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 Medium Linda Gazzera.     Italy


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 Linda Gazzera Medium



Fig 17, Ectoplasm of Linda Gazzera (After Charles Richet and George de Fontenay)

Experience of April 19 1909.

De Fontenay at right, Argentine on left. I was holding my right hand continuosly without interruption.The hand which appeared high above behind the curtain was released by a fluidic thread from the head of Linda. One could see the nails and all the phulanges, Experienced at home in my library

Linda Gazzera in trance producing physical form in ectoplasm. 

A young materialised lady cloaked in ectoplasm.

June 28, 1909, taken by an Italian Enrico Imoda.


Linda Gazzera in trance producing physical form in ectoplasm. 

Another young materialised lady being produced in ectoplasm but more open to the gaze of the sitters. 

June 28, 1909, taken by an Italian Enrico Imoda


Linda Gazzera in trance producing physical form in ectoplasm. 

A different beautiful young materialised lady seen in the hazy ectoplasm but the features very distinct. 

June 28, 1909, taken by an Italian Enrico Imoda


Cover of the booklet that was published about Linda Gazzera and her fantastic physical phenomena in which there were many photographs.

Linda Gazzera in a seance for table levitation. 


Linda Gazzera was born in Rome; as she progressed she developed into a Physical Medium producing ectoplasm and materialisations.

A non-professional Italian Medium Linda Gazzera was brought to the public’s attention by psychical researcher Enrico Imoda, who published an important book, Fotographie di fantasma (1912), during his experiments with her at Turin in the house of the Marquise de Ruspoli; Linda Gazzera produced impressive telekinesis and materialization phenomena. Her primary control was a deceased cavalry officer, Vincenzo, and at times Carlotta, a child of four.

Charles Richet also describes her powers in Thirty Years of Psychical Research (1923):

"I hold Linda's two hands, her head and knees. A hand, seemingly from behind me, strikes me heavily. I think I can distinguish its fingers and this is repeated a second time. I hold the left hand firmly, Imoda holding the right, which I frequently verify by touch. The objects were taken from the cupboard behind, a thimble was put on the first finger of my left hand, a sheath was put on my nose, and I felt fingers touching my nose and face."

Richet compared her phenomena to that of Eusapia Palladino:

"Telekinetic experiments succeed well with Linda as she is more easily controlled than Eusapia, for she scarcely moves at all, while Eusapia is in continual jerky movement. In the first experiment the ectoplasmic hand that I felt was cold and stiff; in the fourth experiment it was warm, articulated and supple."

A notable feature of Gazzera's mediumship was the rapidity with which phenomena were manifest, often within a few moments of the light being extinguished during dark seances. Richet's colleague Guillaume de Fontenay took some excellent photographs of phenomena, and Richet enthusiastically endorsed her mediumship as genuine.

The name Linda Gazzera is known everywhere by the curious and researchers of paranormal phenomena. This name appears in the works of Lombroso, Richet, Imoda and Mme Bisson, as one of the most powerful Mediums of Spirit activated physical phenomena and materialization.

Dr Enrique Imoda, an Italian physician and indefatigable investigator of supernormal phenomena studied patiently for two years, mediumship Linda Gazzera, having succeeded, after numerous experiments, starting in may 1908 he began to gather material of great documentary value, appearing in productions teleplasticas embodiments and notable photographed during the series of sessions, held in Turin, in homes and Princess Ruspoli Coggiola lady with a small group that he organized.

The valuable documentation that the Italian experimenter, after his disembodiment, in 1912, printed by the publishing Fratelli Bocca, with the title Fotografie di Fantasmi, having a beautiful and substantial foreword by Richet.

The book Imoda today is a gem. It contains the most famous iconographic documentation of metapsychic phenomena of the mediumship time with Linda Gazzera.

It was in May 1908 that the beautiful Gazzera began working with Dr Imoda. This remarkable event in the life of the experimenter.

The sole purpose of Imoda in their studies was to be able to photograph the productions of the materialized.

With unmatched patience, this extraordinary researcher took two years without fading even for a moment among the most disappointing failures, to see crowned with success their real evidence of the objectivity of phenomena teleplastia and embodiments.

Linda Gazzera that time was 22 years old. Imoda describing the constitution and personality of its Medium says the following: "It is normal stature and abundant, and heaped negrissimas eyebrows, a little pale, eyes large, dark, lively, escrutadores, but if the face with fixity, faintness characteristic features as those of a person who lets you easily hypnotize.

"It's impulsive character, usually cheerful, laugh at will, but passes easily from one to another state of mind; easily grieves, easily controls. Has a tendency to Infantilism; really likes to play with children is singular in his habits , enjoys sleeping during the day and watch the evening.

"During the evening, reading, sewing or prepares his clothes. Writes novels and comic sentimental and sends the tabloids. Has discrete literary culture; enjoys studying foreign languages ​​and shows marked tendency for the design."

Speaking of the characteristics of trance beautiful Gazzera Imoda says:

 ‘Her trance mediumship or your sleep, precious presents two prerogatives: the Medium falls asleep with an extraordinary ease and speed; within minutes passes for lucid sleepwalking psychic phase and at the end of the session, just as quickly, with a simple and slight blow in the eye and a call by the name softly, awakens suddenly recovering forthwith complete lucidity.’

"During the trance, Linda Gazzera presents in its second condition physiological and psychic behaviour very different.

"At its best condition the "trance" is quiet: the Medium is glad, joyful without exaggeration, courteous, kind. But if the time preceding the session she gets mad, gets angry or frighten, or if it is presented in the session a person unsympathetic to it, or finally in his sleep the subconscious is taken from some passion if your stomach is still in digestive activity, then the character of the medium and the physiognomy of the session change completely.

"In this case the psychic force is even stronger physically. Scams tremendous espatifam that the furniture are given, resembling those of a mallet. Exudes the Medium, snorts, bustles, struggles, squirms, the psychic personality changes its character and assumes violent conduct, brutal. "

Imoda psychic describes two personalities that guided the work in sessions Linda Gazzera. One called himself "Vicenzo," former cavalry officer. The fundamental character of this personality was to retain absolute autonomy.

The second personality was said to be called "Carlotta". Presented to the session with a physiognomy psychophysical very different from "Vincenzo". He was kind, courteous, gentle ways and expressions.

These are the considerations summarized the remarkable work of Linda Gazzera; Imoda about the golden period of development of her mediumship.

As we said above, lasted two years Imoda experiences with this Medium.

Having been introduced to this by Richet Italian researcher, beautiful Gazzera in late 1909 went to Paris, in the circle of Richet, one can evaluate the numerous letters and reports that it addressed the Imoda.

Transcribe only excerpts from one another and in full book Imoda, well able to appreciate the intensity of the phenomena produced in Paris by Linda Gazzera mediumship.

The sessions took place at the residence of Richet, with the assistance of Prof Richet, Mme Richet, Charles Richet and Mr Son. Fontenay. In the second session (Sunday, April 17, 1909) wrote the Imoda Richet:

"Dear Friend: As you already know by my telegram last night we had an experience with admirable success. Thank Fontenay, who is an excellent photographer and has great equipment, we had three good plates showing a forearm and hand. The rest of the session went interesting contacts, different movements, transport of objects. "Linda is in good health. Charles Richet. "

All the time that Linda Gazzera remained in Paris, her mediumship unfolded in a remarkable manner. And Richet wasted no time; sessions succeeded almost daily.

Let's look at another of his enthusiastic letters:

"Wednesday, April 21, 1909. Dear Friend: We just make a beautiful session. Here is the summary report; keep it because I did not write another. Gifts Mme Ch Richet, Ch Richet, Fontenay, Argentine. I right Fontenay left. session 9:30 to 10:50 hours. During all the time, without interruption, without one interruption, held solidly admirably resolutely right hand, and perhaps thirty or forty times noticed, Placing his hand on the other hand Linda, who Fontenay held perfectly, the left hand. During the session, even at the beginning, before they declare trance Linda, had movements of objects.

The music had begun: a pipe placed behind Linda appeared in the darkness and was put in my mouth. Shortly after this pipe was caught (absolute darkness) and played hard in the middle of the room. While tied both hands of Linda, a force resistant, acting on me, gave me violent blows on the back of my hand.

Once I felt like the pressure of a hand stirring behind the curtain. Violent blows were given on the table (while holding both hands) like a punch (an object with or without him) desfechado on the table in front of me. Soon, the materialization of something strong, thick, beating vigorously (Fontenay who was left, was then played with much more violence than I had while firmly holding the left hand) could not be doubted. "Vincenzo" spoke "crazy and insane asylum" (?)

It was one shot that looks good, told us "Vincenzo". But, unfortunately, he made us believe that we would not get another.

The second photograph was revealed: she is very beautiful. The hand was quite materialized. The nail come up and all the phalanges. Four fingers. Is surrounded by a tape of a fabric that has Linda. It is curious that a wire that looks white, a kind rod will be a radius in training? - Get behind the head Linda.

Send me proof slide in our last experience of Turin.

"Do you still send the pictures (formidable) of our three experiments Paris because Fontenay only have time to carry out the experiments. As you see, do not waste time. Richet"

So, as it turns out, the enthusiasm of the French savant productions performed through supernormal phenomena of mediumship Linda Gazzera was great. Twelve sessions crowned with full success in the small Circle of family, private, prof. Richet.

Then Linda Gazzera returned to Turin to continue research Imoda. On September 13, 1909 held the last session with this researcher. Imoda sick bed never to rise again. However their sessions continued under the direction of Mr.. Damaison.

It was then that began to emerge the first luminous phenomena. Thus "in session October 4, 1909, before falling into a trance Medium, a body spheroidal comes to the table completely wrapped in the curtain. A Medium fully awake, could touch him and say that he had muscular consistency. Presented one surface area of ​​about four square centimeters completely phosphor.

When the Medium played this part, the phosphorescence went to her for a few seconds. It was found that this body had no extension into the curtain, but was completely sealed. Once the medium fell into a trance, Vicenzo said it was his head that had not materialized and, for lack of strength. "And so, this new phenomenon is producing light was more intense in the following sessions.


Linda Gazzera in trance producing ectoplasm on what looks like a seatee or armchair.The ectoplasmic form is in the corner of the room. This lady was one of the many Physical Mediums who was strip searched before every seance to prove to the sitters that she had nothing hidden on or in her.

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