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 C V Miller Medium

In 1906, C. V. Miller, a Physical Medium, visited Munich, Germany. During his visit, he conducted seances at private residences. It was noted that luminous globes, orbs or clouds would take form near the ceiling during the seances.

In the annals of Psychic Science (#21, 1906) C de Vesme reported, "A white ball, as of gas, about a quarter of a yard in diameter appeared in the air at the upper extremity of the curtains. Finally, it came down rested on the floor and in less than a minute changed into a long shape, was transformed into a draped human form, which subsequently spoke."

W. Reichel, author of Occult Experiences (1906), observed that the phantoms of the Medium C. V. Miller smelled of tobacco and even of food and wine if the Medium had liberally partaken of them before the seance. This was said to be the same for Helen Duncan, her ectoplasm often smelt of whisky, to which she was partial to.


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A report of Willi Reichel's experiences with C. V. Miller, the California materialization Medium, as given in Psychische Studien (January-February 1906) states:

" 'Betsy,' the principal control of Mr. Miller, called Herr Reichel first into the cabinet in order that he might assure himself of the presence of the Medium asleep. He examined all again and considers it impossible that the Medium could have quitted the cabinet in a normal way; in front of the curtains were seated the 27 persons who formed the Circle on that evening, and the windows looked out on a much frequented street. The weather, moreover, was very windy and wet, and it would have been impossible, he says, to open a window without causing a current of air to be felt at once. After about four minutes 'Betsy' told him to go with three other persons to the first floor and Mr. Miller's housekeeper gave them the keys. They found the Medium breathing heavily on a chair; they brought him back into the seance room, where he awoke, remembering nothing."



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