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From The Spiritualist Gazette, May 1976

By Tom Johanson

When will television get switched on and realise that the world is changing outside the box and viewers are not only becoming more educated but getting tired of the same archaic, deep-rut approaches to certain subjects--and in this instance I am referring to Spiritualism.

Once again, for the umpteenth time, television fell back on the usual outworn, over-played, stereotyped gimmick of confronting a psychic with a professional entertainer. The pattern is the same every time. The professional, brimming over with smiling confidence and make-up, announces that he can produce the same effects without having to call up the Spirits - though it always goes unsaid that he will require plenty of time beforehand and materials in some secret place to prepare the "phenomena". Television will improve their "vision" when they can produce a professional who announces that he will produce the same results as a psychic but under the same conditions as the Medium.

So far in the entire history of television and radio not one has come forward.

On Thursday, April 8th, Thames Television once again dragged out the tattered gimmick when Carol Mayes was invited to speak on the "Today" programme about her remarkable gift of psychic photography.

After showing a number of Carol's psychic photos, which to the initiated would be extremely remarkable and convincing, Thames brought in their professional photographer.

After listening to Carol's explanations, spoken with obvious honesty and sincerity, that she knew very little about photography and nothing about the technical side, the professional delivered a highly technical speech which showed he was so steeped in traditionalism and professionalism that it was doubtful whether he would be able to know the difference between a development class and developing fluid.

Details regarding double exposures and superimpositions created obvious expressions of bewilderment and amazement on Carol's face, especially when he produced number of highly professional and very glossy photographs which, he explained, when superimposed one upon the other would produce a "psychic" photo - he did not mention that he could produce the same effect with an old-fashioned box "Brownie" - the only equipment which Carol possesses.

However, Spiritualists and non-Spiritualists alike will be immensely impressed and, I am certain, convinced by the work of Carol Mayes because her simple charm and obvious sincerity and honesty completely overwhelmed and dematerialised the case for the professional.

Tom Johanson was the secretary of the SAGB in London and was also the husband of Coral Polge, the psychic artist.

From, Written by Zerdini


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