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Mr. Robert Copley, whose wife, Anne Copley, was what is called a "Trumpet Medium." She could go into a deep trance, sitting in a chair. They had a shed in the garden, like a garden sanctuary. And they would turn out the lights, and Anne would sit in a small chair with curtains around her. When I first was invited to sit with Anne Copley, I could hear her actually snoring during the first fifteen minutes. She was breathing deeply and heavily in the dark. On the floor in front of us--I sat with my fatherís sister, my Aunt Doreen with some other people in the dark--were luminous megaphones, painted with luminous paint. They were lying on their end, sticking up from the floor. And as we began to sing some hymns like "Jerusalem," "Abide with Me," and some of the Christian hymns we sang, and said a prayer, suddenly, the luminous trumpet flew up in the air and it turned on its side, and the voices began coming through the trumpet at us. There was a man named Johnny from London, he was there. We also had a Red Indian, American Indian guide, who spoke with a heavy accent and gave the spiritual blessings. And at one point, my father's brother, Frank Hurst, came through and spoke to me. Frank had died at the age 19 in a motorcycle accident. His motorcycle hit a patch of ice on the road and it threw him off, and his head hit a telegraph pole and he was killed instantly. But he came through and he spoke to me, "Itís Frank," you know, and he gave me a message. At that time I was working in London. And that week I had not had any breakfast before going to work. And no one knew that. And he said, "Brian, you must eat breakfast in the morning. You didnít eat breakfast every day last week." And he said, "This is Frank. I will help you, and Iím fine now." That was my first contact, with my dead uncle, you see, my Aunt Doreenís brother. My Aunt Doreen sat next to me in the seance room.

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