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 Eleonore Zugun Medium


 From Wikipedia, with slight alterations


 Eleonora Countess Zoe Zugun Wassilko, Vienna 1927

 Eleonora Countess Zoe Zugun Wassilko,

Vienna 1927

 Eleonora Zugun (24 more 1913, Talpa, Dorohoi [1] - Dorohoi), also known as the ‘Devil Girl’ [2] or ‘Poltergeist Girl’ is a Romanian Physical Medium, renowned especially for disorders of type poltergeist in which is the centre.  It was the subject of the first test, conducted by Harry Price, the scientific study of phenomena of an inducing agent psihochinetice recurring.

 Zugun Eleonora was born in Talpa, Dorohoi.  She was repudiated by fellow villagers and his own family because of the strange incidents that accompanied it: objects disappearing and reappearing kicking those around them, the nails in the walls that were removed from an unseen power, while the girl, seized by violent crisis , whine that is beaten or hit by forces which it called ‘Dracul’ [3].

 The case drew attention Eleonora Zugun German engineer Fritz Grunewald, who placed the phenomena at her age of 13, under the protection of Viennese Countess Zoe Wassilko von Serecki [4].  Countess Grunewald and witnessed many paranormal events caused the girl during the day, as well as some unexplained bite marks on her body that often [4].  Between 30 September - 26 October 1926, Price brought the Eleonora Zugun to England to study it in its own laboratory. [5] He was able to ascertain, under the supervision of a committee which included skeptics and under conditions which exclude opportunities for fraud, paranormal manifestations caused unconscious authenticity of it: the movement of small objects, bites and scratches appearance of the face [6] and body. [7] If the Wassilko Countess Zugun also introduced psychoanalytic issues.  Later he published ‘Eltern sein wie sie sollten’ (Parents, as it should be ‘), an opera written on the basis of psychoanalysis (1933).


 After returning to Vienna, Eleonora Zugun had her first menstruation and poltergeist phenomena suddenly stopped [8].  Returning home, she settled in Bucharest, where she began to work in a tailor shop from that day she was never to come back into psychic circles and lived a normal life.


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