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My book the MEDITATION ONENESS has been REDUCED from 32 to 18 pounds   480 pages A4 size book click on this link

now kindly being called by many people The Medium's Bible, only a few left

  All money from the books and card sales will be going to the charity in Kenya   PLEASE HELP ME HELP OTHERS look on on page 5 of Aids   

On page 5 of the aids is a special page for support of those YOUNG PEOPLE many of them orphans who have been effected by the terrible illness of HIV AIDS we are trying with the kindness of others to help some who have been born with HIV AIDS, and others who have lost their parents and through HIV AIDS, their only support. The aim is to try and build a place of safety for them.


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Book Meditation Oneness 

(kindly being called by others The Mediums Bible)

REDUCED from 32 to 15 pounds

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Please inform me if there are bad pages or any virus that send you to BAD sites so I can fix immediately as happened previously, I wiped them and fixed; the reason for the delay. I can only thank Google for informing me of the badness sent to me and traced, Those people are now marked by governments as hackers. Now a lot of work needs to be done on this website I am up all hours.


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NOW UP TO 500+ + PAGES [Still adding to all the time].

Still adding information for the 442++ Mediums of old so far collected.

I have placed in some skeptics points of view please have an open mind and look at the many photographs of Mediums producing ectoplasm and Spirit forms.

Always have a balanced point of view, take off those blinkers, people always down-cry things they do not understand, if you cannot do it you cannot know it.


A photograph of ME on the card in 2005 


 All put together

 For the love of the Divine Spirit, or Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost.



Truth about all types of Mediumship, Mediums, Psychics, Seers, Wizards, Mystics, and Psychic Phenomena across the centuries to the present day

Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free


Believe what you wish BUT know what you believe


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 Continually updating ALL pages on this website

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Please forward this plea to help others if you cannot help. Thank you

From here in England,I am trying to help people of all ages in the remote drier parts of Kenya become self sufficient. I have supplied the small organisation so far with enough money to purchase a small plot of land 100x70 foot, done legally through a lawyer and a surveyor. I am a pensioner, 23 and a bit (born in 1943). I am asking if you could also help. I do not want any donations myself. ALL the donations would go directly to Kenya and be spent at first digging a well for clean water, on expanding the shamba (land, either renting, leasing or buying), digging holes for harvesting rain water, building a small accommodation unit and buying seeds for crops NO administration charges would be taken. With your help and the help of the Divine Spirit, God; below is a list of some of the things that we are planning to work towards over the years ahead.

Along with others I am trying to collect enough funds to help all ages in Kenya who are not too well, have lost their loved ones through illness, help children on their own, to teach them to help themselves by being self sufficient. Any amount would be gratefully received.

Can you help?  WE NEED YOUR HELP, please forward this plea on to others.

Donate easily through SECURE PayPal click here

Water And Shamba Project Kenya


Using PayPal send to our email address :-


It is very easy; go to the secure PayPal website and just join. You can later use PayPal to purchase goods whenever you go shopping on the internet VERY SECURE. 

Donation will be put in the Unity Bank by the director/co-ordinator Jane Njeri Muchoki

 The long term plan is to try and expand the land [shamba], with the help of volunteers dig a well, build accommodation, eventually build a church, try to have enough land to be self sufficient, then teach and show the people how to survive, by them learning different water harvesting techniques, how to use the land correctly and improving the soil through the permaculture method, then going on to teach others in a multi use building/church/school so improve the lives of ordinary people.

Within the unit, people of all ages in the future will be taught, many horticultural skills, and animal husbandry, trades and business ideas to pass on to others, teaching all the things needed in the real world to survive and earn money.

The healthy would be helping the sick as much as possible as they progress through the years.

I am determined that people will not be needing handouts and charity forever, self sufficiency is the key.




There are other sites on a similar vein but slightly different pages click on links. 



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If you would like to contribute or be placed on here and the other sites,

 please contact by Email

Only 20 left.

This book is now being called by others the Mediums Bible.

 To see all details and buy. Click on here.


All the money from this website is being sent to a childrens charity in Kenya.

Look at the Aids page 5 click here. Your help is needed.

Have now added a Kenya animal charity north of Mombasa


Below are the Tarot set with instruction book and business plan A4 size.

They can be used to begin a very lucrative business to help earn money right through life.


Just a few of 165 cards in the full set of three packs with prompts around the sides.

The easiest tarot card set to learn.

Click on the pictures to look at their pages.

The truth must be put out there everywhere in the world.

 For the love of the Divine Spirit or Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost



All the money is going direct to a charity in Kenya, look on the Aids page 5 click here. I do not handle any money.



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