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 Grace Rosher Medium


Grace Rosher was a very well known British what was called an automatic writer, BUT this was direct writing being direct from the Spirit World and not through her own hand.

As can be seen in the photograph her pen was balanced on her clenched fist and the Spirit did the rest.

She was also an artist who exhibited miniature paintings in the Royal Academy, London.

Her psychic talent came to the fore after the loss of her fiance Gordon E. Burdick, whom she had known for many years.

In June 1956, he was serving in the Canadian Navy, stationed at Vancouver, and intended to come to London to marry Rosher. A week before sailing, he died.

Fifteen months later, Grace Rosher had written a letter concerning an aunt and was wondering if she had time to write another letter before tea-time when she had a strong urge to keep her hand on the writing pad. The pen began to move without her conscious volition, and she discovered to her astonishment that it had written a letter in the handwriting of her dead fiance.

In the course of time, many other such automatic letters followed, stating that this phenomenon would be the means of bringing other people to realize that life continues after.

Grace Rosher was not a Spiritualist, and sought guidance from the Christian Reverend G Maurice Elliot, the then secretary of the Churches' Fellowship of Psychic and Spiritual Studies.

Elliot enlisted the aid of handwriting expert F. T. Hilliger who studied the automatic scripts and compared them to the handwriting of Burdick when alive.

Although initially skeptical, Hilliger reported that the automatic scripts bore a close resemblance to the genuine writing of Burdick in a large number of different ways, and were so consistent that "the writing reproduced by Grace Rosher was, if it were humanly possible, genuinely inspired by the personality of Gordon E. Burdick."

Rosher subsequently produced many other scripts, including messages from her mother, father, and three sisters, and a relative who had died in 1752.

On one occasion, she produced a communication claimed to be from the famous scientist Sir William Crookes, in handwriting remarkably similar to that of Crookes in his lifetime.



"The Travellers Return" and "Beyond the Horizon" were written by Grace Rosher and well worth reading.

In Beyond the Horizon, a 1961 publication, Grace Rosher explained that she was writing letters to friends one afternoon in 1957 when she heard, apparently clairaudiently, the words, “Leave your hands there and see what happens.”  To her amazement, the pen started to move without any effort on her part.  Words began to form, and the message, “With love from Gordon,” slowly appeared.  Thus began her regular communication with Gordon Burdick, a long-deceased friend from her youth.  Burdick described life on the Other Side and delivered many profound messages.

In the course of time, Rosher was told not to grasp the pen but to simply close her hand in a loose fist and to let the pen rest on top of it.  The writing then flowed more fluently.  “…I watched the pen move without any conscious effort on my part and write about things I had never dreamed of, and in a style of writing as different from my own as it could possibly be,” Rosher wrote.



The Publisher Comments:   A sincere and honest account of how the author became the recipient of messages by automatic writing, apparently from a recently deceased friend. She tells of her bewilderment at this completely puzzling and unsought phenomena, and after much hesitation her final acceptance of the experience. A reluctant medium, Grace Rosher was dedicated in her attempts to evaluate as objectively as she could the genuineness of the communications she has received. Including the evidence of a graphologist who pronounced the written scripts free of forgery and conscious manipulation, this is an unusually well documented case. Pioneering is uncomfortable - especially so when it is thrust upon a reluctant performer as a duty. I know Grace Rosher. ... I know her disinclination to be caught-up in an activity so foreign to what she deemed to be inappropriate to herself. She had, and still has, a 'constitutional' resistance to the exploitation - or even the exploration - of life beyond death. Grace Rosher is no scientist: she has no curiosity of that kind. Her religious faith made psychical experience unnecessary - indeed, repugnant, because it was 'against the rules'. Circumstances have driven her to become a reflective and cautious spiritist. From the Foreword by Sir Victor Goddard, K.C.B., C.B.E., M.A.

Synopsis:   A sincere and convincing account of contacting the dead by automatic writing.

Synopsis:   The story of the author's experiences of communication with a deceased friend through automatic writing, and how after much soul-searching she came to accept these communications as genuine.

Product Details

ISBN:    9780227674123

Author:    Rosher, Grace

Publisher:    Lutterworth Press

Subject:    Channeling

Subject:    Spirituality - General

Subject:    Christianity - Christian Life

Subject:    Metaphysics-Channeling and Channelers

Publication Date:    1987 1131

Binding:    Hardcover

Language:    English

Pages:  160

 You can also see a larger painting by Grace in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

She was a great royalist, and whilst Prince Edward VIII was making a public appearance, she approached him to show the Prince this miniature she had been working on. He was apparently impressed, and with my great aunt being rather bold asked if he would sign the back, which he was happy to do for her.

The miniature painting of Edward V111 as a young Prince by Grace Rosher is dated 1919, and signed on the back by him GR.


Portrait of the young Prince by Grace Rosher before he became King Edward V111


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