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 Medium John Caine,   England. UK


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 John Caine Medium

Eastham, Wirral U. K.

1931 to  1985

John realized he could heal when he was very young, Just starting infants school his mother suffered from migraine and he used to stoke her head to relive the pains. When he was twenty one, John went and joined the army in the Royal Ordinance Corps section and eventually became a physical training instructor, even there he gained a reputation for his skills of manipulation and massage. After he left the army he worked his way through a number of jobs, at first working in the Cammel Lairds shipyard, then went window cleaning, to logging, and then he worked on different sites doing demolition and soon saw there was money to be made in metal so he started his own business as a blacksmith.  In 1956 the same year he started the blacksmith business John got married to Audrey. The couple worked together and became very successful at the business so much so John started driving around in a Rolls Royce and at one time employing up to 30 people. They eventually had a son John and daughter Janette.

Years later the thoughts of healing, which never quite went away, again started surfacing and one morning he heard his dead father say Do not worry; Born to heal my son, DAD, Later in 1972 John Cain finished with his very successful business, sold his house in Eastham, and moved into an old Victorian house, 20 North Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside, where he started a healing sanctuary with the blessings of his wife and youngsters. He started healing many ailments and disabilities these include diabetes, arthritis, cervical cancers, paralysis, cevical spondilitis and  hardening of the arteries he treated successfully all ages, even when some had malignant cancers.

A friend of mine Joe Amero, a Judo instructor for the Red Triangle Club in Liverpool, said he had met John many times when he was going about with his students in the Red Triangle Martial Arts Club, John was also into Judo. Joe said John used the Kundalini method of development. He was a really good genuine scouser who mixed well with everyone and liked his drink even when healing, he was down to earth with no airs or graces.

John was an unusual healer in as much he did not have to touch his patients to heal them, many of them in his presence went into a trance like state. Many of the people when being healed went into a different state of mind. Some stiff jointed ones often skipped around the room and others seemed to perform positions of those who practice of yoga. Joe said he had seen a full room of patients awake one minute, the next when John walked in at the back of them seemed to be hit with a knock out drug and collapse in a heap on the floor where they were all sitting.

John did not need to be with his patients, all he had to do with many, was to send them a photograph of himself and ask them to sit at a certain time and many were cured this way. When asked how he did it he said I do not know I only know it works.

John was tested by scientists in Tokyo in 1976 who gave glowing testimonies about his work there and later in London by a Professor John Taylor, who ended up being very positive about his healing after starting off as a skeptic. John went over the pond to Canada demonstrating his gift from Spirit on sick patients in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Not a person as well known as Harry Edwards because he did not publicize himself as much and did not have the backing of the London media as Harry did. John Caine was exceptionally good never the less. 


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