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George Valiantine, who has already been mentioned, would perhaps come second if the author had to make a list of the great Direct Voice mediums with whom he has experimented. He was examined by the committee of the Scientific American and turned down on the excuse that an electric apparatus showed that he left his chair whenever the voice sounded. The instance already given by the author, where the trumpet circled outside the reach of the medium, is proof positive that his results certainly do not depend upon his leaving his chair, and their effect depends not only on how the voice is produced, but even more on what the voice says. Those who have read Dennis Bradley's "Towards the Stars" and his subsequent book narrating the long series of sittings held at Kingston Vale, will realize that no possible explanation will cover Valiantine's mediumship save the plain fact that he has exceptional psychic powers. They vary very much with the conditions, but at their best they stand very high. Like Mrs. Wriedt, he does not go into trance, and yet his condition cannot be called normal. There are semi-trance conditions which await the investigations of the student of the future.

Mr. Valiantine is by profession a manufacturer in a small town in Pennsylvania. He is a quiet, gentle, kindly man, and as he is in the prime of life, a very useful career should still lie before him.


A very well known person in her lifetime was Ada Emma Deane from Britain. Her forte as a Medium was Spirit Photography. It all started by Ada discovering a Spirit face on a photograph taken by her. Her career as a Photographic Medium was many times criticised and looked on with suspicion as in the early days she had to handle the plates being used for the purpose she said of them being magnetised. As time went by and the strength of her Mediumship improved this no longer happened, and she was able to produce images on the photographic plates without handling them and so the criticism lessened. At a sitting in the W T Stead Borderland Library in November 1924 Ada never had the photographic plates in her possession, neither did she handle them before the sitting, yet the images appeared again on the plates.

The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in 1921 put out a report about a remarkable sitting with Ada Deane and the director of the National Laboratories of Washington a Dr. Allerton Cushman, who had obtained on a plate that he himself had brought a striking portrait of his daughter who had died a year before.
A year later the Magic Circles Occult Committee published a claim that they had caught Ada in a fraud.

In many newspapers of the time publicity was given to the photograph taken at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, on November 11 1922 during the two minute silence, and many Spirit faces appeared on the photograph. Ada was helped in this instance by Estelle Stead. The following three years the experiment continued, and many people came forward who recognized the Spirit faces on the photographs taken over the years.

In a Physical Seance 1923 through direct voice, using an un-named Medium, communication from H Dennis Bradley's brother in law W A who was in Spirit told H Dennis Bradley that he was on the photograph near the right hand top corner. The day after the seance  Bradley sought out a copy of the photograph and with the aid of a magnifying glass there amongst the 50 heads in the photograph in the exact place told, was a person who looked uncannily like his brother in Law W A.

The 1924 photograph of the Cenotaph was held up by the Topical Press Agency at the time as a fraud and it was said the photograph was a falsehood with the extras being the living sportsmen of the time, then the newspaper the Daily Sketch published the alleged fraud BUT omitted many truths and as is happening to this day they manipulated what had happened [ there is a very old saying in the press industry ; NEVER LET THE TRUTH GET IN THE WAY OF A GOOD STORY ]

Estelle Stead, in her booklet Faces of the Living Dead, printed some unpublished documents, among them Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's letter to the editor of the Daily Sketch. In it he states that he submitted the two sets of faces published in the Daily Sketch to Sir Arthur Keith, the greatest authority on anthropometric matters. Keith replied; "Not one of the photographs reproduced by the Daily Sketch is identical with any of the representations or photos reproduced in the Spirit photographs". Estelle Stead says in her booklet: "I have known Mrs. Deane and worked with her for the last four years and have the highest regard for her honesty and integrity of purpose. I know her cameras well, both inside and out, having examined them so often--also the dark slides used for these sittings. Both camera and slides are continually left in my studio for days together, and I and others have plenty of opportunities to examine them at our leisure. The plates are always developed in my darkroom, and I can assure those doughty champions who explain so glibly how these are 'faked' that there are no developing dishes with transparent xylonite bases let into the dark room table, nor any concealed electric lights in my dark room. We use porcelain dishes, which are washed out after every sitting.


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