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 Francis Ward Monck Medium


"Mahedi," the Egyptian phantom of Medium F. W. Monck, discovered a dish of baked apples in the room. "I got him to eat some," wrote Archdeacon Thomas Colley. "Our Medium was at this time six or seven feet away from the materialised form and had not chosen to take any of the fruit, averring that he could taste the apple the Egyptian was eating. Wondering how this could be, I, with my right hand, gave our abnormal friend another baked apple to eat, holding this very bit of paper in my left hand outstretched towards the Medium, when from his lips fell the chewed skin and core of the apple eaten by 'The Mahedi'--and here it is before me now after all these years in this screwed up bit of paper for any scientist to analyse."


Colley's experience with "Mahedi" appeared to conform to the above theories. This phantom was a giant. His physical strength was so great that he could lift the archdeacon from his chair to the level of his shoulders apparently without effort. He reminded the archdeacon of a mummy of gigantic proportions he once saw in a museum.

Colley described the "Mahedi's" first visit through the Medium F. W. Monck: "He wore a kind of metal skull cap, with an emblem in front which trembled and quivered and glistened, overhanging the brow. I was allowed to feel it, but there was little resistance to my fingers, and it seemed to melt away like a snowflake under my touch, and to grow apparently solid again the moment after. For once (February 18, 1878) by daylight, it was arranged, as a most dangerous experiment, that I should grasp the white-attired Egyptian and try to keep him from getting back to invisibility through the body of the medium. I was, by an invisible force, levitated, as it seemed instantly some eighteen or twenty feet from my drawing room door right up to where the medium stood, whom, strangely and suddenly, wearing white muslin over his black coat, I found in my arms just as I had held The Mahedi. The materialised form had gone, and the psychic clothing that he evolved with him from the left side of my friend must also have gone the same way with the speed of thought back to invisibility through the Medium."

On one occasion a minister friend of Francis Monck materialized; by common consent the Medium was carefully awakened. Colley recalled: "Dazed for a moment, and then most astonished, our aroused friend looked enquiringly at the materialised Spirit Form, and jumping up from the sofa on which we had placed him he excitedly rushed forward to his one-time fellow-student, shouting 'Why, it is Sam' and then there was handshaking and brotherly greetings between the two. When both friends were about to speak at once there was a momentary impasse and neither seemed able to articulate; the Medium's breath appearing to be needed by Samuel when he essayed to speak, while the materialised form was also checked in his utterance when the Medium began to speak."

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