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I have placed some of your comments at the bottom of page.


Now being called  by others THE MEDIUMS BIBLE a must have.

As of 7.8.19 ONLY 12 LEFT when they go they are gone no more printed


ISBN No 978-0-9554590-0-9


order DIRECT FROM :-

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Your local Spiritualist church


Ask your local book seller to get it through Neilsens book suppliers, or Gardners book suppliers,

or any bookstore that deals with the following wholesale companies :-

  because of NEW favourable printing costs NOW REDUCED FROM 32 to 18 pounds

buy it now as I will not be getting anymore printed.

only 12 left


All money from the books and cards will be going direct to the project below in Kenya.

Along with others I am trying to collect enough funds to help the young in Kenya who were either born with HIV AIDS,

or have lost their parents through illness, build a teaching unit to help them become self reliant in life with a skill.

PLEASE Can you help also,

SEE HIV, AIDS PAGE 5 click here



Scroll down and READ BELOW THE CONTENTS of the book

Meditation Oneness is of A4 size and has 480 pages in it, costing  now ONLY 18 pounds ,

as you can see it is a heavy-weight and because of this, it is not cheap to post.

Below are the UK Post Office rates


p&p 6.50 UK pounds first class within in the U.K.

p&p 5.00 UK pounds second class within the U.K.

p&p 11.50 UK pounds to Europe and Ireland

p&p 19.50 UK pounds Air Mail to The Rest of the world.


To pay for the book and cards you can send a cheque, or pay through PayPal to

Please notify me through the email below

Please contact me for this book on



Please remember

This book is for the PROFESSIONAL, TUTOR,

as well as the absolute COMPLETE NOVICE

who knows nothing, and learns slowly.

I dedicated this book to those I love with their beautiful sunshine eyes, MY 4 CHILDREN, 8 GRANDCHILDREN, and now 2 great grandchildren.

 A saying given to me years ago by a Tutor I met at Stansted Hall and one that many people will testify to;

it sums me up beautifully,



I send you all love, light and wishing you Loving Spiritual Harmony in your progression within your searching for truth and proof of the continuance of life after our so called death or as I like to call it life across the veil [until you see the veil you will not understand it] please learn within the Light of the Divine Spirit, who many call God.


Firstly I must apologize, for the simple reason is, in the book I have tried to cram into the space available as much information as possible leaving little space between the chapters and tried to keep it all together in this now very large single volume (A4 480 pages). I hope it will not be too much of a struggle reading it in the format I have put it in. It is only me in my non professional status, my slow dyslectic writing and in my honesty informing you the truth in how to link and become a Medium, please enjoy and learn from the book to help others. 

All the thoughts written in this book are personal to me

Derek, Roy, Tom, Keeghan.

All the writings are mainly from my own experiences seeing Spirits from when I can remember about 5 may be just before, until about 20. [left off when I was married; broke up, then I started again to get my strong link with Spirit back]. Then myself doing a great many years of practical research and at the same time developing and strengthening my own gifts from the 1970s until the present day, but also adding where needed with the help of others far more experienced than me, their experiences. I am continually learning and adding to the information on paper and this website each and every day for the benefit of others, to help them with the knowledge of how to start linking with those within the higher vibration realms of the World of Spirit where we all will end up when our life on this earth plane has finished because we will never know all there is to about the Spirit World. One thing is certain in this life, we will all leave our earthly body. Yes, we all will what we call, die. Take comfort in knowing and proving to yourself and others, life continues when you cross the veil and go into the light.

This book is for the ordinary individual helping them in different ways how to develop, and within its pages, explains how with sincere dedication become a TRUE GENUINE Medium, whether Mental, Trance, Physical, or a Healer. This is so the reader can prove to others there is life after our so-called death. I have put into this spiritual book all the things I think are relevant at this time of writing. I have also included ways I have found that were not suitable for me in my development. These are included because everyone is different. There is no quick fix. What suits me might not suit another person. BUT it should be realized there has to be a constant, which will be seen throughout the book, those constants are :-

When linking, constantly talking to Spirit through SINCERE thought to bring those Helpers in the Spirit World close to you; SINCERITY when talking to Spirit aloud or in sincere thought; Very regular Meditation; When Spirit is close, slowing as much as possible the thoughts going through the mind to let Spirit do the things necessary for your development [ways for this to happen are shown in the book]; and Negativity slows, and many times stops development and links. LIES are negativity. DO NOT LIE to yourself, to Spirit, or others, otherwise your development will suffer and eventually you will be found out. That just a single indiscretion will be remembered above all the thousands of good things you have done and will do throughout your life.

You might see my points of view change in places, I have left them in so all who read this book can see how I have developed and blossomed in the ways of linking with those Angelic helpers in the Spirit World. So on saying this, it is best to read the entire book if you do not agree with my words written on one single page of the book. After reading this book it is so important that people decide for themselves and not be coerced.

REMEMBER. What people do not understand they always ridicule. Are you going to be that sort of a person? Or are you going to have an open mind?  Please read it ALL, then try, experiment, THEN criticize.

There are none so blind as those    who do not want to see.

There are none so deaf as those    who do not want to hear  

There are none so deaf as those   who do not want to listen.

There are none so insensitive as those   who do not want to be aware.

There are none so insensitive as those  who do not want to feel.

There are none so insensitive as those   who do not care.

There are many people on this earth within the manmade religions who would rather this book not be put into print to teach the ordinary person how to link truthfully with the higher realms and prove to themselves and others that LIFE IS AFTER LIFE, IT CONTINUES FOR EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.

There are people in those man made religions who have control over the masses, they do not want people to find out the truth because it will mean those thinking people will drift away from their money making rackets they employ to bring in the millions upon millions upon millions of pounds each year into their particular religions, so making a very easy job for them and their colleagues with all their pomp and ceremonies.

Also there are those who do not want this book to be published because they have found a niche in their comfortable tutoring job going around the country and do not want people to find out everyone has the gift and can with time develop on their own using the truthful knowledge I have placed within the many pages of this thick book.

This is a book of how to do all the things relevant to linking with the angelic Spirit Helpers, so the reader can help others understand that life continues when the shell used on this earth plane is finished. I have set out Meditation Oneness in a format for teaching as well as for the personal development of the reader. Please use it to help others understand, NOT FOR your own EGO, BUT on saying that be PROUD of what gifts you have been given and allowed to be used by Spirit from across the other side of the veil to help others.

I have been told by so many older experienced Mediums who teach the subject of Mediumship, who after reading the first drafts of my book, [190 pages] said that they had forgotten a lot of the basic steps that they went through in their years of development. It is all now here in my expanded book [480 pages] just for you.

The most important thing I would like to say here is; no matter what you read about and see in this world, you have to experience it, most importantly I will say it again, EXPERIENCE  IT AND be able DO IT YOURSELF before you as an individual have any knowledge of IT.   No matter what IT is.


If you cannot do IT, you do not know IT.


This book is written for all peoples of the world,

no matter which country they live in, what language they speak, what belief they hold or what religion they belong to.

  This book is for YOU !!


This book after reading it, is to be used to prove to yourself and others that life after our so-called death continues, and to enable you through that knowledge to help and comfort others in their time of need.


I was in conversation with some people when my first book was mentioned. One person said, It is written how Roy speaks. I hope you can understand my meanings and what I have intended to say in that special edition of 190 pages, then in two volumes, and now in its 480 pages.

I have been writing this book for years and went on right through the night many times [as I am doing with this web site] to get it completed for all who bought it. It was as though I was on a mission for Spirit to help others learn the true ways of how to link with the Spirit World and it did not stop there. I have written truly and sincerely from my heart to help others learn,  it has been a very long journey and I am still continuing, I do not think I will ever finish or ever know all. I have now hopefully finished writing this book after the start in the 1970s; it was half way through in June 2003, now near completion in early 2007 now finished late 2007. Each time I thought the job in hand was finished I found something else to put in [as will be happening with the web site and will be continued [[hopefully] by my family as and when, now I am not too good]. I hope you enjoy every part of the book.

The first section  is mainly about Mental Mediumship, in section two, is about advanced Mediumship of Trance, Transfiguration and Physical Mediumship. I feel now the time has come to close this book and concentrate on my own personal development and get back to sitting with Spirit more. Well I thought so until this web site came up. Being retired has its advantages though, putting the aches and pains aside, I CONTINUE.

Love and Light,

May your God go with you.

Many people are calling Meditation Oneness the Spiritual Bible, some call it the Spiritualist Bible and a great many more are calling it The MEDIUM'S BIBLE or the Bible of HOW TO LINK WITH ANGELS. Roy only calls it 'Meditation Oneness' as one with the God force.

This books name was given to him by the Spirit World while at one of the great many courses he has attended (25-30) in the wonderful building and grounds of the world famous Arthur Findlay Psychic College in Stansted Hall, Essex, UK. The college has courses every week of the year, with many thousands attending each year from all corners of the world. It is a must for anyone who wishes to be with like minds also to learn and grow in their development. The college is like a beautiful, tranquil, mansion/hotel with over 130 bedrooms, 4 lecture rooms, library, a church and healing sanctuary the atmosphere there is something else, you will find you will not want to leave it and go home; you just belong. [go to the S.N.U. website to find out more] Roy also went to the South Wales, Abercraf, Hafan y Coed, Spiritual Centre for 2 weeks course and stayed for nearly year and a half, another wonderful place of natural serenity.

Meditation Oneness is not a Spiritualist book, it is a spiritual book for all people of the world, please call it a Muslim Book, a Hindu book, a Sikh Book, a Jewish book, a Christian book, a Buddhist book, a Sufi book, a Gnostic book, an Aboriginal book, it is a natural way of life book. It is a book to find out how to link with the higher vibrational level of natural continuance.


Here are some of the contents of the Meditation Oneness book, (the chapters have very little spaces in between, it is not as in other books a lot of space between the chapters to fill out the pages. Meditation Oneness is just crammed full of truthful HOW TO DO information)

All subjects in Meditation Oneness are set out for learning and teaching all the Mediumship subjects so anyone who puts the time in can become :-


A Meditation Teacher.

A Healing Medium [ a Healing Psychic, a Healing Psychic Medium ],

A Clairvoyant Medium [ a Clairvoyant Psychic, a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium ],

A Mental Medium [ a Mental Psychic, a Mental Psychic Medium ],

An Automatic Writing Medium [ An Automatic Writing Psychic, An Automatic Writing Psychic Medium ],

A Trance Medium [ a Trance Psychic, a Trance Psychic Medium ],

A Direct Voice Medium [ A Direct Voice Psychic, A Direct Voice Psychic Medium ],

A Transfiguration Medium [ a Transfiguration Psychic, a Transfiguration Psychic Medium ],

A Physical Medium [ a Physical Psychic, a Physical Psychic Medium ],

     AND MORE see the index below.


Below is the INDEX OF THE 480 Pages in A4 size,




All subjects in this book are set out for learning and teaching of the subjects.

Absent Healing

A Few Thoughts to Ponder

Apportation, Asporting, Apports

Astral Travel


Automatic Writing


Birth of the Soul

Birth Stones



Cabinet designs (portable and static)

Card Reading

Chakra, Power Points


Clairaudience,    Clear  Hearing

Clairdelusion,    Clear Delusion

Clairgouterience,    Clear Tasting

Clairsensatience,    Clear Feeling

Clairsavoirience,    Clear Knowing

Clairsentience,    Clear Sensing

Clairsentirience,    Clear Smelling

Clairvoyance,    Clear Seeing

Cloud Reading ,    Culumlography

Coffee Grounds [reading of]


Communigraph [and its use]


Crystal Ball Gazing ,  Crystallomancy

Days Aside and Practice for Self

Dedicated Development

Demonstrating  your skills

Development Circle

Development of Healing

Development of Mental Mediumship

Development of Physical Phenomena

Direct & Independent Direct Voice

Discussion on plates and fig

Divining, Dowsing Rod/Sticks

Ectoplasm, [spiritplasm, teleplasm, ideoplasm, psychoplasm]


Extra Sensory Perception,  ESP

Electronic Voice Production,  EVP

Etheric Realm (the)

Eye Positions when Meditating

Fire Flame Reading ,    Flamography

Froth [reading of]

Functions of Guides & Controls (the)

Gemstones (colours of)

Guides, Controls, Doorkeepers, Angel Helpers

Healing [and the teaching of it]

Healing Circles

Healing exercises with sound


How do I meditate?


Imagery Clairvoyance

Inspired Trance Speaking [and the teaching of ]

Inspirational Writing [and the teaching of ]

Investigate Spiritual  Phenomena 1871

Keelights, Orbs, Spirit Orbs, Tesla lights.

Levitations, Transvections

Life after Life

Links   [of spirit]

London Dialectic Society 1870



Mechanics of Voice Production

Mechanical Spelling Out Machines

Meanings of Gems & Precious Stones

Meditation [and teaching of ]

Mediumistic Inspiration

Mediums,  Mediumship [and the teaching of ]

Mental Mediumship [and teaching of ]



Mirror Scrying, Psychomantium

Misinformed (beware of )

Music, Sounds and Brainwaves

Observations, Restrictions of Mediums

Ouija Board,   Spelling Out Board

Our Help Circles,     R Help Circles

Out of Body Experiences, OBE [and the teaching of ]


Pendulum Dowsing [and the teaching of ]

Physical Circle

Physical Mediumship [and the teaching of ]

Physical Phenomena

Physical Phenomena with Energy

Planchette [and its use]



Psychic Art [and teaching of ]

Psychic Awareness

Psychic Surgery

Psychokinesis,   PK


Psychometry [and the teaching of ]

Reflectograph and its use.

Rescue Circles

Rules & Conditions for Spirit Circle 1869

Running a Course

Sand Reading , Geomancy

Seances [and the teaching of ]


Self Healing [and the teaching of ]

Self Hypnosis


Shamanic Trance [and the teaching of ]

Slate Writing, Psychography

Spirit Children Circles

Spirit Drawing and Spirit Art [and the teaching of ]

Spirit Lights

Spirit Photography


Spirit Writing

Stress Reduction

Strong Warning to all

Suggestions  for a Safe Circle


Table Tilting,  Typtology

Tarot [here is only a small snippet, but have written a specialized tarot book that can be used with any tarot card set [click here] see on another page of this website, I have designed a full set of easy to learn tarot cards with prompts around the edge of each card [click here]

Tea Leaves [reading of] Tasseography

Teaching Children about Spirit


Test data on Mediums in altered states (trance)

Trance [and teaching of ]

Trance Development Circle [and the teaching of ]

Trance Healing

Trance Speaking

Transfiguration [and teaching of ]


Trumpet design


Tutoring Mental Mediumship

Unwanted links

White Brotherhood (the)




buddha in conservatory

One of the two large concrete gold painted Buddha in my conservatory.

I covered the concrete with waterproof PVA glue then used the gold acrylic paint by Daler and Rowney



Just a few of the comments sent by email from the buyers of Meditation Oneness.


I was very surprised at the size of the book and all the useful information given, Thank you it arrived very quick. Joan, Formby, Merseyside UK.


Our group is now on track and two are developing quickly, Thank goodness you have put time aside to write a book like this. Lilly, St Helens, UK.


The book must have taken you an age to put together. Thank you, it will serve me well. Peter, Penrith, UK.


This is the kind of book I have been looking for for a very long time, my group can now use something as a reference as we develop within our Circle, Thank you. Joyce, Radcliffe, Manchester UK.


 I am sure I will be able to develop my link with the Spirit World. I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised with the wealth information. Thank you. Lillian, Stoke on Trent, UK.


My friend has your first book vol 1. This full all inclusive book has everything I need for our home and church groups, thank you. Bill, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.


It must have taken you a long time to write this, Thank you very much I know it will help me in my development with Spirit. Tina, Rhyl, North Wales UK.


Thank you for your book, it arrived very quick. Just looked through it and I am amazed at the information, Please send the Tarot book and the set of cards as well. John, Australia.


I am started a Home Circle. Now your book has given me the incentive to help start a development group in my local church. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alice, I of W. UK


I have long wanted to develop my link with the Spirit World. Now with the help of Meditation Oneness I know I will succeed, thank you. Jenny, York. UK.


 Thank you for keeping in touch, I will put the book to good use as we are now starting three development groups and perhaps with your books help form a church. Henry, Montreal, Canada.


Pleasantly surprised with the information given in the book. Keep up the good work, thank you for taking the time to write it. Betty, Paris, France.


 This book has been such a guiding light for me. I saw you at Stansted Hall while attending a course there, Susan, South Africa.


Your book was shown to me by a friend, I found it most interesting. Please forward a copy of Meditation Oneness to me. Winifred, Telford, UK.


I started in a home circle and would like now to progress to starting my own with the intention of sitting for one person who wishes to become a physical medium. I wish to help her succeed. Karl, Germany.


I've had a quick look through it and its way more than I expected. It will provide much needed support and guidance to me on my spiritual journey.  I've recently progressed from a Spirit development Circle group. To a smaller Physical Circle group made up from members of original Circle. Your books advice will allow me to progress my trance state so that hopefully I can connect with Spirit.  Thank you very much    Regards Mark Drennan.


How come I have never come cross this book before. I should have known about it ages ago, I needed it then. Thank you for writing it. Natalie. Birmingham. UK.


Have never put this book down since I received it. It is amazing you have covered all the questions I have been asking for many years. I should have known about it at the start of my fumbling around different circles, development groups and going to not so knowledgeable people. Gwil, Wrexham, Wales.


 As I am asked different questions by people in our group, I keep going back to different pages in your book. It is fantastic in the simplicity of the information. Thank very, very much it is helping us all gently along our journey. I have three people who are beginning to show a great deal of interest in healing and two who are sitting for trance. Sandra. Windsor. UK.


















Thank you for calling in.

May your God go with you, ALWAYS.



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