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 Community Water Project in Kenya


This is a special page for support of those YOUNG PEOPLE many of them orphans who have been effected by the

terrible illness of HIV AIDS

and try with the kindness of others to help some who have been born with HIV AIDS,

and others who have lost their parents and through HIV AIDS, their only support.


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All money from my books and cards will be going direct to the Clean Water and Land project below in Kenya.

Along with others I am trying to collect enough funds to help the young in Kenya who were either born with HIV AIDS,

or have lost their parents through illness, children on their own, to help them help themselves by being self sufficient.

I donate each month, Can you help also.




The idea is to try and buy some land [shamba], build accommodation, eventually build a school with accommodation, try to have enough land to be self sufficient, then teach and show the young how to survive, by them learning how to use the land correctly through permaculture methods then going on to teach others like themselves. Starting slowly steadily and building up.

Within the unit young people will be taught trades and many horticultural skills to pass on to others, and all the things needed in the real world to survive and earn money with taught business skills.

The healthy would be helping the sick as much as possible as they progressed through the years.

I am determined that they will not be needing hand outs and charity for ever, self sufficiency is the key.

I wont be around for ever for advice as I am not too good at present and I am getting on in years. (born 1942)



The aim is to progress towards :-

Renting, Leasing, but would be best to Buy some land to be placed in trust.

Teach how to build accommodation of many types through active participation.

Show how to safely dig wells 2-3 feet at a time, and how to harvest water and store it, even in so called dry areas, passing on the knowledge THROUGH THIS YOUNGER GENERATION.

Show how to build low cost long lasting strong houses of different designs out of rammed earth and rammed stabilised earth [soil mixed with cement at 5-10%], when placed in bags and forms.

Buy cows and goats to produce milk. Sell the milk then show how to make butter and cheese.

 Make a bio-digester to use the animal and human manure for the crops after it has been used to produce bio-gas for cooking.

Make a simple incubator to show how to produce hens from eggs; to produce and sell eggs, produce meat to sell and use their manure to sell or for crops.

Breed rabbits to sell for food and use their manure.

If enough water have containers to grow fish to eat and sell. Later form a setup of using the fish water to grow food with the hydroponic method.

Innards of animals slaughtered to be used in buckets to produce maggots for food for chickens and fish

Using the permaculture method to grow as many different fruit trees to help with the diets of the sick.

If there is enough water; planting bamboo to make things to sell; eg; furniture, household goods, ornaments, etc. with lectures and internet also show how to build houses with bamboo.

All these are long term plans that would have to be fully worked out and properly designed according the funds and the land [shamba] available.



There will be no administration fees taken out, all monies will be used for the project.

Water And Shamba Project Kenya :   waspkenya


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