Gladys Hayter,

 Medium Gladys Hayter    England.

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 Gladys Hayter Medium

Infra red photography.

 Physical Medium Gladys Hayter sitting in a Home Circle producing Ectoplasm, which is coming from the breast region of the Medium, BUT there is luminous energy mixed with the ectoplasm; here it is shown as the horizontal flat part with ectoplasm around it which is illuminated by the energy.



Below; London Medium Gladys Hayter apparently dematerialising in front of the camera, notice that her head has partially gone. Taken in daylight with a simple Instamatic, this photograph is only one of a collection of remarkable pictures that capture bizarre effects not visible to the naked eye.



The picture below was taken in March 1979 by Gladys Hayter of London, England. She was taking a picture of her daughter's new car  [right hand drive in the UK] and when the picture was developed, the head of a young, blonde girl appeared to be sitting in the car. When the Medium Leslie Flint asked about her, he found that the little girl was a frequent visitor to their home. The second close up picture clearly shows the young girl (circled).


 In the 70s, when Gladys Hayter was repeatedly photographed recorded are strange emitted light coils.

 More information about this medium needed please.

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