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In Modern Psychic Mysteries at Millesimo Castle Mrs. Gwendolyn Kelley Hack has united all the reports of the memorable psychic investigations which took place during the years 1927 and 1928 in the mediaeval Castle of Millesimo in the Province of Savona, Italy, the property of Marquis Carlo Centurione Scotto. The principal phenomenon which we obtained was that of the Direct Voice, combined with many other important manifestations, such as extraordinary apports and asports, the transportation from a distance of extremely large and heavy articles, the playing of musical instruments while they floated round the room, the materialization of human hands and feet, the levitation of the medium to a height of over six feet above the ground in the large arm-chair in which he was seated, noisy duels between invisible fighters; and finally, the culminating phenomenon, in the dramatic bodily disappearance of the Medium. This was followed by an anxious, but vain search for the sensitive which lasted for two and a half hours. We were eventually relieved of our anxiety by means of Mrs. Kelley Hacks mediumship, the welcome information which guided us to the spot where we found the Medium, Marquis Centurione Scotto, immersed in deep sleep, being written automatically through her hand.

This is not the place to analyze the facts, but it seems an opportune moment to quote and comment on some criticism which has been advanced in Germany against the investigations at Millesimo, with regard to the methods of control adopted during these experiments, which are considered to have been insufficiently stringent from a scientific point of view. This criticism is brought forward by Prof. von Schrenck-Notzing and Prof. Rudolf Lambert. It is unnecessary to quote these criticisms in detail as they all centre round the fact that the mediums were not subjected to a rigorous, personal control; such as, for example, Prof. von Schrenck-Notzing invariably adopts when experimenting with the Schneider brothers.

Now I must frankly confess that in the main our critics are right. This does not, however, signify that our experiments are destitute of scientific value. I hasten to demonstrate this on the basis of fact, but before I begin it appears a suitable opportunity to consider certain psychological and moral considerations regarding the metapsychic investigation of Mediums; considerations which are of no little importance from the scientific standpoint, and, in our case, they amply justify our not having adopted this rigorous personal control.

I flatter myself that our critics will gladly concede that there is an enormous difference between a Circle of experimenters, who employ professional Mediums, and a group which experiments with private, cultured mediums of a privileged social class. In saying which I do not refer to the indubitable fact of the great difference between the conditions of these two kinds of experiment; for they cannot well be compared on a moral or psychological basis; rather do I refer to another circumstance which concerns the susceptibility of mediumistic persons. For, in the first case, we are treating of professionals who must perforce accept the necessary conditions of control inseparable from the exercise of their profession. Whereas, in the second case, we are treating of private Mediums who lend themselves voluntarily, for the purpose of experiment, without any utilitarian end, urged solely by their intense interest in these new researches. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the personal susceptibilities of these last-mentioned mediums and to remember, as of paramount importance, their dignity as gentlemen. It is true that amongst private mediums one occasionally finds persons so imbued with the spirit of sacrifice in the cause of science that they will undergo any kind of humiliation which may be inflicted on them. Such people deserve an honored place amongst the saints and martyrs of a future metapsychic calendar; and in saying this I have in mind that American lady, Margery (Mrs. Crandon) and her worthy husband, Dr. L. Crandon. They submitted themselves to all kinds of tests and endured untold indignity in order to convince the men of science who attended their seances.



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