Medium Diane Elliott

 Diane Elliott Medium, UK

Born on 31 August in Blakely Manchester 1938.

I first saw Diane in the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Hall on the Manchester week I attended. It was one of the best demonstrations of Transfiguration I had seen. I have been lucky enough to see her work in her own Home Circle in her flat in Blakeley, Manchester U.K. I felt very privileged being asked. I also saw her demonstrating her transfiguration in Edinburgh and again in Middleton Civic Centre, 23 August 2008, another excellent demonstration of the Spirit World proving life continuing after life.  Every time in her demonstrations the audience of enquirers need the tissues, not a dry eye in the house when their loved ones came through Diane.

Diane's Father was Jack [John] Kirkham, and Mother Kathleen Kirkham, who saw Spirit all the time, but when Diane said to her to mother why don't you talk to them and ask them to tell you things, her mother said "it is bad enough seeing them, I do not want to hear them as well".

Diane first visited a Spiritualist Church when her friend said she had tickets for this funny church, do you want to go with me to see to see the famous transfiguration Medium Queenie Nixon do a demonstration of a thing called Transfiguration, this was at Manchester's Moston church in about 1962. The both of them went and held onto each as the demonstration progressed as in was very dark and un-nerving for the young ladies at the time. After seeing the Demonstration by Queenie, Diane said to her friend, "I would love to do that", and so it came to pass for her.

It was about five years later when John and Ella Warwick, neighbours of Diane at the time, took Diane to Moston Church for Healing after having a nervous breakdown. After going there and recovering  from her nervousness and anxiety, the three friends went to Halliwell Lane Church, from there they join the Tuesday night Circle, as well as developing her Mental Mediumship, Diane then trained as a healer. Over time she became the Booking Secretary of Halliwell Lane Church, booking all the Mediums for the church services and demonstrations, then as time went on, Diane became the Vice President of the church.

Diane moved on to Collyhurst Church where she again helped to build up a thriving congregation. After five years she became the President of the church for the following four years.

Diane has said it was Mavis Patilla who trained her as a Medium, that led to Diane taking her first church service.

Mavis Patella asked Diane if she could get sitters for a development Circle, so she did and sat in that same Circle for a man every week for three years, then one week he was ill, so Diane herself sat in the cabinet saying "I will sit in the cabinet to keep up the energy until he comes back". The man did not return after his illness so Diane kept on sitting in the cabinet for another 12 years developing in that Circle. Mavis Patilla trained her for platform work in, starting in her own church with the Sunday service, Mavis doing the philosophy and Diane doing the Clairvoyance, this was some thirty years ago, one of many nerve racking experiences.

Then one week she was taken by Mavis down to Longton Church, Stoke on Trent [Gordon Higginson's church]. the same format during the service with the double act of Mavis and Diane this was the first outside church service that Diane had done, and it was nerve racking for her.

Because Diane had been telling others she wanted to know if she was doing things correctly, Diane's friend from Iceland said she was going to Stansted [Arthur Findlay College] for the week and there was a place spare, her own friend had dropped out. When Diane got there she found out it was Physical Mediumship week with amongst others Gordon Higginson tutoring, Diane ending up in his group in the library. On the Wednesday of that week she was pointed at by Gordon and Diane was asked to sit in the cabinet trembling as she did so [Gordon was a man who was revered at Stansted because of his ability to produce human forms out of ectoplasm]. Whilst sitting in the cabinet Gordon could see the potential of Diane [and he was talking to the Spirit World and getting advice]. Next day he he told her she must continue sitting for transfiguration as she was a Transfiguration Medium and to never stop sitting. Diane said to him I did not go anywhere I was still aware. Gordon said to her "You ARE a Transfiguration Medium and you do not need to be completely out of it for anything to happen as you have found out, all you needed yesterday was just an altered state".

One of the first times she went to Iceland Diane said to her group I will show you what I am learning in England so she sat in a cabinet that was supplied for her and all sorts of family and friends came through for the Icelandic group. Next day they said they had booked her for a demonstration of Transfiguration on her next visit and that is when it all started. Previous to that Diane demonstrated only Mental Mediumship.

Her Spiritual guide Mr Chan Wa made his first appearance in Iceland in 1987, he came out of the blue on one of her trips there. At the time Diane was going there to demonstrate her clairvoyance and transfiguration twice a year. One year whilst doing a transfiguration demonstration with an Icelandic lady sitting beside her [which is normal as protection], Diane half way through her demonstration went into a deeper trance state, on coming around to her normal everyday state was told she had brought through a man who had only been dead for a few hours, and he had been talking to his relations and friends through Diane in his native language of Icelandic  Diane does not speak any of that language.

Diane has also worked in Denmark, Finland and Germany until recently 2006 when her trips had to be put on hold until she had a Kidney Transplant.

In the meantime it is three sessions of Dialysis per week at North Manchester General Hospital. Diane was born with a deformed kidney, which was removed just before her tenth birthday. Then, four years ago, in 2004, her other kidney started to fail and she began having dialysis at North Manchester General three times a week, this is where she met Dr Che the Urology Specialist ,who told her about the plight of the people in the Cameroon in Africa who had no dialysis machines and the fact Manchester Hospital had an old one just there, not being used. Diane does nothing more than get her friend Keith Hilditch from Middleton on board, and the pair of them set up the Diane Elliott Dialysis Fund to try and get the machine to the Cameroon. Keith, her husband has offered his kidney for a two way transplant. When one kidney is found for Diane, another person can have one of his.

Alongside this fund Diane being Diane, the way she was, being stuck in Britain and because of the fact of Diane being on dialysis, it was felt that this was a good time to set up a much needed Spiritualist Church in Middleton and this came to fruition on the 11th April 2007. Then Diane Elliott became the First President of Middleton Independent Spiritualist Church, which is now going from strength to strength.

While at the hospital the nurse said Diane had a problem with the thyroid gland which was swelling. After a few weeks, the nurse said I see you have had the operation on your thyroid . "no I haven't" Diane said. "But you have, the swelling has gone down and it does not happen on its own, what have you been doing?" asked the nurse. I have been meditating on getting better said Diane. The nurse walked away not really believing But there was no swelling at all at the base of her throat.

Diane loves travelling to other countries to demonstrate and do reading to prove that we do not die.

Diane said her Grandson Brian [now thirty] also sees Spirit and has been seeing them since he was two, but he is not interested in doing anything about it. He would often stay at Diane's house. About nine years old while there, Diane would have the regular Circle and try to put him to bed, but he would talk in the, I want, can I, aaAAH can I grandma sort of a voice that children have when they try to get you to change your mind. He would say "can I see what goes on PLEASE Grandma", Diane would invariably give in. "As long as you sit quietly and do as you're told" she would say.

"What do I do", he would ask, "just sit still and see what happens", Diane would say to him.

"One time that stands out for me", said Diane, "he nudged me and said I can see some smoke over there". "Then he said he saw a gentleman over there with a beard", Diane said talk to him, Brian said "how do I do that". "Just talk to him in your mind" said his grandma, Then Brian said, "he said he a publican, what is that grandma?" "He said he was the landlord of the *** pub [he mentioned the pub but Diane had forgotten the name of it]. Diane asked him what he was there for "he is here to look after me", said Brian, she ask him if he had seen the man before, Brian said "yes in my other grandma's house" then Diane saw Brian pulling tongues at something over her shoulder, she asked what he was doing, Brian said he was pulling tongues at the Chinese lady who was pulling faces at him, so he was pulling one back. Aren't grandkids great.


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