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Guzyk materialized dogs and other animals In many seances.

The Universe Wants to Play: The Anomalist 12 a Nonfiction Anthology ISBN 1933665149A

French journalist and Fortean enthusiast, Gregory Gutierez is a member of the French Institut Metapsychique International. He lives in Paris and founded the French discussion group Liste Aleph, dealing with fortean news and debates for 4 years now. Involved in UFO research, he also manages a group of independent searchers from different horizons trying to build up some research projects in this matter. He published the book Les Aventuriers de l’Esprit – Une histoire de la parapsychologie in October 2005, written with the collaboration of Nicolas Maillard. (The author wishes to thank his friend Aline Cannet for the help she provided in the English translation of this text.)

In 1924, following the tragic death of Dr. Geley in an airplane crash, Dr. Eugene Osty became the second director of the Institut Metapsychique International, the French equivalent of the Society for Psychical Research founded in England. In 1929 and 1930, Osty conducted around 90 controlled sittings with the then well known Austrian Medium Rudi Schneider. For the first time in the history of psychical research, Osty’s experiments were not simply seeking to convince others of the reality of psychic phenomena, on the basis of the testimony of famous and honorable scientists or writers, but rather attempting to build an accurate system in order to produce scientific datas, and to protect against, and possibly uncover, potentially fraudulent behavior. 

By the end of the 1920's, Eugene Osty was far from his first experiments in so-called “objective” psychic research (the French term “metapsychique objective” was coigned by the famous French scientist Charles Richet in his volume Traite de Metapsychique, to label the studies of physical phenomena occurring during the Spirit trances). In 1926, Osty had already invited the Polish medium Jean Guzik at the Institut Metapsychique International to carry on a new series of seances. Osty thought necessary to continue the works of his predecessor Gustave Geley, as the controversy about the “Manifeste des 34” and the seances at the Sorbonne in 1923 had left many outstanding questions and aroused a number of frustrations among the specialists. More than that, in 1925, bad news came from Poland : during seances held by the Psychic society in Cracow, a picture had been shot without Guzik’s knowledge. The picture showed him with his left hand freed - from any bond - hovering over the table. So, if Guzik ever was a genuine Medium, he nevertheless lost his power and had to cheat in order to satisfy the scientists. Was Guzik only a fraud having succeeded in deceiving several French important persons, thus implicated in a great sham? Eugene Osty wanted to get to the bottom of it. Between March and May 1926 he therefore organized new seances with the Polish medium. Osty succeeded in convincing a physicist, who wished to remain anonymous, to work at the elaboration of a system of photography by ultraviolet rays, so as to seize the phenomena on the spot, in darkness, without upsetting the medium during the seance.

Unfortunately, Guzik’s stay in France ended between the seances of demonstration and the settling of the first - inconclusive - tests on the device. Guzik, as a family man, had to get back to Poland because of political disturbances. Anyway, out of the forty or so seances carried out, Osty considered about twenty of them to be “good”, especially the ten first. Unfortunately, they happened to be the “let us see what happens” seances, during which Guzik was only controlled by his hands and legs, and always by two persons, which might have enabled him, just like in Cracow, to get one of his hands free. After those two months and some days of seances, Osty nevertheless claimed to be convinced by the “ideoplastic” phenomena of Jean Guzik, even if he was careful not to bring them out as scientific truths :

“Guzik left Paris on May the 20th, our projects having not been carried out. Nothing can thus be changed in the public opinion. People will keep on believing or not believing the reality of Guzik’s phenomena from the same information. What I was able to witness has confirmed me in the opinion that Guzik, put in a position where he cannot cheat and in adapted conditions is likely to produce paranormal action over matter, but I have no scientific proofs whatsoever enabling me to try and communicate my beliefs to other people.”

The relative failure of those experiments on a scientific perspective did not discourage the new headchief of the IMI. For some time, he had been hearing about the alleged exceptional seances held by two young Austrian brothers, Mediums Willy and Rudi Schneider. In 1923, Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing observed Willy Schneider’s gifts in his laboratory and gave a positive opinion of them. In 1929, during a lecture at the IMI, the British metapsychist Harry Price gave out the results of several seances organized with the youngest and most discreet of the boys, shy Rudi. It was very probably right after this lecture that Osty decided at his turn to invite Rudi at the Institut Metapsychique to work with him. But before coming to the details of the experiments, one must get a view of the works and personality of Harry Price, whose part would prove essential in what was to soon become “the Schneider Case”…


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