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 Medium Coral Polge. England. UK.


 Coral Annetta Potts  or  Coral Johanson


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 Coral Polge Medium

22nd September 1924 --- 29th April 2001

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The world-renowned British psychic artist, Coral Polge, passed into the Spirit World on 29th April 2001 in Surrey, England. Coral had given 54 years of dedicated service to the people in the world of the Spirit, and to their loved ones who searched for evidence of their survival here on the earth.
Just take a look at the psychic portraits below, and you'll see why her mediumistic gift was so highly valued and praised, and why it will be so greatly and sadly missed.
Coral Polge worked tirelessly across the globe to promote the wonderful message of the survival of the soul after death, and her excellent book Living Images contains startling examples of her work.
It would be impossible to say how many people were helped by this remarkable woman's talent and psychic gift: she worked in nearly every country of the world, was often interviewed on television and radio, and in the press, and she dried the eyes of countless thousands of bereaved people worldwide. It is fitting that she is remembered and paid tribute to here.
On hearing the news of her passing, the renowned British Medium, healer and psychic author Stephen O'Brien, with whom she'd worked many times, wrote a tribute to her work in Psychic News. In it he said of her:
'She raised the spiritual awareness of her audiences. Huge crowds of people sat entranced as, from out of nowhere, their loved ones’ faces appeared again before their tearful eyes. Mourners were comforted; broken hearts were mended; and her delighted recipients were always thrilled with their sketches. Her mediumistic skills will be praised as highly as they will be missed. Coral Polge has earned her place as one of the twentieth century’s most outstanding psychic artists.'
And those whom she helped worldwide, would certainly agree.


The above is the father of Kay Hunter, who wrote Living Images with Coral Polge; but Coral knew nothing of the writer's family history prior to drawing this sketch.



The son of Mrs Bayles of Rhodesia (S. Africa), who died while having an operation to correct his broken nose, which is shown in the psychic portrait as being in slightly better shape in his Spirit Body.
This drawing was done as a 'postal reading', and the lad's character is clearly captured.

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The book Living Images was written by Coral Polge, with Kay Hunter, and has appeared in several editions and in several languages: Regency Press/Thorsons publishers/ and there's a current 1997 paperback edition by the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain; ISBN: 090069717)

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Coral Polge and Steven O'Brian working together

I met Coral quite a few times BUT the most memorable occasion was in the Liverpool Spiritualist Church in Daulby Street. when she was doing a demonstration with another Medium, she often worked in tandem. Unfortunately the lady in question Coral was working with escapes my memory.

The clairvoyant Medium working with Coral was giving out information as was Coral about a boy who had had an accident in Liverpool, Coral was all the time continuing to draw the picture of a boy. Both Mediums went on to say the boy died after a brick wall fell on him. and could anyone take the picture no person there could take the picture, but two ladies in the audience could take the story and they lived by the person when the accident happened. Unfortunately they said the family had moved away from the area after the tragedy. The two ladies said they would take the drawing and try to find the family in the area where they thought they had moved to, which was 20 odd miles away in Runcorn, Cheshire. They said they would relay the messages of comfort and tell the mother their son had made contact with Coral and that nights partner, the lady Medium. we all heard two weeks later in church the two ladies were successful in finding the house and the family. The ladies had gone out in their car the following Sunday to Runcorn, but did not know how they were going find the house, nor did they know what sort of a reaction, the two of them as strangers with a strange story would get from the mother and the family. So they set off to Runcorn and ended up in Castlefields where they thought the family had gone to. They parked the car and asked a passerby if they knew of a family who had move to around here who had lost a son under a wall in Liverpool, and it surprised them to find that they had parked up across the road from the ladies house. Apprehensively they knocked on the door and a lady answered it. The pair showed the drawing to the lady who was taken aback by the likeness of her son so they related the story about the demonstration and the information that was given by Coral and her partner. The lady got all emotional and invited them in for a cup of tea and they stayed talking for many hours. The Spirit World work in many different ways. I know I should not be, but I am always amazed at the way they get their messages over at the right moment in a person's life. D R T Keegan.


One incident that seems to be a delightful true story was when she gave a portrait of a man to a lady; she was disappointed that the lady failed to recognise the man. However, this lady liked the picture that much that she took it home a hung it in the hallway of her house.   It was a few months later when new neighbours moved into next door, which followed by a visit of the new neighbour. On entering the hallway, the visitor exclaimed, “Where on earth did you get that picture of my father?”  The mysteries of Spirit communication!


Through her mediumship, she was not only able to create images of those trying to communicate from the Spirit World, but was also able to comment on the impressions that she received, often giving the names of the communicators that she was drawing.

Having been told that she had the gift of ‘Psychic Art’.  Coral developed her techniques in her own home circle where early scribbles slowly became sketches.   It wasn’t long before she was able to draw her Spirit Guide, Maurice de Latour, who was believed to be an eighteenth century portrait painter.

As with all mediumship, Spirit communicators have a habit of showing themselves to you as a younger version of what they are when they pass. Coral sometimes had this problem with her art and things only become clear to the recipient at a later time.



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