Anna Melloni Rasmussen,

 Medium Anna Melloni Rasmussen,  Denmark.

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Anna Melloni Rasmussen Medium

1898 - 1970

Born In Zeeland, Denmark in 1898.  Anna's Mediumship started showing when she was only 12 years of age with poltergeist activity happening around her parents home when she was near, also movements of the table when she touched it and when she did not. This gave way in time and developed into Raps from the Spirit World, so she started reading about other mediumistic happenings of other people. Little Anna started trying different things and as she grew a little older found she could do Automatic Writing, she began to developed telekinesis phenomena, Slate Writing, and the Spirit World developed with her Luminous Phenomena, [all being Physical Phenomena].  After some time she began with light phenomena and also to talk in trance. She started sitting for trance and very soon started being used by her Spirit Guide, Dr Lasaruz.

After some time she began to developed telekinesis phenomena;  this could come from anywhere around her body or in the room she was in. She develop automatic writings, but she wrote with both hands backwards and blindfolded and you could only read this in a mirror. After some time she began with light phenomena and also to talk in trance.  Anna sat with photographer Sven Turck, also a Danish investigator; he wrote a book about his many years’ experiences under his research and tested many Mediums.

Anna was many times tested by different people [see testing of other Mediums ] and in different laboratory locations.

One of her first investigations was in Berlin 1921 over a period of two months, October and November in the Fritz Grunewald Laboratory extensive tests were carried out on Anna Rasmussen. What stood out most in the tests were the different electrical changes that took place in the laboratory in Anna's presence. The results were handed over at the second International Congress for Physical Research in Warsaw in 1923.


Then in 1922, Anna was again placed under laboratory conditions in Copenhagen, under the watchful eyes of Professor Christian Winther, S.D. from the   Polytechnic Academy of Copenhagen, and his observing academics Professor Bondorff from the Danish Agricultural High School, A practicing Physician, a Dr A. Marner, and the laboratory's Director, a R Dons. It is said by the detailed notes of the 116 seances with Anna recorded by Professor Winther and published in the Psychic Research 1928. It is noted that there was not one negative comment by any of the observers.

It should be also noted that the sittings for the experiments took place in bright artificial light, or in daylight.

Some other experiments by Professor Winther in 1917 were carried out as follows, "Sunk into a concrete pillar was a tall glass shade, suspended in the interior of the shade were a number of bobbins or pendulums of dissimilar weights, hung by silk threads. No normal influence could move the bobbins, the whole set up was vibration proof. the bobbins could not be moved by knocking the set up or stamping on the floor. around the set up the sitters would arrange themselves. Each person being about a metre distance from the pendulums, Anna would go into a very light trance, and her alleged Spirit control Dr Lasaruz speak through, of course, the Mediums vocal cords Dr Lasaruz would then be asked to move the bobbins. Very slowly, one of the bobbins would begin to move, gradually increasing its impetus until it struck the sides of the glass shade.
At the seances I attended at Copenhagen, the bobbins were made to move to order, in various directions. at command the would lose amplitude, and slowly come to rest. at request, the bobbins would tell us the time by striking the nearest hour on the side of the glass shade. At the last seance at which I was present, we used bobbins containing pea-lights, which traced their pendulatory onto a moving strip of bromide paper. A permanent record of their movements was thus obtained.

If the seances were not organized to the Mediums satisfaction or too many trance seances undertaken, then she became very restless and complained of being ill, so the conditions were altered to help Medium Anna Rasmussen be more comfortable, then experiments continued, as many as three or four a day became the norm. During the days of the experiments, Anna the Medium sat quietly in the Circle at the table, Anna and her testers talking normally, had a drink at intervals and some food, she read papers, and did not appear to have any connection of what was happening around her. The trance work took it out of her so the testers only allowed her to go into trance when a special subject needed studying.

Some experiments were carried out with her ability to do Automatic writing. During these experiments Anna who does not understand English neither write it, wrote in the English language but the spelling was a bit off the mark. It should be noted that neither Anna or her family had NO knowledge of the English language at all.

On another occasion with Harry Price as an observer, Raps were heard in the experiment and they seemed to come from the Medium's left shoulder, so Harry placed his ear against her shoulder and Price said he could distinctly hear the thumps from her body. Harry Price, himself in his book said, that Anna Mellonie Rasmussen was a real Medium and had the gifts.

At the time Richet describes her as a "Telekinetic Medium". [a person who could move objects with the power of the mind].

In later years it was reported that she visited London in 1938 in the winter time and her powers had gone.




Anna Mellonie Rasmussen slate that the Spirit World used for their reverse writing. Writing that had to be placed along side a mirror to understand it.

Harry only complimented two Mediums being authentic in their work, one of this was Melloni and another lady Medium.

Here is a story, told by a Danish Medium, just before he past over, who was a friend with Anna’s and he was with her as this took place. Anna had a window cleaner in her flat in Copenhagen. He stood inside; washing away and Anna went to the kitchen to make coffee when there was a yell from the window cleaner in the living room. In stormed Anna and her friend, only to find the window cleaner pressed into one of the armchair, but the sofa and her two armchairs had lifted up in the air and switched places in front of the window cleaner. The poor window cleaner was so frighten that he could not move, and never returned to clean her windows.


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