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 Medium Leonard Stott 

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 Leonard Stott Medium


Leonard Stott was an Independent Direct Voice Medium and Physical Medium who produced ectoplasm so the Spirit World could produce an ectoplasmic etheric amplifier so a voice from the Spirit World could be produced away from the Medium and so independent of him.

A sitter in one of  Leonard Stott's seances importantly after being permission by the Spirit World is touching the ectoplasm that is connected to the trumpet. Importantly after permission was given by the Spirit World these pictures were taken by an infra red flash.


Here in the trumpet is the start of the formation of an ectoplasmic etheric amplifier, it can be seen inside as though it is a ball of cotton or wool.


Ectoplasm covered Leonard Stott, who is in a deep trance situation in a chair with arms for safety, where the Spirit World is producing ectoplasm, which is being used for trumpet phenomena. This photograph is showing ectoplasm coming out of the Medium's ears, solar plexus area, and possibly out of the skin of the hands, the trumpet is being lifted up by the ectoplasm structure ready to go to a sitter and talk to them. These sort of photographs are normally taken by time lapse photography. When trying this sort of a photo shot, experimentation is needed and a need for the person to look carefully into the past experiments.

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