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I always found Miss Gladys Owen a very kind, hospitable, warm, gentle but strict person. When attending the seances and linking with the Spirit World she was very strict indeed and would give you a harsh look if you came into the church late for a service, that was enough. This she said was respect, respect for yourself and others and more importantly respect for the Spirit World, who were putting their valuable time aside to come to those people on the earth plane. This lady put all her life into Spiritualism, working tirelessly for the Liverpool Spiritualist church from her toddling age of one and a bit.

Then because of the blitz in 1941 during the war moving the meeting place with her parents and members of the church when they had to move the Liverpool Spiritualist church to a large house in Everton having salvaged only part of the vast library they had accumulated.

In 1954 the War Damage Commission gave permission for a church to be built on the present site and then Gladys, the Committee and the members of the church move again their meeting place to Daulby Street where the church is now situated. She had seen many moves of the meeting place which formed the people of Liverpool's Spiritualist church.

After the war, Gladys and the Church committee to boost funds for the upkeep of the church were putting on dances and meetings in halls all over Liverpool and in the large present day church hall, organising functions, lectures, demonstrations of trance, clairvoyance, and different seances; specials with top Mediums of the day like Gordon Higginson [Healer, Clairvoyant, Physical Medium, Independent Direct Voice]; Coral Polge [Clairvoyance, Psychic Artist]; Stan Tyrer [Deep Trance Medium]; Mathew Manning [Healer]; Glyn Edwards [Clairvoyant]; Harry Edwards [Healer]; until she passed into the Spirit World to join her boy friend.

Gladys never married because the man she was seeing and was very much in love with went off to war unfortunately he was killed before they had a chance to get married. She was so confident that she would see him again because of the realisation and the many physical seances where she had proof of life continuing after death, and many times being brought through Mediums her lost love to her in many ways during the seances, sometimes in her father's seances. Gladys was in no doubt what so ever she would be with him when the time came to cross over, through the veil to the other side.

Gladys Owen MSNU [Minister of the Spiritualist National Union] of Liverpool Daulby Street Spiritualist Church, sat with many Mediums over her many years on this earth plane. She was giving out hymn books at the age of 3 in the Liverpool Spiritualist church, where her parents were founder members of the church. Gladys lived in the Sefton Park area of Liverpool in the family home, which was a very large Victorian House, where she attended the many seances from the very young age with her family, friends from the church and others as guests.

Miss Owen's father was also a Physical Medium who many times during the seances in Sefton Park, Liverpool would go into a trance then levitate up to their very high Victorian ceiling whilst sitting in his carver chair, and with the permission of the Spirit World, the guest sitters were then allowed to try and bring him down to the ground by hanging onto the legs of the chair he was sitting in in the deep trance state, not in any one seance did they succeed. The sitters were then asked to be seated in their original chairs in the Circle and the Spirit World would then gently bring him down to the floor and then the physical seance would continue, and during the three or four hours they took place, the Spirit World with the Medium as the catalyst, during many of the seances the Spirit World produced great wonders. Some of those wonders that were produce in his Circles over the years being Independent Direct Voice, Spirit Lights, Ectoplasm, Human Spirit Forms, apports, many things being asported. Gladys during that period was becoming a Physical Medium in her own right.

I remember going to a seance in the Liverpool Spiritualist Church in Daulby Street with my girl friend at the time Jean Redhead. During the seance we felt different people touching us and heard footsteps going alongside Jean yet she was sitting next to the radiator which she was leaning on, and my chair was right next to her's with no spaces for any person to go through between us and the wall.

Before she passed over to the other side, Gladys gave Maurice Barbanell all the notes of ALL the seances she had sat in with the promise from him that he would get them published but sadly he never did. I only wish that I could have got hold of them so I could have done something with them to help others understand what can happen when dedication is the norm, and show how dedicated to the Spirit World that this lady was. At the time I was bringing two children, [son 8 and daughter 13] up on my own, and trying to earn money to live on, so I did not have enough time nor have the insight of what a valuable asset Miss Owen would have been to me and others.

From her side of the veil, may she go on to help people on this side of the veil understand. A lady I always admired and wished that I had got to know her far, far better than I did.



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