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There are so many, I have now had to place the Mediums names onto separate pages A, B, C, D, etc;

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Please bear with me, there is only me doing this website, I will eventually get there.

I am on the computer a very, very long time most days, that is if my eyes do not get too tired.

I need to do so much before my eyes fail [macular degeneration] and the tumour inside my head causes problems.

I will get someone else to take over the website and the information in the next year or two.


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These large letters are for separate pages of the Mediums in list form,

I will add each page at a time when updated

A,  B,  C,  DE,  F,  G,  H,  I,  J,  K,  L,  M,  N,  O,  P,  Q,  R,  S,  T,  U,  V,  W,  X,  Y,  Z,

Please gather as much truthful information NOW about the Mediums who are working around the world; those Mediums who are helping others understand there is life after our so called life [here on the earth plane]. Time passes so quickly and we need the TRUE information ready for future generations before it is all forgotten. Place it on the net with photographs so others can check if it is true.

It should be firstly pointed out that Spiritualism, when it reared its head as the name Spiritualism above the heavy onslaught of the controlling bigots who were in the churches and the establishment within the American society then in England. In England where Spiritualism was exported to and flourished and eventually into Europe they came under the same problems. (The gifts in people had been known for many, many centuries before under different names). It seems everywhere Spiritualism started, it had a very bad time trying to get the truth out to the general public at large. BUT remember that the Christian churches of England and Europe burned and mutilated many people who tried to link with the Spirit World because they, the people within the religions, and especially the priests, thought it was their right and only their right to link with the God force, and did not educate the ordinary person on how to do it. The priests and those within those religions, were scared of the ordinary person knowing the truth and loosing their power over the monies in the pockets of the masses. Yes, those in the church and in many, many other religions, had seances in the monasteries, in the convents, homes and houses and their holy places to link with what they called their saints, angels and their holy people who looked after only them in the world beyond. They kept and still try to keep it a secret away from the ordinary people. In some parts of the world the suppression still goes on where the priest/pastor/church leader what ever you want to call them STILL TO THIS DAY ARE KILLING and having people killed because they want to keep control of the masses within their communities. [Don't believe me ? Just read the witches page].

In 1870's and to the 1880's there was a great upsurge of the opening out and talking about psychic activity, lets face it, it certainly must have been going on well before, in fact many, many centuries before, in fact since the world as we know it began; but because of the Witch trials orchestrated by the nasty controlling so called religious people [caring for their fellow man and spiritually minded they are definitely not, it is self motivation]. Throughout the world, the psychics, mystics, seers, spiritual and mediumistic people of the day had before these dates kept all things hidden from the recently thought up [in mankind terms] modern mass religions, before that it was the norm and people were open with the ancient shamanistic people, who were all linking naturally with the God force.

Those in opposition to the Psychics and Mediums of that time, had on their side different governments controlled by the religions of the day, the clergy, priests, mullahs, the holy men of various denominations, organized science, and the main groups within the population because of their indoctrination within their religions and organizations, they held strong beliefs against anything that went against their establishment teachings, also it should be remembered in recent modern times, all these people in each individual country had the press at their beck and call, which resulted in everything in the Psychics and the Mediums favour was suppressed or manipulated to show against them telling the truth of the evidence that all saw in the presence of the GENUINE Psychic and GENUINE Medium. It is so important that you have in your mind all these things that were happening in times gone by so you can put into context the badness that spilled over against these brave pioneers. Look around you, there is prejudice boiling over even today from those in control of the media, in government and those high up in most of the religious organizations who all in some way hold the vast manipulative and controlling power of influence against the humble Psychic and Medium and society as a whole. If a person of influence were to go into an office of a media source and say a Psychic or Medium or a particular Mediumistic phenomena was a fraud, that snippet would be headlines, that persons word would be taken as gospel. Yet if a humble truthful, honest Psychic or truthful, honest Medium went into the same office and said they had just proved phenomena that happened was true, that event would not be in the paper at all or they would have to go and jump through all sorts of hoops and tests to even standing on their head to satisfy the person behind the desk and if it did prove to be correct in the mind of that moguls front man, it would be buried at the end of the paper in a minute column next to the sports page. The scales of justice are always loaded against the truth in proving life after death is a reality, because the very fabric of the all powerful religious organizations would fall apart so would their vast ill gotten regular earnings. Getting monies and wealth from the ordinary man in the street who has been indoctrinated into their way of thinking from the time that individual was able to understand their words and and then read their written words of blind faith.

Think about it.

Who are the richest organizations in the world. RELIGIONS.

Who are the laziest people and are living the most comfortable lives in their well to do houses and palaces.

Yes, the high up in the religions, NO MATTER WHICH ONE.

In America, where I believe there is practically no libel act, the press there were often violent and sensational in their treatment of the spiritual people who did not conform, this was the ways of the past centuries, possibly is still that way and getting more so with the rise of radicalization of the religious fractions. This is why it is so important to sift through past evidence and get to the truth of those psychic happenings also by using logic, and for as many people to get that truth out to the public at large.

Don't these people realize the forces of the higher vibrations modern Spiritualist call the Spirit World, have been in contact with us since time began. IT IS NORMAL. You only have to look at the so called holy books; AND make sure you look closely at them as they were only written by very clever people and altered over the centuries. Throughout the books, it points out that their prophets had all the attributes that many of our Mediums had and have today. They healed, levitated, talked to those unseen in a two way conversation, saw people of the higher vibrations the ordinary person did not, produced human forms beside themselves from out of nothing [through ectoplasm], Attracted people from the higher level to stand with them, BUT, because those people in these religious gatherings cannot get away from their indoctrination that only people in their holy books can be used by the higher force, we call the God Force, they condemn out of hand the person being used by the God Force outside their religions as being evil and vile, even when that person being used by the Spirit World, and very importantly, is sometimes being used without them volunteering themselves as a vessel [a Medium].

Please remember and place all this in your mind before reading the passages in the rest of the following Mediums write ups.

Before any physical seance in the mid 1800's & 1900's & 2000's, & 2001 centuries, most of the genuine Mediumistic People of the day who were producing Physical Phenomena were strip searched and every orifice of the body probed for so called hidden lace/muslin cloth. Some Mediums did a full seance NAKED. This humiliating thing was done so the sitters could be certain that there was no fraud taking place when ectoplasm was produced in the dark, dim lighting or low red light and also sometimes in full light conditions of the seance room. This search was done in front of GENERALLY, two Mediums who were looking after the Physical Medium and two people [sitters] who would have been sitting in the Physical Circle/seance.

Please put down as much information about the present day Mediums so future generations can know the truth about them. Place as much true happenings as you can on the internet, let others know.

Sadly all this nastiness is still happening today with the cults and many main religions who try to control the masses. Look at the terrorists in the world today who want everyone to to conform to their way of thinking and their early age indoctrination of their beliefs by their so called holy men (are definitely not). They have their dedicated people trying to close down and disrupt, attacking websites like mine and many others on a similar vein like this one.

I have had a few attacks to my website, the most recent a year and a half ago in 2011. It was a good job Google was on my side, also my webserver helped me recover.

Now here is something to make you think a little more.

Surprise, Surprise could you see it coming?

We now see another change in the man made religious Roman Catholic Christian rules, of course AGAIN made by man, one of the many that have been adjusted to suit the mood of the time so they can still bring in the money.

Father Gino Concetti who is one of the most eminent theologians of the Vatican, wrote in December 1996 in their daily paper of the Holy See, called "The Osservatore Romano".

Quote ; According to the modern catechism, the Church has decided not to forbid anymore to dialogue with the deceased; this is as a sequel of new discoveries within the domain of the paranormal.

In other words all you Roman Catholics are now OK to talk to the dead or contact the deceased through a Medium. It is now NOT seen as a sin.

[it seems strange to me, I thought Christian, Muslim, all religious people talked to dead people when they prayed to God, Jesus, Mohammed and their Saints who ever they believe in. Was that a sin or something different, perhaps I am thick, or do I think to much and not going along like a lamb to the slaughter in blind faith with blinkers on]

There must have been an overwhelming amount of people going against the churches wishes for them to change their mind. Anyone in the know, actually knew that the priests and nuns in the Catholic Christian church all over the world were already holding seances in private and away from the general congregations of their churches. The priest and nuns have been doing their own seances for hundreds, possibly thousands of years since the start of their religion. There is documented proof of Christian priests and saints levitating or as the church puts it, having the gift of  Transvection [for more see Physical Mediumship page, please click onto the blue writing].

Our Mediums and their Spirit Guides have succeeded again in putting more pressure onto the two face people in charge of that supposed caring holy order OR should I say, in charge of that that richest money making machine in the world; "A RELIGION". or should I say the money making RACKETS.

A point that should be put here is the Medium Paul Jacobs when doing demonstrations of clairvoyance in Italy from the late 1990's has had about half of his audience in the garbs of the Catholic Church, in the way of nuns and priests of different levels [e.g. priests, bishops, cardinals, nuns, mother superiors etc.] within their religions.

Now that people can think for themselves while reading on their own without fear of retribution, and do not have to keep looking over their shoulders and waiting for the threat of damnation from their clerics. Well that is some parts of Christianity; for the other parts of Christianity and other dangerous people in religions in the world it is another matter!!!!!!!!   READ ON FRIEND,   Open your eyes, LEARN and KNOW.

I now wonder how long it is going to be before the priest and clerics in the pulpits with their sermons are giving out direct messages from their Saints, messengers also from Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Mohammad, etc., also from the loved ones of their congregations who have gone before, all doing so when they are linking with the world unseen. It will take a while, BUT mark my words; IT WILL HAPPEN in time to come, but not in my lifetime.

Seances in the Vatican

According to Arthur Findlay, seances have been held in the Vatican. In his book Looking Back (1955), Mr Findlay recounts how in Rome in 1934 he addressed a large audience that included several high dignitaries of the Church of Rome. After the meeting he claims he was told by a cardinal that seances were held in the Vatican but that Pope Pius XI was a bad sitter and much better results were obtained when he was not present (Findlay 1955:350).

HOORAY FOR THE INTERNET. The truth will out.

Click here to Look at the findings of the Church of England that was suppressed.

Now for the names of the Mediums of the past so you can read about their lives and fascinating ways they used for the of linking the Spirit World to help others understand, most never asking for any money, others only earning enough for expenses and a little more to survive. Very, very, very few of them actually became rich and famous, yes a few dying in a comfortable dwelling place, most sadly dying in just above the poverty level, and quite a few dying in poverty.

PLEASE NOTE HERE all the information about the following Mediumistic persons are from other peoples information and from many different sources, which are acknowledged at the beginning, within or at end of the passages, unless stated otherwise. I THANK THEM ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I feel every person in the world has the right to know the truth. Even if a lot of nasty controlling people are trying to stop me and my website.

I have placed in the list/directory the person's true name and also nom de plume or nick names by which they were known, just in case you only know the person by that. I am still updating each day but will only place all the completed page of a single letter at a time. Starting with A right through the alphabet until Z, then I will go over them all again adding more names and details as and when

Click onto the mediumistic person you would like to read about and you will be forwarded on to their page.

These large letters are for separate pages of Mediums starting with the letters :-

A,  B,  C,  D E,  F,  G,  H,  I,  J,  K,  L,  M,  N,  O,  P,  Q,  R,  S,  T,  U,  V,  W,  X,  Y,  Z,

 More than




I am going through the alphabet along the list.

Abby Borden, more information please

Achsa White Sprague,      U.S.A.

Miss Ada Besinnet,   U.S.A.

Ada Emma Deane,      England   U.K.

Adelma von Vay,

Alexis Didier,   France.

Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti,       Brazil.

Adolphe Didier,     France.

A D Ruggles,     USA.

Agnes Christensen     Denmark   more information please

Alan & Diana Bennett   UK,

Alvis Taylor, the Koons

 Albert Best,       England   UK.

 Alexander Frederick Harris, Alec Harris,       Wales, UK.

 Alfred Cridge, more information please

 Alf Vistnes,     Vistemannen,  

 Alfred Vout Peters   France,

Alice Ann Bailey,

Alice B Petrasky,  more information please

 Alice Holland,  Alice K Fleming, Mrs Holland,

Allan Kardec,  or  Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail,       France.

 Amedee Zuccarini,

 Andrew Jackson Davis,       USA.

Anders Nilsson, Sweden   more information please

Andrew Borden,   more information please

Angelica Cottin,   France

 Anges Nichol Guppy,       England. UK.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund,   Norway

Anna Melloni Rasmussen  or  Anna Rasmussen,       Denmark

Anna Schneider, more information please

Anne Copley, more information please

Annie Brittain,       England.  UK

Anna (Annie) Eva Fay,     USA.

Annie Fairlamb, or  Mrs. Fairlamb Mellon, or Mrs J B Mellon,  England

Anthony Borgia,

Antonio Alves Feitosa,      Brazil


Aridjan,      Java

Arnold Claire,  England UK

Arthur Augustus Ford,  USA

Researcher  Arthur Conan Doyle,

Arthur Colman,

Arthur Findlay,  Scotland  UK

Auguste Politi,

Bangs Sisters, Elizabeth S Bangs, May E Bangs,

Bastian and Taylor, USA  information needed

Ben Johnson,

Gertrude Berry & Helen Berry,  Berry Sisters,

Bert Reese

 Bertha Harris, or Battling Bertha, UK

Bertie Lilly Chadler,   USA

Bessie Fitzgerald,

 Betty Shine,

Betty White,

Beverly Randolph Paschal,

Blanche Cooper,

Borge Michaelsen,  Denmark

Bruce Kemp,     information needed

Bruno Groning,    German,

Calle Montsegur      Denmark

Camille Flammarion, France

Campbell Brothers,   USA

Captain Winslow,

Carlo Centurione Scotto, or  Marquis Carlo Centurione Scotto, or  Marquis Centurione Scotto,   Italy

Carmen Nicoletti,

Carmine Carlos Mirabelli,       Brazil

Carl Soderling,      Sweden

Caroline Corner,    UK

 Carol Mayers, or Carole Mayers,  England  UK

Catherine Berry,

Catherine Elise Muller,

C Bredif,

Cecil Husk,

C E Wood,

Charles Bailey or Chuck Bailey

Charles Webster Leadbeater,

Charles Williams

Chico Xavier,

Clara Germana Cele,      South Africa

Colin Evans,       UK.

Cora Richmond,  Cora Lodencia Veronica Scott,  Cora L V Scott,      U S A

 Coral Polge,  or  Coral Annetta Potts,  or  Coral Johanson,       UK.

Countess Castelvitch,

C V Miller,




Daniel Dunglas Home,  D D Home,      Scotland. UK.

Dan Taggert,   USA

Davenport Brothers, Ira Erastus Davenport,  William Henry Davenport,

David Duguid,       Scotland.  UK.

 David Hyams, one is still alive ,one died in 1800 information needed

David Patrick Young      UK

David Thompson,   England

Dennis Bradley,   USA

Didier Brothers,     France.

Dion Fortune, or Violet Mary Firth-Evans

Doctor Carter, or Doctor Carteret.   USA

Doctor John Dee,     England,  UK

Dona Francisca Lozano Latorraca, or Sister Paca,

Dora Hahn,

Doris Collins,    England

Doris Stokes,    England

Dorothy Henderson,

Dr Monck,

Eddy Brothers,

Edgar Cayce,    USA

Edouard Isidore Buguet,    France

Edson Queiroz,   Brazil

Edward Childs,

Edward Kelley,   check old

Edward Wyllie,        India

Effie Moss,

Eileen J Garrett,     UK

Eileen Roberts,

Einer Nielsen,       Denmark.

Eleanore Sidgwick,

Eleonore Zugun,

Elizabeth Blake,     USA

Elizabeth d Esperance,

Elizabeth J Crompton,  check old

Elizabeth Pool,   Canada,

Elizabeth White,   check old

E L Watson,   USA.

Emanuel Swedenborg,

Emil Carlsen,  Denmark

Emil Knudsen,    Norway

Emilie Nielsen,  Denmark

Emily S French   USA,

 Emma Floyd Hardinge Britten,       England,  UK.

Ena Twigg,       England UK,

Erik Jan Hanussen,

Ernst Broberg,   Sweden

 Estelle Roberts,     England UK,

 Ethel Post-Parrish,  or  Ethyl Riley Post Parrish,       USA.

Etta Roberts,

Etta Wriedt,       USA

Eugine Theodor,

Eusapia Paladino,  or  Signora Raphael Delgaiz,   Italy.

Eva Carreire,  or  Eva Carrere, or  Marthe Beraud,  or  Eva Waespe,  or  Eva C,      France.

Eva Hatch

Evan Powell,     Wales,  UK

Fabian Rossi,    Italy

Fannie Conant,       USA.

Fanny Higginson,       England.   UK.

F G F Craddock,

 Florence Cook,   Mrs Elgie Corner,      England.   UK.

Florence Marryat,

Florizel von Reuter,    USA

F L Willis,

F M Parkes,   England  UK

 Fox Sisters,  or  Kate Fox,  or  Margaret Fox, or Leah Fox,     USA

 Francesco Carancini,       Italy

Francis Ward Monck,

 Francisco Candid Xavier,

 Franek Kluski,  or   Teofil Modrzejewski,          Poland

Frank Decker,    USA

Frank Herne,

Franz Anton Mesmer,

Frau Anna Rothe, or  Anna Rothe,   Germany

Frau Rudloff,    Germany

Frau Vollhardt,

Frederick A Hudson,    England. UK.

Frederick Craddock,

Frederick G Foster Craddock,

Frederick Jones, Trance healer

Frederick P Evans

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Gabriel Delanne

George Chapman,   England  UK 

 George Spriggs,

 George Vale Owen,  

 George Valiantine,     USA

Georgiana Eagle,

Geraldine Cummins,   Ireland

 Gerard Croiset,   or   Gerard Boekbinder,

 Gilbert G Eaton,

 Gladys Hayter,    England.

Gladys Osborne Leonard,    England   UK

 Gladys Owen, England  UK

Gordon Mons Higginson,       England UK

 Grace Rosher,

Gudny Westfjord,  Iceland

Gwendolyn Kelley Hack,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Harold Evans,

Harold Sharp,

Harold Sherman,

H Dennis Bradley,   England

Harry Henry James Edwards,       England.  UK.

Harry Houdini,

Heinrich Melzer,

Helen Berry,

Helen Duncan,        Scotland  UK

Helen Hughes,    UK

Helena Blavatsky,  or  Madame Blavatsky,  or  Helena von Hahn,  Russia

Helene Smith,  or  Catherine Elise Muller,

Helen Verrall, or Helen Salter,

Henri Regnault,

Henry Blackwell,

Henry Child,

Henry C Gordon, USA

Henry Steel Olcott,

Henry Slade,

Henry Slate,

Hester Travers Smith,   or   Hester Dowden,    Southern Ireland

Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail,  or  Allan Kardec,      France,

H L Williams,

 Horace Leaf,

H S Lake,

Hubert Ferihummer,

 Hunter Selkirk     England   UK

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Indridi Indridason,  Iceland

Ingeborg Dahl Kober,  Norway

Ingo Swann,

Ingrid Zetterberg Nilsson,  Sweden

Iona Brandt,

Iturra Britt Stone,

Ivam Feirreira Castro,    Brazil

Ivy Northage,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Jack Corbett,   UK

 Jack Webber or John Boaden,     UK

James J Dickson,  Rev, USA,

James Martin Peebles,    USA,

Jane Roberts,

Jan Guzyk,    Poland

Janusz Fronczek,    Poland

J B Jonson Mr & Mrs    USA,

Jean Bazerque,

Jean Dixon or Jeane L. Pinckert,

Jean Guzik,     Poland

Jeanne La Pucelle, or Joan of Arc, or Jeanne D Arc, France

Jeanne Laval,      French

Jean Skinner,    England   still alive

Jennie Lord Webb, USA

Jessie Nason,    England 

Jesse F Shepard,

Joe Benjamin,

 John Beattie,

 John Boaden, or Jack Webber,       UK

John Caine,       England  UK

 John C Sloan,   England

John Edmonds

John Lewis

John Myers

John Street

John Ticknor,     USA

Jonathan Koons,     USA

Jose Costa Lima,

Jose Pedro de Freitas,

Josef Kraus, or Marion,

Joseph Benjamin,

J R Cocke,      USA.

Judge John Edmonds,

 Julius Zancig,      Denmark

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

 Mediums K

Kaj Lindskov Petersen,

 Kate Wingfield,

Katie Cook,

 Kathleen Barkel,    England

Kathleen Goligher, or  Lady G. Donaldson,       Northern Ireland.  UK

Kathleen Long,

  Keith Milton Rhinehart

Kitty Gordon,



Ladislaus Laszlo

 Lajos Pap,

Lancelet Brice, New Zealand

 Laura B. Pruden,    USA

 Leafy Anderson, or Mother Leafy Anderson,

Lennart Bendix,

Leon Denis, France

Leonard Stott, 

Leonore Evelina Simonds Piper, Leonore Piper,

Leslie Flint,       UK

Lillian Bailey,

 Linda Gazzera,     Italy

Lizzie Borden

 Lottie Fowler,

Lucia Sordi,   Italy

Lujza Ignath,

Mabel Riffle,   USA

Madame Rodiere,

Magdalene Kelly,

 Maggie Gaule, Mrs. Margaret Gaule Reidinger,

Michael Martin Hansen Haugen,   Marcello Haugen,   Norway,

Margaret de G Verrall,

Marguerite Beuttinger,

Marguerite DuPont Lee,

Maria Modesto Cravo,

Maria Munoz,   Spain

 Maria Silbert,     Austria.

Maria VollHardt,    Germany Frau Rudloff,    Germany,   are the same person

Marie Corelli,

Mark Probert,

Marthe Beraud,  or  Eva Carreire,  or  Eva Carrere,        France

Martin Liljeblad,    Sweden

Martinus Thomsen,

Mary Andrews,

Mary Baker Thayer,

Mary Catherine Lyttleton,

 Mary Hollis,   or  Mrs Hollis-Billing,       USA

Mary M Hardy,

 Mary Marshall,     England  UK

Mary Roff,

Mary Showers,

Mary Williamson, Scottish,

Master Herrod,       USA

Mathew Manning,  England  UK

Maud Lord, USA

Maud Venice Gates,   Canada,

 Maurice Barbanell,   England  UK

May Pepper, USA in Glimpses see  Ben Johnson click here

M Ed Buguet,    France

Mercia M Swain,    USA

  Meurig Morris,

May Pepper,

Michel de Nostradame,  or  Nostradamus,       France

 Mina Crandon  or  Margery Crandon,       Canada

 Minnie Harrison,      England

 Minnie Meserve Soule,

Miss Coggswell,

Miss Dunsmore,

Miss McCreadie,

Miss Moore,

Miss Wood,

M Lamar Keene,

Molly Periman,

Mona Van Der Watt,

Morris Pratt,  USA

Mother Shipton,

  Mr De Witt Hough 

 Mr Eyster,

 Mr Holmes,

Mr E W Wallis

 Mr and Mrs Jonson, of Toledo  U.S.A

 Mr Nugent,    Northern Ireland  UK

 Mr Potter,     England

 Mr Ticknor,

Mrs Andrews,

Mrs Alexander,

 Mrs A W Verrall,     England

 Mrs Bassett,

 Mrs Blake,

 Mrs Conklin,

Mrs Davis,

 Mrs Endicott,

 Mrs Everitt,

Mrs Fay, England

Mrs Fairchild,

 Mrs Falconer,    Scotland  UK

 Mrs Firman,

 Mrs Foster Turner,    Australia

 Mrs Georgia,

Mrs Hardy,

Mrs Higgins,

Mrs Holland,

   Mrs Holmes,

Mrs James Coates,

 Mrs Kellog,

 Mrs Maggs,   England  UK

Mrs M H Wallis

Mrs Nelson,

Mrs Paton,

 Mrs Perrin,    England

Mrs Pruden,      USA

 Mrs Roberts Johnson,     England

Mrs Salmon,

Mrs Smead,  or  Mrs Willis M Cleaveland,       USA

Mrs Seymour,

 Mrs Thomas Everitt,    England

Mrs Titford,

 Mrs W,

 Mrs Wagner,    USA

 Mrs Willett,      England

Mrs Williams,   USA

Nan Mackenzie,

Nelya Mikhailova,    Russia,

Nettie Coburn, Nettie Coburn Maynard, USA,

 Nina Kulagina,

Nora Blackwood,

Nostradamus, or Michel de Nostradame,       France,

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 Mediums O

Ophelia Corrales,

Otilia Diogo,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Mediums P


Paul Pansini & Alfred Pansini,   or  Pansini Brothers,   Italy

Pascal Fortuny,

Pascal Beverly Randolph,

Pearl Curran,

Pearl Judd,   New Zealand

Peggy Barnes,

Peixotinho,  Brazil

Philippe de Lyon, Philippe Anthelme Nizier

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby,

Peter Christian Nielsen,   Denmark

Pierre L O A Keeler,  Pierre Louie Ormand Augustus Keeler,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Mediums Q

 Queenie Nixon,   England.  UK.

Quinilla Taylor, The Koons,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Mediums R

Ragna Wilhelmina Nielsen Ullman,   Norway,

R H Moore

Ralph Jordan

 Raphael Schermann,

  Reverend Swami Mazzininanda,  

 Richard Boursell,

 Rita Goold,

Robert James Lees,

Robert John Strutt,

 Roberto Campagni,     Italy,

Rolf Carleson,  Sweden,

 Ronald Cocksell,

 Rosa Parvin,  England, South Africa,

 Rosemary Brown,   England

 Rosina Mary Showers,

Rosina Thompson

Ruben Farias Jr,   Brazil

Rudi Schneider,

Rufina Noeggerath,    France

Ruth Montgomery,   USA

Ruth Ryden,


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 Mediums S

Sarah And Samuel Tuttle,

Sally Harding,      England. UK

 Schneider Brothers,   Rudi Schneider,   Willi Schneider,    Austria

Senora Prado,

S F Sambor,    Russia

Signora Raphael Delgaiz,  or  Eusapia Paladino,      Italy.

Sophia Williams,

Stanislawa P,

Stanislawa Tomczyk,      Poland

 S T Davey,

 Staveley Bulford,

 Stella C,  Mrs Leslie Deacon,  Stella Cranshaw,  Dorothy Stella Cranshaw,

 Stephan Ossowiecki,

Stewart Alexander,   England

Stewart Smith,

 Susanna Harris,

 Sven Turk,  


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 Mediums T

 Ted Serios, 

 Teofil Modrzejewski,  or  Franek Kluski,      Poland

 Teresa of Avila,

Thomas Lacey, Canada,

Thomas Lake Harris,

Thomas Lynn,     England

Thomas Nevin,

Tom Emmerton,

Trudie Lamb,

The Koons,   Alvis Taylor,

The Koons,  Quinilla Taylor,

Thit Jensen,  Denmark,


Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Ursula Roberts,  England

Ursula Southeil, or Ursula Southill, or Ursula Southhill, or Ursula Soothtell, or Mother Shipton,    England

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 Mediums V

 Vanga, aka Vangelia,    Bulgaria

Vera Krzhizhanovskaya,

Veronica Leuken,

Victoria Claflin Woodhull,

 Virginia Roberts,

Vis Knut,   Norway,

Vout Peters,

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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Mediums W

W Lawrence,

 Waldo Scallop,    Brazil

Walter Stewart Stinson,

 Warren Smith,  or  Reverend Warren Smith, USA

 William Cartheuser,

William Denton,

 William Eglinton,

William  H  Mumler,

 William Hope,    England,

William H Terry,

William Hudson,

William Lyon MacKenzie King,

 William Olsen,

 William Phoenix,     England

 William Roy  or William George Holroyd Plowright,  England,  UK

 William Stainton Moses,       England

 William Thomas Stead,

William W Aber,



Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Mediums X

Click onto a letter of the first part of the Mediums name

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 Mediums Y

Yogi Milarepa

 Yogi Pulavar,

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