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Basic EVP Recording Technique



What is EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) are intelligible voices found in recording media that have no known physical explanation. Many of the voices are thought to originate from deceased people. This is the primary reason that people first began experimenting with EVP.


Characteristics of the Voices

The recorded voices may be very quiet and may be difficult to hear and understand. Most EVP experimenters say that they have developed an “ear” for the sounds after learning to distinguish them from background noise. In transform EVP, the voices can often be recognized as male or female, young or old. Messages are seldom longer than two to four words. The words may be spoken very quickly, and there is often a distinctive cadence to the voices. Analysis shows that they are simulations of voice made from whatever sound is supplied, and are often missing voice box frequencies and have oddly arranged formants.


Types of Recording

In controlled conditions recording, it is possible to control ambient noise and supply special forms of background noise. Auric energy is thought to accumulate in a “special” recording area, which is thought to help make contact. In field recording, it is difficult to control environmental conditions or supply background sound, but in known “haunted” locations, the energy helpful for contact may already be present.


EVP formed in an audio recorder by transforming available background sound is referred to as “transform EVP.” In this, it is sometimes possible to recognize the voice of the speaker. EVP Formed by sweeping a radio dial, or with a computer program such as EVPMaker, are referred to as “opportunistic EVP” because sounds for voice formation must be made available on an “as needed” basis. Radio sweep, and in some applications, EVPMaker, depend on the use of “live” voice. ATransC will not use live voice examples for research because of the problem of undetected false positives. EVPmaker using synthesized voice is preferred for opportunistic EVP.


Environmentally stimulated speech synthesis is a relatively new and promising technique, but it should be noted that all speech synthesis approaches currently being tried do not support speaker recognition.


Recording Procedure


Recording Equipment—Digital voice recorders are recommended for transform EVP. Less expensive models produce more internal noise which is useful for voice formation. High quality units will probably require added background noise. A computer can also be used, but will probably require added noise.


Scheduling—Entities will speak at any time of day or night. In the beginning, however, it is advisable to record at a regular time and place. By doing this, the entities learn when there will be an opportunity for contact and expectation of the upcoming session helps focus attention on the process. Try to find a place that will be quiet and free of interruptions. Background sounds are okay, but it is important to be aware of these so that they can be distinguished from the EVP.


Background Sound Source—Research has shown that for transform EVP, the entities use sounds in the environment to help form the words. Most recording situations have some background sounds, but it may be necessary to add noise with something like a fan or running water. Some people use foreign language radio, crowd babble or audio tapes; however, as more has been learned about EVP, the recommended practice has been to avoid the use of radio static or live voice of any form.


Preparation—Begin with meditation and a short prayer to ask for only those intending the highest good and an invitation to friends on the other side to participate. It is best to recording when personal energy is the highest.


Recording—Vocalize your comments during an EVP session. The entities will often come through as soon as the recorder is turned on. These beginning messages may be the loudest, so it is a good idea to turn on the recorder and wait a few seconds before speaking. Questions should be recorded, and a period of time between each comment should be left for the entities to respond--about ten seconds. At the end, ask if the entity has something to say.


It may help to make an “appointment” with the intended entity the day before, during prayer or meditation. Some also provide feedback before the session so that the entities will know what worked in the last experiment. It is not necessary to record in the dark. People often try different devices and energy sources to help the entities communicate. Leaving written questions in the EVP experiment area the day before has worked for some.


Keep recording short. Recordings should be closely examined, at least until it is understood where to find the voices. A best practice for field recording is to use two recorders. As a rule, EVP will only occur on one recorder or sound track, making it possible to avoid mistaking local sounds for EVP (false positives).


Playback—In transform EVP, the voice is usually not heard until playback. Experimenters report that the voices tend to become stronger and clearer as the entities gain in experience, but at first the voices may speak in whispers. Voices may not be recorded in every session and it may take several sessions to discover the first voice. Hearing the voices is a learned ability. It might take thirty minutes to examine a three or four minute recording.


Classes of Voices—A Class A voice can be heard and understood over a speaker by most people. A Class B voice can be heard over a speaker, but not everyone will agree as to what is said. A Class C voice can only be heard with headphones and is difficult to understand. Class B or C voices may have one or two clearly understood words. Loud does not equal Class A.


Keeping a Log—Maintaining a record of recording results is very helpful. Include the date, time, seconds into the recording, the message itself and the question asked. Be sure to label and save the audio file so that they can be found at a later time. Experimenters report that they feel weather may affect results, but this has not been well studied. The Geoweather page has Geomagnetic and solar reports. There is also a link for moon phase information, as well.


Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorders are recommended for EVP experiments. Today, all sound tracks—digital or analog—should be listened to in a computer and with a headset. Unlike tape recorders, the built-in microphone is usually satisfactory for EVP. There is a selection guide for audio recorders here. The section includes a setup guide for Audacity, which is an effective audio management program that can be downloaded at no cost.


Computer Recording

A computer instead of a digital recorder can be used for recording EVP. It should have an audio input jack, speakers, headphone jack and sound player application such as Audacity. Most experimenters use the computer to analyze and store examples. If the recorder does not have a USB interface, it is possible to play the recording into the computer while recording with a recorder program. The Earphone jack of the recorder can be connected to the Microphone or Line 1 jack via a cable. The sound source should be set to the correct jack via the pull-down menu in Audacity. Recording with a sample rate of 11025, mono and 16 bit resolution is sufficient for EVP. Files should be edited as *.wav format, but shared as *.mp3.


Analyzing the Recording for EVP

Always use headphones when listening to the recording in a computer. The earmuff style that completely covers the ear is best, but also good are the soft rubber ear buds that are inserted in the channel of the ear.


Be sure to set up a method of saving your recordings in your computer that will allow you to easily locate examples. A good practice is to save the raw recording session in a dated folder and then also save clips containing the EVP in the same folder. Field recordings are saved under the name of the location and the date. It is helpful to keep a separate folder for your Class A examples for easy retrieval for demonstration to friends. ATransC follows the labeling practice of: (c)lisa_butler2008-what_evp_says.mp3. The (c) symbol indicates the intention to protect rights to the example. If you are making the example available under the Creative Commons license, then use (cc) instead of (c). Using first and last name helps sort many examples in the folder for easy retrieval. The underline and dash symbol with no use of capitals helps assure that computer systems and the Internet accept the name. A 200 kb audio file can be reduced to around 15 Kb when converted from a *.wav file to an *.mps file. This makes it easy for sharing files via the Internet.

from http://atransc.org/techniques/recording_evp.htm


From the book "Neither Dead Nor Sleeping"  May Wright Sewall


THE third lecture is entitled : 'The Vibratory System of Communication Between the Two Planes, viz.: Earth and Ether,' but as this is too long a title, I shall abbreviate it thus COMMUNICATION BY VIBRATION.

"Now, take a new book, write the title and hold yourself quite passive while I dictate an explanation of this marvelous system, which may be compared to the nervous system of the human body, since as the nerves connect every portion of the body, both to its great centers and to its tenant, so the vibratory system connects all parts of the Solar System, of which it is a part, with one another and with their common center, which may be called the Cosmic tenant.

"This lecture you will find newer to your thoughts, more surprising and interesting than the others. Please be quick. Why do I hurry you so? Because we tenants of etheric bodies can not wait near you very well, as we have nothing to hold us down, and, besides, Rubinstein and Pere Conde are almost as anxious to get acquainted with you as you are with them, and it has been decided that neither may speak a word to you until your ability to receive has been tested by one more lecture."

Beginning of Lecture Proper

"Communication between spheres is made possible by the fact that ether, which is common to both the ante- and the post-mortem planes, and which is believed to be common to all spheres within the Solar System, has the quality which enables it to receive and transmit vibrations of all kinds, no matter on what plane or in what source they originate.

"Vibrations depend on threads of connection. These threads are furnished by means of memory on the one side and of hope on the other, so long as memory and hope continue to affect both the spirits who have departed from earth and those that remain on it. By these sentiments souls that are physically separated by death are brought together.

"Memory and hope, and all other sentiments, passions and emotions have each a material covering so very delicate that it is invisible and intangible to those still embodied in flesh. One of the first pleasant discoveries made by the departed human (who may be called soul, spirit, mind, ego, as you will) is that, although the flesh body was left on earth, he is not without a body, i. e., a covering for all his faculties and functions-i e., for himself. One of the qualities of this covering of the sentiments is that, when active, it is projected in the direction of the object of its desire.

"People who are reciprocally sympathetic, congenial as we say, are bound together by the sentiments we have mentioned. Those who love think of each other after death has separated them physically. Their thoughts, clothed in a substance as real as granite, but so delicate that a cobweb is gross by comparison, send this substance out like feelers. Such sentiments on the part of each act as magnets to the corresponding sentiments of the other; and being projected in the ether (which is the only atmosphere of the post-mortem state and also the intercellular matter and the envelope of the earth's atmosphere), and being reciprocally attractive, they find each other. A junction of this fine matter which constitutes the clothing of the affections and sentiments follows; and when this junction is effected the soul in the post-mortem sphere will know that such junction has taken place, and the joy which in consequence of this consciousness will agitate his whole being, will cause a vibration of this thread of connection which often results in a semi-consciousness and sometimes in entire consciousness on the part of the spirit still flesh embodied. Then the still flesh embodied person will often say, 'I feel as if were here.' 'I am conscious of his presence,' and he will sometimes add, 'I really could almost believe I felt his touch.'

"Who that has lost any dearly beloved friend has not had this experience?

"The mother feels as if the lost child were really once more pillowed on her bosom. The wife feels almost certain that her husband is present, trying to advise, aid and protect her. The simple fact is that the nominally dead and supposedly absent friend really is present.

"Sometimes, probably often, perhaps usually, when people die they do depart from their accustomed places; but when they do so, it is not death that compels or causes their departure. Death makes the occasion for them to depart if there is no permanent tie between them and those from whom death physically separates them.

"In cases where the death of the flesh body has not been seized upon as an opportunity to escape from uncongenial relationship, the soul, finding that it can reach its mourning loved ones by these threadlike garments of its emotions, which possess the curious qualities of expansion and contraction and of extension and withdrawal, works arduously, through these qualities, to awaken consciousness in those whom his death has bereaved.

"Love is the most vital, i.e., the most powerful of all the emotions, but it is not the only one that seeks to reach those still left on earth. Revenge, envy, hatred and all the evil passions have also this attenuated garment of finer matter, and souls that feel these passions are goaded by them into activity. They all seek their victims with the same result of effecting a juncture through the emotion, whatever it may be, that binds two souls together.

"Each of these fine threads of connection may be charged with the whole force of the soul experiencing it; hence the strength and consequent length of any vibration will be determined by the strength of the soul producing it.

"These vibrations are sometimes so delicate that their only expression, i. e., their only communicated appreciable influence, is a slightly reduced temperature that may be likened to the passing of the lightest of cool soft breezes over the face or hands. Again the breeze expressing the presence may be so strong, definite and pronounced that it would not be unlike an electric shock.

"The vibratory theory of the emotional connection of the two planes of being, here expounded, is comparable with and related to the vibratory theory of light, heat, motion and other qualities which either belong to physical matter or are expressed through it.

"Ether, almost infinitely more delicate than the earth's atmosphere, is of course proportionally more sensitive and more fluid.

"As a word uttered, even in a whisper, causes the atmosphere to vibrate and through this vibration carries the word to the ear, so a thought affects ether, causes a vibration in the etheric realm and is conveyed to the ear of the listener by a series of etheric waves which are set in motion by this vibration.

"There are many degrees of acuteness in the senses of hearing and seeing on the earth, or what we may here for convenience call the Atmospheric Plane, and whatever degree of acuteness one may seem naturally to possess may be cultivated or diminished according to its use.

"We know that much of nominal deafness is inattention arising from indifference; and we also know that a veritable impairment of the hearing may be retarded, reduced and almost defied by an alert attention and by that determined will to hear as much as possible which results in the habitual listening attitude.

"If the bereaved person who suddenly feels as if the departed loved one were present, instead of denying the possibility of such a manifestation, would assume the listening attitude, the receptive condition, whatever degree of sensitiveness to etheric conditions he may possess, would be augmented, and, moreover, such thoughts, desires, anticipations would continue the vibrations originating in the etheric realm; cause new vibrations responding to the former like an echo; and consequently would create gradually through the use of these vibrations a pathway for the planned, intentional interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc., between the Etheric and the Atmospheric Planes.

"This is so simple that it will be rejected by 'the wise in their own conceit,' but the really simpleminded wise will consider and test; they will apply the scientific method, for this is a matter entirely within the realm of science, not affecting religion at all, except as all increased knowledge of the mysteries of the universe and all new perception of the significance of the phrase that 'man is fearfully and wonderfully made' may naturally increase reverence and awe for the Power thus revealed through works, which man knows are not his works.

"This is not a question of faith in any other sense than planting a seed, manning a ship, firing an engine, etc., etc., is a question of faith. As has often been remarked, faith is the basis of all human relations and is at the bottom of all human operations. Thus faith in the universal operation of law-faith, that the same causes, under like conditions, will be followed by the same effects, which indeed may be called scientific faith-bases both inductive and deductive reasoning.

"If one can imagine the very first farmer, one who had seen neither' seed-time nor harvest, or rather one who, born at harvest, knew nothing of seed-time, one will see that it would require as much faith to see the oak tree in the acorn, the loaf of bread in the grass-like blade of wheat as it requires to realize communication between the post-mortem and ante-mortem planes of life by one who has never experienced it. However, this illustration is used to justify the assertion that this is a matter to be investigated by the scientific method.

"Science observes phenomena, discerns conditions and circumstances, classifies facts, draws inferences, and finally states a theory. The theory that bears the test of application finally comes to be regarded as a law.

"This is what is demanded by the theory of the vibratory connection of the two worlds. Shall it be found to bear the test of experience, it will have no effect on Methodism, Presbyterianism or any other form of religious belief. Science can and will prove one of the fundamental principles of Christianity, viz.: Immortality, which depends on the existence of soul, of mind (the intelligent tenant, under whatever name one pleases to indicate it) apart from matter as those still on earth know matter-i. e., apart from the flesh tenement.

"This method of communication has been known to great psychics of different lands for several centuries; but nowadays progress is tested by the distribution of its benefits rather than by distinct additions to them; and the time is at hand when this communication between the ante- and the postmortem states will be the privilege of all, and it will become as general as communication by the use of written and printed symbols now is.

"You say that it will be quite impossible for any but that small section of the cultured who are given to reflection either to understand or to acquire the use of this method.

"In reply, I will ask : How many people who use the telephone and the telegraph really understand the nature of electricity, the construction of the machines employed or the principles involved in their use?

"This general ignorance of substance and of modus operandi does not interfere with the use of those means of communication between people at different points of space on earth, nor will the general ignorance of psychology prevent people from receiving the benefits of this system of communication between people in different states and conditions of being.

"As there must be some who understand to some degree the nature of electricity, in order that they may manipulate telegraphic and telephonic instruments-so there must be some who to some degree understand the nature of ether and the qualities of etheric magnetism, in order that there may be intelligent mediums for communicating between the two sections of human life--for one who has died is just as human as one who is to die; I may say he is just as mortal-since neither is in himself mortal at all.

"Magnetism is the essence or substance next to electricity, when one regards their relative degrees of subtlety-and beyond magnetism, above it in subtlety, is thought.

"Thought is ultimately as independent of magnetism as electricity already is of wires. Now etheric magnetism is the wire on which thought travels between flesh-encased and unfleshed souls. This proves that this, .i e., etheric magnetism, is not properly identified with animal magnetism. A prejudice against magnetism exists in the minds of many who associate its generation with unpleasant personalities.

"That prejudice is akin to the feeling against the above-ground wires which in all large cities are so unsightly, inconvenient and even dangerous. The parallel may go further for the corpulent gross physiques which are regarded as the generators of physical magnetism are unsightly, disagreeable and inconvenient and their magnetic product is dangerous.

"What is etheric magnetism? It is the principle of vitality in that finer atmosphere which not only surrounds the earth planet and its atmosphere, but surrounds every individual like an envelope, isolating each in some degree from all the rest. We have the phrases, 'So and so has a pleasant atmosphere,' 'an agreeable atmosphere,' 'an harmonious atmosphere.' This is a literal statement of fact, just as real, just as provable as any other physical fact that can be stated about a person. Reduced to the scientific form, the assertion that you like or dislike a person means that you are affected agreeably or disagreeably by the magnetism that he generates, which is the expression of his personality.

"The envelope of the individual which is the extension beyond the physical form, (i. e., beyond the flesh encasement of the soul) is the ether which interpenetrates all the tissue of the flesh body, having the same form that the flesh has. This survives death, and is the body with which the mind, the entity, finds itself clothed after death. The element which is the life and power of ether is etheric magnetism.

"This element will be used Continually by Pere Conde, Rubinstein and myself as we minister to you, instruct and guide you. In all our work we shall be consciously demonstrating not only the vibratory theory which this lecture expounds, but also all of the principles of Psychic Law given in the first two lectures."



  • Electronic Voice Phenomenon


    Friedrich Jürgenson
    These voices should not be confused with tape recorder, or Raudive type registrations on tape. These so-called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) voices are part of man's endeavour to establish contact with the other world by means of instruments. The first attempt seems to be of Jonathan Koons in 1852, mentioned above. Blueprints of his "machine" have never been found.
    Thomas Edison (photo), a Theosophist, predicted the invention of such machine in the twenties. Tesla and Marconi reported having received mysterious signals. The Italian Prof. Cazzamali conducted experiments from the twenties onward until WW2. 

    A new wave of interest arose when Friedrich Jürgenson (see photo)reported in 1959 to have recorded mysterious voices on tape. Subsequently dr.Konstantin Raudive devoted much of his life to experiment with this phenomenon.
    These voices are embedded in other sounds on the tape usually. They are very short and require a trained ear to detect and interpret them. Direct voices on the other hand can be heard as any other sound by every one present, be it that they emanate from a point in space. The attraction of the EVP registrations is, however, that they can be received by anyone.

    Recent developments in voice/image registrations

    Recently a new wave of phenomena has been reported. The physicist prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski has introduced the term trans-communication for the collective era's of occurrence.

    Dr.Konstantin Raudive

    Experimenters are under the impression that the above mentioned patriarch of EVP, Dr.Konstantin Raudive, who died in 1974, is behind a number of phenomena aimed at convincing humanity that contact between the dead and the living is a reality. His communications have been received by many researchers, working independently, on cassette- tape- and video-recorders. His paranormal messages were produced on computers and have been printed. He has spoken through the loudspeakers of radio- and television-sets to a number of witnesses. Finally the spirit of Raudive has called researchers by telephone in various European countries.

    Moreover paranormal images on TV-sets have been reported and recorded by Jules and Maggie Harsch-Fischbach of Luxemburg. Other researchers have seen and recorded images of deceased persons some of who they did not know at all. Later identifying information was given on their printers.

    Ken Webster has described how he received on his computer messages from a Spirit who claimed to have lived four centuries ago on the site of his old cottage. Fully prepared for some form of elaborate hoax Webster found to his consternation that the language of the messages tallied precisely with 16th-century English usage.

    White noise

    Experimenters have found that a background of white noise is conducive to results. Much of the research is aimed at arriving at the right choice of background noise, or vibration. This varies from tuning in to special radio frequencies to letting a water tap run in the room. In this respect it is remarkable that from an independent source enhancing of a signal by non-linear systems noise has been reported. The discovery was made in 1982 by three Italian scientists: Roberto Benzi, Alfonso Sutera and Angelo Vulpiani. In the August 1995 issue of the Scientific American the phenomenon has been described. It is called 'stochastic resonance'. Best results are obtained by establishing the exact level of white noise. EVP experimenters would benefit from their taking notice of their conclusions

  • From


  • Books on Electronic Voice Phenomena

    With slight alterations from sarah-estep.com/



    Monday, December 20, 2004
    Sarah Estep's EVP Recordings

    As founder of the AA-EVP, an organization created in the early 1980's dedicated to the study and research of Electronic Voice Phenomenon and the author of the bestselling EVP book 'Voices of Eternity', I have to assume Sarah Estep will have some of the best EVP recordings available and I'm right.

    I was disappointed there are so few EVP samples on her website and it seems the six tape audio series she authored is no longer available. Perhaps that will change as interest in this amazing phenomenon grows in the next few months. I'd like to hear it.
    See Sarah Estep's EVP recordings page at the AA-EVP

    I started with track '32' of the Spirit/Space Tape, Side 1 entitled 'We're down beside ya'.
    I picked this particular example because it has to be run backwards to hear. I am always skeptical when listening to backward ran recordings. It's easy to hear things in a voice run backwards. I used to have a blast in school playing with the reel to reel and have heard some of the funniest things doing this. But this recording is different.

    It seems Sarah was sitting in her office reading one night when she noticed a black and silver object several feet from her that was spinning a foot off the floor. As is normal in the paranormal, it only lasted for two seconds and she was unable to identify it. When she recorded for EVP the next morning she asked about the strange object. When the tape was played backward they heard a male voice say "We're down beside ya".

    Got the creeps yet?

    I sure do. The male voice is very clear and articulate and comes well after Sarah's voice in the recording. (Or would that be before her voice since it's run backwards?) It doesn't sound threatening or menacing in any way. Just what you might expect if someone was letting you know where they were.

    I have to say I don't have a problem with this sample being played backwards simply because we are not listening to any other voices at the time the EVP comes through. This is obviously a Class A EVP and I am amazed at the clarity and emotion found in the voice.

    I quickly move on to Track '20' of the same tape entitled 'Death no more a Casket'. I think the horror fan in me just wants to finally hear something really spooky, but this EVP is anything but spooky. In a sing-songy kind of ghost voice you can hear a man say what does sound like "Death no more a Casket". But I'm not sure about the casket part and if you play it over and over it sounds Russian or something. My brain just runs it all together.

    Next is track '19' on tape 1, side 2 entitled 'That is your girl'. This EVP is also from a backwards playing of a recording. It does sound like a woman's voice saying "That is your girl". It is very clear and there is little recorded sound around the sample.

    The most "heavenly" example of an EVP I've heard yet is track '14' from tape 1 titled 'I found you there'. When Sarah asks "Were you aware that I was on the porch last evening when I went out there?, a singing voice, sounding like a choir of angels, responds "I found you there". Heavenly, but definitely gives you the chills. Very clear and creepy EVP recording.

    It seems Sarah Estep is quite talented and skilled at capturing EVP ghost voices. Her samples are clear and she is obviously eminent in her field as a researcher. She also seems to have great luck capturing voices that have to be played backwards to be heard. I bet I'll run into more of her stuff on my Journey and perhaps even get to ask her to tell me some stories herself.




    Techniques for Working with Audio ITC


    See also: Best Practices, Articles and Theory sections. A good approach for finding information is to use the website search tool.


    Techniques for EVP



    EVP/ITC Organizations and Websites Around the World


    It is the objective of Association TransCommunication to support organizations around the world that are involved in the study of transcommunication. Links here are to websites hosted by individuals or groups dedicated to the study of these phenomena. In some cases, a website may be listed here because ATransC is able to refer people living in the same country for more direct help. Please contact ATransC to add your group.

    To the website visitor: Please report broken links or unexpected results from visiting one of these websites.



     Phyllis Delduque





    Phyllis works with a variety of visual and audio ITC techniques. She has excellent examples of these on her sites.

    Institute for Advanced Research in Transcommunication Instrumental (IPAT)


    It has become clear to us that our research must yield reliable evidences for the survival of the Spirit after bodily death. And to yield such evidences our research must be carried out in controlled circumstances so that its results can bear the forces of scientific scrutiny and remain true. We understand that for the ITC phenomenon to be considered valid, it must bear the seal of scientific validation.



    Canadian Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena


    The purpose of this website is to bring together like minded individuals who are interested in contributing to the investigation, and eventual proof that EVP is a very real phenomena, caused by people just like you and I who have "crossed over" to the afterlife, and is not the result of stray radio signals or tricks the human brain plays on us!





    The French EVP group, Infinitude, offers French and English versions of their website.


    Instrumental Transcommunication: EVP and ITC


    This site by Maryse and John Locke provides examples of video ITC images plus DRV audio clips of anomalous voices answering in the various languages of the foreign visitors. There is also an eLibrary of ancient books on the subject of spiritualism, séances, development of mediumship in the Western and Oriental Traditions.




    This website has been assembled by the French researcher, Pascal Jouini. You will find hundreds of images captured by the researcher, his techniques, and other researchers' work.



    Verein für Transkommunikations-Forschung (VTF)


    From their website: The aim of the German Association For Transcommunication Research (VTF) (founded in 1975) is to support the research of the voice phenomenon by enabling everyone being interested in this phenomenon to carry out experiments for the reception of such voices, by supplying them with information and advice. VTF endeavors to reach all persons or institutions etc. who may give assistance in one way or the other to do the necessary research work in this range. Furthermore, the other duty of the VTF association is public relations work.


    Israel Group of Paranormal Investigators (IGOPI)


    This is a group of investigators who are trained to use scientific methods for paranormal investigations, including instruments for data collection and analysis. They do not charge for their services.


    Interdisciplinary Laboratory For Biopsychocybernetics Research
    (Il Laboratorio)


    This site has some English language material. Il Laboratorio is the only organized group of researchers we know of specializing in the study of ITC. It is the scientists of this lab who conduct forensic-quality analysis of both visual and audio forms of ITC.


    A Bridge to the Other Side


    Dutch-language website focused on EVP with information about pioneers in the field.


    EVP Experimentation


    Dutch (soon English) website to you, consisting of 35 years of scientific investigation of EVP with information about a new successful EVP-method of recording using Digital Noise Generation (DNG) and the principle of stochastic resonance.



    Henk Stooter is an experimenter in the Netherlands. His website provides an explanation of his work in both Dutch and English.


    Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication(RAIT)


    The organization has several aims:

    • Spreading in Russia, the results obtained in the field of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), afterlife and consciousness research;

    • Carrying out scientific research in these domains and seeking financial support for this;

    • Translating and publishing basic works in ITC and afterlife matters.

    Members of the RAIT have conducted serious research into ITC technologies since 2004. They feel this research will finally offer the possibility of establishing long and stable communication between two worlds.

    Spanish Speaking Countriess

    KARINE Asociación Mexicana de Transcomunicación Instrumental


    This website is produced by a growing EVP/ITC group in Mexico known as the KARINE A.M.T.I., or Mexican Association of Instrumental TransCommunication.


    Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas


    The Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas is an association of Spanish speaking researchers representing a large number of countries in Central and South America.




    This website is dedicated to the popularization of Instrumental Transcommunication including the research of la Luis Fountain and Strella Fernández, and presents a gallery of EVP/ITC images and voices.


    United Kingdom

    The Norfolk Experiment

    The Scole Experiment. the book:


    The Scole Group is no longer meeting, but while they were, they established a new view of circle phenomena that continues to inspire emulation. In modern terms, they approach might be described as an energy circle, as being different than an ectoplasm circle.

    EVP Research Associates UK


    The EVP Research Association UK are a professional organization based in Scotland. We actively study and research Electronic Voice Phenomena with our founder members having almost 40 years experience combined in the field of EVP research. Together we have amassed many thousands of EVP voices. Much of our research is conducted privately but we feel very strongly that in order to make that next important breakthrough, we have a responsibility to share our findings with other researchers over the world. We would like to help break down the barriers that exist between many of today's researchers to ultimately work together to reach our common goal. 

    Alexander MacRae



    EVP researcher, Alexander MacRae's website


    World ITC


    Mark Macy and Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt approach ITC using concepts that embrace both the scientific and philosophical aspects of the phenomena. Mark is the author of several books on the subject of EVP and ITC.



    ITC Journal


    The ITC Journal includes Research, opinion and background articles by some of the top international experts on ITC written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

    from http://atransc.org/techniques/techniques_audio_itc.htm



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