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Direct Voice as it implies, is a voice direct from the Spirit World. NOT THE MEDIUMS VOCAL CORDS OR VOICE BOX BEING USED. It is a voice that is formed by ectoplasm into an etheric amplifier [a name the Spirit World prefers rather than a voice box which it is NOT], or directly through the air, the etheric waves, similar to the way the radio waves  and TV waves are harnessed and are used by earthly man but on a different wavelength or frequency through the ectoplasm. Many times in the past the Spirit World have used powerful linking Mediums to prove there is life after life and to give messages of hope to those who are in a muddle with mental anguish over the passing of a loved one or loved ones. The Spirit World are very accommodating when a person is genuine in their search for the truth.

Yes a lot of naive people, inexperienced Mediums and egotistical Mediums think that direct voice is a Mediums using their own throat voice box,  THIS IS TRANCE SPEAKING or INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKING with the help of the Spirit World. Many times during this process, it can be the MEDIUMS THOUGHTS ONLY, while they the Medium are speaking in a light trance or even what they [some fraudulent Mediums] call a deep trance. Even the genuine Mediums own mental thoughts can get mixed up within the speech of the Medium while they are talking whilst in that trance state. Look at it in more in detail in Meditation Oneness. The Medium's Bible book.

This is the reason for the use of infrared cameras in blacked out seances is so necessary to prove whether or not the Medium is doing what is being portrayed by the helpers in the Circle. Whether they are producing ectoplasm to produce an etheric amplifier or whether they are fooling the sitters in the physical seances in the darkness. In 2008 infrared security cameras are now only £40 which when connected to a recorder of about £45, can take away any doubt of fraud.

A lot of alleged Mediums in the past have used a strange voice coming from themselves out through their own voice box that they pass off as coming from the Spirit World, they pass it off as direct voice. TRUE DIRECT VOICE IS INDEPENDENT OF THE MEDIUM and should be shown as such. I have heard of some alleged Mediums in the 1980's using the technique as used by ventriloquists, and others using a similar method as actors do. I have attended two such seances and a great many others so I can speak from experience, and both of those Mediums claimed it was direct voice that was coming through there was NO PROOF WHAT SO EVER that it was.



 Physical Medium Leslie Flint producing an ectoplasmic etheric amplifier. Many times during his seances he was awake and talking to the Spirit World in a two way conversation, as did the sitters in his Circle. He proved he was not a fraud by being photographed with infrared light in his no light seances.

Sadly in this day and age NOT MANY of these modern Physical Mediums will allow cameras to be used in their no light seances. Are they so insecure or scared of being found out that they are a fake, it certainly makes you wonder. REMEMBER YOU ARE PAYING GOOD MONEY OUT to see these Mediums in the dark BUT YOU DO NOT SEE THEM. Would you go to any show in a theatre and close your eyes all the way through? This day and age there are fantastic cameras about, which do not interfere with the setup in the seance room environments, notably the infra-red, very low lux [both classes as night vision] and thermal camera designs. What should be pointed out is, the prices now are such they will not break the bank of most people. Look on the internet for the best prices.




Physical Medium Jack Webber tied up in deep trance. Spirit using ectoplasm to form etheric amplifier and also use and levitate the trumpet and tambourine, taken by an infra-red light sensitive camera.




The Physical Medium Leonard Stott in deep trance during a low red light seance where he is levitating the trumpet.

A sitter is touching the umbilical ectoplasm connection to the trumpet with permission of the Spirit World. Notice the ectoplasm within the trumpet in this photograph is luminous and brighter than the other sections of ectoplasm.



The Medium Mina Crandon in deep trance, where the Spirit World are using her to produce an ectoplasmic etheric amplifier from the ectoplasm, which is coming from her nose.




The Medium Minnie Harrison Spirit producing etheric amplifier in the trumpet, ectoplasm is coming from her mouth, solar plexus and lower orifices during one of her Middlesbrough Seances.



Medium Mina Crandon again with the Spirit World link producing an etheric amplifier under her chin with ectoplasm being produced out of her nose, the sitters are holding hands to keep the energy in the Circle and to prove the Medium herself is not faking anything.



More information about Direct Voice can be obtained in the following publications.


  • Barbanell, H.: The trumpet shall sound (1933)
  • Bayless, Raymond: Voices from beyond (1976)
  • Bayless, Raymond: Experiences of a Psychical Researcher (1972)
  • Bird, J.M.: My psychic adventures
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  • Crossley, A.E.: The enigma of psychic phenomena (1974)
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  • Sewell, M.W.: Neither dead nor sleeping (1921)
  • Wilkinson, A.: Voices from the Southern Cross (195?)
  • Usborne Moore, Vice-Admiral W.: The Voices (1913)



Mrs. Mary Marshall (died 1875), who was the first English Public Medium, was the channel for voices coming from John King and others. In London in 1869 Mr W H Harrison, editor of THE SPIRITUALIST, conducted exhaustive tests with her. As the early Spiritualists were supposed to be people who were easily imposed upon, it is interesting to note his careful scrutiny. He says,* speaking of Mrs. Mary Marshall:

* THE SPIRITUALIST (London), Vol. 1, p. 38.

Tables moved and chairs moved about in daylight, and sometimes rose from the ground, whilst at the dark seances voices were heard, and luminous manifestations seen; all these things purported to come from spirits. I therefore resolved to be a constant visitor at the seances and to stick at the work till I either discovered the assertions to be true, or detected the imposture with sufficient accuracy and certainty to expose it in the presence of witnesses, and to be able to publish the facts with complete sectional drawings of the apparatus used.

The voice calling itself "John King" is backed by an intelligence apparently entirely different in kind from that of Mr. or Mrs Marshall. However, I privately assumed that Mr. Marshall did the voice, and by attending a few seances found that it was a common thing for Mr. Marshall and John King to speak at the same time, so I was obliged to throw over that theory.

Next I assumed that Mrs. Marshall did it, till one evening I sat next her; she was on my right-hand side, I had hold of her hand and arm, and John King came and talked into my left ear, Mrs. Marshall being perfectly motionless all the time, so over went the other theory. Next, I assumed that a confederate among the visitors to the Circle did John King's voice, so had a seance with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall alone; John was there, and talked for an hour.

Lastly, I assumed that a concealed confederate did the voice, so attended two seances where Mrs. Marshall was present among strangers to her, in a strange house, and again John King was as lively as ever.

Finally, on Thursday evening December 30th, 1869, John King came and talked to eleven persons at Mrs. C. Berry's Circle, in the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, the Medium being Mrs Perrin.

While Mr Harrison satisfied himself in this way that no human being present produced the voices, he does not mention what was the case that the voices often gave internal proofs of identity such as neither the Medium nor a confederate could have supplied. Signor Damiani, a well-known investigator, in his evidence before the London Dialectical Society, declared * that voices that had spoken to him in the presence of unpaid Mediums had subsequently conversed with him at private seances with Mrs. Marshall, and had "there exhibited the same peculiarities as to tone, expression, pitch, volume, and pronunciation, as upon the former occasions." These voices also talked with him on matters of so private a nature that no one else could have known of them. At times, too, they foretold events which duly came to pass.

* Report of the London Dialectical Society (1871), p. 201. S.P.R. JOURNAL, Vol. IV, p. 127.

It is natural that those who come in contact for the first time with voice phenomena should suspect ventriloquism as a possible explanation. D D Home, with whom these voices occurred often, was careful to meet this objection. General Boldero, describing the seance when Home visited him at Cupar, Fife, in 1870, writes:

Then voices were heard speaking together in the room, two different persons judging from the intonation. We could not make out the words spoken, as Home persisted in speaking to us all the time. We remonstrated with him for speaking, and he replied, "I spoke purposely that you might be convinced the voices were not due to any ventriloquism on my part, as this is impossible when anyone is speaking in his natural voice." Home's voice was quite unlike that of the voices heard in the air.

The author can corroborate this from his personal experience, having repeatedly heard voices speaking at the same time. Examples are given in the chapter on Some Great Modern Mediums.

Admiral Usborne Moore testifies to hearing three and four Spirit voices simultaneously with Mrs Etta Wriedt, of Detroit. In his book "The Voices" (1913) he quotes the testimony of a well-known writer, Miss Edith K. Harper, formerly private secretary to Mr. W. T. Stead. She writes*:

* "The Voices," pp. 324-5,

After considering a record of about two hundred sittings with Mrs. Etta Wriedt during her three visits to England, of which the notes of the general Circles alone would fill a huge volume, were they written IN EXTENSO, I will try to relate, in brief, a few of the most striking experiences my mother and I were privileged to have through Mrs. Wriedt's mediumship. Looking over my notes of her first visit in 1911 the following details stand out as among the principal features of the seances:-

(1) Mrs Wriedt was never entranced, but conversed freely with the sitters, and we have heard her talking to, even arguing with, some Spirit person with whose opinions she did not agree. I remember once Mr. Stead shaking with laughter on hearing Mrs. Wriedt suddenly reprimand the late editor of the Progressive Thinker for his attitude towards Mediums, and the evident confusion of Mr. Francis, who, after an attempted explanation, dropped the trumpet, and apparently retired discomforted.

(2) Two, three, and even four Spirit voices talking simultaneously to different sitters.

(3) Messages given in foreign languages-French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Arabic and others-with which the Medium was quite unacquainted. A Norwegian lady, well known in the world of literature and politics, was addressed in Norwegian by a man's voice, claiming to be her brother, and giving the name P-.

She conversed with him, and seemed overcome with joy at the correct proofs he gave her of his identity. Another time a voice spoke in voluble Spanish, addressing itself definitely to a lady in the Circle whom none of the sitters knew to be acquainted with that language; the lady thereupon entered into a fluent conversation in Spanish with the Spirit, to the evident satisfaction of the latter.

Mrs Mary Hollis (afterwards Mrs. Hollis Billing) was a remarkable American Medium who visited England in 1874, and again in 1880, when a presentation and address were given her in London by representative Spiritualists. A fine account of her varied mediumship is given by Dr N B Wolfe in his book, "Startling Facts in Modern Spiritualism." Mrs. Hollis was a lady of refinement, and thousands obtained evidence and consolation through her powers. Her two Spirit Guides, "James Nolan" and an Indian named "Ski," talked freely in the Direct Voice. At one of her seances, held at Mrs Makdougall Gregory's house in Grosvenor Square on January 21, 1880, a clergyman of the Church of England* "had the thread of a conversation taken up by a spirit where it had been broken off seven years before, and he professed himself perfectly satisfied with the genuineness of the voice, which was very peculiar and distinctly audible to those sitting on either side of the clergyman who was addressed."

* SPIRITUAL NOTES, Vol. I., p. 262, iv.

Mr. Edward C Randall gives an account of another good American voice medium, Mrs Emily S French, in his book "The Dead Have Never Died." She died in her home in Rochester, New York, on June 24, 1912. Mr. Randall investigated her powers for twenty years, and was convinced that her mediumship was of a very high character.

Mrs Mercia M Swain, who died in 1900, was a voice Medium through whose instrumentality a Rescue Circle in California was able to reach and do good to unprogressed souls in the beyond. An account of these extraordinary sittings, which were under the control of Mr Leander Fisher, of Buffalo, New York, and lasted for twenty-five years, from 1875 to 1900, will be found in Admiral Usborne Moore's book, "Glimpses of the Next State."

Mrs Everitt, a very fine non-professional Medium, obtained voices in England in 1867 and for many years after. Most of the great Physical Mediums, especially the Materializing Mediums, produced voice phenomena. They occurred, for instance, with Eglinton, Spriggs, Husk, Duguid, Herne, Mrs Guppy, and Florence Cook.

Mrs Elizabeth Blake, of Ohio, who died in 1920, was one of the most wonderful Voice Mediums of whom we have any record, and perhaps the most evidential, because in her presence the voices were regularly produced in broad daylight. She was a poor, illiterate woman living in the tiny village of Bradrick on the shore of the Ohio River, on the opposite bank of which was the town of Huntingdon, in West Virginia. She had been a Medium since childhood. She was strongly religious and belonged to the Methodist Church, from which, however, like some others, she was expelled on account of her mediumship.

Little has been written about her, the only detailed account being a valuable monograph by Professor Hyslop.* She is said to have been repeatedly tested by "scientists, physicians and others," and to have submitted willingly to all their tests. As, however, these men were unable to detect any fraud, they did not trouble to give their results to the world. Hyslop had his attention drawn to her by hearing that a well-known American conjurer, of many years' experience, had become convinced of her genuineness, and in 1906 he travelled to Ohio to investigate her mediumship.

* PROCEEDINGS of the American S.P.R., Vol. VII (1913), pp. 570-788.

Hyslop's voluminous report describes evidential communications that occurred.

He makes this not unusual confession of ignorance of ectoplasmic processes in the production of voice phenomena. He says:

The loudness of the sounds in some cases excludes the supposition that the voices are conveyed from the vocal cords to the trumpet. I have heard the sounds twenty feet away, and could have heard them forty or fifty feet away, and Mrs. Blake's lips did not move.

It still remains to get any clear hypothesis to explain this aspect of the phenomena. Even to say "Spirits" would not satisfy the ordinary scientific man. He wants to know the mechanical processes involved, as we explain ordinary speech.

It may be true that Spirits are the first cause in the case, but there are steps in the process which intervene between their initiative and the ultimate result. It is that which creates the perplexity more than the supposition that Spirits are in some way back of it all the scientific man cannot see how Spirits can institute a mechanical event without the use of a mechanical instrument.

Nor can anyone else, for that matter, but the explanation has been given again and again from the Other Side. Professor Hyslop's want of knowledge of the link existing between the sounds and their source would be less surprising were it not for the fact that the Spirits themselves have repeatedly supplied the answer to the questions he raises. Through many Mediums they have given almost identical explanations.

Dr L V Guthrie, superintendent of the West Virginia Asylum at Huntingdon, Mrs. Blake's medical adviser, was convinced of her powers. He wrote:*

* OP. CIT., p. 581.

I have had sittings with her in my own office, also on the front porch in the open air, and on one occasion in a carriage as we were driving along the road. She has repeatedly offered to let me have a sitting and use a lamp chimney instead of a tin horn, and I have frequently seen her produce the voices with her hand resting on one end of the horn.

Dr. Guthrie gives the following two cases with Mrs. Blake where the information supplied was not known to the sitters, and could not have been known to the Medium.

One of my employees, a young lady, whose brother had joined the army and gone to the Philippines; was anxious to receive some word from him, and had written letters to him repeatedly and addressed them in care of his Company in the Philippines, but could receive no answer. She called on Mrs. Blake and was told by the "Spirit" of her mother, who had passed away some several years, that if she would address a letter to this brother at C-- she would get an answer. She did so and received a reply from him in two or three days, as he had returned from the Philippines, unknown to any of his family.

The next case is even more striking.

An acquaintance of mine, of prominent family in this end of the State, whose grandfather had been found at the foot of a high bridge with his skull smashed and life extinct, called on Mrs. Blake a few years ago and was not thinking of her grandfather at the time. She was very much surprised to have the "Spirit" of her grandfather tell her that he had not fallen off the bridge while intoxicated, as had been presumed at the time, but that he had been murdered by two men who met him in a buggy and had proceeded to sandbag him, relieve him of his valuables, and throw him over the bridge. The "Spirit" then proceeded to describe minutely the appearance of the two men who had murdered him, and gave such other information that led to the arrest and conviction of one or both of these individuals.

Numerous sitters with Mrs. Blake noted that while the Medium was speaking, Spirit Voices were heard at the same time, and further, that the same Spirits pre served the same personality and the same intonation of voice through a course of years. Hyslop gives details of a case with this Medium where the voice communication gave the correct solution for opening a combination lock to a safe, when it was unknown to the sitter.

Among modern Voice Mediums in England are Mrs. Roberts Johnson, Mrs Blanche Cooper, John C Sloan, William Phoenix, the Misses Dunsmore, Evan Powell the Welsh Medium, and Mr Potter.

Mr. H. Dennis Bradley has given a full account of the voice mediumship of George Valiantine, the well-known American Medium. Mr. Bradley was able himself to secure voices in his own Home Circle, without any professional Medium. It is impossible to exaggerate the services which Mr. Bradley's devoted and self-sacrificing work has rendered to psychic science. If our whole knowledge depended upon the evidence given in these two books, it would be ample for any reasonable man.*

* "Towards the Stars" and "The Wisdom of the Gods."



The Woods/Greene collection of direct voice recordings has been called the most complete account of life in the hereafter ever received


From "You Can Speak With Your Dead"  - Shaw Desmond


What would you and I regard as definite proof that a man or woman has survived death ?

I think by him or her appearing and speaking to us.

That is the most direct proof. A hundred others are known to psychical investigators--that is to scientists who devote their lives to investigation of the afterlife. Many such exist today.

Before I come to a consideration of the body, soul and spirit of which each one of us is composed and of the facts behind them, I will give a series of personal communications with those who have "died" into the Afterlife.

Perhaps because it lies closest to my heart as father, I will begin with the first talk I ever had with my little dead son Jan, who had passed out in his eleventh year. There was something strangely luminous about this child, with a smile of understanding which made many love him, a quality which showed itself in our talks after his death.

On 10th March, 1933, Jan's voice was heard by me and others at the house of a friend. The first words were : "I want my father."

He then made a statement of a most intimate, personal kind. I, intensely sceptical of many sides of "communication" with the dead, was convinced by this statement that it was, indeed, my boy speaking and that there was no impersonation. Nobody else in that room, so far as I am aware, could possibly have known of the personal trouble and of its rectification which he then conveyed.

The voice was what is known as the "direct voice." That is to say, not the voice of a medium, but the boy's own voice coming out of the air.

On the 5th of May of the same year, he sent messages to his mother and sister. There stands a note in my records, made, as always, immediately after the experience : "I have never used his name or given any evidence at these seances."

None of those present knew anything about Jan--not even his name or that of his sister, which is a rare and difficult Gaelic name which Jan himself gave me correctly on 10th October of the same year.

On this occasion, when Lady Segrave and others were present, he gave me once more peculiarly convincing, evidence, impossible to anyone there, of certain physical and mental changes he had undergone.

In the following December, I had extraordinary proof of the reality of "Jan" as my own boy. Speaking with absolute clearness, he placed a speaking trumpet on my knee, so that the others might not hear our conversation, which was very private. Bending down, I whispered into it, his voice also coming to me from it in a whisper.

In this talk, he covered difficult psychological details of his own life as of the lives of his mother and sister. His mother was at the time undergoing a special cure, and this he discussed with close knowledge. Also her differences of mental attitude to certain questions.

A point of evidence, remarkable, was my misunderstanding him when he spoke of what I thought was his ability with the speaking trumpet. He at once corrected me and told me he was actually speaking of something which had happened to his voice since he had passed over--something, again, of which nobody present could have known. Also he poked gentle fun at one of my weaknesses.

It was at this meeting that I used his name for the first time. Yet he had given me his name correctly long before.

My last meeting with him was on 24th September, 1940, but we have met from time to time through the years. Nor do I think of him as "dead," but as living and ever present.

Now what were the conditions under which I heard my boy's voice? Were they "test" conditions?

I here make the definite statement after many years of psychic research, that in its very nature no conditions can ever be absolutely watertight. The real "test" is that you know the bona fides of those present, that they have invariably proved trustworthy, and that the physical conditions, generally, are fraud-proof.

I have met and sometimes spoken with my boy under many varieties of conditions, with different mediums and in different places.

The supreme test of all "communication" with the so-called dead is that the evidence is self-veridical; that, in fact, what comes through is unknown to any present, and that it persistently tallies.

These conditions were complied with in my communications with Jan. Sir Oliver Lodge found the same in his talks with his son Raymond.

Of all proofs of survival, what is called the "Direct Voice" is the most compelling.

This is the actual voice of the "dead" man or woman coming out of the air and not speaking through a medium, although the presence of a medium is usually necessary. Its existence is now admitted by such notable men of science as Sir Oliver Lodge, past President of the British Association; by Professors Ernest Bozzano and Gildo Passini, and by Dr Robin J Tillyard and many other professors of different countries. Literally scores of distinguished laymen vouch for it.

Many American scientists, including Dr. Tillyard, have heard the direct voice in the "Margery and Walter" experiments, and some of them, including Dr. Tillyard, declare it to be genuine. Hundreds of men and women, distinguished and other, have heard the famous guide, Red Cloud, speak in this voice under the mediumship of Mrs Estelle Roberts, a lady of probity.

I have heard it on scores of occasions, and in many languages, sometimes in good light, and even with several voices speaking at the same time. Messages have been delivered by the spirits of the so-called dead to large audiences in London by this voice, and soon we are to have public lectures delivered, literally, "out of the air."

To deny the existence of this voice would be the same as denying the existence of the voice of any human being who may speak to you tomorrow. One ventures to think that only ignorance or contumacy, and the sometimes intense "reluctance to life" of certain types of scientist, can account for such denial.

I have in my records of the "Voice" the names of men and women widely known who have spoken to me before witnesses, from the Other Side of Death. Amongst these are Sir Henry Segrave, once leading authority on internal combustion engines and world champion in motor-boat speed records ; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the thinker and novelist; William T Stead, doyen of journalists; Dennis Neilson Terry, the actor, and Rudolf Valentino, the film star. I have also spoken, about their writings, to names internationally famous. These last were intensely veridical, as it would have been quite impossible for the mediums present, without pretence to literary knowledge, to have discussed such recondite subjects.

From a mass of Direct Voice notes recorded at the time, and covering the seven years from early in 1933, I select one or two.

Many of us have heard Sir Henry Segrave speak with his wife upon intimate subjects known only to both. As his spirit form left the room he would come up to me and speak to me in his friendly but reserved way, one of  and talks taking place on 2nd June,  1933.

One of the most popular playwrights of our time, who wrote a fine reincarnation play which has been seen by thousands, and whose wife wishes his name suppressed, spoke to me upon many occasions.

The first time was n 5th May,1933, soon after his death, before some twenty people, including Lady Segrave.

The strikingly evidential part of this talk was his referring to himself by the special name by which I knew him. I also spoke with a friend of his on the Other Side, he using the direct voice, upon 6th and 20th October of the same year about this playwright's plays and his changed views of my own books. Nobody present could possibly have taken part in this discussion.

Perhaps one of the best bits of evidence in the Direct Voice was when the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came through before twenty-three people to ask to speak with me. I, always sceptical and careful, asked the spirit to prove that he really was Conan Doyle by telling me where he and I had last met. This was correctly given. We had met by accident in a doorway in Victoria Street, Westminster, where we had separately run for shelter from a shower. He then sent messages to his wife and his son Denis.

Sir Henry Segrave also spoke with me on this occasion.

It gives us all to think when we find men of the scientific standing of Dr William Brown, M.A., M.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., one of the most advanced psychologists of our day, declaring in a London lecture :

"Nevertheless, I think I range myself with our President . . . in claiming for the evidence that has been brought forward by the Society for Psychical Research during the last fifty years that it is sufficient to make survival of bodily death, scientifically speaking, extremely probable."

But one has only to watch the evolution of great scientists like Professor Jeans and Professor Eddington, the astronomers, or of Dr. Alexis Carrel, author of Man the Unknown and winner of the Nobel Prize, to see the inexorable trend to a spiritual view of matter. Or, if we observe the later developments of the mathematicians and the physicists, from Einstein to that most remarkable of scientists, J. W. Dunne, with his An Experiment with Time, which has been described as "one of the most important books of this age," we find how implacably, in the world of science, matter is becoming dematerialised, and how spiritual interpretation is taking the place of the now old-fashioned materialist science. Dunne, indeed, claims to have found irrefutable proof of human immortality.

Professor Charles Richet, the psycho-physiologist, after a lifetime of experiment, had to Professor Ernesto Bozzano to confess himself driven against his will to belief in the world of survived spirits as explanation of the phenomena he had encountered in his laboratory.

Speaking personally, I would go so far as to say that the reading of such purely scientific treatises as Sir William Bragg's "The Universe of Light" will convince that under natural law, at least, there is nothing inherently scientifically impossible in man surviving death in ghostly form.

For many years I have set out the case for survival both in book and on platform. I can truthfully say that never once have statements of the above kind been effectively challenged. The fact being that the case for our passing into another world which is as real as this, is a case now resting upon evidence as clear and persistent as that of any other fact of science.

We speak with our dead. We see our dead.

The greatest scientists of all time insist upon this. Look at some of the names : Lodge and Crookes and Lombroso, Alfred Russel Wallace and Camille Flammarion. Professors Bozzano, Morselli and Passini of Italy. Professors William James, Larkin and Hyslop of America. Many of these believers in survival base their belief partly upon the direct voice which they have heard.

And I, writing these words to you, the reader, also insist with them that you can be as absolutely assured that you survive the death of the physical body as that you now, for the time, live in that body today.

In that belief you will have behind you every great religious teacher from the Gautama Buddha to Jesus. You will have nearly all the greater philosophers from Plato downwards. Almost every poet will be with you. Death is the universal superstition.

There is no death.



From the book "Voices of the Passed" - Major J H Webster


WHAT is known among psychic phenomena as direct voice is, in my opinion, the most convincing. I will begin this chapter with an extract from an article of mine on the subject which was published in Light of March 18th, 1943:

I sit in my darkroom, which is not used for photographic purposes, but for the development of the voices of the "passed." With me are three other people; and one of them, my wife, is the medium. No special effort is required on her part beyond sitting in an ordinary chair in a normal state of consciousness and chatting (sometimes singing) with the other three occupants of the room.

Nevertheless, if she were not present, no phenomena would occur. So, whatever part she plays in producing the phenomena, it is one of which she is quite unconscious. Obviously, therefore; she is used in some way or other by forces or intelligences whose power to manifest is dependent on something she possesses which we do not. This is an important point to bear in mind when the phenomena are ascribed to the collective power of mind over matter on the part of the sitters.

An elongated megaphone, made of aluminium, stands upright on a table. On it are four spots of luminous paint which shine forth like cats' eyes in the dark. Vibrations constitute an important part of the conditions required. These have to be raised to a level above normal, and I have found an electric gramophone admirable for this purpose, as it usually embodies a handy means of controlling the volume of sound; and provided suitable records are available, the music furnishes a pleasant accompaniment to the periods of waiting for the voices. An extended volume control is attached to my chair. This is manipulated by my left, hand, while my right is available for recording what the voices say on a tear-off pad affixed to the lid of the gramophone. There is no hymn singing. If we do sing, we choose bright and cheerful tunes; the same cheerful spirit governing our choice of gramophone records.

Some few minutes after commencing the sitting the megaphone wobbles on the table, sometimes beating time to the music. We know then that our invisible collaborators are getting to work, and the megaphone soon rises from the table. Sometimes it drops to the floor once or twice, being replaced by the member of the circle nearest to it. Then it becomes more stabilised in its movements and floats round the circle, bowing, as it were, to each sitter in turn, and frequently touching us lightly, but unmistakably, on our hands, knees and faces.

All this time the music continues, dimmed or faded out altogether as required by means of the control on my chair (a variable resistance of 50,000 Ohms). Usually the first voice is that of Leslie, my son, who left this world in 1932 at the age of twenty-four. He performs the duties of master of ceremonies, so to speak, and supplies information as to the amount of power available.

Remember, there is complete darkness, except for the spots of luminous paint, which enable the sitters to follow the movements of the megaphone. The spots do not radiate sufficient light to render anything else in the room visible.

That we are seen by the unseen intelligences present cannot be doubted, for the touches of the megaphone are deliberate and exact; there is no fumbling, and the delicacy of the touches indicate the precision with which they are made. On one occasion recently the megaphone floated over to me direct from the table and touched my lips, while from it issued the sound of a kiss; and this was immediately followed by a message from my mother.

Imagine for a moment what might happen if the medium, or one of the other sitters, tried to bring about this effect fraudulently. Bear in mind that he or she would be unable to see me, let alone find my face and the exact location of my lips. The same applies to the touch of a materialised hand, which I have also experienced more than once. The little finger of my left hand has been gripped and pulled gently by what felt like a thumb and forefinger.

As to the voices; well, there they are; they come from the megaphone, and I know that they are not the voices of any of the four people present in the flesh. They are not loud, and sometimes it is difficult to catch the words; an exaggerated whisper is the nearest I can get to describing them; faint when the power is weak, but quite strong and easily audible when conditions are at their best. The messages vary in length, again according to the power available. The communicator's main difficulty seems to be to keep the megaphone up long enough to complete the message; and once the megaphone falls some little time is required to work up sufficient power for further speech.

And that brings me to a point where some difficulty usually arises. One can understand that the etheric larynx, lips, tongue, teeth, and so on, of the communicator can become partially "physicalised" by the use of ectoplasm drawn from the medium and the sitters, thus making articulation possible; and, of course, the articulation is amplified by the megaphone. But whence the voices? To whom do they belong?

As in the case of trance control, we still have to rely on the contents of the messages themselves for evidence of identity. The voice; at any rate, so far as my own experience goes; is not itself recognisable as belonging to any particular person.

Now the sceptic tells us that by some trick of that apparently artful, deceitful and extremely clever subconscious mind, either the medium and/or the sitters themselves unconsciously produce the voices and make them say what the sitters expect or want them to say. This explanation, if a true one, must also account for the lifting of the megaphone, together with its movements about the room, to say nothing of the touches and the pulling of my little finger.

A certain type of skeptic (usually a man with theological prejudices), having been floored from his standpoint of fraudulent mediumship, admits the spirit agency in these manifestations, but attributes them to the operations of evil spirits, or sub-human elementals, who, either for satanic purposes or for their own amusement, impersonate prominent personalities, and even departed relatives and friends.

In my opinion, this is a more feasible theory than the first, but it weakens, or even destroys its own hypothesis.

It must be admitted that we ourselves, and perhaps some of our relatives and friends who have passed on, are far from being saintly spirits. Death does not change ordinary mortals into angels of light. It must also be conceded that if evil spirits can indulge in such entertainment, they have not only survived death, but have some relaxation from eternal punishment. It also follows that if evil spirits can speak through a megaphone, so can good ones, should they wish to do so.

So where does the sceptic draw the line when it conies to speaking through a megaphone at a direct voice sitting? Personally, I am fully prepared to admit that seldom, if ever, is it likely that a saintly soul who has progressed to the higher spheres of the Beyond will manifest at such a sitting. We do not expect or wish him to do so; and he has probably been so long away from earth conditions that it would be impossible for him to participate in physical phenomena of this nature. The souls we desire to contact in this way are spirits like ourselves.

As for impersonation, maybe some mischievous playboys do sometimes pull our legs; and perhaps our little fingers. But the point is that if an evilly disposed person can speak from the Beyond in this way, so can one who is not so disposed. Whether or not they do speak to us can be, and is frequently, determined by the contents of the messages received. As in the case of other forms of communication, evidence of identity alone decides the issue.

I make no claim that evidence of identity, sufficiently watertight to constitute indubitable proof of survival, has yet been communicated at any of my sittings. But it may be reasonably argued that the messages not coming through the mouth of the medium, but through a megaphone, out of the larger end of which issues the spoken word, and at the smaller end of which there is nothing entirely physical, cannot be influenced by the mind of either medium or sitter. I do not say that it is not possible, for allowance must be made for the possibilities, however remote, of the unplumbed depths of the human mind. I merely assert that from what we know at present of our mental capacities such a possibility; or, to be more precise, probability; cannot be reasonably contended.

In this connection, however, I would refer the reader to the theory of divine limitations outlined in my article in Light of December 10th last; and ask him to bear in mind that my object is to establish the case, not for absolute and scientific proof, but for a reasonable belief in communication with the beyond. And I will conclude this article by giving a very simple example from the many communications received through the megaphone, establishing firm ground for such reasonable belief.

One member of the Circle, whose name is Shirley, was addressed by a voice as Cissie. There was no need for the communicator to reveal her identity further than that, because the discarnate speaker was the only person who ever used that name for her friend, Shirley.

Now, if Shirley's own mind unconsciously projected that name into the megaphone, from which it was thrown back at her (an absurd notion, but one nevertheless seriously entertained by the sceptic), together with an intimate and characteristic message from the one person who ever addressed her as Cissie, or if an evil spirit had not only discovered by some unknown means this name, but so effectively simulated certain characteristics of the friend as to deceive Shirley, then human nature, human mentality, human or inhuman devilry and the whole bag of tricks of life, either here or hereafter, are so illogical and incomprehensible as to be unworthy of a single thought.

I have heard what claim to be the voices of my mother, my son, my brother, some of my wife's relatives, to mention only a few; I have heard issuing from the mouth of that megaphone voices speaking to many friends of mine who have avowed their conviction that the voices were what they purported to be, viz: utterances made by their friends and relatives who were dead and buried. The resurrection of the dead has been demonstrated to people assembled from time to time in a little upper room, of my house, which my wife, through whose instrumentality this "miracle" has happened, calls her sanctuary. Sanctuary indeed it has been to many sorrowing souls who are now comforted in the belief that their loved ones live, are happy, and are "preparing a place for them."

Have they been hoaxed? If so, by whom, by what? Is there some as yet unknown diabolical human agency through which such cruel deceit is possible?

These "dead" ones say they live. They still appear to possess the same characteristics as they evinced when in the flesh; and are only too ready, when the opportunity occurs, to demonstrate their sense of humour, despite the difficulties associated with communication from the Beyond. This is shown not only in the messages received, but in the peculiar behaviour of the megaphone itself, which frequently performs remarkable evolutions in mid air, dances on the table in time to the music, bows in salutation before each sitter, and indulges in such antics as passing beneath the table and round its legs without touching them.

On one occasion we were puzzled by seeing the megaphone turn round and round on its longer axis in a sort of rolling motion. Then it suddenly dawned on us that its movements were responding to the song being played on the gramophone at the time, "Let the Great Big World Keep Turning." As soon as we acknowledged the joke the rolling stopped.

When the megaphone drops to the floor, as it does sometimes on completion of the message (or in the middle of it, if the power momentarily fails), it has to be picked up and placed on the table. Once when doing this I found the table was rocking violently, and with such force that even by exerting all my strength in pressing the megaphone against the table-top I was unable to keep it still. This went on for several seconds, until I acquainted the other sitters with my difficulty, when the rocking ceased abruptly, the force opposing my efforts being switched off, as it were, immediately I explained what was happening.

Now there was, I think, a subtle intention behind this particular manifestation. If this phenomenon can be accounted for by the power of mind over matter, which in some unknown way was used by me and/or the other sitters, whence came the will and the power? My will and strength were opposing it; the other sitters were unaware of it until I told them. If it is attributable to the unconscious mind, surely the mind must be not only unconscious but insane, to bring about such an effect.

No, the phenomenon demands a much more sensible explanation; and that is supplied by the assumption of the operation of some unseen intelligence; and as the same intelligence produces a voice claiming to be that of a discarnate human being, whose utterances indicate evidence of identity, as they frequently do, then it is logical to believe that the owner of the voice has not only survived death but is able to manifest his presence in this and various other ways. And I maintain that this particular combination of table movement and voice production, with its attendant evidence of identity, constitutes one of the strongest reasons for belief in survival and communication. In short, I feel justified in regarding it as a fairly big piece of "gold in the dross."

The sanctuary is usually decorated with fresh flowers, two or three loose ones being placed on the table with the megaphone. During a sitting the latter are frequently placed in our laps or in our hands by our invisible visitors, who seem to delight in springing surprises upon us. I have had a tug-of-war with the long stem of a sweet pea, the flower end having been neatly and accurately placed between my finger and thumb (and this takes place in complete darkness, mark you), while someone or something at the other end has pulled against me. The switching on of the light at the conclusion of one sitting disclosed a sweet pea threaded through the Medium's hair. But the most outstanding surprise with flowers was a demonstration displaying not only the ability to move objects about but to pay pretty and affectionate compliments.

When the sitting commenced two pink roses were on the table; on a pedestal in one corner of the room, well away from the table, stood a bowl of roses of various colours. Present at the sitting were three ladies (including the Medium) and two men. At the end of the proceedings on this occasion it was found that one of the pink roses had been deposited on the lap of each of two female members of the circle, while the medium herself was not forgotten, for on her lap was found a red rose, taken from the bowl on the corner pedestal. But that was not all. The pink roses matched the dresses of the two ladies, while the medium's frock was red. So each was presented with a rose whose colour corresponded with her garment, the red rose having been deliberately (or was it chance?) selected from a bowl containing pink, white, red and yellow roses.

A noticeable feature of this pretty incident was that the one red rose was extracted from the bowl without leaving any trace of the remainder having been disturbed. If the sceptic is inclined to regard this feat as a fraudulent act, let him try it; in the dark! He must rise from his chair, locate the bowl, then the red rose, and, without fumbling or disturbing its fellows, take it out, return to his chair, which he cannot see, and place the flower in the medium's lap. He must do all this without his movements being made known to others present.


Transcript from a Leslie Flint direct voice communication
the audio recording in wma format

Sir Oliver Lodge   April 25th,1966

I’m not quite sure if you can hear me. It is some considerable time since last I was able to speak. This is Lodge here. Good morning. I am very happy indeed to be able to come, if only for a few minutes but I must say it is such a long time since I spoke that I am rather out of the habit. I am tremendously interested, of course, in the tremendous advances that have been made on your side scientifically in many different fields and we are and have been for a very long time, working on this side, on a method between your world and ours that will be accepted eventually I’m sure, scientifically, and we’re hoping, eventually to be able to make communication in such a way from a scientific aspect that no one could ever doubt the authenticity and reality of it. Whether we shall completely ever do away with mediums as such… I think somewhere the human element obviously cannot be done without, I think there must be this human element; even though we may produce scientific instruments that will make communication possible between the two worlds. I am sure we'll not be able to do without the help, in some capacity, of the medium. The only thing is that it will not be in the same sense or form as it is now used.

In Russia there seems to be a great deal of interest in this subject, although mostly from a scientific aspect, certain scientists are very interested in communication, and already experimenting on certain lines. It may well be from Russia that we shall have the first indication of really scientific communication with the aid of instruments. So little is understood even now, about our world and communication and mediumship, by its very nature must be a fluctuating thing and we are subject to all sorts of conditions far beyond your comprehension. 

Good mediumship is very rare. It is by no means, as common as it was in my earthly time. Then we seemed to have a variety of medium of all types, in particularly very powerful physical mediums, which was a great asset and enabled us to conduct experiments and satisfactorily prove survival. At least as far as I personally was concerned and many others. Today mediumship seems to be now on a mental level. This is all right in its way but it does not lend itself so well to scientific investigation.

Tremendous progress has been made scientifically since my lifetime. But course, there are certain aspects of it that distress one but many of the things that have already been discovered, and other things yet to be brought into the light, and if they can be used, as we hope and pray they will, to the benefit of man, a tremendous blessing.

My main interest is really in the scientific aspect of this whole subject and though I speak in this fashion to you, through the agency of a medium, I look forward to the time, when it may be possible, in fact we are sure it will be possible, by the process of scientific instruments, machinery to be able to tune in to a higher rate of vibration far beyond the human ear as you understand it, on a rate so unique in itself, it will have to be brought down, transformed, transferred as it were to an audible sound and speech eventually, after all, this is exactly what in a sense one does when one communicates in this particular fashion. It is transmission of one’s thought into sound and being reproduced, vibrating the atmosphere, creating sound. Perhaps I might almost say, recreating it.

We have a method which we are now working on, which we feel we shall be able to reproduce through instruments, scientific instruments; sounds. The voices of people long since, as your world calls it "dead", who will communicate. The mastery of this method is not yet complete. There are those, who for various very good reasons perhaps, are not prepared at this stage to come forward with any particular information. We may say that it is not very far off before Russia, certain scientists in Russia, who are experimenting on certain lines, will stumble rather than perhaps from the point of view than deliberately seeking, in seeking something else, will stumble across this method, which we are trying to help with. Their idea is to produce certain instruments for communication, on certain wave lengths; on vibrations rates if possible with seers already to some extent successful. They have been receiving pulsations and they have been receiving certain sounds which are outside a long way outside the range of earthly sound but we know that accidentally rather than intentionally because they don’t know of our helping this. They will stumble, they will be receiving messages over a long period which will be brought into sound on earth. This is something I don’t feel, at the moment one can go into deeply.

America too is on similar lines but I think, in fact I know that they are not so far advanced in this, this anxiety, this desire to discover more of outer space, to discover what the various planets are like, what they consist of, what the conditions would be should a man land and so on . Well they are not interested, even aware of the possibility of man, who once lived on earth, living on spheres in the atmosphere, communicating. They are more concerned with worlds which they have been aware for sometime which gradually are coming closer and closer by the help of science, brought into a great reality. They are going to discover, much to their surprise, worlds of human beings who once inhabited earth and who still continue to live in a higher field of activity because it will be mind reaching out, in other words, it will be thought forces, reaching out to man which will be picked up.

This is something they are not anticipating but we are taking full advantage of what they are doing on your side that scientifically we can use it to some extent to prove our identity, to prove our reality, to prove we truly do exist after death, that there is a world after death, physical death, in which millions of souls of all nationalities are still existing and developing and evolving and have a greater intelligence, and have greater response to life. This is a living reality of which I speak, which I have already said we are hoping eventually to scientifically prove to those in your world who are at the moment not aware of what is going on, but who will be surprised at certain things that will happen. They will at first, no doubt, think that they are in communication with intelligences from other planets, but it will be made clear to them that the intelligence are of the individuals and souls on this side who are desperately trying to communicate. It will be a revelation and we hope that eventually it will bring a greater understanding among people of the earth.

We can see much of the futility of conditions which have been created through ignorance and indeed intolerance, We are indeed very distressed when we look into your world and see the dreadful, terrible conditions which have arisen through man's intolerance and foolishness and we are anxiously hoping to prevent catastrophe and we feel that if we can break through and do this in that scientific way of which I speak, it will deter man from “going to the brink” of the abyss. We are very much concerned when we see your prison world and the terrible, terrible state which man has allowed himself to get into......'

Science properly used is a blessing to man. Much that is given to man through science could mean for man a better way of life and a happier one. There are a limited few who see it, often, as a weapon which can be used in defense, so they say, or war. This is an appalling fact and instead of being used for mans' good it is often used for mans' destruction. We have seen it in the past and want to avoid it in the future. We who come from this side, particularly those of us who come with the idea of being of service, of being of value and help to your world, are distressed and appalled when we see the state and condition of your world. We are concerned with improving, if we can and I’m sure we can, eventually in this scientific way of which I try to give you some idea. But it will be, it must be. The time is not too far distant when there is such a scientific aspect of communication. There will be no doubts and it will be universally accepted and then perhaps we shall see the true beginning of the Brotherhood of man. We shall see many of the old barriers knocked down and we shall see that man has realised, perhaps for, the very first time, will see how vital and necessary it is for him to band together and break down the barriers that separate, creed, religion, and politics. Barriers that man has built up over the centuries of time.

We are hoping and praying that it may not be too long before the first fruits of our labour will become apparent. That you will be hearing, and I make this a definite prophesy, you will be hearing, I feel sure, very soon be hearing of certain things which  will give you some idea and knowledge of which I have tried to convey. Certainly there will be the beginnings of this breakthrough. It’s not too far off particularly in Russia, where science is progressive. You know it is to us a most amazing thing, Russia which less than fifty years ago was one of the most backward nations in the world in which there was no opportunity for the people, whatsoever, to progress, have come now to become really scientifically the leading nation in the world. They have become a taut knit nation. I know there are many aspects which one might condemn but I must speak purely scientifically of the nation and of their amazing scientific advance that has been made by these people who fifty years ago could neither read nor write and had no schooling, no opportunity. It is to me a most extraordinary thing. If they can make this advance, as they have done in this last fifty years, what they will and may achieve in this next twenty five years alone, is fantastic and one has to say that it is from Russia from a scientific point of view that one may expect to see these advances not that America will be far behind but I feel from  the point of view of scientific communication between our world and yours, it is in Russia that we shall see the first signs.

There certainly seems to be more advancement there and we certainly are working with certain scientists in the hope of producing  something very definite in the very near future. If it is published which I think it will be brought to light, I don't think it is something we would want to hold back, because it would be of no value in a material sense. It is purely something of the mind. The Russians for a long time have been piercing the veil, experimenting scientifically with thought force and power of thought and what it can achieve. They have been very active on a mental level, very advanced indeed. You will see this... I tell you this. Very shortly you will see the beginning of this.

I am very interested in what you, dear friends, are doing. I know there are difficulties. There are bound to be limitations of certain kinds but I know that you bring lightness and I think you are very fortunate in as much that you have got this mediumship; but you know as much as one may admire good mediumship, which is rare, we are looking forward to the scientific break through.

Mr Woods asked about flying saucers coming from other planets.

This was Oliver Lodge’s reply:

Of course there are other planets, who are endeavouring to make contact. They are curious and interested in your world, just as in your world there are certain scientists and people who are interested in other planets. Of course they do exist, and of course there is a lot of "nonsense talked and a lot of things which don’t apply but of course there entities, souls trying to break through in a scientific way from other planets into your world and who are in a position, as I would say, in some senses more advanced and are trying to make contact in their own way, but I think I  can say, with absolute truth that of course they are very apprehensive. You see you must not think, that souls on other planets who are endeavouring to communicate, at least who are interested in your world are not unaware of the mentality of the mass.

You see you have got to accept there is every reason for them to be suspicious of the motives of the peoples of the earth, who for generations have lived by war and who whatever advance scientifically, at least many of the scientific advances materially that have been made, have been used for destruction rather than good. You see there is apprehension on some planets where there is a realisation of things on earth because of an attitude of mind because you see you cannot avoid the Mass mind which generates in your world, which pierces the etheric conditions your world. If you could see the etheric vibrations and conditions around your world you would understand and realise why they must be apprehension on various spheres and planets. Even with ourselves who come to communicate, we are very conscious of this very strong powerful etheric force around your world which is pushed out constantly by millions and millions of minds and thoughts which in themselves are not good. They are very heavy. They are concerned with materialism to such a degree and there is so much fear. There is a tremendous force around your world of which you know nothing, which makes it difficult for communication apart from anything else. It is an amazing thing that you do receive the communications that you do, because if you could see it as I see it, many of us are aware, the conditions round your world are appalling. This is brought about by man himself by the very thoughts he generates all the time. It is to us like a fog. It’s a terrible atmosphere around your world. The whole of your world is living in fear. All the time you are, as it were, living on like the edge of a precipice. You never know quite what the next day will bring forth.  You have had certain indications recently of what can happen accidentally but my goodness me, I don’t think people of the earth realise every second and every moment is fraught with danger. You have so much power of destruction in your world at the present moment, already to be set off at a moments notice and I do not think humanity realises what it has done to itself.

It has built up a tremendous stockpile of force and power of destruction. The whole world is full of fear and intolerance. The brotherhood of man has been pushed into the background. The churches do nothing. They side with governments, they side with force, in necessary, they pretend to be pacifistic yet at the same time they are far from pacifistic. At the same time they are supposed to follow Christ, the man of God, the Prince of Peace, the man who had nowhere to lay his head... yet all the while they deny him in their very thoughts and their actions by supporting power. Why does the church not come out in a vast body of strength and denounce this horror which man has built? This terrible condition under which you live, this intolerable situation which man has brought upon himself through fear.

Mrs. Greene: People who have seen the saucers say they can feel a terrific spiritual feeling when they are near them.

But of course. I think it is perfectly true, that they would and they must because the motives and the desires of the souls who are trying to link up with your world, from whatever planet or sphere they may come from, is for good. Every soul is concerned for the welfare of man, for the good of man, but you see we see all the dangers. We see how you are, all the time, preparing, in every sense, not only physically it is mental too. You see the whole atmosphere in your world, to us, is appalling.  Man has created so much havoc in the past and now he has weapons which quite frankly, that there could be nothing left.  It would only need a few to be set of. Haven’t you had an education recently; this Spanish business. Well quite honestly it should prove to people the terrible danger, even by a sheer accident, under which you exist today. To me it is frightening, to me it is appalling, to me it is something which I find almost unbelievable that people with intelligence and reasoning power, particularly those who profess to have spiritual beliefs and spiritual desires can allow themselves to sit back and do nothing; to me it is an extraordinary state of affairs but I can’t stay. May God Bless, Now I  must go, Goodbye.

From the book Broadcasting From Beyond   A E Perriman


At two experimental sittings, we introduced a special type of fluorescent screen to assist the spirit world to demonstrate “etheric television.” As it was an experiment, we did not know whether it would meet with success or not, but we were always ready to try anything new if it meant increasing our knowledge of the operation of psychic laws.

There was no demonstration at the first sitting, which was mainly given over to instructions and personal messages to the sitters.

At the next sitting, Belle was the first to speak. She had a cheery word for each sitter, and announced: “I am going to bring my little blue bird. I want you to see it, and hear it sing.” At first we were unable to see anything, although we could hear a faint whistle. After a while, we observed a light appear and take the form of a bird. When it was fully formed, it took to flying round the room and whistling a shrill note.

Flora spoke, and told us to move the big luminous screen, which was resting on a chair, to a position where it would not reflect its light on the medium. Soon the shadow of a cross was thrown on the screen. “I have brought the cross from the mantelpiece and put it back again,” said Belle. The cross referred to was an apport brought at a previous sitting. It is a solid piece of work in green marble, and weighs nearly half a pound.

Belle told us she was going to try to do something.

“Look!” she said. We saw lights appear behind and above the screen. The number of lights increased, and there was one extra large patch of luminosity. On the screen we observed a shadow, but we could not define any shape. Another large light appeared, and the mass of lights began moving about the room.

Belle said she was going to get something. We saw the trumpet, illumined by reflected light from the screen, sail up to the ceiling. “I’m going to do something else,” said Belle. She carried some roses from a vase on the mantel piece, held them in front of the screen, and touched one of the woman sitters on the head. “I can see your little hand holding the rose, Belle,” said this sitter.

A Spirit voice told us that they were ready to experiment. The screen, which weighs over fourteen pounds, began slowly to rise. Higher and higher it went until we heard it knock against the ceiling. It remained there for some time, the luminous side being visible to us. Then it began to descend, revolving very quickly in space. It then went from one side of the room to the other at a quick rate. Following these gyrations it gradually descended and came to rest on the chair. Not a sound was heard.

Then we were told that an attempt would be made to materialise the Spirit larynx used for speaking. Within a foot of Dr Coulthard’s face, there appeared a materialised structure showing movement of different parts as the control spoke through it. “I am talking to you,” he said, “and I want you all to see how this works. Now I am up here.” We heard the voice coming from the ceiling. “Now I am coming right away, here, in front of you.” The voice descended from the ceiling and spoke to the doctor. “You saw the larynx manipulated, doctor?”

“Yes,” was the reply.

“Then I would like you to express your opinion,” he was asked. Here is Dr. H. Coulthard’s report on the materialised larynx:

“Striking proof of the modus operandi of the direct voice phenomenon was given me at a Mrs Perriman seance a few days ago, when a complete ectoplasmic larynx was materialised less than two feet in front of me.

“I was able to see the whole of the working parts of the larynx, and have no hesitation in declaring, as a medical man, that the structure I saw was an exact replica of a human larynx.

“This remarkable experiment was made by one of Mrs Perriman’s controls. I was sitting two chairs away from the Medium, and the seance room was so arranged that it was impossible for Mrs Perriman to move from her seat. Directly in front of her had been placed a new instrument with which we were experimenting.

“I heard the voice of the control talking in front of me. Then there appeared straight in front of me and about eighteen inches away, a phosphorescent replica of a typical anatomical larynx. It was shown in such a position that I could see clearly its construction.

“Inside the larynx there were the vocal cords or folds. These cords, when one is speaking, move from side to side. When the voice is not being used the cords are motionless. While I was looking at this Spirit larynx, I heard the control talking. As he spoke, the vocal cords moved in exactly the way I would expect if I were able to watch a human larynx at work. The Spirit varied the pitch of his voice, speaking sometimes high and sometimes low. These changes were all accompanied by the appropriate movements of the cords. The distance between the cords varied as the pitch varied.

“I am convinced that it would have been impossible for the Medium to have produced such a model as I saw. Even if she were able to get out of her chair, and in front of me, she would still have to work the model without her hands being visible. She would require considerable technical knowledge, which I am sure she does not possess, to be able to move the cords exactly as they should be moved when the voice was speaking. Besides, the voice was distinctly that of a man.

“The larynx seemed to me to be floating. The phosphorescent nature of the substance naturally made it a trifle blurred, but it was sufficiently clear for me to certify that it was in all respects similar to a human larynx.”



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