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 Medium Annie Brittain. England.

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Annie Britain Medium

British Trance Medium well known during the 1920s. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sent many people to her anonymously and kept records of the reports, which showed a very high average of success. Her psychic gifts were noticed in early childhood, when she is said to have played with Spirit Children and occasionally fallen into trance. Mrs. Brittain has a kindly little child familiar [Spirit child] named Belle.

In Longton Spiritualist Church, Annie Brittain told a fourteen year old Fanny Higginson that her future spiritual development lay in trance mediumship. She also told Fanny that she would have a son who would become a world famous Platform Medium [so it was, and he was Gordon Higginson]. During the message Fanny was told that Annie had a Spirit Lady with her who was also named Fanny and was in fact the 14 year old's mother. Stating that this was impossible as she had left her mother only one hour previously, Fanny was advised to return home. On her arrival at the home she shared with her mother, Fanny was devastated that her mother had indeed passed away.

This message through Annie Brittain became a milestone in Spiritualism history proving that prophetic evidence and validity could not be questioned.

Rosa Parvin is an artist who was both a skilled artist and an accurate psychic. She was an English woman of the twentieth century who lived in South Africa for the later part of her life. Rosa was given a message through the mediumship of Annie Brittain that she would paint thousands of spiritual portraits for people who came to her from all over the world. So it happened. Rosa completed over 17,000 portraits of guides and helpers from the Spirit World. As a Spiritual Psychic Artist she allowed her hand to be guided by a Spirit Artist who accurately portrayed those who had passed into Spirit.


Doyle, Arthur Conan. The History of Spiritualism. New York: Charles H. Doran, 1926. Reprint, New York: Arno Press, 1975.



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