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 Here on Mediums of the Present, I am not placing anyone on this page I have not seen and I do not know. Many other pages have been put aside for other Mediums.

 Any additional information would be welcome by Email from each individual Medium; D O B; Where born; How you started; Your development; where and how; Ups and downs; where you demonstrated; the happenings you or your sitters have experienced in seances, Etc.


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 Bill Nedderman

 Collin Bates

 David Young

 Diane Elliott

 Eileen Mitchamson

 Gerard Smith

 Glyn Edwards

 Gordon Smith

 Jean Noel

 Janet Parker

 Jean Skinner

 Judith Seaman

 Leonard Young

 Lionel Owen

 Mallory Stendall

 Mark Webb

 Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning is a world-famous healer who lectures and demonstrates his techniques all over the world. He has been involved in more scientific research and testing than any other healer in the world and has addressed the Royal Society of Medicine and spoken to MPs in the Houses of Parliament about his healing work. Regularly featured in the media, he is the author of One Foot in the Stars, his autobiography, No Faith Required, The Link and The Healing Journey.

"Matthew's abilities are literally beyond belief" - Sir David Frost

'Matthew Manning offers positive approaches - from techniques to control stress and bring relaxation to those which build and foster positive self-image. He sets no limits to where it can lead.' - Guardian

'He spent years being examined by scientists. These days he devotes himself to healing and is refreshingly non-evangelical about his work.' - Daily Telegraph

'Matthew Manning is an extraordinary man. I have seen many patients who have previously attended Matthew for healing; every one of them has gained considerably from their meeting with him. My many years of training as a doctor and anaesthetist have taught me how much we do not know about the body and its healing processes. Matthew's powers are not discussed in medical textbooks, but I can verify their efficacy from those of his patients I have met.' - Dr Brian Roet, formerly of Charing Cross Hospital, London

"Patients come from all over the world with problems ranging from back pain to secondary cancer. To give you an idea of the breadth of his constituency, the healer has been consulted by figures including John Cleese, Prince Philip and Maureen Lipman. Manning is modest, unpretentious and engaging. When he put his hands close to my back, the effect was like a two kilo-watt electric fire. The heat was coming through two layers of clothing and the canvas back of the chair. I turned instinctively to see if he was holding anything in his hands - he wasn't." - Robert Chalmers (Independant on Sunday)

"Matthew Manning has a remarkable track record of working at the interface between body and soul. His knowledge is outstanding in both breadth and detail." - Karol Sikora, MB, MA, PhD, FRCP, FRCR. Professor of Cancer Medicine at Imperial College and Consultant Oncologist At Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Reference ‘The Healing Journey’ - … As he cites plenty of proof that emotional health enhances physical health, the NHS could do itself a long-term investment favour by handing out a free copy to every patient. - Extract from Publishing News – Books of the Year – 2001

 Paul Jacobs

Robin Stevens


Ron Jordon

Clairvoyant and Trance Medium. Tutor at the Arthur Findlay college.

Having met Ron Jordon in about 1998, it wasn't until recently that we found time to work together.

Behind his ebullient and jolly nature Ron has a deep seated desire to help his fellow man to share the things that life has taught him and this he does through his mediumship.

Involved with Acton Spiritualist Church for many years and holding demonstrations of trance and clairvoyance workshops, Ron puts himself in the firing line - as it were, along with other Physical Mediums.

However, he isn't one to take much notice of the very few critics that he occasionally encounters besides which he normally leaves these for George to deal with!

Ron knows he has a job to do and will continue with this, and regardless of what anyone says or does, his job is to teach and heal.

One of the worlds finest
Ron Jordon has experienced Spirit activity from an early age and although unaware that this was not the norm until later in his childhood, he soon realised this gift which over time he was to develop and nurture, enabling him to become a fine advocate for spirit communication.

'Spirit Guides’, is about this ebullient Liverpudlian, his thoughts on a variety of topics along with philosophy from his Spirit Guide who simply refers to himself as ‘George’.

Ron Jordon's Spirit Guide George.

The many people who attend demonstrations by Ron Jordon, come from all over the country, which is testimony to the tremendous work he carries out.

Plagued with back problems since an accident at work some years ago, this does not deter Ron from from giving 100% effort to the task of delivering messages and trance addresses from George, which he does with great wisdom.

The reason for this commitment is that not only does it help other people but Ron actually benefits physically from the trance state and can revel in the knowledge that he was given a gift and is fortunate enough to know how to use it.

Clairvoyance is another aspect about which many people have become interested over the years and is something which Ron also uses to help people come to terms with the afterlife by delivering messages from Spirit.

A wide repertoire of Spirit forms abound when Ron takes the platform and these include of all things, ducks, ferrets and even the occasional camel!

Ron Jordan is a very humorous guy with a serious job and whose motto is:

Some people think its nice to be important, I think its more important to be nice.

Source  2002 Michael Hunt.

 Rowena Hardwick

 Steve Upton

 Tony Stockwell

Late one Sunday evening, myself and Neil Stroud looked forward to an interview with a medium whom we regard as one of the finest in the world today, Tony Stockwell.

Warmly welcomed by both Tony and partner Stuart as they invited us in to discuss Tony's mediumship, we were interested to find out as much as we could in the hope that our approach to this would not result in him being asked too many of the same old questions.

East Ender

Hailing from Walthamsow, East London, Tony had happy memories of a family orientated life. Whilst his father was an east-end barrow boy and his mother a hairdresser they weren't overly concerned when at sixteen years old their son started filling his room with candles and incense whilst hanging pictures of praying hands everywhere!

However, the family did become a bit worried about Tony becoming a little reclusive, his sister often asking why he wasn't out with his mates . Tony enlightened us by saying, "My parents weren't used to the idea that their boy was becoming some kind of religious character. I've always got on well with my family and friends and they embrace the fact that this is my life.

"Mum's a huge groupie but it wasn't until very recently when my father saw me demonstrating clairvoyance that he became an ardent fan! "It was at the Circus Tavern that I gave a message to a lady about her little boy Michael. He had come back to let her know that he was well and not to worry about him.
It was so emotional and on seeing everybody's reaction to the message, my father later came up to me later and asked if I knew the lady. I told him that I didn't and think that this was the message that finally convinced him that I had a gift. He even sells tickets for my dems now!"

"My friends used to think it a bit odd but there was never a day that went by when I wasn't healing or meditating or giving messages and they soon became enthusiastic about my work and are totally supportive of me now."

On being asked in what form he receives messages, Tony explains "When working in public I am clairsensetive and I kind of just sense the information sometimes hearing a word but more often get a clairvoyant solid image in my mind.
I also get quite a lot of death conditions and that feels horrible especially when I'm passing on a message from somebody who has been murdered. I have been aware before of how someone was killed and how the body was stored.
One lady in particular came with two friends and as they walked in I could see the spirit of her daughter walking in with her, in my mind. I said to the lady that her daughter had passed and I then asked her daughter how it was that she had died. She really didn't want to say but I said that she really should because it will be evidence for her mother. It was then that she showed me black bin bags. Her body was found in black bin bags and I said this to her mum. She just looked straight through me with a haunted look on her face and said, that's right. It was as if she was so shell-shocked already that what I was saying was just confirmation. That actually affected me for about a day after telling her this.

The majority of messages that I give are lovely but you have to be clear-headed and disconnect from it as much as possible and go on to the next client otherwise you could so very easily be affected by this but it's all part of the process of mediumship."

Asked about the most influential person in his life, Tony goes on to say, "I live in two worlds but - it seems - mainly in the other one and I would have to say that it's Stuart because he keeps my feet firmly in this world.
Stuart also keeps me informed of how my dems go. For instance he might say that a message wasn't brilliant or I handled a message insensitively or that I could have done something differently.
I don't have a problem with ego and Stuart is absolutely honest with me which I hate sometimes!"

Tony is probably best known for his clairvoyant and psychic abilities but knowing that there are many more strings to his bow than just these, we asked him to tell us about his guides.

Relaxing back into the settee he continues, "I have many guides with whom I work but it was when I sat with deep trance medium Marcia ford that my main guide Zintar made himself known although I have been aware of him since the age of nineteen.
He chooses to come through in the guise of a Tibetan Buddhist monk and past life recall actually convinces me that in one of many incarnations I died with him in Tibet. We work together daily in communication and I am more aware of his presence when communicating with someone who has lost a child whom he will often bring with him.

When I sit for trance I find that my guide called Star takes control and it is he who conducts the demonstrations, invites discussion amongst those gathered, at times even calling people up for private ono-to-ones in trance."

Trance demonstrations
Asked about his demonstration of trance, Tony related to us that sometimes people attending this type of demonstration come expecting cabaret. Coming out of trance at a demonstration on one occasion he saw people passing sweets around chatting amongst themselves but puts this down to a general lack of knowledge surrounding trance mediumship.
He goes on to say,"I don't really have any idea of what is being related to an audience as when I am in trance I have to rely on Stuart to inform me of how things go." This applies to teaching trance mediumship as well and was Stuart who filled us in regarding a gentleman who was a bit out of place on one particular course.
He goes on to say, "We can usually feel sometimes that people attend for no particular reason as on one course of trance development there was a gentleman who all through the course was so disinterested we didn't know why he had come along. It wasn't until the last day of the course that he was personally invited by the guide to receive a message.
It was a fantastic experience not only for this gentleman but for everybody in the group and also extraordinary because it was one of the most powerful messages I had seen Tony's guide give. The gentleman was sobbing his heart out the whole time but was totally transformed by the experience."

Tables Flying!
We wondered then if Tony sat for physical phenomena himself and if - like many mediums - sat in circle. He told us that after a break of many years, himself and a few others decided to sit for physical phenomena.
He continues by saying, "Our circle is quite informal in that we sit in a small room containing a settee and a couple of chairs. We start in red light but the main guide will inform us whether we need to increase or decrease this, whether they want music or not sometimes even turning the lights off themselves!

"We have had some outstanding results in the last few months of sitting including transfiguration, the start of some direct voice phenomena at one point even finding that spirit had left a perfect fingerprint impression in some talcum powder during the sitting. It was as if the imprint had been sucked out of the powder and we were so amazed with this that we immediately tried to recreate the impression ourselves. It just wasn't possible and in our excitement lost the evidence of the original fingerprint!"

Still on the subject of physical phenomena Tony told us that he was having particularly good results with table phenomena. "We get very bored with little tables" he muses, "We like to use massive tables, the biggest we can find (Tony pointed to a table in the interview room which must have been ten by four feet long!) "At one of our dems we even asked two people - one of whom was a body builder - to lie on the table and it was flying around the room!"

Whatever people think about table phenomena it can't be reconstructed, it is a physical phenomenon"

Spirit Rescue
This led us on to the subject of spirit rescue work as we were interested to find out his views on this type of work.

"Sometimes I'm suspicious of rescue work in-as-much when a group sits, they call up their guide who brings the unfortunate soul to the rescue circle after which the group send all love and light to this spirit then the guide takes them back into the light.
Now I feel that the guide could do this equally well on their own. Although I feel it is sometimes necessary, I think that some people enjoy the drama and the glory of sending all these poor lost souls into the other world. However, I also accept that there's a part to be played on occasion where people who have disturbances in their homes ask for help but it is important to have the right sort of medium to do this work."

Scientific Investigation
Because of the bad press surrounding the testing of mediums, it seemed appropriate that we should ask Tony if it were ever likely that he would ever put himself up for scientific investigation. He sums up this particular aspect briefly by saying, "Yes I would but for the right group of people. I don't see the point in just being tested for being tested's sake because I think that some people would do it until you are blue in the face and it would never be enough."

The Avalon Project
Tony is known for the conception of something which he calls 'The Avalon Project', and we asked him to tell us a bit more about this.
He explains, "The avalon Project was conceived a few years back by myself and Stuart when after having been to various seminars for the development of mediumship we found that people were not really allowed to be themselves. Some dems and seminars were frustrating in many respects and although we wanted to enjoy ourselves we were made to feel that we were too young (even at our age!) and this was one of the things that made it difficult for us to have fun.

"We devised a way of constructing our seminars so that they were refreshing where people could enjoy themselves so as to encourage their learning through good spiritual teaching and without ego."

Stuart then continues, "We wanted to work with other mediums and not worry about rules and regulations concerning the different organisations they belonged to or what background they were from. For those who want to learn, we want them to get involved in the project and our courses so that they can enjoy the experience in an environment which would also propound Soul growth."

Tony adds, "We have no ties to any one belief. A lot of people already have a religious background and sometimes they need this but we have supporters in various parts of the world who have become a part of the Avalon Project because I have introduced myself as a medium without religious conviction who sees hears and feels spirit. This helps put them at ease especially when they know that we actively encourage as many cultures and belief systems to be a part of it, the significance being that we are all of the human race and as such could potentially learn a lot from each other."

Attracting the Younger Set
This prompted the question as to how to attract younger people into this way of life. On Consideration of this particular aspect Tony replies, "What we offer them at the moment as a movement doesn't interest young people. They don't want to pray, sing hymns or sit for long periods of time with nothing to do. They actually need to get involved in activities where you would use the mind, body and spirit. Examples of this are workshops, and participation in yoga, mantra work etc. which will all help them to find their own spirit in an energetic way. Not many would have lost people to the spirit world necessarily but what they can do is work upon their own spiritual progression. This could be achieved in a fun way so that we end up asking them what they feel that they should be doing and we will fit in with that because we know how boring it can be when you are expected to follow a set routine. In this day and age there are so many distractions for young people that some may feel lost and in their rebellion against conformity, get caught up in addictions such as drugs, sex, alcohol or crime. We would like to think that we could persuade young people of the benefits to be had in finding their spirituality whether that be attending a spiritualist church, one of my dems or even one of our courses but achieving this must be from within the right group for them."

Freudian Slip!
When asked if there were any anecdotes about which he may like to tell us, Tony cringed as he was reminded by Stuart regarding the time he made a Freudian slip whilst demonstrating clairvoyance at a Spiritualist church.

"It was dreadful" Tony admits, "I was trying to look confident and make a good impression when I had a message for a lady from her father. What I wanted to say was, your father's coming close and he is winking at you but one of the words came out wrong.
"That was just the most awful moment of my psychic career but worse still was that I couldn't take it back. The audience lost the plot. They were laughing for at least twenty minutes afterwards!"

"Another time was when I was to demonstrate at a community hall in Ilford and nobody turned up at all. An old gentleman in a raincoat who was listening to a portable CD player wandered in a bit later but I didn't feel like giving a message. That was good for my ego even if very disappointing."

"There are so many stories but I have written a book which due out next year has the working title of 'My Psychic Life' which will include more."

Closing Down
Some mediums seem to have a problem with it but we asked Tony if it was easy to close down From Spirit.

"I find it more difficult to plug-in to spirit than to turn off but the problem is that some people don't allow themselves to switch off because they are always peeking over their shoulder to see if spirit are still there and spirit will always be there. I just stop thinking about spirit and that brings me to ground again.

"I've been doing this for so long now it's become second nature and if I'm not working then I don't need to think about Spirit."

Tony points out that although it's very hard work and both himself and Stuart are manic most of the time often working very long hours, he says,
"We do get a little time to relax when we have friends round but the core of our chill-out time comes when we manage to get out of the house for a while where we enjoy walking our dog and taking in the surrounding countryside."

Having had exposure in the media recently with 'Psychic School' and 'Street Psychic', the fact that more and more countries are to screen these shows will ensure that more people will be made aware that contact with spirit is a reality.

Continuing, Tony points out, " Whether through mental or physical mediumship, on TV or through small groups, if you can bless one person's life to absolutely believe beyond doubt that their mum, their dad, their son, or their daughter is actually going to be there waiting for them and it gives them comfort then that's worth doing. But if you can give that to a hundred thousand people then that's a blessing."




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