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A Physical Medium, who was found by accident when his master a former high-ranking Dutch government official, J.D. van Herwerden, reported on seances with his Javanese servant, Aridjan. He found out over the few sessions sitting with him the 14 year old boy had a gift of Physical Mediumship, Direct Voice, levitation of objects, and producing different phenomena in the Circle.  One of these communicators said that he was a Spanish monk, Paurellus, who had been murdered in The Hague three hundred years before. At the Spirits request, trumpets were being made and folded by the sitters these where made out of cardboard and placed on the table. In December 1858 J D van Herwerden wrote to a friend: "Imagine my surprise to hear the Spirit producing sound. I have to admit that it made me shiver! .... And then, what sort of a sound! I can hardly describe it. It can best be compared with what young birds, canaries, produce. A soft, musical whistle. A tweeting so fine and melodious as no human voice can imitate...". This should be noted as it is the more interesting as other reports on the direct voice also signal a very faint beginning, like a whistle. The voice became louder and louder. Finally it could dispense with the trumpet and be heard in space by everyone present. Surprisingly the Spirit voice from the trumpet spoke in French, a language the Boy-Medium was not conversant with.
Other phenomena accompanied the direct voice. An accordion floated over their heads whilst playing; direct writing; a flock of sparkling spirit lights moved sometimes through the room, there were touches by an unseen hand, etc.


The heavy table floated through the room at a height of 3 or 4 feet, while Aridjan remained in his chair. '' Emma Hardinge Britten, 3rd April, 1862.


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