georgia, which runs as follows :

These questions [ Hudson's queries in mirror-writing given through Mrs. Georgia at Rochester] will be answered through the psychic power of the Medium through whose hand the questions were written ; both the Mediums and guides now understand.

On the outside of the envelope was written : "My good Friend,---Kindly retain the writing for yourself, for reasons I have within explained.---Thos. Jay. Hudson." The handwriting of this afterthought appears to be the same as that in the body of the letter.

I lay no stress on the curious fact that Hudson confesses to having advised Iola not to have the picture of Hypatia precipitated, as May Bangs was aware that I had received many messages from Hudson at Rochester, through whom she did not know, nor does she know to-day. She said ; "I shall be able to tell you who that Medium is"; but she was powerless to do so. Mrs. Georgia and the Bangs Sisters know nothing whatever of one another.

While the reply was being written May Bangs said to me ; "The writer of this letter has the name Thomson Jay Hudson." The signature at the bottom of Hudson’s questions was in mirrorwriting. My chief object in this chapter is to show that Hudson still lives. If, say, we do not believe in the genuineness of the Bangs Sisters, is there any one concrete fact in the complicated incident I have just related, which, if taken by itself, would prove his continued existence? Let us suppose that the Mediums at Chicago could accomplish mirror-writing of the most perfect kind, is it possible for them to do it in such a way that, if the paper (which is the thinnest type paper procurable) is held in a certain light and at a particular angle to the line of vision, it cannot be seen? On the back of this very thin paper there is not the slightest sign of an indentation, and unless it is held in a certain way the writing on the other side is invisible. As far as it goes, this is evidence of spirit power, not necessarily that of Hudson. But there is actual proof of Hudson being present. It is declared in the postscript that "These questions will be answered through the psychic power of the medium through whose hand the questions were written……."

Was this accomplished? If so Surely Hudson must have been with me at Chicago? Now, on March 6, the day I left Chicago for New York, Mrs. Georgia wrote a script at Rochester :

Yes this is Hudson. I came to answer my questions. I could not get en rapport with the sisters.


I was born on the same day the father of my country was born. February 22nd (not confirmed), 1848. I have the figures wrong---it id 1834. (Correct) You see, I make mistakes. I was born in a little village in Ohio called Windham. (Correct)

My financial condition was fair ; my son has my influence and Hester is also with him. She knows him very well in his work and his name. Am tired now. T. J. Hudson.

Mrs. Georgia lost this document for six weeks, but told me she had received the message, when I met her in New York, on March 13, and the purport of it. Perhaps Hudson knew she had mislaid it ; for when I called on Mrs. Georgia, at the house of Mrs. Brattan, in Central Park West, on that day, she was impelled to write : "I am Hudson who……answered the questions at Rochester. I was born on Washington’s birthday in 1834 at a small country town in Ohio called Windham. My financial condition at my death was just very...(word indecipherable). My son’s name was Jonson (or Thomson?)…"Hudson says he did not get en rapport with the Bangs Sisters. That, I take it, means he could not write directly through them ; but he apparently did manage to influence their writing-guide, and to precipitate the message that I have called "the postscript." As I have before said, the lady at Rochester knew nothing whatever (except their name) of the professional mediums at Chicago, nor did the latter know anything whatever of Mrs. Georgia. It is not possible that any communication could have passed between them. There is not a doubt in my mind that Hudson was present with me at Chicago.

All the details of Hudson’s life that I have been able to confirm have been found to be correct. He was born in 1834, but what date I do not know ; he wrote the books he says that he did, and in the order he mentioned ; he was a jack-of-all-trades ; he did practice as a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, and he did hold a government appointment in Washington. The name of his sister-in-law was Hester ; he died, as he says, in 1903. As to the other details, I should consider myself the debtor of anyone who would kindly tell me whether they are true or not. If these lines meet the eye of any of his friends who knew the facts, I should be mush obliged if they would communicate with me. I have not been able to reach his son.

While taking leave in this chapter of the witty and accomplished young lady who wrote for me at Rochester, I beg to offer her publicly my grateful thanks for her kindness. She spent many a weary hour over the script out of pure good nature. What I have copied for this chapter is only about half the writing that came through her hand. Iola influenced her to write some fifty or sixty pages, which I have not transcribed, about matters of great moment to me, but could not have interested her. Mirror-writing can be acquired without difficulty, but Mrs. Georgia did not learn it. No one was more astonished than the lady herself when she discovered her gift. It was all done in full light, except in two experimental cases ; she never went into trance, and the writing was generally clear and easy to decipher. As she had never read any psychic literature, the references that appeared were of special value. Our last seance was at New York, on March 18, 1909, for the special benefit of Dr. Jas Hyslop. Dr. Funk was also present. Mrs. Georgia had never met him before that evening, and had not read his work, The Widow's Mite. In the middle of the sitting Dr. Funk asked a question of Hudson ; "You wrote me a letter, Dr. Hudson, a few days before your death. Can you tell me to what it referred?" The reply flowed from the hand of my friend at once : "It was about a little coin." I wish that my readers would refer to page 507 of The Widow's Mite to see the significance of this answer. The papers written at this sitting are in the possession of Dr. Hyslop, who I believe, had subsequent sittings with Mrs. Georgia.

It may be put forward that a young dramatist who has so much imaginative power as Mrs. Georgia is capable of inventing, without control from the other side, the situations created in our sittings and the crude dialogues of which they form a part. I admit that such an idea crossed my mind ; but it was soon dispelled when watching the facility with which she wrote from right to left. The rapidity and ease with which she accomplished this mirror-writing gave no time for constructive thought. Moreover it would have been impossible for her to invent the accurate reminiscences of Iola.

I cannot account for Dr. Hudson's trick in trying to prevent me sitting for a picture of Hypatia, nor for his persuading Iola to lend her name to the deception. Probably he wished to


make his message the most important feature of the account he knew I was about to write. Of this I am sure : that he desired his readers to know that he was able to communicate with the earth plane, and thus eliminate from their minds the errors he had infused into his otherwise admirable books. Let us leave it at that. I was grateful to him for giving me the opportunity of becoming his mouthpiece, and of learning first-hand the fact of his continued existence. I do not profess to understand fully all that he impelled the psychic to write, nor do I claim that he made no mistakes. All knowledge is built upon error. Astronomy rose upon the ashes of the astrology of the Middle Ages ; chemistry was evolved out of alchemy. We know little, even the wisest of our day. Who can tell when a Darwin may arise to construct a definite belief out of the records of our struggles in the dark labyrinth of modern psychical research?----LETTER FROM MRS. GEORGIA TO ADMIRAL USBORNE MOORE Rochester, N. Y., September 16, 1910. My Dear Admiral, I have much pleasure in giving you a brief account of myself, and answering your questions.

I am not a spiritualist in the accepted sense of the word ; neither had I, at the time of meeting you, ever inclined my faith in that direction. I believe that the knowledge of spiritualistic facts and phenomena does not in any way conflict with the religion I was born and bred in. My father, Colonel H___, passed away in April,1902 ; his death was sudden and unexpected, as he was in robust health until he suffered a stroke of paralysis. Our grief was the greater as we were so utterly unprepared for it.

My thoughts were directed towards spiritualism by a dream. I plainly heard my fathers voice saying to me : "If you take the receiver off the telephone I will talk to you." The vibrant quality in his voice woke me, and I instantly went to the phone, fully expecting to find the dreampromise fulfilled. Needles to say, there was no message, and my disappointment was keen. The dream, however, decided me to seek out the only avenue I knew---the spiritualist medium. Unbelieving , yet hopeful, I attended a lecture. The speaker, who was a professional psychic, made his way towards me and said : "You have the gift of writing." (I was dabbling in literary pursuits, and thought little of this.) "Come to me and I will develop this gift." The following day I sought out another Medium, who told me the same thing ; and that night I sat with a friend, who had been brought up in the belief of the spiritualists in a darkened room. We sat with our faces towards the north, and chanted in unison : "We want our guides, the highest and the best."

In less than an hour my hands trembled and I could not control myself ; in a few moments I was in hysterics, and sobbing violently. My friend Miss W___, put a pencil in my hand and soothed me by saying, "Its all right." I was, However, in a panic of fear ; and when the pencil moved without my directing it I screamed, and refused to sit any longer in the dark.

The lights were then lit. Though I was still very nervous and hysterical, Miss W___ insisted that I should hold the pencil and not further disturb the conditions. I yielded to her wishes, and found, when the pencil was in my hand, that it began slowly to move and wrote some sentences in the usual manner ; then, changing, wrote from right to left in what we thought was a foreign language. A few weeks later, when I was putting on my hat before the mirror, I saw writing in the glass : the name "Jennie Rentlinger" (a name no one in this house had ever heard of). Looking round I saw it was the reflection of one of the papers I had written. Taking up the sheets, I held them to the glass, and discovered that what I had thought was foreign writing was a long, personal


History of a stranger in English, written backwards. I had kept up the writing each night, expecting that it would return to the "direct" style and that we should get some personal message. Curious to say, all my early script had not a private sentence in it, but referred to people of whom we had no knowledge whatever ; but as the forces grew stronger, the messages became personal, and gave my mother and myself much comfort.

A strange feature of this psychic writing is that I feel great reluctance to write for outsiders. Until I wrote for you, I had steadfastly refused to do much of it for anyone but my dear mother, who derived great happiness from these messages. Had it not been for her influence I should never have continued the script, as I always felt a strange personal dread when occupying myself in this way ; an uncanny and weird sensation like one feels when walking in a strange and unknown place. I have never been able to shake this off.

About the fall of 1908, Mr. A. W. Moore, of this city, asked me as a favour if I would consent to write for an English friend of his who was coming to America to investigate spiritualism. Naturally Mr. Moore wanted to show his countryman some phenomena out of the regular channels. I therefore agreed to do what I could when the stranger should arrive.

I had never heard of you, and attached very little importance to the above conversation until, in my nightly messages for my mother, there came references to "The man of the Sea." I was at this time writing a drama for the S___ brothers, and on the days when I was too indolent to go on with it, there would come a threat in the evening automatic script, "Unless you work on your play we will humiliate you before the Englishman." My script was always signed "Leader of the Band."

On the afternoon in December, 1908, when you first called, you sent up a letter from Mr. A. W. Moore. In it you were introduced as Mr. Moore. I had an engagement, but, owing to a strong impression early in the afternoon broke it. I could not explain why, even to myself, for I had planned it with pleasurable anticipation ; as matters turned out it left me free to receive you ;
and, as I told you at the time, I feel sure that some outside influence was at work to
prevent me being absent when you came to the house ; all goes to show "there is a destiny which shapes our ends, rough-hew them as we will." I was as much astonished as you were when the first of our messages were written.

I had no knowledge of the various persons who wrote to you through my hand, nor of those referred to in the script. I had, indeed, heard of Sir W__C__ : but I had never heard of his inventions, nor that he was married. Of Professor L__, Dr. Funk, Dr. Hodgson, and Mr. Myers I had not heard at all. I was aware that Mr. James had a chair of some sort at Harvard University, but of nothing else about him ; nor did I know anything of Professor James Hyslop, except his name, before February 1909.

Of Dr. Thomson Jay Hudson, who controlled me during my sittings with you, I knew this only ; That some years before I had read, in a desultory manner, a book called The Law of Psychic Phenomena, written by a man called Hudson ;the Christian names I did not know. I recalled the book vaguely as one I had taken up in a course of general reading ; it was the only one I had ever read along this line of thought. I never heard of the Widow’s Mite.

Until we met I had not heard of the Society for Psychical Research. As to Mr. W. T. Stead, I had read some of his political articles in the American (a so-called yellow journal of this country). I do not remember the subject he wrote on ; and I have no recollection of his crusade against social evils.

Up to the time we met, I had not seen or heard of any mediums in Toledo, Detroit, or Chicago. As a young girl (fourteen years old), in 1889, I once visited Detroit, Michigan, with my parents. We stopped at the Russel Hotel, which was the best at that time in the city. You asked if I had any unusual experiences as a child. When I was seven or eight I saw the face of Christ, so plainly that I never forgot the impression ; but my parents thought this vision was nothing but pure imagination. The first evening on which I wrote automatically I thought I saw the outline of a woman who was a seamstress in our family, and who died just before my father was taken ill. I was never interested in ghost stories.

I never learned "mirror-writing"; in fact, never saw such a thing in my life before reading "Jennie Reutlinger" in my glass.


I am entirely unconscious of the purport of what is written by my hand, and a strange feature is that I can never recall what it has written. Yet, if a prophesy made in the course of a script ever comes to pass, I instantly recall that I had been told "in advance." Intuitively I have strong impressions ; if I obey my first thoughts I am usually correct ; but if I hesitate or think hard over a venture I am usually on the wrong track.

I have never had such good results as I had when sitting with you, and it is my belief that you were the attracting force, and that my success was due to your guides. I cannot explain how the writing is done. I only know it is done independently of my volition. It seems to me probable that everyone has this power latent.

I now firmly believe in the life after death, and in the eternal life of spirit force. I think each person has it within them to attract their own relatives and friends. I am, cordially yours, ---Georgia

Vice-Admiral W. Usborne Moore, 8 Western Parade, Southsea, England





 Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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