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Slate-writing mediumship is a remarkable manifestation. It is possessed in a high degree by Mrs. Pruden, of Cincinnati, who has recently visited Great Britain and exhibited her wonderful powers to a number of people. The author has sat with her several times, and has explained the methods in detail. As the passage is a short one and may make the matter clear to the unitiated, it is here transcribed:

It was our good fortune now to come once again into contact with a really great medium in Mrs. Pruden of Cincinnati, who had come to Chicago for my lectures. We had a sitting in the Blackstone Hotel, through the courtesy of her host, Mr. Holmyard, and the results were splendid. She is an elderly, kindly woman with a motherly manner. Her particular gift was slate-writing which I had never examined before.

I had heard that there were trick slates, but she was anxious to use mine and allowed me carefully to examine hers. She makes a dark cabinet by draping the table, and holds the slate under it, while you may hold the other corner of it. Her other hand is free and visible. The slate is double with a little bit of pencil put in between.

After a delay of half an hour the writing began. It was the strangest feeling to hold the slate and to feel the thrill and vibration of the pencil as it worked away inside. We had each written a question on a bit of paper and cast it down, carefully folded, on the ground in the shadow of the drapery, that psychic forces might have correct conditions for their work, which is always interfered with by light.

Presently each of us got an answer to our question upon the slate, and were allowed to pick up our folded papers and see that they had not been opened. The room, I may say, was full of daylight and the Medium could not stoop without our seeing it.

I had some business this morning of a partly spiritual, partly material nature with a Dr. Gelbert, a French inventor. I asked in my question if this were wise. The answer on the slate was-"Trust Dr. Gelbert. Kingsley." I had not mentioned Dr. Gelbert's name in my question, nor did Mrs. Pruden know anything of the matter.

My wife got a long message from a dear friend, signed with her name. The name was a true signature. Altogether it was a most utterly convincing demonstration. Sharp, clear raps upon the table joined continually in our conversation.*

* "Our American Adventure," pp. 144-5.

The general method and result is the same as that used by Mr. Pierre Keeler, of the United States. The author has not been able to arrange a sitting with this medium, but a friend who did so had results which put the truth of the phenomena beyond all question. In his case he received answers to questions placed inside sealed envelopes, so that the favourite explanation, that the Medium in some way sees the slips of paper, is ruled out. Anyone who has sat with Mrs. Pruden will know, however, that she never stoops, and that the slips of paper lie at the feet of the sitter.


Spirit Writing Much evidence regarding personal survival after the change called death has been received through the different phases of Spirit Writing.

There are three phases of writing, inspirational, automatic and independent. Inspirational writing is a mental phase of mediumship and we will not go into that at this time as we are devoting these pages to an explanation of the different phases of physical mediumship. Automatic and independent writing are phases of physical mediumship and produced through the use of ectoplasm and Spiritual Energy. In automatic writing the message comes from the mind of the spirit entity and does not enter the consciousness of the medium--the medium's hand is controlled or used by psychic force. The medium may be reading a book or carrying on a conversation with another person while the message is being written. Many valuable books have been received through automatic writing. Independent writing is also a physical phase and a materialized hand or rod is used to produce the writing.


Pierre Keeler and Laura Pruden were outstanding mediums for this phase of mediumship. Keeler received most of his writings on cards and Laura Pruden on slates. While the "ever doubtful" Herward Carrington states that he has never seen a genuine spirit writing, and he had the privilege of sitting with both of these mediums, ample evidence has been received from many sources as to the authenticity of both of these psychics. Evidence is found not only in the contents of the message but in the hand writing itself.

Many years ago I had the pleasure of being present at a seance given for Horace Leaf by Laura Pruden. The medium used two large slates--she permitted Mr. Leaf to take the slates and thoroughly examine them, then gave him a tiny bit of slate pencil to place between the slates and also a black cloth in which to wrap them explaining that this was necessary in order to form a cabinet for the manifestation. She then instructed Mr. Leaf to place the wrapped slates upon the floor and she placed her foot upon them. The slates had not left Mr. Leaf's hands after he had examined them until he had placed them upon the floor. There was no possible way that the slates could have been changed and the only way that writing could appear upon them would he through a legitimate psychic power.

After repeating the Lord's Prayer, Mrs. Pruden carried on an animated conversation with Mr. Leaf regarding friends that they both knew. After a few moments we heard a scratching sound coming from the vicinity of the slates. Mrs. Pruden smiled and said, "They are here." After another ten minutes, Mr. Leaf timing it with his watch, we heard three distinct raps that came from the vicinity of the slates and the medium interrupted her conversation with Mr. Leaf to say-- "That means that they are finished." She permitted him to pick up the slates and unwrap them. When they were opened all four sides of the slates were covered with writing. It was an intimate message to Horace Leaf from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle regarding a subject that they had discussed in England a short time before Sir Arthur passed on. When he saw the signature he became very excited and asked us to remain where we were until he returned. In a few minutes he came back carrying an autographed book that Sir Arthur had given to him several years before--the signature in the book and that on the slates was almost identical. This experiment was conducted in the full light and there was no possible way for us to doubt the authenticity of the message nor the genuineness of the medium through whom it came.

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