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 Medium Mary Marshall

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 Mary Marshall Medium


This photograph of a seance with the Medium Mrs. Mary Marshall was taken on the June 27 1932 by the eminent surgeon, and President of the Manitoba Medical Association a Dr Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, [1873-1935], who was also a prominent politician in the Canadian province of Winnipeg, Manitoba, This man in his spare time took it upon himself to research what went on in many seances and places where the Mediums of the time sat in their Circles to bring forward the closeness of the Spirit World which was, and is beyond most peoples comprehension. He delved into and researched as many psychic happenings as he could from 1918 and 1934. Dr Hamilton was a stickler for getting at the truth, and recording it in any way he could.

Mary and Susan Marshall taken sitting in a Physical Circle where Mary is producing ectoplasm; taken by T G Hamilton.


The following plate is an enlargement of part of the photograph above, showing the Medium Mrs. Mary Marshall who is producing ectoplasm from her nose, in which there are different images and faces, one of them [the largest] clearly shows the very famous author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was very interested in Spiritualism and Spirit Photography, crossed to the other side, to the Spirit World on the 7 July 1930. It is fitting that A C Doyle should return, because he was a very firm believer in life going on after we so call die.


Enlargement of the Arthur Conan Doyle Spirit from the mass of ectoplasm.


Mrs. Mary Marshall (died 1875), who was the first English Public Medium, was the channel for voices coming from John King and others. In London in 1869 Mr. W. H. Harrison, editor of THE SPIRITUALIST, conducted exhaustive tests with her. As the early Spiritualists were supposed to be people who were easily imposed upon, it is interesting to note his careful scrutiny. He says,* speaking of Mrs. Mary Marshall:

* THE SPIRITUALIST (London), Vol. 1, p. 38.

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